Desperate but proud MOTHER reluctantly accepts help.

Thanks to FUNDING GYM.
This woman was trying to hide the fact she’s homeless. She wore fake gold and dressed her kid in a school uniform so their backpacks would blend in. But school has not been in effect for a month..



  1. I know this is a long shot, but do you think there is a chance you could find this girl I met on Facebook? She is in Saigon. She is paralyzed from the waist down. We have known each other on Facebook for a few years. I cant get to Vietnam myself right now. But would love to help her. She has a Facebook account. Maybe you could contact her there?

  2. I have to say, these videos are unlike anything on youtube.
    It very rare to see videos of people just going around helping other people.
    Is a few, but not many.
    This guy has more videos helping people than anybody.

  3. I’m also a northerner, maybe there’s a sense of pride that is hard to admit when in need of help, especially to a stranger. But nonetheless, great job with the conversation.

  4. Not getting the expected “gratitude” showed that she’s NOT used to getting help. She didn’t expect the help, so she had NOT rehearsed “thanking” people, profusely, as other beggars. It’s an awkward situation, where she needed help, but she’s not sure if it’s a good idea to getting money from a stranger, who could be expecting something else, etc. You could see the nervousness in her & her small daughter. That guys should make women pregnant all over the world and leave them to raise those children on their own… that is just so typical of animal species, of which humans are a sorry part…

    1. Troy wanted a date. 😂. Naw, but really, I’m surprised no good girl hasn’t seen all Troy does and wants to put a ring on him

  5. As ever Troy you’re doing the best you can and that’s a 100% of everything , you are giving a big fat slice of humanity in a world where it’s scarce , damn I feel so pitiful right now , keep up the good work . 🤗

  6. ….I agree with the comment below. Sometimes they are stunned. Nobody but nobody comes out of the blue to “GIVE”…Most people want to “take”…I suspect most of these types are half- expecting somebody to try and pimp them or “buy” them as a sex doll and when it’s just genuine philanthropy they can’t believe it….

  7. Her revealing that the child was crying and asking to rent a room to sleep was her admission that she needs help and was the most she would reveal about her situation. Who else is crying? 😭😭😭

  8. That’s pride Troy, that women needed that donation. You’re not always going to expect the reaction you want, but that’s life. Well done mate!

  9. I’m sure some don’t know your intentions and think you’re are looking for a date. It very well could’ve been the first time somebody didn’t want something in return. Shoutout to Funding Gym for being in the position and sending out good karma for the cause.

    1. @Funding Gym That would be great starting a micro community raising chickens and ducks, it would supply food, shelter and an income for those maintaining the mini farm. I think finding honest, working, appreciative help would be the biggest hurdle.

    2. QQTrick1QQ I wish I could offer more. I wonder if there is any potential for sponsoring Troy to Start a chicken, egg/laying farm or something that can provide work as well as food for giveaways? I really don’t know the market there at all. Food security and shelter security are the greatest fears a human can have. I don’t know if pooling resources to buy or rent a plot of land and put 1000 chickens on it laying eggs is any kind of meaningful, lasting help.

      Is it better to sponsor a monthly stipend or support for Troy’s efforts in giveaway? Or is it better to somehow create a well where people can pull out their own resources through their own efforts?

      I really don’t know what self-sustaining mechanism Can be created there.

      Until then, I’m happy when Troy just puts more good karma into the universe through these efforts.

  10. There are a lot of people who will let pride stop them from accepting help usually due to the fact that its embarrassing for them glad you were able to help them

  11. She has healthy skepticism. Pride but wholesome in my opinion. I’m glad that you took the time to invest into learning the situation. Thank you for your support of people in need.

  12. Wow, thank you for helping this mother daughter. I’m very happy to think these people have shelter for a little while. I hope that they are able to secure some kind of micro business or opportunity to keep their pride and health intact. Thank you again Troy for your efforts. I’m very happy to support your distribution of kindness.

  13. Thank you again Troy. Please keep your self safe. I hope that this Toyota thing passes before long but I am happy to support people in need that Have a good character like yourself. Hopefully someone will have memories like you did of the first kindness you commented about recently.

    I hope to find more support for your efforts soon.

  14. Good work….may not have other clothes. But bringing the children’s size up cause they are small or underdeveloped probably hurts their feelings. You do this often. Bless you!!!

  15. When she asked what kind of aid do you offer, you probably should’ve been so hasty to disclose you have donations from supporters to give away. You always seem skeptical of people who aren’t out grafting. So you should’ve probed a little more on her situation. Your answer could’ve been “Well, what kind of aid do you need? Do you actually need any sort of aid, or are you and your daughter just out for an evening walk? Have you had anything to eat today? Who do you rent your room from? How much? Are you able to pay for the rent at this time? Your town is 50km away, what are you doing here? You have family in the city? etc etc etc” For all you know, the guy who said you should help them because they’re homeless could’ve set up the scenario. Because he knows what you do. And where the hell are the fathers to these kids??? All I see on the street of Vietnam are scrawny women with their kids. Where the f are the fathers and what are they doing to support the kids they sired?

    1. I didn’t mean to single you out.
      I’ve just heard it a lot and imo it’s unwarranted but everyone is entitled to their perspective right?
      We can only prove ourselves through our actions not words.

    2. @Troy Vietnam I am not bashing on them. It was just a rhetorical question. I just hate that the women “seem” to be doing “all” the rearing/caring and trying to scrounge for their kids. And who knows where and what the fathers are doing. I am sure some of them are off elsewhere also trying to support. But only seeing the women carrying all that weight begs the question about the fathers, although a rhetorical one.

  16. Hi Troy, I have been watching your videos for some time now. I see you have a kind heart for the less fortunate. I would like to donate some money for you to hand out at your discretion, but I am not sure how to donate. Please advise.

    BTW, I have been to Viet Nam 6 times and have traveled all over the country. I am currently taking online Tieng Viet lessons from a school based in Hanoi. I am also planning on retiring in Viet Nam in about 6 years. Toi co gang hoc tot tieng Viet!

  17. I like how you are honest and still did the upload even tho the response wasn’t perhaps that great. Not every person will give a big show of appreciation ( I guess) and I like how you show the range of responses.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Early in the conversation, I believe she was distrustful of your motives and feared for her child. Your tone and conversation made her less distrustful of you. I’m sure she was grateful and, if she sees you again, will trust you more.

  19. …..Good text….easy to follow….nice. There’s no telling what they think when you approach and ask questions…In this day and age she may think you want to steal or purchase her child. The possibility of some dude just laying cash on them …no strings…is close to miraculous. Good job Funding Gym…and Troy (as always). This lady…short on gratitude….is probably in shock and can’t believe what just happened.

  20. Troy, she was grateful but she was stunned by the help and likely worried something happen after receiving the money.
    She is extremely grateful and extremely scared for their security abd personal protection.
    It is so sad a Mom and Daughter with no home. It is horrible to think what led to this situation.
    Great Job Troy !!!

  21. I am becoming very addicted to this channel… spreading good deeds and kindness is truly beautiful. Plus these videos are really amazingly fun and entertaining too! 😊

  22. It’s emotionally satisfying and motivating to receive a good reaction; however, we do good deeds for the sake of the deeds.  Don’t sweat the non-stellar reaction, Troy.  You know you did something good, and we know it as well.On another note, thanks for the constant stream of videos lately.  With the world in shutdown and everybody seemingly only caring for themselves, the videos have been a good distraction.  I also see you took my advice and added more Patreon tiers, thanks for that.

  23. the little girl just wanted a place to sleep, i dont know what they’re going to do in the long run but for at least a little while you really helped them out Troy

  24. Troy – First and foremost you doing a great thing. Women and children in this world are the ones that need to be helped the most. People may agree or disagree about the way you do it , but that doesn’t matter they are not the ones out there doing it you are. One thing I have learned in life is if you are doing something because of pure love for humanity then don’t expect anything from anyone gratitude or even a thank You. And if a person expecting gratitude or a thank you then maybe you have to ask why are they helping these people. I do be leave you are a humanitarian with a big heart. The good you do is on you but you cant control the good or bad people may do or act. You will never be disappointed if you don’t have expectations. Good Job and Wish you the best.

  25. A damn good call by you and FUNDING GYM. The mother and child will probably eat well after that donation and your hands and conscious continue to remain clean. Dig deep around those street corners Bro’, 540 degrees, for them streets are about to go chaotic. Many hungry folks, good and bad, are coming out with a pent-up fury. Cuídate mucho and stay cool.

  26. Not a disappointing reaction but a very real reaction. Mother walking aimlessly on the streets at a time where it’s very hard to come across a few VND. The mother would only want the best for her daughter. The daughter would want to be like the other kids. Who knows when they had they last meal. It’s a shattering situation and I’m sure she will make the most of the money. I’m guessing if she is so far away from home and on the streets she has little to go back to for whatever reason. I wish her luck and as usual nice work Troy.

  27. You need to open a non-profit Catholic organization in Vietnam to help these people get on their feet and promote growth in smaller towns other than Hanoi and Saigon. If you’re not familiar with E Michael Jones and his explanation of Logos I suggest you look into that. The only way to truly help people is by teaching them Logos and placing economic power into their hands, even if it’s growing something on a small piece of land.

  28. At first she said they had a room to return to. Later on she let out that the little girl wants to have a room to sleep for the night.
    Whether they were profuse in their expressions of gratefulness or not, it is obvious that they were in need of help, and by helping them you (and Funding Gym) did the correct thing.

    You did well in leading the conversation, as the woman was, rightfully, guarded at first.

  29. Great that you helped Mama and daughter out – if girl school uniform looks dirty that should give you some indication of homelessness. Help them again and again 🙂 yeah 🙂

  30. Fvck what everyone things about your videos. I love them, the humours great and it what makes you unique. I’m from Australia so I get most of the context, but it’s great. I’m glad I found your channel 🤘🏻

  31. Ive been in tough situations where I was blown away to get help from people – so much that I forgot to thank them. I was still grateful in my heart! What you do honors you.

  32. We all take our life and belongings for granted don’t we ? 🙂 Thanks for reminding us to be always greatful. Good work m8!
    Also I think expecting some sort of reaction from people who receive your help is entirely not for us to worry. What you are doing is much more than that! Keep going again!

  33. What is the Toyota Virus? YouTube allows people to say the Coronavirus in videos and many are doing so. I have Vietnamese friends and one of my best friends in Ho Chi Minh City says she doesn’t know anything called the Toyota Virus in Vietnam but she does say the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in Vietnam.

    1. jetnova16 You can say it as a YouTuber or in video, But it will result in your video not being monetized or receiving any kind of ad revenue at all. YouTube isn’t blocking people from saying or covering the virus, but the algorithm automatically demonetizes Video because it translates voice to text, and the text is the keyword that strikes income.

  34. I think you get caught up on having an impactful video, but to me at least its impactful enough that your there helping, also i think the variety and diversity of experiences is what makes your channel interesting.

  35. Troy.. It is embarrassing for mother’s to be out of work. Maybe she doesn’t want her daughter to feel bad!? Or who knows… Sometimes people don’t have the self esteem to admit they’re in need….I have to edit/add a thought. Maybe she’s afraid your looking for adult pleasure. This is common thing for women in poverty to be approach by men trying to exploit. It happens in every country all over the world. Sadly.

    1. murdaya69 I think that what you hear is not exactly what’s being said at that moment. The translation is it Word for Word or timed either most of the time. His laugh maybe actually responding to something that was appropriate because of the soundtrack, but then the translation is not direct or really interpretable because of culture or local references. I’m sure that his timing is just fine when actually interacting with these people that are his heritage as well.

  36. İ do not hope that people want them to say thank you for your help- in a way, there is no joy in watching your videos- it’s hard to watch brothers and sisters living like they do- they are often very proud people and they have a right to be that-İ try to help those in need here where İ live and İ never ever want them to thank me for helping them out of a bad situation- to be honest, they make me happy too so why thank me? Why are we born if not for doing good to others- İ know that İ am a lucky man having my monthly pension and that it is so good that İ can help those who don’t have anything- but it is very unfair that some have and others do not have after all we are all brothers and sisters

  37. I hope you meet her again! I have a feeling she had a very bad experience once. Her daughter hid behind her and seemed afraid. I believe she was grateful.

  38. You definitely helped. Sometimes pride can get in the way, plus I think she didn’t know what you wanted, sure people don’t come up offering help for no reason. Feel you were wrong in your comment didn’t want to upload because here response wasn’t as grand as you were looking for. No reason for them to sing and dance and praise you, kindness is its own reward.

  39. She need more help Troy, northern people with pride, not like southerner they are more straight, I am a saigonese but I have sentiment with northerner people, love those people

  40. You should have just tell her that people watch this kind of videos on youtube and send money to help. And they going to ask about her after they see this video

  41. Thank you Troy, you are an Angel to many you have helped (and gratitude to the many fund providers who make this also happen). Keep at it, all the kindness… is surely needed in this world.

  42. The mother was watching out for her daughter, strange man offering unknown help. I bet she showed her gratitude that night (to God) while her daughter slept in a bed and she prayed for strength to face another day. You will be in her thoughts and prayers every time her daughter smiles for the little while. Peace Brother. Stay Safe.

  43. C’mon man. Stop whining because people don’t dance a jig when you hand them a crust. Bitching about sob stories but offended by pride or stoic reserve (or fear/anxiety), pleasing you seems a Herculean task.
    Try to help or not but don’t expect people to fit your mold perfectly. Accept they are flawed and maybe they have more reason to be flawed than those of us who never slept on the street or worried how they will eat for the next month.
    People I know who devote their time to such causes accept sometimes the help doesn’t go where it is best utilized or utilized how it’s intended; they do it because they believe the balance will tilt to the positive. If the deed itself doesn’t provide satisfaction maybe you need to reconsider your path.
    Maybe the satisfaction comes from the racism, mocking, insults, and self righteousness.
    Not that you care (or even should) but I want to believe in you. Since it’s not a western concept, maybe you should try to figure out that Zen thing.

  44. Thank you for uploading this video. Many viewers live in other countries with very different cultures and behaviors. It is good to see all points of view, the grateful and ungrateful. But she was probably very thankful, she just did not know how to show it or was embarrassed. The child asking to rent a room was all that was needed to know the situation she was in. It is better to see all the videos of people you helped (or tried to).
    (“toyota virus”…lol)

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