Davao City: Abreeza Mall Area/ JP Laurel Avenue

I take a walk from the condo I was renting, past Abreeza Mall and onto JP Laurel Avenue.

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  1. Pls take care of ur health, I observed u keep on coughing & u seemed out of breath all d time, we dontbwant that virus to spread there do we, no I was just joking.
    Take care always & thanks for this video.

  2. In terms of a size of an area of a single political unit, Davao City is the biggest with an area of 2,443.6 sq km. Puerto Princesa in Palawan is the 2nd biggest and 3rd biggest is Zamboanga City. Cebu City is only 35th biggest while Manila is only 126th in land area.

    In terms of size of population for a single political unit, Quezon City is the largest, Manila is 2nd and Davao City is 3rd. Cebu is only 5th with a population of more than 959,000.

    In terms of size of land area of metropolitan centers (the Philippines has 3), Metro Davao comes 1st with an area of 3,964.95 sq km. Metro Cebu is the 2nd biggest with an area of 1,053.19 sq km. Metro Manila comes 3rd with an area of about 633.11 sq km. In terms of population of metropolitan centers, Metro Manila is king with more than 12 million, Metro Cebu comes next with 2.8 million and Metro Davao with 2.5 million.

  3. Seda is a business hotel brand owned by Ayala. Ayala also owns and operates hotels under license from international hotel brands such as Holiday Inn, Raffles and Fairmont.

    1. Its a no in metropolitan area Metro is the biggest with 16 cities and one municipality, metro cebu second and metro davao is third.If we will talk about the city alone davao is big interms of LAND AREA but we are talking about metropolitan areas… Metro is composed of Cebu city, mandaue city, lapu-lapu city, Talisay city, Naga city, Consolacion, minglanilla, Lilioan, Carcar Citu and Danao Cities… metropolitan cebu has almost 3 million popupation. Study first before you make comments bro.Stop barking up the wrong tree..

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