Delicious 24 Hour Gourmet Burger Restaurant (with Craft Beer) – Burger B

Xander gets fatter than ever by enjoying Burger B at the Infinite Square, a 24 hour food complex located in Gangnam, Seoul.
When you think of 24 hour dining, fast food comes to mind… but even though this is a burger restaurant, these Burgers are definitely NOT McDonalds.

Burger B was a chain Xander used to enjoy in Hongdae before they disappeared and now reappeared here, in the heart of Gangnam’s nightlife area.

If you’re ever stuck to eat in the early hours of the morning on any day excluding Sunday and Monday then give Burger B a try!

Burger B @ Infinite Square
1303-6 Seocho-dong
서초동 1303-6

If Burgers aren’t your thing there are plenty of other restaurants in the complex offering other cuisines!

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  1. Xander, why must you do this!!?! Showing us all this food! And it’s BEEF!! Mama loves her beef!! *stockpiles cash for her trip to Korea* #foodgasm

  2. Wow, you must have been hungry, you hoovered that burger!!! First time ever you took a Haeppy style bite of a burger!!!

    And wow, one shotting those beers. Really..lush!!! lmao…

    Love hearing you speak Korean!

  3. Awesome, matched beer for beer, challenge accepted! You guys are way past it but here in the USA, we have several hours till the new year! But here it is late, Happy New Year! both of you, whom are already into the new year ahead of all us American Trogs. Your forays into tomorrow land are inspiring! thank you! best to you!.

  4. That burger…. 🤤🤤🤤 Oh my! If I do that (beer) in a place in Korea, the owner will kick me out for burping so loud and for so long 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I don’t know why watching you, Xander, eat all that food and down all 4 glasses of beer just made my day haha…very good video again, by the way; every part of it just held my attention. Keep up the great work in 2020!

  6. i love ordering tasting sets when going to new places for beers to maybe find a new one that i like. The burger looks great, middle of the night snacks is a must sometimes! Happy New Year! 🙂

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