Delivering The Rizzuto’s Pigs

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  1. Yo–Brian, I just read an article that says dried Manook poop is good fish food and NO I am not pulling your leg mate. Listening to your chat with Phil and Gladys the erosion has taken a lot of land out of the picture–right? In way less than the same 20 year period, if it continues at the same rate, their new house will have fallen into the sea on that data? It’s only a few feet away from it. Sounds like Phil has to get the seawall he mentioned built sooner rather than later?

  2. Something tells me this is a temporary situation with the pig pen there. 🤔 So nice seeing the videos of you both. Cool colab going on. Happy Fiesta! 🤣😂🤣 I always find the party neighbors..

  3. Very cute piglets. I like the white and black spotted ones. The bigger one looks more like Petunia, really cute…Wow, must be really nice living that close to the beach…

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