Did I get scammed??

Call me naive but I believe her.

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  1. Asking for specific amounts would be a flag for me, she threw out a low number you took without blinking and then the larger needs showed up in the conversation. BUT, I believe in giving the money to the person and let them do what they want with it. You felt the connection enough to give the money at the time, don’t worry about it. AGAIN I also believe in the old saying fool me once shame on you try to fool me twice LET”S DANCE.

  2. I think life is to short to worry if she is a scammer or not. Giving people will eventually get fu$# in the ass. It’s happened to me many times in life. Just let your heart guide you and dont let that little voice in your head keep you up at night. She has your number. You will find out soon enough if she is legit or not. Keep churning out the videos. It keeps my life balanced during these stressful times. Thanks again Troy!

  3. I would never give money to any beggars but buy them food. You’ll never know what their true intention when you give them money. It could be drugs, it could be apart of their daily routine as a professional beggar. She is much older than you, she may have been doing this all her life and have more experience in handling younger guys like yourself.

  4. when in doubt I take the opinion of the locals… she seemed real enough to me but I am guessing people who live there may hear the same story over and over and can catch scam more accurately

  5. That was a very common plot in my town,
    it worked until the news made investigations. But who cares, its only 250k dong.
    Fun fact about dongs, the 20, 50, 100, 200 and now 500k dongs are the same colors than the mexican bills and almost worth the same, example 20kdong = 20 mex peso.

  6. You’re doing good in the world helping those who may be in need of help or not regardless you’re an awesome guy and your donors are awesome too

  7. I think giving her money was the right choice. You only gave, what, 100,000, less than $5.

    If she’s lying then you lost $5 but that’s nothing.

    But if she’s genuine, you may really have saved her grandchild.

    I’m not convinced she’s genuine but at a cost of $5, I would take the chance.

  8. Usually everybody that comes up and asks for money is a bit of a scammer in a way. If you are hungry and wants money for food, you keep asking for more even if you have money for today and tomorrow. But if you have money in your pocket for food for a month it is a bit more “scammy” to keep asking for more. So it’s like a weird grey area in there.
    With that said, it’s pretty impossible to figure out if this woman was genuine or not. She could have been a really good scam artist that lives in a fancy house and doesn’t even have a daughter. But I think it’s more likely that at least parts of what she told you was true, and your money probably would at least do some good.

  9. Why didn’t you offer to go with her and pay the meds and whatnot directly at the hospital. That way, you’d have known if she was full of bubkes – could potentially have made a greeaat video.:-)

  10. Erm… She has enough money of her own to get a ferry ride… She said she has a stall and have money at home. So, why the need to ask people for money? FREE ferry ride? lol… I don’t know… I’m sitting on the fence on this one. Anyway, whatever it is… good to help!!!

    1. She said she had to pay for medicines already.. and that she needed the 34k to get ferry home to get more money. Then go back to the hospital next morning to pay for more medicines

  11. SCAMMED… I am pretty sure. Cuz as you’ve said she changed her story Right After you gave her the $. @ 2:08 she sound pretty sure of have enough $ at home but then @ 6:00, she said that she put most of her $ in the bank so now she is not sure if she has enough of 5 mil. at home.
    She is the pro cuz she acted well with all that ‘about to cry’ craps 🙂

  12. When people have asked me for money, no one has ever said they would pay me back or ask to exchange numbers. At least you guys exchanged numbers in the end🤷‍♀️

  13. I see most give you these sorry stories , are mostly scams. Best to visit place, n call to see what other end is saying…if dont match thier story. that third times a charm 4 u.


  14. FFS Troy….she wanted 34 000 dong ($1.50 usd)……You’ve given away millions of dong to random people all the time!

    She only started “fishing” for more when you kept offering more money….I think at the start she was happy to walk away with the 34k.

  15. You did what you have to do and it was indeed a very good gesture as always. If she scams you or not is not your worry anymore and she will be answerable to her own God someday. Keep doing Good and No harm will ever come your way then. Ayu-Bo-Wan.

  16. You say she looks fishy to you yet you give her way more than she asked for and you continued to give her even more money 🤔 you probably did get scammed lol

  17. I’m with the people that says she’s genuine. 1st she was gonna give you 16k change back. Then when you gave her more she asked for your number so she could pay you back. She says she has money at home but not sure if enough but has in bank.. she is in a rush to get back to the hospital in the morning so probably doesn’t have time to go to the bank if she didn’t have enough at home. Scammers aren’t going to ask for your number and then call you to give their number also

  18. …if you erred, it will have been on the side of cautious decency. You probably helped more than you think. Tranquilo Bro’, It was a good call. Stay cool !

  19. You can’t sweat these iffy cases, Troy. Of course it hurts our pride to get scammed, but you must also protect your willingness to give, which means giving in these cases too.

  20. You reap what you sow. Good or bad. Even if people are dishonest to you, you will get blessed one – way – or – the – other for your good heart mate.

  21. Wheres your positif atitude go!?

    Well let me tell you this, don’t worry to get scammed, so far what you do is good and thats all!

    You don’t need to count it whats good or bad, just do what you do best, helping those in need…

    even they scammed you or do shit to you, just ignored that…

    God always watching to those who have faith on him…

  22. You said a while back that those who really need it in Vietnam don’t usually ask for it. I would’ve followed that same thinking here dude. Ily tho

  23. Not a local haha. But I’d say it’s quite possible. Everytime IV got scammed the person has told me they have money at home or just need it till when and that they would pay me back or ask for my number. Lots of talking is usually a tell sign for me as well. Who knows. Not always 100% sure but usually I think our guts tell us right I think.

  24. Troy unless you’re willing to do follow up or accompany her to the hospital there is no way to verify any of it.These type of questions just opens up the opportunity for the negative ninjas to spill their shit.

  25. Some people in distress usually honestly needs the money at the moment. She told you she had money. But in times of not having it in hand really sux….

  26. This is a win-win. Either she’s for real and you just helped a pregnant woman and her child, or she’s full of shit and there is nobody in danger of dying.

  27. Dont mean to sound like an asshole, but this seems fishy af. You never know though, way to go the high road and gice benefit of a doubt

  28. In hcmc restaurant, an old lady came to our table and just grabbed my wife’s water bottle and started drinking it then places it back on the table. We thought this poor old lady must be thirsty so we told her to keep it. Then she started asked for money because “she needed to catch a bus back home which was very far away”. My local viếtnamese wife being very generous gave her some money. Later, we saw her get picked up by someone on a motorbike. It wasn’t a ride – hailing service!!! Then my wife said ” damn we got scammed!”. It appears some people uses old folks to get money from you. So moral of the story is the best of us get scammed once or twice.

    Towards the end, When your old lady said she wasn’t sure she had 5mil at home it sounded like she was trying to get more money from you…

  29. Hi Troy – it barely matters if it’s true or not – she is in hardship either way, so your gift was supportive & kind (as always).

  30. I don’t think you got scammed, but more of you dug your own grave. She didn’t ask for the extra money, you just kept offering it, twice more and much more than she asked. You really can’t blame her though, since she only asked for 34K and was willing to give you change (even though I’m sure she would have try to weasel out of that if you requested it).

    I really don’t trust anyone walking the streets and coming up to me. I have to be the one to approach them and initiate, but even that is iffy in these countries.

  31. You did the right thing…. Even when people have money, it’s still never enough….. She’s actually having a hard time…. She wanted to make it up to you … Even if she never does she wants to,,,,, I’ know how it feels to have nothing and no one and to have one hard time after another,. Your a good guy, you know these people are so lucky you showed up in there life….. And they’ll never forgot that… Ever,. You’ll have your day to Troy. Watch you’ll see

  32. DW about it. You gave a way a few quids. I on the the other hand, are getting scammed for hundreds of dollars by our country’s lottery gaming every week, and not winning a single dollar. Kinda like the lottery gaming system over there.

  33. Yeah, right, a scammer that would go to all that effort to get the phone number, dials it to make sure, then phones again 14 minutes afterwards.

  34. Troy, try and remember you are making a decision to assist someone, not help someone. People need assistance. You can look at people and tell what kind of life they have. If you worry about getting scammed, then maybe that person doesn’t fit the need you look for. It’s ok Troy. Try not to worry about it. Make the decision and move on.

  35. You did the right thing Troy. That lady isn’t well herself, she either has scoliosis or kyphosis or both and she certainly has growths on her Thyroid glad, and those lumps are not always just benign Goiter thyroid cancer is pretty common in people with Goiters. So I am sure she is worn out and worried. Never doubt yourself Troy, ever. We all do the best we can, and giving should never be doubted, ever. We give for the joy of giving and helping, then just move on. It puts a smile in our heart.

  36. This guy is a RACIST HOMOPHOBE

    He commonly make racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and fat shaming comments on this channel all the time. You hate on Sudanese, you speak negatively on gay marriage, you call the bigger girl in your videos “fattie”, and then publicly shame the same poor people you claim to help. Have you looked in the mirror? Cause you’re about the most busted Asian dude of all time. Get over yourself and stop acting like you are better than EVERYONE. You look like a low level free COD skin

  37. Highly unlikely to create such a long, long story just to “scam” someone by 1,5$ 😂
    Just the fact that she is asking random people on the streets is proof enough that she needs the money urgently. Otherwise she would avoid this social embarrassment.

  38. Better to give than not to give but it would be very interesting to track down the woman with the bags at night who returned you the big notes keeping only the small notes, if you can arrange a room to rent for her on monthly basis, arrange the room first, furnish it to the basics then track her down and bring her there, even use force if you have to since she would hesitate I am sure of, get her a job if you can she looks like a hairdresser or beautician to me.
    That would be very interesting episode, remember some needy like her won’t be easy to handle you got to be rough at times.
    She was afraid people might think she is a thief when changing big notes that’s why she returned the big notes, she is a woman of great character, she was constantly pulling her shirt to maintain her chastity, tell her you adopt her as a sister and you can’t let your sister sleep on the street and you would use force if you have to.

  39. You’re like the biggest kid. But you’re awesome. So happy seeing how many people you help. Sending love and good vibes from the Philippines 🇵🇭 ✌🏻 brother.

  40. i always consider multiple emergencies happening at once a big red flag but for just $5.00, i probably would have given it to her. it is no biggie

  41. I believe she’s genuine. I don’t know if you misunderstood her Troy, you are way too generous. She said she is not a beggar, and have money. She only needed money to get home. Most people won’t turn down money if it’s handed to them.

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