Depression! My Struggles as a Foreigner living Abroad

Vlog #838 I am being a Hypocrite. Today I will share some thoughts of what I am going through living in Thailand. Some challenges I face living in a different culture, and not understanding the current situation here where I live. Too much time on my hands. Still we have to try to figure out our needs in life to not be sad… Moving Forward
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  1. I’m glad I stayed and watch your video today. To be honest, I’ve been skipping them a lot lately. There was always that tinge on negative thought or feelings and I just didn’t want to add to the ones I hear so much of lately. But I had been worried about you and the title of this one got me to stop. I’d always kinda wondered about the title of your channel and occasionally wondered if your need to always be on the move was a mix of your love of travel combined with the lack of time to face a sadness you may have always kinda had there in the back of your mind. If you’re always moving and planning to be in the next spot, you don’t have time to be sad or depressed. Like distractions for the mind. That really helps a lot of people. I know you are not into religions and there is a frequent debate about whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy. It might help you during this time to maybe try looking at it as a philosophy and think more about the Thai culture and people and how they don’t really question things too much and are able to simply ‘accept’. Meditation has taught me to be more comfortable with just sitting and being. More accepting of NOT planning and more accepting when plans that have been made suddenly change for reason I don’t understand. I’ve learned to ask myself, even if I understood why the plans changed, will the understanding UNchange the change. Does that make sense? You’re a kind man Chuck. You have such a good and loving family who accepts you as you are and you them. We all hope for and look for to the day when this terrible virus will have a vaccine and maybe even a cure for when people do get it. It’s just so deeply deeply sad what has happened to the whole planet and all the lives that have been affected. My heart breaks for those who lost someone and for all the doctors and nurses who will suffer from ptsd when this is over. The global impact will be a great burden for every country and their people when this is over. Another thing I’ve learned from Buddhism is the understanding about impermanence. Knowing nothing is permanent, not the bad or the good, really helps when thinking about all of this. And the teaching His Holiness the Dalai Lama received from one of his tutors when he was young. If you have a problem, examine it from all sides. Of you can fix it or change it, there is not need to worry. If you can not fix it or change it, there is still not need to worry. I hope your mind is more peaceful and less sad and you can once again find great joy in just being with your family and not have the need to be constantly on the move. ❤️🙏🏼

  2. Look at what you’ve done compared to others. If everyone was to die today be happy that youve done so much more. If that doesnt work. Book a flight to a new country. Try Antarctica

  3. Don’t bother wasting time thinking like that, relax, pass your time in peace, you could be unemployed , sick, about to loose your business. You are very blessed. Seek Bhudda.

  4. Nothing will ever fill that yearning on the inside of you in this empty world if you don’t have a relationship with God Almighty. You can only distract yourself for so much and so long and you will be just walking in circles no matter where you live. May you find your peace!

  5. As your channel says, their really is no time to be sad,your home ,town and the people around you are wonderful, especially Henry he seems like a great friend to have, keep smiling and love to you and your family 💕🙏

  6. After living in Thailand for a while, one of the things I admire about (many) Thais is their ability to live entirely in the moment. The furthest they look ahead is to their next meal (which usually isn’t far away). I struggle with that too as my entire 40+ year career has been as a planner, plus I love to plan travel. This will pass.

  7. if it makes you feel any better Chuck, I’m in NYC and have ZERO clue as to what’s going on. I’d rather be over there where you are than here. The lack of awareness is no better or worse. At least you’re somewhere beautiful/

  8. Sounds like you’re suffering from a little cabin fever like the rest of us. We are all so tired of this worldwide uncertainty. Things will change soon for Thailand but ever so slowly. The tourism industry may take two or more years to return to 2019 levels. If I were you, I would make less videos to lessen the stress of producing videos so often. Pay little attention to the negative comments and realize that, you are facing the world head on with your videos good or bad. You are so brave. It’s is good that you show us how you feel about your life. I lived near Bangkok for two years retired and was bored stiff. So I started teaching English online and at home to give me something to do. I’m back in Canada now for almost a year living alone. I’m bored stiff and this place is freezing most of the year. Edmonton gets about two days per year at 30c. I can’t wait to get back in Thailand where it’s warm and you can wear shorts and flip flops all year. I’ll probably get bored after a while. You get the picture? Don’t matter where you are, it always looks better somewhere else.

  9. Hi, Chuck and Paige, I enjoyed this video a lot.
    I’m stuck here in Chon Daen, Phetchabun but somehow everyday something happens and sofar I don’t really miss anything.
    The freedom of movement is given here I even left the province once without noticing anything.
    Markets, restaurants snd resorts have reopened too.
    I wanna go to the beach some day soon, Ban Phe, on the coast towards Kho Tschang.
    I think we can be happy not to be in Europe or US right now, things could be worse:)
    All the best, Stefan

  10. I say this Prayer, God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can,
    and wisdom to know the difference.

  11. Hi Chuck, it’s for sure that your situation would get to me in the same way it has affected you.
    The medical situation of the world with the restrictions imposed on the citizens is difficult in its own,
    however, I have also seen the aggravation and irritation that other u-tubers have had to deal with ( the
    negativity and sarcasm you all receive from supposed patrons) would put me in a thither as well.
    ( that’s putting it mildly ) like you have said before ” just block their comments ” or if you can’t do that,
    just ignore them. My wife is Thai, and I would love to live in Thailand. You are very fortunate in my
    book. You are doing a hell of a lot better than I could do. I have experienced a lot of you have and do
    each day, and I found I have had to just ignore and or play dumb in some of those situations.
    I have found being a foreigner can have it’s advantages. Sometimes just being ignorant can be great.
    Good luck my friend, things will definitely get better, and try not to let others get under your skin, they
    are not worth it. Stay Healthy, maybe some day we can meet. I enjoy your videos very much. They are more relaxing to me than if you lived in Bangkok.

  12. Stay positive Chuck. I know exactly how you feel. I moved to Thailand with my wife in october last year, and it feel like many odds are stacked against us. I said from the beginning that i just wanted to enjoy life and not thinking about politics and stuff like that. Now it feel like my control of my own life is not as i wanted. But hey, tomorow is another day, and when all this is over, then we can look back and smile, and maybe even shake our heads and smile about it 🙂 stay positive my friend. And if you come to our area (Chonburi) one day then stop by and say hi. You are always welcome 👍

  13. Hi Chuck, omg, I didn’t expect this coming from you really. It’s just your off days. Just stay strong, PLEASE STAY STRONG. Hang in there dude. All of us have our bad days one way or the other. You are doing great, nothing else matters. Your adventures are always good for me and good for everyone who doesn’t have chance to be there. Your video ended on a good note. We all love your videos, somehow your personality and mindset are very similar to mine. Btw, I cycle a lot too. Once in a while I degrease my chain by just using a 2 inches wide paint brush and brush with diesel (no need to dismantle the whole chain for quick wash) finish off by spraying water then blow dry with the air compressor and lastly lube the chain again.

  14. Thanks for sharing your genuine feelings about your life, clearly the social distancing has finally taken it’s toll on you. Be thankfu,l you now are aware of the problems, which is a step in the right direction to reset your Positive Mindset again…chog dii na krup 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. Hi Chuck, keep your head up and keep riding. I think we all have our days of feeling out of control and frustration now more than ever. I never was like this but recently some days this situation gets to me. I remember to breath and try to remember that things will eventually be okay. Watching your videos help. Thank you for always sharing and being honest. Take care sir.

  16. we all deal with situations differently, there is not a right way or wrong way, but we are all different thats what makes us unique, me I just thing that the lockdown is forever, and just enjoy the moment, yesterday has nothing new to say, tomorrow is not here so today is a gift thats why its called the present, I don’t expect anything and am only in control of me, no one else, and when the lockdown lifts again apply the same principles, great video chuck and be safe

  17. I’m 46. You remind me of who I was for a couple of decades leading up to last year. Looking for meaning over a constant hum of varying degrees of depression. Because you haven’t found it thus far, along with 99% of the rest of the world’s population, I tell you you’ll never find it in the direction you’re looking and have been all your life. What you seek is so near you and will never leave you searching for meaning ever again.

  18. Wow… Chuck, I’ve read through your comments and they are all pretty much positive and backing you up… you have an amazing following… including me. Lots of respect for you and Paige and your Thai family. Thank you for your openness and honesty. Remember to love yourself… hard to do… and only good people feel guilty. For years I worked at sea 100 days at a time… same people. Different personalities in a small area can be difficult. I’ve learned that the sun comes up and the sun sets, everyday. The only thing that really changes is the thoughts in that six inch area between my left ear and my right ear. My feelings are generated by my thoughts…. so…. the days remain the same and my thinking changes. One foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow means you’re pissing all over today. This moment writes our story. Be nice to those you love. Thanks for sharing… it really helps me.

  19. Chuck you just need something to do that you like that’s productive you strike me as someone who has the need to keep busy are there any volunteer projects or something like that you can be involved with

  20. Honest video, but remember unless you are happy or at peace with yourself its immaterial where you live or who you live with, as for understanding thailand after 23 years i have long given up simply not worth the effort and not that important

  21. You are suffering from boredom. I think a lot of people are suffering from it due to this virus. With a lot of things closed down it has caused a lot of us to stop and think what am I doing?

  22. If you really want to be depressed think about if we were still living in the USA, living a quiet life of desperation😫😫 No thanks. We are blessed🙏🙏

  23. You are not alone sir. My Thai holiday went from 3 months to ??. It’s not always a great day, but your “real life” has helped me feel a bit more normal. Keep the faith brother. This will end.

  24. What they’re actually waiting for is numbers to go down in other countries, so we have a long time to go. I limit my news viewing to 10 minutes a day, that helps. Reading, exercise, and other projects really help. Thai people just don’t like outside people being critical against their government, a Thai person can, but a foreigner can not, makes no difference if you are family or not.

  25. Just be yourself, ive retired and was thimking is this it, but now i plan ahead and make myself look forward to something, but relise this through your videos u make other’s smile and look toward a time that something can be achieved you give others hope thank you , chin up look ahead be you

  26. Typical american, analyze everyrything. Seems to me your life is pretty good. What are you complainin in every video. Take a brake dude.

  27. Watching your videos is something that I look forward to. I appreciate you sharing your life and tips about living abroad. I went to Thailand in 2018 and can’t stop thinking about it. One day I’d love to move over there and live a simpler life. I’ve started meditating and one thing I am trying to do is focus is on the things I can control. Especially being stuck in my condo living alone. It’s been tough, but I have to find things I can co trip and find the little things that bring me joy. Hope you break out of the funk and it’s only natural. At least you realize it. Most people don’t. Thanks again for your videos and I really do look forward to them each day.

  28. Ignore the sadsacks, they dont know your situation. What is “Normal??” in the US, doesnt apply to you in Thailand, just do what is needed where you are.

    Things are starting to ease in Western Australia, as we have had 1 new case in the last week and cases in hospital are reducing. There is light at the end of the tunnel (could be a lost person with bad batteries in the flashlight coming the other way but)

  29. Simple answer Chuck. Just quit this youtube channel. You retired for a reason..right?. Just stop doing this youtube job. I retired and lived in thailand also. I could have done youtubing also. I made my money to retired and enjoy life. I almost at some times don’t know what day it is any longer. I just sit back and enjoy life now.

  30. Chuck, you may be a foreigner living in another country, but you’re not alone. It’s very obvious that a lot of people care a big deal about you in Thailand. The love, compassion, and respect you receive from your community is beautiful. But I do understand it’s sometimes difficult seeing that when feeling stuck or maybe hopeless. Just remember everyone is going through this. If you ever feel like nobody’s reaching out, try not to take it personal. I think people are just dealing with this situation in different ways. So as long as you keep reaching out to us, we will always be here waiting with open arms and open ears!.. Much love my friend. 🙏

  31. Chuck you have always inspired me to think positive about all things Thailand, sometimes my friend we all get a bit discouraged, but keep the dream alive my friend, I know its uncertain times right now and we are all cooked up like a “rat in a cage” hard to adapt to that but once this is somewhat in the past you will be able to be free as a bird to be yourself again!
    I right now am trying to figure out how I will get back to Thailand to be with Lida in Lam Lukka (BKK) but i will say we do get face time and msgs on the LINE App but I still wonder and hope I will be able to come back to the LOS by the end of summer or shortly there after…..
    Just have to keep your head up and think positive thoughts my friend just do what you and do and be happy and safe! dont let it get you down, we will all get through this with a positive attitude!
    best wishes to You, Paige, PaRed Soi Mafia and all the other Mafias!

  32. During my five years in Thailand, I often think of a phrase I learned many years ago in the US: It is what it is. Here in Ayutthaya we have been ordered by governor to wear face masks at all times or face a 20,000 baht fine. Fortunately many people, myself included, are ignoring such nonsense.

  33. Hey Chuck. Was pretty surprised at hearing that things have been getting to you lately.
    Been there myself. The way forward for me was realising that holding onto the past will cause depression, worrying about the future will cause anxiety. The answer is to live in the now. Sounds a bit way out there but it’s not that difficult and it works.
    Have you tried meditation? Just 15 minutes a day sitting quietly and focusing on your breath is all it takes.

  34. I had depression when I was a youngster, but haven’t had it for decades now. I know I’ll never get that again. Wish I could give you the secret to changing the way you think, because it is a mind set, but it would be different for you than it would be for me. A personal thing we have to work out. I think people just like to let you know how closely they watch, and listen to you’re videos too, not to find fault, but to engage with you. You don’t have to engage back if you don’t want too, it’s OK 😉 Stay happy man and enjoy your life in this wonderful country (well, apart from the driving!) 🙂

  35. You are not the only person in the world to worry about things. Nature has its own way of dealing with the world and humans are simply helpless and mere spectators. Try to read to get out of the frustration

  36. Hey man Thailand isnt what is was but it isnt fun now in America either. What you really need to to is video with people from home in America. At least you have the company of a good woman here in Thailand and you can afford to live. You dont have a mortgage payment youre not paying or rent you cant make. Im bored in Buriram too but if I was in America I cant do what I miss there even if I was there. Just realize we are all in the same boat. I would love to be traveling now too but Im stuck in Buriram province. What would I be doing though if I was in Tampa? I would be paying much more money to live, not be with a beautiful Thai girl and still not having fun. At least thats how I think about things.

  37. #theresalwayssomeoneelseworseoff..
    Billions of others in the same boat mate handling adversity can be very difficult but you gotta stand up and show the way

  38. Hi Chuck, I’ve been a long time watcher and your video caught my eye. You have to know a lot of people admire and envy what you have done with your life in Thailand. I watch several living abroad and motorcycle travel channels because they get me through the days of work here in the States as I look forward to my own retirement abroad in less than 2 years. Many expats have at one time or another have expressed and experienced your same feelings of frustration. But, I can tell from their experiences and your own you have the flexibility and fortitude to work through those periods. I enjoy the little glimpses into Henry’s life and his meditation center. While I don’t meditate (I’m like you I think too much) I enjoy the setting and the tranquility that his “place” has brought to him. Keep making the videos and I’ll keep watching.

  39. Now don’t take this wrong cuz you know I love listening to you. But you being in a foreign land it makes you feel just like a black person that walks in a room of 20 white people in America. Get over it. I can walk in a room with 50 white people in America and feel like an Egyptian queen.

  40. Been a subscriber for ages…this is a bit me me me. I would think your job at the moment is to be the man of the house and look after Paige, and have a positivity that rubs off on those around you. Paige said only yesterday that she doesn’t have any friends in Thailand, that made me sad, because they are important outside family. So cheer up and thank your lucky stars that you have Paige and your life in Thailand.

  41. This is a big try for everybody in the world but we will come out stronger in the other end and you to, be strong Chuck. Enjoy life, enjoy your family and the things around you, let it be simple. Take care.

  42. Hi as they say in Thailand Don’t think to much – tomorrow will be a Good day. I think anywhere when you retire and your healthy boredom will loom.
    Just think of all the good things you have – a loving wife and family , a nice home and good weather.
    In the very near future lockdown will be over and you will be able to continue your journey 🙏

  43. Chuck don’t worry about something that you have no control over only worry about things you can control.
    To overcome your depression you need to have a goal. With no goal in your future is difficult to keep your Mental Health.
    example people over 65 have been locked in for 9 weeks now today we get to go out for 4 hours and walk that has been a goal for the last 3 weeks from me waiting for this day to come yippee a goal. Basically everyone needs something to look forward to a plan of what they going to do without that plan you lost have a happy day from Bill in turkey

  44. Chin up Chuck. Being in a foreign land myself I can relate to how you feel. I’m itching to get out of Korea as I do every few months and was getting quite fed up. Due in Thailand start of July for 2 months and have been lamenting the possible loss of that instead of looking at how fortunate I am here in nice surroundings, with nice people and at the moment sunny weather. Like you, I was not enjoying the here and now but thinking only about getting off travelling again. I’m still doing that don’t get me wrong but after seeing some of the predicaments of others recently it made me think a bit especially those who have lost jobs and are in strict isolation. That would be infinitely more depressing but I still want to break out. The news below cheered me up though the other day, maybe I might just get some days in Thailand if not the full 2 months after all . Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  45. You’re helping me too Chuck….a foreigner living here for just 5 months….Not being able to actually communicate with anyone from the US and seeing a lot of division and separation in this crazy time. Thanks for your honesty and sharing. It means a lot as we all struggle through things we dont quite understand. My Thai wife also has the same attitude ,which is actually wonderful……”You think too much about it” Carry on Bro….Hope to visit you when it calms down……..

  46. Hey Chuck I’m not depressed I’m pissed.
    Now they’re talking about drone’s and robots. What’s next? Americans aren’t built to be locked down I’m not going to put up with it much longer period

  47. Like when you are showing that you are an ordenary human being!!!..We are so many around the globe who are suffering from the shit these days..Everyone needs a hug so here you gett one..A huuuuge one❤…As long we have our relatives and you have Pookie the life goes on…Just be yourself and please keep on sharing your life with us🙌

  48. Hang in there chuck. No time to be sad. Time to stand on everything you have shared. I agree with everything you have shared with us. Stay out of religion and politics. Don’t follow the sheep. It will all take its course. We don’t need to understand.
    Losing the freedom we found in Thailand is enough.
    I’m not military nor a contractor but I’m stuck in Iraq and uncertain when I can return to Thailand to be with my family and kids.
    I’m dealing with living in 2 completely different countries… be it my choice.

  49. Hi Chuck, I am much like your mind frame, unlike you, you are not realizing the entire world is thinking the same, this virus is real and killing people,Thailand has done an awesome job of containing it. You will be free sooner than the rest of us. you know as well I do they have used this across the world to take our freedoms away, Thailand will get back to normal somewhat, enjoy getting to know your family better? I am doing the same.

  50. Hey Chuck, really understand the emotions you shared. We are all doing the same I’s a waiting game. We just need to appreciate in the they say’s about the journey not the destination! Love the honesty and info in your videos. Stay strong..we will get through it! Virtual hug to you and Paige x

  51. too much female company, go help your father in-law or do the daily cycle with Henry, go to a thai boxing gym and hit the bag, do blokes things with blokes that will get your head right.

  52. Chuck I’d think you’d enjoy a set of Buddhist proverbs called the Dhammapada; the best translation is by Narada Thera. It aligns with alot of your thoughts, very insightful

  53. I’m so glad I’m “stuck” in Thailand. The covid cops seem out of control back home. After watching some of the vids, I’m not sure I would be able to keep my cool. Better off here.

  54. I feel the same, Chuck, reline your self, make a goal. Nothing wrong, just a difficult time.
    Your not alone.
    Go fishing. Make a bassboat. 😉

  55. We have word in Thai “ตื่นมาเห็นดวงอาทิตย์ ชีวิตก็กำไรแล้ว”. Don’t worry about the future. Keep your mind at the present or moment you’re doing.

    Cheers Bro.

  56. don’t stress brother. You just got cabin fever. Too much time on your hands and have too much thinking. Listen to Paige and stop thinking so much. Not sure if it’s country wide or just this area… said you don’t have to wear a mask when exercising. Check into it there. Been crazy ho lately especially up there where you guys are at. Think you guys have been hitting 43-44. Oh well, heading to the pool. I’m a happy boy since they opened back up. Be even better when they open beach so I can swim in the ocean

  57. Chuck, your a great person! If you get a minute please watch Buckin’ Billy Ray Smith. He does tree cutting but his message is always be kind and positive. I think you may get a different perspective from him. Thanks much for your videos!

  58. Get your medical Cannabis card! Snoke a bowl and NO BS it will help. I struggle with depression and that has become a great medication for me.

  59. I don’t usually comment in YouTube chuck. But I feel you. Hold on its temporary and you are locked in a beautiful place among beautiful people. I’m stuck away from my wife in Thailand. She asks me when am I coming and she knows I will be lying if I say any answer. You have a warm loving family focus on that and think of future scenarios. I know you are a strong minded person and you already know what to do and how to do, it is okay to be depressed for some time…

  60. Many thousands of people in Thailand have No money No food there is No handouts from the government they have nothing queuing up for food in pattaya and many more places it is heartbreaking be thankful you have bread on your table and most of all you got your health this will blow over it wont last forever sabai sabai

  61. Chuck you were completely peeved off at the beginning of the vid, but hey you aren’t alone, Paige and family certainly cheered you up.

  62. Mate I’m sure most of our age fell similarly. IMHO you need to find something to beyond this. It’s little to do with Thailand but much to do with your lack of real purpose. Don’t use Covid as an excuse, but as a catalyst. Get a job. Start a business. Give yourself a reason to get up and get out beyond exercise and nothing else to do. Forget you’re a “Foreigner in a foreign land” and look at what you can do and have to offer. Fill your days with goals mate – do something productive, time-consuming, tiring and fulfilling.

  63. Doing a great job chuck, i really enjoyed watching your video’s, I’m not feeling the best in these times me and my thai wife are in the uk both key workers on the frontline, wife has a spouse visa she is a student nurse and English also in nursing home doing 60 hours a week. We hope we both reach your stage of life able to travel around Thailand. Keep your chin up chuck your in one of the safest places as you describe, relax and stay safe at home.

  64. None of us can control this invisible enemy… We’re all worried to some extent about not knowing what tomarrow brings no matter what part of the world we live in due to the virus, but you seem to be on the right track…. You’ve acknowledged that you can’t control it so you look for ways to invest your time to get through the day… Stay busy my friend…. This to shall pass👍

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