1. Too one sided. I don’t believed there are no opposing views on this considering only like a few thousands HKers went to the UK.
    I hope its not some govt link organisation that decided to save Asian Boss and have somehow influenced your neutral stance for most interview..
    This video just looks abit turn off

  2. As a Hong Kong Canadian, I am so glad that my parents left Hong Kong 55 years ago. HK is a strange place that has nostalgia for a past that was filled with poverty, racism and the most crowded living conditions. Every time I go to visit Hong Kong with my children, I feel embarrassed by the 3rd world living quarters and feel that China is leaving HK far behind. Hong Kong’s worship of Caucasians and distain for their fellow Chinese leave me perplexed and disappointed. The best thing to happen to Hong Kong is coming up in 2047, when it finally is returned to the mainland. Unfortunately at that point, HK will be the poor cousin compared to most mainland cities including Shenzhen and Guangzhou right next door.

  3. it’s all political games between UK & CN, and these ppl are naive enough to believe British gov acted out of responsibility, in name of democracy etc.

  4. Wrong UK left the EU and are running out of money… so they want to offer HK ppl A Bno with no real protection and benefits like the brits… they just want HK ppl to spend money in UK … people who believe the UK had pure intentions is BS..

    I’m British Chinese I even I don’t want to go back to UK … plenty of my friend are getting attacked because they look Asian …

  5. Very brave interviewer and interviewees. Anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t know the truth of communism. Just talk to any people who have experienced it and escaped in East Germany, USSR, etc.

  6. Hi Asian boss, I feel like most of your interviews are professional, neutral, and unbiased. But I find this reporter from Hong Kong a bit off. Are you sure she fits in your values?

  7. The whole ultra-hardline approach by the chief absolutist power apparatus in control as means to resolve the real apparent threats posed by 2 legitimate systems as agreed to originally by the Basic Law is very sad and tragic, imo. But we still stand with Hong Kong and keep hope for a better human, civil resolution in the future! Stay optimistic and confident !!! Love HK , and yes, please President X i , if you read this… please consider a real gesture of progress and reform opportunities by asking HK authorities to release various political dissidents ! Thank you! respects

  8. This is such an one-sided interview, there is a large amount of HK citizens who have the completely opposite standpoints but you failed to give them a voice. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but it definitely sounds like the interviewers already have prejudice of the topics discussed. I am quite disappointed at you AsianBoss, you failed your promise of being objective when asking for the donation.

  9. Those who support BNO will regret soon and will be country-less. China govt don’t recognise BNO and BNO card holder can’t get full British citizenship. They will be less previlege than refugees.

  10. Well I think a lot of younger generation with higher education in Hong Kong would be leaving, might be not to the UK, but other countries. As a Hongkonger, thanks asia boss for covering this.

  11. Why do people think that it is easy for Hong Kong people to leave their own home? UK may be great, but it’s still the unknown and a new start to them.

  12. roiters in China will be called “great democracy protecters”
    roiters on capital hill or any other parts in the western world will be called “roiters”
    That’s the only difference

  13. What’s being ignored in all this mess is the ethnic minorities in HK. Now that China and HK have stopped recognizing BNO passports, ethnic minorities are stuck. They can’t visit their home countries, they don’t/can’t move to the UK. 95% of ethnic minorities in HK can’t get an HKSAR passport.

  14. In my country, if a civil worker spread hatred speech about the government or the president, they would go to jail also. Because they are civil workers, that work for the government an. 4:48

  15. This is somewhat related to Anti-Terrorism Bill in the Philippines which I hope Asian Boss would feature next. Hong Kong is one of my dream countries to travel to and now it’s getting scary about how the Chinese claiming everything they wanted except CoVid. What on Earth is happening?

  16. Easier said than done to pack up and move to a new country. The HK people are losing their freedoms by the day, what a tough situation to face, I really feel for them

  17. Hk was under British ccolony for many years,so the people are more bold in expressing their opinion than on the mainland.What do they expect,gov’t can’t instill rules pronto!esp.when it comes to their rights.Hope that they come up w/ effective ways to deal with the problem 😁.
    Lived there for a few years and hk is amazing back then,esp. the food.👌

  18. After all, politics is just politics. You can look away from it, and you can still go on living your life. If you have enough money and resources, moving to the UK would be a great option. For many normal citizens, however, moving to another country just for political freedom is not an option. The UK will benefit a lot from rich or well skilled people moving from Hong Kong, and losing them will make life harder for ordinary people in HK.

  19. I’m watching from Hong Kong, while I’m eligible for a BNO and (maybe UK citizenship), the UK is a mess and will continue to be so in the near future because of Brexit and poor governance by the Tories, so I have no interest in going there. Meanwhile Hong Kong has stabilized with the National Security Law in effect. Those HKers who wish to leave nonetheless should go, and we should let them go, as they’re not going to contribute to HK’s progress & prosperity anyway.

  20. For hongkongese,wherever you go,you’ll be recognized as Chinese first,you won’t face less racism than mainlander Chinese.and you or your ancestors all come from mainland China,don’t feel like you are superior than mainlanders.shame on you been complaining that your mother are too ugly too poor not match you.Furthermore,mainlanders not poor anymore,your neighbor city ShenZhen surpassed Hong Kong almost in every respect. And there so many hobgkongese live in cages,shame on you.

  21. This is a biased interview. I know for a fact that most HongKongers (or at least those who truly understand the whole political situation and are able to think critically) do not feel the same way as those interviewed. Youths born after 1997 have been instilled in them that “China equals bad” by the westernized education system. It sad really.

  22. So how many countries in the world do NOT have national security laws or laws pertinent to its national security? Does UK not have any form of national security laws? When the citizens of HK literally ask UK and USA to interfere in the governing of a Chinese city, doesn’t such action threaten the security and sovereignty of the country of China? If UK citizens ask France or USA to step in to take over one of its city, how would the UK government feel and react?UK government won’t feel its country’s security threatened and would gladly hand over the sovereignty of that city to France, US, or this group of citizens?

  23. it’s so funny🇨🇦🇺🇸🇦🇺🇬🇧these countreis criticize china everyday, they seem to have forgotten that even the land under their feet was looted by slaughtering the indigenous people, and they also exhibited all the criminal evidence in the British Museum, what a shame.

  24. As someone who lives in Hong Kong, in my opinion there were a various amount of decisions made by the people here that led us to this state.
    – if it wasn’t for the widespread violence during the protest movement in 2019-20, the national security law wouldn’t have been imposed in the first place. the idea of fighting fire with fire fueled the chaos during the time. anyone who spoke out against the movement were as lambasted as those who supported the movement; it became mob rule, not peaceful protest.
    – if the universal suffrage package in 2014 passed, although restrictions on who runs for chief executive would be in place, people would’ve been fully able to choose their legislative body. if that went smoothly, maybe a freer elective process may have been given for the chief executive elections by now.
    – for those who think the mainland Chinese government really wants to control Hong Kong sooner, they would’ve done it earlier. Regardless of Hong Kong’s economic status in all of Greater China, Hong Kong was and still is an important part of mainland Chinese political developments. to be honest, I don’t think a fully democratic system would be in place in HK until the rest of the PRC liberalises in system; the ROC (Taiwan), Macau, and HK conduct democracies because they’re smaller and easier to manage, but because the PRC mainland is so large, and because they’re still developing and prioritise their economy over individual liberties due to their history in the past 60 years, I don’t think such system would be implemented in the mainland. I think the people of HK, the ROC, and the democratic world just needs to accept that mainland China probably won’t be like them any time soon, and different places have different governing styles and values.
    – just a smaller detail, but the continued prejudice against mandarin Chinese speakers in HK could’ve played a part in this societally. it’s funny, there’s racism against one’s own race here depending on what dialect of Chinese you speak.
    – the oversimplification of the idea of freedom and democracy in HK and many parts of the world now created this state of alienation and polarisation where there’s no middle ground. there was no discussion or compromise because people and politicians here were too far up their own butts to understand what they mightve been doing wrong; in the midst of this for the past 20 odd years under one country to systems, none of the actual problems in HK like housing and the growing wealth gap were being solved. when the more establishment-aligned government failed to do parts of their job, opposition politicians capitalised on that, essentially utilising demagoguery to gather the lowest common denominator of people against the government with no clear solution to solve any problems. in addition, let’s take into account how social media algorithmically caters content you like to you; you have to work against the internet in order to look at other perspectives. a man in the video believed that the NSL was being retroactively applied, but that isn’t true; it may have been because of social media that other perspectives weren’t taken into account by him and the content he received reinforced his bias. Same goes both ways.
    HK is as polarised as it’s ever been and that’s everybody’s fault.
    It’s ironic that the movement that advocated so much for greater freedoms objectively did the opposite. I am optimistic about the future of not just HK, but all of Greater China and Asia, but I understand I need to be patient for it. The lack of patience is exactly what brought us here. Then again, this is fully just my (more rare) opinion as an adolescent in HK. Also, the fact that I can openly criticise my government but also point out the flaws in other people’s logic easily tells you that people in Hong Kong can still voice their opinion. What’s yours?

  25. 2:45 this guy was clearly misleading the host or he was mislead by what he read. Those political figures are arrested or investigated under charges which they committed before 01/07/2020, not because of National Security Law. And some people are arrested or investigated by multiple charges including National Security Law which is only effective on or after 01/07/2020
    From HK

  26. It’s funny you only interviewed the haters and they tell you what they have been brainwashed and lied about the National Security Law.
    Please interview some normal HK people. We believe in the new security law and at the same time we are still criticizing the government all the time without the fear of being arrested.

  27. Unsurprising but still disheartening to see how dumb and ignorant the youth in HK have become after western infiltration and brainwashing corrupted the city’s society. Hopefully the central government can chart a better course for the next generation at least

  28. The street interviews from Asian Boss regarding this topic (from this video and previous video) are overwhelmingly one-sided. Even though we know there are currently 2 camps of thoughts in HK that split their people straight down the middle.

  29. I think it’s better for everyone for those people who want to go to UK to leave Hong Kong. However, I don’t think UK will take them unless they are rich.

  30. Imo for those who still think they are superior over mainland chinese just leave, those who hv good fighting spirit will stay and blend in for the betterment of the future generations. Is a fact that it wont makes any difference even half of hongkonger leave HK

  31. Why would you critise goverment IF you are happy ?
    If you arent move to UK or elsewhere
    And yes mainland Chinese can CRITISE thier gov see BARRETT chanel
    Seems like HK youths dont even know how great life is in China due to western anti china propaganda

  32. Feel free to go, the colonists. A win-win policy for China and the UK. UK gets cheap labor and the rest of Chinese in Hong Kong gets fewer pressures and more job opportunities.

  33. The moronese said can’t talk Politic on street.. Well! they being interview by Asian Boss talking Politics. How come The CCP didn’t come and drag them to Guantanamo Bay and torture?

  34. 4:48 does she not know that things like this happen to other country too? Go ask middle eastern country, North Korea and Thailand. Then again critizing without evidence/solid information is more like a hate speech and hoax spreader.

  35. if you ever see mainland Chinese people here talking crap about hong Kong, you dont have to listen to them; I think hong Kong people have way more authority talking about this topic than mainlanders.

  36. Not be negative, but lower class hong kongers will benefit more if China took over. Look at all the major cities around China, at least their people have enough to take care of themselves, and the housing problems in China is much less than Hong Kong’s. I mean there is nothing much to say when the Chinese are living in bigger and cleaner apartments than those living in hong kong.

  37. So obvious from the comments who are Chinese. As a foreign resident who was born and raised in HK, it has been difficult to keep up with rent and living expenses there. The governement has done little to curb inflation there. The rich mainlanders have no issues staying obviously, the poorer less wealthier have been moving away from their hometowns and many have even moved to Shenzhen and commute to work from there. The HKers feel that their space and culture has been invaded because it is not respected as one. China keeps saying “you’re one of us, live with it” but the truth is HK is very different. Just as how Taiwan is different, too. You cannot expect people to welcome a government when no one is free to criticize it, especially when they had the freedom to do so all their lives. For the people who have commented no country has this freedom, you are so very wrong. Many countries do.
    HK people were very calm compared to other countries, or at least from what I have experienced while living there. I have not experienced a single riot during my 20+ years there. The fact they are so active against the HK government now indicates how threatened they feel.
    I hope people from China and HK can watch the S.Korean movie 1987 and give their opinions because many HK movie directors draw parallels to the events in history.

  38. Why can’t a modern diversified city be more accepting? Like towards south asians, southeast asians, mainlanders, east europeans, etc. U can have strong opinions but civil. So much “if u are not with me, u are against me”. 🤔

  39. This is an interesting follow up to the other video. I feel like the guys being interviewed really had good points and explained things well. I enjoy hearing from locals about what things go on. Im sorry for those in Hong Kong dealing with this and all these regulations. I hope things get better for residents instead of so frustrating and that they wont feel pressure to move.

  40. HK people are overprivileged up to the neck. Try living in a foreign country like UK, US, Australia or Canada, you will forever feel like living under someone else’s country, not much power to speak up nor will you dare to speak up in fear of being targeted by other locals, basically always feel like a second-rate citizen. Not to mention the higher taxes, lower wages, inefficient infrastructure, job preferences to the domestic born and raised talent… so much more cost for your so-called “freedom” to voice your thoughts and vote for your favourite (corrupt) politician.

  41. Basically nobody is moving anywhere, it’s just all talk. Also UK only wants rich people as you can only immigrate there if you have enough assets to live there for 5 years from the start 👀 How many people can afford to do that?

    UK: We will stand with people of HK and welcome to UK! But only if you bring the $$$.

  42. OMG!!! Despite everything not one person wants to leave!!! We have been told by Western MSM that they ALL want to leave.

    The guy in the beanie and glasses is proof of how Hong Kongers have been culturally genocided. I know Chinese born and breed in HK who don’t even know Chinese 🤯🤯🤯

    Being an ABC and seeing this makes me sad. I came to HK and China because I wanted to learn more about my own culture. He’s literally says he doesn’t want mainlanders bringing in their Chinese traditions and hotpot culture.
    Dude! 9 out of 10 HKers parents or grandparents are from the mainland.

    Unfortunately, he is reflective of the racist, xenophobic foundation of the pro-democracy movement. It’s disgusting.

    As someone who has been living in HK for the past 20 years, trying to be as objective as I can, I have to say these views are pretty one sided.

  43. sound like only hongkong has a blurry evil national security law which is jeopardizing people freedom, other countries don’t care about their national security at all.

  44. Dude 14:35 😩 There are happy people in north korea as well. People find happiness in the worst circumstances but that doesn’t mean you let it get there.

  45. Too bad HK youth are raised to believe they are better than their own kind. But they will bend over in front of those white colonizers.
    Asian should be proud of yourself. You don’t need other nations to monitor your democracy and give you approval.

  46. I think the leader of the political move in HK should get out. Before they got arrested and maybe rot in jail. Other people should be just fine as long as youre not politicaly vocal.

  47. It’s sad to see so many brainwashed comments from people who think personal freedoms and freedom of expression and democracy do not exist anywhere . Once upon a time, it existed in Hong Kong, before being destroyed by an authoritarian regime.

  48. Can you people look back history and review how much so called “ freedom and democracy “ the British have given to Hong Kong people? Way less than Chinese government. Hong kongers nowadays enjoy much higher degree of autonomy and freedom than previously as a British colony. SMH

  49. Ok, wasn’t anti-immigration one of the main reasons for Brexit, but now UK offering this visa to all BNO holders, something is not adding up here…

  50. 13:10 he believes that people hate immigrants bring their own tradition. Isn’t that the freedom of living their own life? If he’s a white American you will call him white supremacy/right wing conservative. But because he’s HKer, he’s pro democracy and pro freedom.

  51. Next can you make video on people living in J&K of India. Now that 4g has been established in the area? This is a very big topic for India and in UN

  52. I’m a HK citizen and this is all a political farce. The UK govt never has truly cared about HK residents. This BNO is just a political instrument to further incite anti China sentiment. Don’t forget, the UK stole HK by force and reaped the riches. It continues to milk HK financially through the hundreds and thousands of British corporations. Its not surprise it wants to keep the status quo to continue the financial manipulation.

  53. I want to know what happened to the murderer who started the whole thing. It was originally a proposed extradition treaty with Taiwan where he murderer his pregnant girlfriend and dumped her body in a suitcase then flew back to Hong Kong.
    That sparked the protests. Looks like everyone forgot the why and other rhetoric took over. After 1 year of civil unrest, property destruction, storming the parliament building that China imposed the security law.
    Where is the justice for that poor girl and her unborn baby?

  54. Regarding BNO, to all China haters, does your UK daddy really care you? Why he does not provide social insurance for the first 5 years? Does he need you loser or money?

  55. I have to points to make.
    1. The interview did not really address the question related to the title until about 08:00.
    2. Only the middle-aged man seems to be pragmatic and realistic about the situation in Hong Kong.

  56. From the interviews, it is obvious that a lot of people don’t understand what is ONE COUNTRY. China’s institution law is certainly applicable for HK. And I’m glad to see HK government implements new rules for eduction system. Look back 2019, those young gangsters, riots were all because of anti-China education system. To all People live in HK, since the national security law applied, your society become stable or not? Business get back to usual or not? Do you want to 2019 or future? Think about it.

  57. Why don’t you move to UK if you’re not happy living in Hong kong? people always have the freedom to make their own chices here, but please don’t complain and look back. Hongkong belongs to the people who love to stay just like me. I am proud of being Chinese. ☺️☺️

  58. As a person who have been living in Hong Kong since 1997, I love it here. It depends on every person‘s perspective. I do have family living in UK and most of my friend are in UK also but I just love it here. There is more freedom here than people think. 2019 protests was ridiculous. It started with murder then extradition bill but end up being mess cause people adding more and asking more then it went out of the topic. There was tear gas, patrol bombs , destroying banks , MTR , shops and many others thing. I really felt sad for elderly people because roads were destroyed and the traffic lights. The cleaner had to clean up so much of mess. regardless of everything , people should thankful that HK does not allow guns otherwise it will had been bloodbath. People talk about freedom and democracy but I think that there aren’t really anywhere in this world. It is just beautiful hype words like some books cover. Plus,We just listen to react, we don’t actually listen nowadays 🥲. I hope people don’t see Hong Kong in negative way.

  59. there is no real free speech or so in all country , if you danger the country then they have to do something.

    in US they jailed Judit Miller (jurnalist that investigate the lie of CIA about Iraq weapon ) , they hunt down Julian Assange , Snowden , etc .

    dont pretend UK love you , they just love your money .

  60. 14:12 This reporter is not at all impartial and has definitely been leading the interviewee on a bit. So the result of this video might be more cherry picked than it appears to be. Chief among which is the age of the interviewee, only one or 2 is considered middle aged, while the rest are all in the demographic group that is more likely to be anti-China.
    The funny thing is the older people were actually the ones that remembered what it was like Under British rule.

  61. you ask about national security law but never ask what behind reason gov implement national security law!! UK BNO just scheme for attract rich peoples not youngster with no money. Skilled worker?? UK have many them, what u think HK more special??

  62. 2:05 misinformation? There were definitely no democracy in HK during British rulings.

    15:05 The worst case scenario is actually pretty good as compared to many countries. Lots of financially successful HKers are actually working and living in mainland China.

    Lastly, isn’t it a better life now without riots on the street? Peace and having enough on the dining table is basic happiness.

  63. The west gives the world a illusion that democracy is the absolute truth. However, none of the western countries become developed by democracy. Frankly speaking, all of them become rich by colonizing and slaving other countries. I can’t name any country that becomes developed after changing to democracy. The only reason the west are advocating democracy is to divide the developing countries for their own interests

  64. Is not that easy to move, provided you need to have assets to support yourself for a few years. And if you do have the money, you are not limited to only UK.

  65. Funny, seems ppl have forgot how innocent ppl from Hongkong and mainland China were beaten and even burned ALIVE, just because they have different opinions. National security laws are same as what US, UK have. Dont try to do anything related “independent”, then I am sure U will be fine? If you guys get confused, just ask US and UK what kind of national sercurity laws they have. US just arrested dozens of protestors in Capitol, and more than 200 ppl were charged, some ppl were dead and “were suisided“ during and after the protest.

    I peronally welcome the UK citizenship policy for BNO, and hope those ppl will move to UK FOREVER.

  66. We must examine why China wants to introduce the national security law now and not 10-15 years ago. The obvious reason is that there are too many serious violent demo. which was instigated by the US CIA even in bright day light. If more violent demo. continues, Hong Kong will be doomed and many refugees will emerge to escape to other countries or to mainland. Such event will trigger similar violence in Tibet and xinjiang. This scenario will cause the disintegration of China. So to prevent such scenario to happen, the Chinese government has no choice but to introduce the national security law which is caused by the deadly violent protestors supported by the US.

  67. Was a fan of Asian boss until you did a video showing only one side of stories. I dare you show the interview of people who support China’s governance, which btw I have watched tons of video about that else where.

  68. People who claim to have lost freedom of political speech just speak politics freely on camera.

    People who claim to fight for law and order vandalize in public while wearing a mask and allow confessed murder suspect walking free.

    People who claim to fight for democracy choose to harass small restaurant owners and to beat other people with different opinions.

    People who claim police brutality use way higher extent of violence in the streets hurting or burning innocent people and even harass kids and families of police officers.

    People who claim to have free will and access to all information choose to only watch news from one side and refuse to hear explanations from the defendant on the alleged acts, completely turn a blind eye on what Chinese government does to help its people to escape from poverty and COVID-19.

    Feel so sorry for these few generations of HKers who live in an alternative reality deliberately fabricated to turn them against their own motherland and to create chaos, which has been done multiple times in different places around the world and all leads to suffering rather than prosperity, no exception!

  69. I really thought HKers were gonna flood into UK after the riots, a lot of them seemed to be so desperate for democracy, using petrol bombs to express their will. So why not take this opportunity?

  70. So much hk chinese peoples without common sense. Please compare the security law between US and HK. Then you can see which security law is more strictly.

  71. You dont know what’s the definition of “National security”,so you strongly suggest HK government doesn’t understand it too?Nobody is under arrest by speaking “I dont like China, I dont like CPC” in mainland, you might get the reply “Then you leave China” Even I insulted our Chairman Xi for no reason, my reply on Weibo was deleted, yet not even 1 police come to arrest me or invited me to drink coffee. By the way, I have been use VPN for 1 year, the government did nothing to me. Maybe some HKers are afraid of losing the rights to be a lier.

  72. In the video, one of the interviewee said the worst scenario is Hong kong citizen are becoming patriotic to China. But, shouldn’t HK citizens be patriotic to their own country????? Is patriotism a fault in HK???? If you are American, you don’t need to be loyal to the United States????? such a weird logic

  73. The Chinese government does not recognize dual nationality. If you want to be a Chinese, you can stay and those who want to be a British can leave. This is good for everyone.
    If you choose to be a Chinese but still endanger China’s sovereignty, then the National Security Law will be used

  74. Read comedy of coffin on kindle written by Avijit Kabiraj. Introduction : Two unemployed boys were employed by a mafia boss, their job is to bury a dead chef in the criminal’s cemetery. The chef is the pasta maker whom the boss accidentally shot dead. The boys were chased by the police, shot by a sniper, rested in a church, kidnapped by an evil doctor, electrocuted, freezed, roasted, couple of ladies didn’t spare them, survived the strange graveyard but when they returned after burying the dead chef, found the boss in a coffin…

  75. I don’t understand the logic behind the central government in Beijing for not recognising the BNO passports.

    This means that all the anti-national people are freely leaving Hong Kong. Isn’t this something to cherish from both sides?

  76. 希望所有坚信拿着BNO去英国等于从地狱回天堂、坚信“在英国的香港人是二等公民”只是共匪红色媒体的宣传而非事实的香港人不要犹豫、不要踌躇,现在立马行动起来,今天以内、这个月以内、今年以内,就把英国机票买起来,远离香港这个被中国污染的地方奔赴英国这个充满自由民主的天堂。

  77. Why cut her response abruptly at 4:57 when she apparently was trying to say “the Government can prosecute you retroactively before the National security law took effect?” Btw, the sons and husband of the chief executive are all British Nationals (not oversea) and they are all enjoying being British in UK while she is going rough on Hkers over this issue. The government has made a big mistake in making this vicious woman a devil for cultivating her in the 70s.

  78. Can you interview some of these “pro-democracy” local Hong Kong people and ask them why one of the key political platforms they they support is “localism?”Localism is essentially an anti-immigrant platform, specifically a hatred of mainland Chinese immigrants, and modeled after far right White supremists hatred of all non-White immigrants.

  79. Lol. These people forget they ARE Chinese. And their culture and language IS Chinese culture and language, with a speckle of the city’s unique characteristics. Deluded people. Ffs.

  80. as I know many mainland Chinese are ccp supporters, they hate HKers, now the HKers are leaving, but why are those mainland Chinese so angry about it? isnt it a happy ending?

  81. For those of you who want to understand how National Security Law is used in HK: When there’s even a peaceful protest, or some people gathering, the police will want you to leave by bringing up a flag which states “You may have already constituted offenses under national security law”. When you say something against the government on the streets or on the internet, they can arrest you for the same law. It’s so loosely used that they can label it on anything they don’t like, and the law can carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Furthermore, the judges are selected by the government (HK gov has openly admitted the absence of separation of power) so the HK gov (under the direction of CCP) basically has all the power in the world

  82. I think China should really stop trying to control and influence Hong Kong. China should just leave Hong Kong alone and let them be their own country.

  83. I don’t think the HK citizens understand the National security law well, the NSL in HK in quite different from the ones in the mainland, becuase of the One country Two system, the mainland China can’t not directly impose the NSL of mainland to Hongkong, but Hong kong has to have one, so the NSL is a new law that should be stipulated in 1997 but due to international pressure, the law was not imposed only untile last year

  84. I am indian and can speak and understand more than 5 language and my future plan is to learn chinese ..Why hong kong and chinese people are all depended on chinese … We should proud of on our culture but speaking an international language is not that difficult .. I really want to see the video but I get annoyed to read subtitles..

  85. Are we talking about UK citizenship or the new law? This is a very biased reporting and am very disappointed with Asian boss.

    How many percent of the people want UK citizenship ? It looks like only politics is talked about.

  86. The BNO (British oversea passport) 5+1 Visa plan is current/previous BNO holder can bring along partner and children (adult dependents in exceptional case). Can work and go to school and have medical care after paying national medical insurance. No social benefits and no refugee/asylum support.
    Stay for 5 yrs then apply for citizenship. After 1 yr, u get approve if u qualify (like no criminal stuff and can contribute to society like having a job)

  87. Dismayed for once at the very bias reporting and not all HKers feel this way. Looks like a proportion of generation Z have been conditioned by colonisation. Escape from plan A. Look it up and start educating yourself about geopolitics and western imperialism because context and history is everything.

  88. It has to be mentioned that Hong Kong was robbed from China using opium as the weapon. These brainwashed generations can go to UK to be second class people, similar to the discrimination during the colonial days. But don’t ever come back. They’re free to talk about politics in UK but no UK will allow them to go against their national security laws. Such as whacking people on the streets who disagree with them, sabotage government properties, insult the UK monarchy and the best of all, violent political protests. .

  89. In mainland, people only speak their minds in their private quarters, or the private rooms of restaurants when out. With China’s drive into AI, and all these snooping digital devices, they’ll soon overcome the human-agent barrier to thought policing. Xinjiang is just a test bed, Hong Kong next. After that, who knows?

  90. It’s “one country, two systems”. I don’t understand why it’s a problem to have a national security law. Every country has this law and enforces it seriously. What’s the problem in HK?

  91. 光復香港,時代革命!
    Fight for Hong Kong! Revolution of our times!

    Much love and support from UK and thank you very much to Asian Boss for covering this.

  92. It is so ridiculous to think criticizing the govt would get you prosecuted. People don’t seem to realise rioters were asking for Hong Kong Independence, or politicians asking other countries to impose additional sanction on Hong Kong AND China. Which country allows you to legally commit treason, apart from Hong Kong before the national security law was passed?

  93. I was living in Hong Kong as a foreigner and fled a month after they introduced the new law. Even though I lost a great job and still unemployed and struggling now, I don’t regret it, it’s not worth the risk. I already experienced living under the CCP in China and I don’t want to do to it again. I feel sorry for all the Hong Kongers who have lost their country and for those who don’t have a BNO passport and are stuck. We need to offer more help.

  94. The National Security law says that HK people who are convicted will be tried using Hong Kong law, not Chinese law even if they are brought to Beijing for trial. Lots of miss information and misunderstanding. I’d say to actually read the law first before saying whatever.

  95. Look I don’t want to drain ur hope, but there is this thing:
    *_England trying to help a country is the equivalent to the USA trying to bring democracy and freedom_*
    Not saying Hongkongers shouldn’t apply for visas, they should do whatever they feel is the safest or most efficient for their life quality.
    However, if u consider it, what I am advising is, be very very careful.

    China is a country able to stab you directly but some western countries are also infamously very known to stab you in the back. And if they do, most of the times, ppl don’t realise it until it’s already to late.

    This is dicey situation. Be very careful!
    Wish you the best and never lose hope!

  96. As a UK citizen I’m glad my country has made this possible for HKers. China have broken the Sino-British treaty that was signed in 97 that basically stopped them from getting involved in HK security amongst other things for 50 years, we at least have a moral obligation to help our former commonwealth member with this serious intrusion

  97. 1:38 LOL, The Brits care about their previous colony, hell no! At least 50% of the world’s existing problem today was caused by the Brits. India, China and Pakistan border conflict, Palestine and Israel border conflict, most of the turmoil and civil wars in Africa, Syria and Turkey’s Kurdish people issue, America’s racial problems (British sell the slaves there), plus the disastrous Brexit, they finally set the fire on themselves.

  98. Frankly speaking, UK is responsible for most of the problems in East Asia(also with India… and… Israel and…. Africa…. and Palestine… and… Egypt)

  99. Hongkongers who wants to go UK, please go. HK doesn’t need you
    Please, go, go, go, go. You want democracy then go. Nobody is stopping you, go. See if democracy will work for you. Please go, UK needs your money badly.

  100. like the boy said at the end, even Hong Kong become some like China mainland, you can live some normal life without talking about politics, but I think UK is easier to live if you are planing to buy a house

  101. “Man on the street” interview is good but I don’t believe you can get really candid responses as all of these responses are monitored for “danger to the country”.

  102. It’s so important to have this discussion and I’m so glad Asian Boss gave us this. It was interesting to hear their thoughts as a British citizen.. and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂

  103. 建议所有不喜欢拥护中国统一,喜欢被英国殖民的香港人移民英国。建议asian boss也在内地针对香港问题进行一次街访,需要搞清楚的一点是,香港不仅是香港人的香港,更是中国的香港,正如加泰罗尼亚不仅是加泰罗尼亚人的加泰罗尼亚,更是西班牙的加泰罗尼亚一样哈,大部分香港人政治历史觉悟低的一笔,不用看视频都知道这些普普通通的香港人说什么,缝中必反,问题是内地care吗?香港发生的一切是一堂实实在在的爱国教育课。如果热爱自己的祖国这种最本能的意识就是五毛的话,我就是五毛。

    Those HKers who don’t want HK to be part of China and to be colonized by UK can just leave HK. I would ask Asian Boss to do a similar interview in mainland China. HK is not only HKers’ HK, but also China’s HK. Every Chinese should have a saying. just like very Spanish have a saying on Catalunya issue. Most HKers are sadly naive on political and/or historical issues. I can easily guess what those people say about China without watching this video. They are down with an anti-China syndrome. Indeed, Most Chinese in the mainland China just don’t care what these HKers say. If people who love their own country are wu mao, most of us are truly wu mao.

  104. As nice as it sounds Britain welcoming Hong Kongers I don’t feel like the public would be overly welcoming, we already have a huge problem with asylum seekers/illegal immigrants crossing the Boarder I feel like this may upset ppl even more so (personally I wouldnt have an issue)

  105. lol. I’m now in HK literally. RTHK which funded by the government is literally anti-government. don’t really see that with other state funded media like the BBC and Voice of America do that now do we?

    And these so called HKers are bloody laughable, keeping “being in fear” while I still enjoy criticising the government (both HK and the mainland) with completely logical reasons.

    Quite honestly, I despise a lot of them for having such superficial knowledge. They can keep their closed mindset and limit their options, more opportunities for othes and I.

  106. Hk no matter what they can’t survive without china in my opinion, my cousin is HK citizen and told me her kids won’t survive in HK because of high maintenance, and living fee, houses are expensive no matter how much work do you did u can’t buy a house unless you are crazy rich

  107. Dear all,
    I am a Hongkonger from Gen Z. The reason why I choose to leave HK is not only about the new political policies applying to our society. Being a young individual from HK, I feel very confused with my identity. I know HK is a place, which has connections with both China and UK. Following the political changes of my beloved place, I understand I have to learn adapting to the new Chinese society. However, I find it very difficult coming from totally different education and cultural backgrounds. We speak Cantonese but not Mandarin. We pursue different life values. I do not find a sense of belonging from either China or UK… These years, I find London, a very diverse city, is somewhere I feel comfortable to live with my complicated identity. Being a Hongkonger, I am always struggling with the question of ‘WHO I AM?’… I don’t hate both China and UK. Sadly, HK turns out to be a place for political games. I just cannot find a place where I belong to. Sigh.

  108. To get PR you need to live in UK for 5 years without benefits and health insurance, and you dont even have a guarantee after you finish 5 years staying there you will be allowed to keep staying there, hmnnn so its pretty much for rich Hong kongers not normal people, smart UK just willing to take the money from rich Hong kongers, poor people stay away from UK, clasic move from UK.

  109. Almost every single interviewee is a young person, and to be honest, none of them has an objective view of what’s happening in Hong Kong, or the reality of democracy. These kids are blinded by the success of the last generation and believe capitalism is the only way, not understanding most capitalistic countries, even the US, has many socialist programs. Hong Kong today needs a strong government to make drastic social changes, reduce living expenses, create more career opportunities. 2019 and 2020 already told the HKers that tourism and financial alone cannot be the only industry HK has. HK youngsters need to stop believing they are somehow better than mainlanders of the same age, they need to realize that each year there are more college grads in China than the entire population of Hong Kong, they need to understand that Hong Kong will only get more autonomous when it becomes more important to China, not the other way around.

  110. Asian Boss, it looks strange to me that you can only find people who think alike, anti China. Because, what has happened to me is exactly the opposite. I think Hongkogers should tell the UK to mind their business. China imposed the national security law because of the US and UK continuous interference and because of the criminals from mainland China who escaped to Hong Kong to be totally free from being accused.

  111. british human rights is for white people. for non white people, it’s legal to divide and conquer.
    thats how they spread their language during 1700-1900

  112. I feel like Canada would be a better fit than the UK for most HKers. There are parts of Toronto and Vancouver with lots of Cantonese speaking people and businesses. There were many who moved to Canada around 1997. People even call Vancouver “Hongcouver”.

  113. I feel like the path to British citizenship for HK people comes with too many strings. Having enough finances to fully support oneself without any healthcare and social welfare for 5 years seems like a really long time. It’s obviously meant to attract only the wealthy of HK. You see these types of immigration policies in other western countries like Canada. Up until recently, Canada had an immigration policy where the wealthy could essentially buy their way into citizenship. This policy is no longer in effect at a national level, but it’s still a policy for one of their French speaking provinces.

  114. Just now today(a week after protest start) a girl in Myanmar 🇲🇲 died after being shot in head .
    Hong Kong protester ruin Hong Kong 🇭🇰 for almost two year yet no one died by police shot.
    Hong Kong was originally part of China 🇨🇳.
    I think personally china should let this brainwashed people go.they have enough people to fill Hong kong.
    People can debate anything but when this people told that UK care about them give me a break.
    World half conflict all around the planet are because of west.
    Uk exit from European Union last year because of immigration and you guys still they will give you citizenship..how irony is that to listen to my ears.

  115. UK government treats fore-colony people as second class citizens.If UK wants to give them ID card,why not do it in colony time?Maybe UK government is just short of money cuz they get isolated by EU.

  116. So sad listening to all these HKers talk like UK care about them. Do they actually care about Hong Kong or do they care about fighting China? Those are two different ideas that can result in the same actions taken by UK. They are trying to tear your country apart while using you to do so. Did you forget they didn’t give you democracy and placed a glass ceiling over you? All the 1980s HK movies and shows, at the highest level is a white guy telling you what to do across any occupational job. This is why when you interview older HK people, you will find a different view point on the subject. The younger folks have less memory of those days.

  117. “hong kong was originally a British colony” wrong Hong Kong was originally china’s territory but was taken away and used as a port city to extract resources from china to for the west and to deal opium to poison the Chinese people. Chinese people were second rate citizens in their own land and they could not vote. hong kong separatist and rioters are responsible for the many deaths they caused. carrying another countries flag and trying to overthrow the govt is treason. they are lucky there is a double standard and they can just leave without facing time from what they have done.

  118. Overseas Chinese (maybe you could put it as Hongkonger if you like, but they still embrace the same culture) had been well-known for dedicated, hard working people for decades. It created competition and also prejudice , discrimination for many countries because the pie of the original society is always very stable, just like a transfer student who is studying very hard comes to a class room that most of the student don’t want to study. You could see Overseas Chinese might be doing very well in the job like medical, but the percentage of government officer is very low.

  119. Lol it’s either the translation it’s off or the youngsters doesn’t know history.

    They think UK hero of “Human Rights”, In fact UK is the Biggest human rights violator.

    Ask the Australian Aborigines and American native, ask why they near extinct?

  120. People who don’t want to live in current HK should consider leaving, so everyone on the 3 sides will be happy. More mainland immigrants will replace them and eventually change the demographics.

  121. I hope Hong Kongers can elect their political leaders on their own in free an fair elections one day. Every nation has the right of self-determination without interference from China.

  122. After living in Hong Kong for over 10 yrs, I feel HK ppl like to talk about bad side of things, be it real or speculation. Like “ppl going to fall on their face or die if things are done this way or that”; “company gifts are stuff that are not popular and unsold”; “they benefit more by faking nice”; “hong kong is Ukraine in the making”
    They are not bad ppl, just that their common topic is finding real or exaggerated negative things to talk about. Like all the interviewees, they cuss and cuss about the issue but they won’t leave even they are saying the situation is grime grime grime.

  123. at 1:31, “feel responsible” – don’t make me laugh. we can’t really help it. there are some people who didnt grow a brain
    at 2:01, “Hong Kong’s democracy” – outsiders dont have a say about internal stuff. do you know the word “mind ur own business”?
    at 6:15, obviously this dude doesnt know the real/true China and just have his fear about China’s CCP stereotypical. FYI for those who doesn’t live in mainland China, our government wont arrest you over something as petty as making a public discussion/opinion about it. what endangers you is when you act stupid and started spreading it on any media or running an illegal protest (as it promotes foreign interference like CIA-backed protest. these evil worms will prey on stupid people like Joshua Wong for example). basically speaks, if u just run ur life like normal, work, eat, enjoy ur life, ur 100% worry. its common sense that China is not UK so stop being demanding and spoiled. it will only get you into trouble.
    at 15:03, this guy has a serious mental illness. i would accept ur argument if UK or HK (or even combined) is better than China but not. i really hate people who is just all quack

    as for my personal opinion of our country esp the government (CCP), they are doing great. as for my evaluation goes, they are the most better who governed mother China. our previous dynasties failed on one similar aspect – being conquered/invaded by foreigners (starting from Mongol empire to IJN and lastly Great Britain stripping lands from us). CCP had done a job well done. our government is not perfect (still had some bad angles that needs to be changed) but it protected our country and it retrieved back our lost lands without real resistance from opposing powers like US and UK (unlike in the past). not to mention, 30 yrs from now it will equal US on every aspect and past that will move China as the most powerful country in the world. i could ask for no more. yet these idiot HKers doesnt appreciate the die hard effort of our government.

    and its a perfect timing, since UK is offering something, well let these idiot HKers leave HK and go to UK and let them die of envy once China reshaped HK into a great land. and these idiot HKers dont even ask themselves “why now of all days, UK?” they talk about political movement on the NSL yet they didnt even consider to think that UK offer is also political move. talking about stupidly blind

  124. probably they will be beaten by anti-asian racists but i guess it’s a learning experience. i read an article called ‘hidden from public view’ which said cantonese chinese face the most racist incidents out of other minorities in UK

  125. It’s 2021, some people still think English people got a better lives than Chinese people, wow as least China dont steal money from international children organizations to feed the starve children because Chinese children have enough food during pendimic unlike British.

  126. 所以说论殖民还是要看老牌殖民大国英国。

  127. 😂
    1,把在香港街访等同于在缅甸街访。do the impossible once again.
    great works! Keep it going!

  128. I am so glad that the government passed the National Security Law when I saw this sentence in the interview “Hongkong will become almost the same as any other city in China and turns very patriotic toward China,That’d be the worst scenario”.

  129. After watching this video, I feel like the main conflict between mainland and Hongkong is that younger generation of Hongkong residents do no trust the laws from mainland China and are not willing to adapt to these laws. They want to stay as the capitalistic society they had and refuse to change into socialism. Younger Hongkongers are generally confusing capitalism with democracy, little did they know it’s Neo-liberalism/free-market-capitalism that nearly destroyed the Hongkong economy in the first place (namely Asian financial crisis and real estate bubble). If Asian Boss could interview some older Hongkong residents, we would probably see a very different point of view in this topic.

  130. After the chaos in western countries in this year, I deeply feel that westerners’ definition of freedom and democracy is so vague that they don’t even know what freedom and democracy are.

  131. Hold on, doesn’t the national security law use HK’s judicial system instead of China’s? And most people arrested under that law were active participants in the riots.

  132. The Hong Kong youth are the only people in the world that believe rape, murder and sedition are not a crime, sadly for them, it is, all over the world. As for UK citizenship, it’s only available for the rich.

  133. As my experience, HongKong people are poorly extremely worship the west, they can not think china in any good way and they are influenced heavily by west media, this is the sequelae and result of old colonialism, this is a disease, it need to be solve.

  134. I’m sure UK was and will always be the sweet daddy for the people of its colonies. People can have different views, but majority of Chinese want to be proud and free from foreign abuses.
    Now western media consistently fabricate lies about China, genocide, total dictatorship, social credit system… We came up from a time when both USSR and usa wanted to nuke us, we took back our independence with lives and blood of our grandfathers and we will bow down to no one.
    Still the west trying to push their ideologies down our throats. The fact is most Chinese are proud patriots and the century of humiliation is not forgotten and it motivates us to build a better China, that includes hk. We’ll do it our way.
    Anyone thinks the west cares about democracy is either naive or hypocritical, the reason they can afford so called democracy is because the rest of the world is still under their oppression.

  135. Hong Kongers should not feel superior than main landers. Teachers need to be political right. Glad to see they all love HongKong. Living a happy meaningful life is the best contribution to your land.

  136. Chinese government already announced that you can go, but it not easy come back, it’s Hongkong citizens choice. In fact that if they go to UK, will they welcomed by UK citizens? create job competition is very serious issue. The global economy is not optimistic.

  137. What is happening in HK is basically the CCP can charge crimes that carry long sentences on anyone they don’t like. This is tyranny. This corruption of the rule of law. HK used to have independent judiciary and political system but now it’s all destroyed by Xi Jinping.

  138. I have noticed how prior to 1989, many Hong Kong and Taiwan stars called themselves Chinese proudly. Unfortunately the marketing campaign and social conditioning after the 1989 “incident” has changed this. Utilizing the ‘class divide’ and past events to divide the Chinese population, too bad collective society is more sheep than laozi. 🙂

  139. I’m not in a very good position to give some political views of this sensitive issue, but all I can say for now is Hong Kong doesn’t really necessarily need an additional country to interrupt them

  140. Good stuff! Honestly I feel like UK giving HKers citizenship is because they want HKers money. Most of the western countries are in decline, Asia is the future.

  141. The true freedom is the freedom to live and develop, not to burn and murder. If u wanna give HongKong the freedom to burn and murder, u should think about the starve homeless people in America, they are the true people who need freedom against evil capitalism country. U may say china is dictatorship, but at least the one who rule the country in china want the whole country to be better and better, shamely the western government only care about themselves, this is also a reason why china did so well in pandemic.

  142. 4:49 I am pretty sure if you say you hate CCP on the internet, the CCP won’t give a damn on you, as a mainland Chinese. Unless you are someone like Jimmy Lai, who keeps spreading hate against CCP to a lot of his audience on his media platform.

  143. We saw mass HK protests against extradition act in 2019.
    But we saw quasiment no protest against national security law – a much more severe one.

  144. UK doesn’t even care about Hong Kong, our prime minister just want to milk their money as Hong Kong people are insanely rich. And 5 years on there is a ‘possibility’ to gain citizenship in the UK, but it isn’t even guaranteed.

  145. Finally, a video on this HK issue. They should leave if they have the chance. Pretty lucky to access the BNO, knowing UK is going with their own issues and population.

  146. Basically you interviewed 5 people that have a minority view. This interview is extremely bias and the people watching this might get the wrong message about what real Hong Kong residents want

  147. I have two questions
    1. When did invasion and colonization become an approved thing?
    2. Did HongKong people have the freedom to vote for their Governor when they were under the control of UK during last century?

  148. One word to describe some young Hong Konger: 黐线

    Didn’t see everything went south in Macau so I don’t even know wut are those young ppl thinking. Go to Spain and support Catalonia then.

    As many of my Cantonese friends said: If they don’t want to be Chinese, feel free to spend a fortune and immigrate to your mother country the UK, and have your second-class citizen life.

  149. It’s interesting that most of them are ambivalent about or deciding not to move to the UK. But truly, it would have been genuinely more honest if the UK had offered HKers citizenship right after the handover back to China in 1997, like the Portuguese did for Macau, their former colony in China. Issuing such a complicated process for BNO passport right now seems to be cynical political posturing, as only a limited number of HKers can actually immigrate there. Their right to immigrate should matter AT ALL TIMES, and not just now when it’s convenient for the political climate.

  150. WTF, they even couldn’t vote for their own governor under British rule (appointed), not able to elect their representatives (appointed), most of the supreme court judges were foreigners, most of the police chiefs and higher officers were British or even Indians. I am saddened by some of these pro-British people.

  151. Hong Kong is a part of China that was stolen by european colonialists. It shouldnt even had a special status. It’s like someone steals something from you and then they return it with certain conditions of use. As long as Hong Kong is not integrated to the mainland like any other normal city colonialism will still exist.

  152. In HK, it just take one… just ONE… tweet with a Winnie the Pooh image, to have your entire life ruined, your entire professional career destroid and have your liberty taking away from you. F*cking crazy.

  153. On democracy, HK was never democratic as it was ruled by White British governors during its entire reign.
    Destroying public properties will land you in jail anywhere in the world.

  154. She selectively only interviewed certain people. She should interview people there in all walks of life to see better picture. Can’t trust the result from her interviews there.

  155. PRC is building an even more comprehensive system of surveillance than Orwell imagined in 1984. It ruthlessly deploys repressive methods, including mass internment, re-education, and population control, against the Uyghurs, and it is determined to end the semi-autonomy of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  156. I like the guy’s grey Minions t-shirt. Triviality aside, my dearest friend is HKese and I realised that we talk about almost everything under the sun except this matter. I know for a fact that she wants to be a US citizen since she has long been based in NYC and is building up a career there. But it would be nice to know her thoughts on the matter. TY AB. Anyhow, hoping the best for the HKese people.

  157. Who the hell doesn’t want to run away from the CCP regime? If they are brain washing uighurs in camps then they will do the same to others they colonise who do not toe the party line.

    UK is full of lefty propaganda but at least it buys time there.

  158. Make video about these please

    Indonesian people’s opinion on Nissa Sabyan

    Asians’ on vaccination, do Asians reject or accept the vaccinations?

  159. I want to say you guys are an amazing channel, I don’t care what others say about it. I want to join the app you all made soon. I hope you make more videos of the walk around certain locations like Korea and Japan.

  160. Congrats to everyone who is early, and found this comment! You can now drink me! But can you guess what I posted? If you guess it you’re a legend!

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