Discovering the San Roque Cemetery – Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines

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  1. I understand your fascination. If you come from a country that had a colonial past, it’s interesting to see history come alive by the names, dates, and inscriptions on the old tombs of those who came for various reasons to live there. If you are interested in ancestry, a lot can be learned from reading old tombstones.

  2. Now, I expect to see you on the hospital’s childbirth department, philosophizing how much of the future we have behind us — Nice video — Best regards from Stockholm Sweden “KarlMaTo”

  3. Inspiration is where you find it … I like graveyards too but for different reasons. I like thinking about the lives that were lived and what knowledge rests in these places. Just a place for reflection…

  4. I’ve read similar accounts. However I weigh in a bit of skepticism. The brain is not functioning well (needless to say) when it is deprived of oxygen. As the brain/body go into shock it will induce it’s own sort of ‘morphine’ as it goes into shock. That too would provide a peaceful, relaxed condition as the neural system shuts down. The eyes are dilated, giving the brain a sense of ‘white light’ as well. Much to consider.

  5. Wow.. small world. I enjoy spending time there. Many people go there near dusk to jog or walk since it’s about the best-kept grounds open to the public. I will be there tonight (Nov 1st) in fact for the All Saint’s Day holiday. I loved it last year.

  6. I disagree I don’t think they would want to switch places with you if they made it in heaven. but i’m sure the ones who went to hell would switch places with you in a herat beat. hehe just my opion only friend.

  7. My girl friends bday falls on nov 1st and ever since I have known her she is always sad and doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday. I guess not a good time to spend your bday at a cemetery. remembering her father and her brother and just recently her grandmother. I try to give her moral support durning this time to help her thru the next few days.

  8. Absolutely–but for a different reason!  You know some of the Pinays you meet, and after a while you wonder if they have a pulse?  You ask them are they OK and check if their still breathing?

    All’s not lost.  At least they know how to shut the ‘eff up!

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