Dealing with the current “situation” + live stream announcement

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Just an update on how things going with the current situation here in Bangkok and an announcement on the very first CB Media live stream


    1. They are demonetizing it because people are using it for clickbait and spreading fake news. If you say certain things a certain way the software picks up the verbiage and will demonetize the video and then remove it from suggested and home pages and the algorithm won’t recommend it to new viewers and even my subscribers won’t see the video. Things have to be said certain ways and not said certain ways. If I know saying something “X” way works I stick with it rather than chancing the consequences of doing it differently. Everything I do is done the way I do it for a reason and on purpose, I promise 🙂

    2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to come down on you like a ton of bricks. Why YT is de-monetizing for that reason is beyond me. I like your videos a lot. Are you somewhere in Thonburi near the river?

    3. I can’t call it by it’s real name or the entire video gets demonetized, I’m not making a joke, I wasn’t laughing was I? I was calling it that out of necessity, not trying to be funny.

    1. CB Media considering the situation world wide, that looks like a very conservative figure! I wouldn’t be surprised if there are thousands more infected who haven’t been tested yet.

  1. Here’s an easy idea for a video; what you travel with, the gear you use like your camera, what computer you use etc. Maybe even combine that with a apartment tour.

    1. I do my best to go do things in my videos, adventures and exciting stuff. That is what has made it grow so fast but it might come down to doing these talking style videos. Unfortunately. If so I’ll definitely do this one. Thanks for the help dude.

  2. Just had to cancel my trip here and Cambodia. American and the cooties are essentially unwanted anywhere at the moment. Testing are taking 4-5days for results because they are being outsourced to other states at least in my state. Not sure if insurance covers the cost and definitely can’t find travel insurance that covers this virus. Bad time to be an american. Stay healthy.

  3. you’re doing a great job. Your Youtube keeps me in touch with what goes on in Bangkok I’m while I’m stuck in Sydney Australia. And I agree that it safer for you to stay there in Bangkok than going back to the US.

  4. I also like the fact you don’t put down Bangkok and parts of Thailand like some westerners. You show your respect and kindness to the people there in some back street who are trying to survive the best they can even though they don’t have much.
    And I like that you keep your video short around 10 minutes

  5. Good work mate. We were in Bangkok in August for a conference where on the Saturday the organizers got about 300 Tuk Tuks to take us on a tour for 2 hours with police escorts. To see the streets and waterways empty is amazing but same here in OZ. How about some night video of Soi Cowboy currently. Would be dead as. Looking forward to the live stream

  6. I super love it when i see you to actual thai neighborhood i wish u go explore more in other areas of bkk if u need advise just tell me im already followed ur ig .

  7. Is the night life dangerous in Bangkok, like 1am to 5am? I’ve seen that there’s been some brutal attacks on tourists in Thailand like that family and it was caught on camera as they kicked the mother and her son in the head repeatedly and some tourists were even killed but I don’t know where in Thailand these incidents took place like that young couple from Europe that were brutally killed on a beach the female was raped by more than one of the local suspects, I’m pretty sure they were caught too.

  8. How quiet it is reminds me of how Bangkok was on January 1 New year’s Day, most of the shops closed and not much traffic at all. Also in songkran a lot of places closed but it’s a different vibe with parties on all street corners. It will be a very different songkran (Thai new year) with all festivals cancelled.

  9. Same in Pattaya, went for a run 🏃‍♂️ and I was the only one on the whole beach, am staying in Jomtien and it’s a little more busy, especially at sunset, the food shops and markets and even a few restaurants are open for now. One of my sons back in London is in bed with symptoms he’s 38 and fit so hopefully he will recover

  10. Book me for the live stream! Im basically vlogging my humanitarian work becaue i also depend on CARS to do my vlogs, since Philippines has limited travel its very hard for me to do so..sooo:) usually i vlog with NO TAGS on my cars for obvious reasons, but since cops are everywhere stoping you for anything then i will probably get impounded or fined or both! ugh! so ill bear with this for awhile and do what i can content wise 🙂

    1. Plenty of locals not wearing a mask either. You can see them in the videos. Don’t come here and try and social justice shame me. I ban many people a day, I have no problem adding you to that list.

  11. hey bro I just wanna take time to say I appreciate your content, your vlogs. I randomly found u because im into cars and I fell in love with Thailand when I went last year. and your blog showed both and subscribes instantly. Your content is Super clean and perfect. I somewhat vlog too but haven’t in a while. I would like to get my content to look like yours one day and maybe hope one day meet up in Bangkok and chill with a few beers. Be safe, make sure you eat well, and keep up the good content. I also love how u keep us updated on everything over in Thailand, im scheduled to go in may to Phuket but looks like they might cancel my trip because of the beer virus lol. But keep it up bro youre crushing it and youe by far my favorite blogger. *Fist pump*

  12. Don’t you mean Eastern Daylight Time? Most people changed to EDT from Eastern Standard Time the first weekend in March. Otherwise, people may miss the first hour of your Live show.

    1. Are you serious dude? Eastern time is east coast. We know what time it is regardless of daylight savings. Here just for you….8PM EASTERN TIME, 7 PM CENTRAL TIME, 6 PM MOUNTAIN TIME, 5 PM PACIFIC TIME.

  13. Here in Malaysia, it’s the same situation as in Bangkok. We’re in the second week of MCO (Movement Control Order), our government has extended to two more weeks in anticipation of the third wave of the “beer virus”.

    Hopefully once the “beer virus” has gone (or at least has slow down), we all can go back and do whatever the plans we wanted to do before the “beer virus” ruined everybody’s plan. Stay safe everybody!

  14. My favorite parts of your vids are the alleyways and different neighborhoods. I like seeing how everyday people live. The colors are beautiful in southeast Asia

  15. I just got back from Bangkok last Thursday, how things have changed that fast. I am in Florida now, we are on daylight time! You said your live 8 pm east. standard time, so that 7 pm our time? I just found your channel and enjoy it… Thanks

  16. I really enjoy your vlogs and I do subscribe. I have a question. I noticed on a this video and a couple of others that you come on to the main street from Soi 11 and walk past the Peninsula Bankok Hotel which is in Klong San. I’ve looked that up on Google Earth for location. However, I seem to recall on a previous video that you said you lived on soi 48 Sukumvit and you showed us your apartment. Just wondering?

  17. Thailand is a shit fight now. Immigration is overloaded with people trying to sort out their visas so they don’t get fined for overstay. Thais are out of work and desperate. People have left Bangkok for their hometown where it’s cheaper to survive.

  18. Glad to be caught up ( i was behind on the videos) hope the locals are doing as well as they can, and i hope you are doing well. Good to see some live streams are coming! Godspeed.

  19. Thanks for sharing your awesome videos, I loved your boat video. I miss Thailand I lived in Chiang Mai for half a year. Can’t imagine Thailand without nightlife

    Currently in Taiwan. Let’s colab on a video and talk about the differences between the countries. All the best

  20. The Thai government will announce and welcome tourists with open arms when the time is right,all governments are obviously trying ways to mitigate step by step to see what works best to flatten the thing.What is certain is that everything is uncertain,thanks for the update,stay safe dude,great vid.

  21. Well said.
    We’re all in this together and have to support each other at this scary time no matter where you’re from, race, religion, etc this virus doesn’t care look after each other and stay safe. ❤️

  22. CB. 54K followers. Meteoric rise in followers. Great job.
    If you’re looking to make up a new video just go back and do a vid on Thailand puppers mixed in with some cool quotes. What’s up ricers and what type of dog is that.

  23. It’s crazy here bro, we are here too such a strange place right now apart from the supermarkets it’s a ghost town. Condo living is the only way right now. Hope your keeping well!!!!

  24. Hang in there man. Im in Guam on lockdown. This shit fucken sucks. Good video. I missed the damn live feed… anyway, I’ll see you in BKK soon when this shit is over. Have fun and have a beer for me🍻

  25. In NZ were in level 4 lockdown. That means All business are closed, only essential services are open. Everyone has to stay at home. You can leave your house to get food or for a run. We have to cue up outside Supermarkets standing 2m apart and not allowed to even take out re-useable bags into the stores. Life is pretty shit for a car guy, the cops are patrolling and will arrest you.
    Covid-19 is no joke.

  26. I am in Phuket since December and they go crazy here. Full shut down soon. I now have the choice to fly to Bangkok and rent a condo from Airbnb for a month or more (is that even possible atm?) or go back to cold Germany. I do online marketing, so work from my laptop. I was thinking to come to BKK and work from the condo, same as you. I really have hard times to make a proper decision. This video helped me a little, thanks! Yet I cant forecast what will happen in 2-3 weeks in BKK. What about your Visa? You have a health insurance?

  27. Beer virus puts a spin on seriously laughable content ideas from my previous comment.
    711 and other big company vending machines that you have at your condo.
    Food and coffee vending machines etc.Beerviris lockdown probably get views likes and shares …
    : ) Late be safe!

  28. Why don’t you get out into the countryside & see the farmers, help the farmers Chad. I’d like to see that.
    Get out of your comfort, it will be fun.

  29. Why don’t you get out into the countryside & see the farmers, help the farmers Chad. I’d like to see that.
    Get out of your comfort, it will be fun.

    1. I would love to, that would be amazing. Unfortunately right now they have road blocks all over the country to keep people from traveling. Hope things will be back to normal soon.

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