Diesel Race Truck on the Streets of Thailand – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour Episode 3

#diesel #rollcoal #thailand
Shotgun in a full race diesel drag truck on the streets of Udon Thani. This was a WILD ride.


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  1. I understand the motor bike thing but… why not a car with AC if it’s over x temp? I ask that because if it were me. I would get that AC in a heartbeat and then if you can’t find somewhere to stay. You could then….. stay in the car! Just saying.

  2. Stupid me! When I saw the guy with the bucket coming I was like no that is not what they have for him to sit on! Then I saw it was heavy and I was like Ice.

  3. Wow love how you pump these videos out so quick mate, my wife and I back here in Australia watch them all the time. Can’t wait to get back to Bangkok for work!

  4. Love love love the reaction of you! It had him driving even harder! I bet be ran a 9.99 with you cheering him on even with all of your 125lbs slowing him down.

  5. Isaan isn’t a province its a region consisting of multile provinces udonthani, khon kaen etc (yeah i guess most of them are named after the biggest city in the province…).

    So if you buy a for example a bus ticket to khon kaen make sure its to the city and not some random place..

  6. Thailand, the land of a Million smiles. Not to mention awesome food, badrass diesel trucks and…….. man, you are living the life!!

  7. CB tell Tee Spring to hurry up with my shirts🤦‍♂️
    Now their telling me my order won’t be ready until May 28th to June 2nd.
    WTF! I’m here in California 🤷‍♂️

    Any how keep up the good vids and stay safe!

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