Day Trip to Lavanya Dive Resort, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental (The FOOOOOD!!!)

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  1. Hey Ned, have you been studying the philippine language? Have you built a home workout gym? Have you looked for HOME for your family? Those 3 things should be your TOP priorities!
    TRUST ME NED! This is what you need to do. Nothing is worse than having your Baby speak the language before you.
    I LIKE YOU NED. I just wished someone told me.
    Think of the future

  2. so how short the people are. the furniture has to be terribly short. Would really kill me. but I havent been to the phillipines. hopefully everything is built for taller persons…..6 ft tall…..

  3. Lavanya is from the root word “lava” means to wash in chavacano spanish creole of Zamboanga. I’m intrigue with the name of the resort and the place too. 🙂
    And one more “vaña” or vanya means to take a bath.

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