Do Foreigners Really LOVE Taiwan? 外國人都愛台灣嗎?

[有字幕] 外國人都愛台灣嗎?Do Foreigners Really LOVE Taiwan?

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[桃園] Taoyuan

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  1. 交通危規亂象一直是長久的痛

  2. I think I agree with the points. There are mostly good things to be said, but I want to add one negative. As you said, depends a lot where you are from and what you do.

    As an highly trained academic expert from Europe, in a respected job that requires PhD diploma here in Taiwan, I find that the workplace culture has a lot of bullshit hierarchies in places where they are totally useless and make work and productive collaboration more difficult than is needed.

    However, this same criticism can be targeted towards most of the East Asian countries with Confucian heritage in thinking. It is not only Taiwan specific thing.

  3. Great vlog, I would say my only complaint while living in Taiwan is the air pollution, burning, the joss money hope they can come up with a solution, as the air quality is not to bad but when they burn its horrible and, a lot of the building can be damp. The rest of things i love about Taiwan

  4. 👍👍👍

  5. 我想任何一個國家,都不會是100分完美的,臺灣不好的地方一時也說不完,但肯定優點多於缺點很多,歡迎外國居住臺灣的人,多多提出看法,我想我們會很快改變的

  6. 台灣政府確實很糟,新聞媒體也很爛~

  7. 台灣交通我也很討厭,一堆自私鬼,前幾天我騎機車載機車道直行要通過馬路,有兩台轎車車速很快右轉,硬逼車讓我停止給他們過,當下我如果不停車肯定被撞飛,這些人也是台灣人,所以台灣也有很多自私鬼⋯⋯自己人都討厭就不用說外國人

  8. It’s amazing that Nathan can get used to the traffic. It’s one reason behind government’s push for rail systems and public transport. With so many ongoing projects designed to take vehicles off the road, traffic should slowly improve over time. One thing that can help tremendously is building more parking structures in residential neighborhoods. That will free up more sidewalks for pedestrians.

  9. If the Taiwanese don’t want to be Chinese anymore, a show of goodwill would be to return the contents of the National Palace Museum. The National Palace Museum shares its roots with the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, whose extensive collection of artwork and artifacts were built upon the imperial collections of the Ming and Qing dynasties. 2,972 crates of artifacts from the Forbidden City were moved to Taiwan in 1949 and represented some of the very best of the collection. The Taiwanese have looked after these pieces well, but have never owned this collection and it belongs in Mainland China. Taiwan can not have it both ways.

  10. My wife and I are living in Vancouver, Canada and thinking seriously about moving to Taiwan. I’m an ESL teacher here with about 12 years of classroom teaching experience, including 2 years teaching in some public schools in Korea. I don’t have a public school teaching certificate, but I do have a Master’s degree (in an unrelated subject) and a CELTA certificate. I’d like to work in the public school system in Taiwan, but I’m not sure if I can do that with my qualifications. What do you think? If I work in a private institute, what would be best? I’d rather not work on weekends or deal with slave drivers. I’m hoping to make a decent salary, preferably around 75,000 NTD per month. I kind of feel like I’ve paid my dues. I found some agencies, like Teach Away and Reach to Teach. If you or anyone reading this post can help, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  11. 台灣人確實有一點歧視,因為大部分台灣人看的是錢,如果你做的工作薪水不高,大部分人會認為你是低階人民,但是台灣人通常又愛幫助陌生人,很矛盾就是了~

  12. 我是台灣人,我也不喜歡台灣的交通,台灣的汽車組、機車組,都很趕 很急 沒有禮讓心,愛搶第一。台灣的天氣 也很討厭,熱很熱、濕濕濕、冷很冷,早上豔陽高照(熱)、下午來個 超大雨,濕濕熱熱的很不舒服

  13. yes live in cairns australia similar latitude the heat humidity at certain times of the year is off the scale popular to go the tablelands then high ground hills mountains then is thst popular in Taiwan too cooler less humid up their

  14. I live in Germany and I like visiting Taiwan. I do not mind the heat so much, in fact I complain more during the German winter. I guess I could handle the traffic and the air pollution as well. However, I am used to 30 days of paid vacation a year and not much pressure to work overtime unless you are ambitious. The work culture in all East Asian countries sounds extremely harsh to me and I have some Taiwanese friends who admit they have suffered from that. I want to have a life outside of work, which is why I prefer to stay where I am.

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