Dating in the Philippines; Part 2 of 2

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  1. If you do plan to visit Philippines, I would advise you to -not- use the online dating services until you get here. Once you’re physically here they are very useful to meet Filipinas. But from overseas, there is too much room for scams and premature bonding before meeting them in person. Hope to see you here someday!

  2. Hey Johan, just wanted to say, ‘Thanks!’ for the Pina Colada. 🙂 When you get here I’ll have to get you some San Miguel Lights or Red Horse, the local Filipino beers they have here. Red Horse is more of a dark ale, has more of a kick to it. I like both, but have a weakness for Pina Coladas with the coconut, pineapple and rum. Thanks again, man.

  3. I wouldn’t say that.. I’ve known too many women who decided to live together with guys without a job and regretted it. But by the same token.. it’s hard for fat, non-attractive girls to get a boyfriend.. but it still happens.

  4. It’s the same thing, Filipinas here are picky. They don’t want a poor man, just like American women. They want a ‘rich’ man. The only difference is the definition of ‘rich’. But in both countries, women prefer to ‘marry up’. If you were here and making Filipino wages.. you’d likely have a hard time keeping a girlfriend and most likely lose her to a ‘rich’ foreigner. So.. same thing, just different numbers.

  5. Well.. if you’re not careful.. they will ‘bone’ you, like a fish. You’ll wake up with empty pockets, empty bank account, like a fish with all the bones cut out. Take your time, find a good woman, know her a year and then think about marriage and trust.

  6. I have 2 bank accounts when and If I go to the Phil I will use my second account to travel to the Phil for 4 days. If my girl gives me sex for 4 days im coming home happy. Hell USA women they won’t have sex with you If u only have 50 bucks in ur pocket but a Filipina will do u for 2000 pesos.

  7. The South Korean women are pretty awesome too. I prefer the tall, slender ones over the shorter ones. Filipinas, I like the short and tall ones. 🙂 I usually see the South Korean girls at the malls and nightclubs.

  8. ‘Approachable’.. yes. I’ve spoken with a few since getting here but not dated any. They aren’t looking for a husband or even a good time, they’re usually just short term tourists. At least the ones I’ve run into.

  9. Henry are you on Luzon or Cebu? Henry I am a retired Navy chief coming back per say home Early Feb 14 for my 50th B day. Would love to se you at my birthday party on Fe b11 14 at the Arizona resrt at barrio your invited Chief Sorensen

  10. Wow, thanks for the invite! However I will be in the States on Feb 6th for my Mother’s 80th birthday at that time. But I do appreciate the invitation, I wish I could make it to both!

  11. While there is this huge attraction for Foreigners, in reality the majority of Filipina women marry Filipino men simply because per capita there are more Filipinos available than Foreigners. With no birth control encourage, many young girls find themselves in marriage before they really get a chance to make that decision properly. With the city girls, a Filipino with a job is ‘good’, a Filipino with a career, better. But many dream of the ‘rich’ life with a Foreigner.

  12. As for the younger, 20 year old American, Europeans, etc.. big demand BUT, the caveat is that they see them as notorious ‘cheaters’ who are here today, gone tomorrow with some other girl. So, expect lots of jealousy if you’re a young guy with a young Filipina, even more so than the older guys deal with. ha!

  13. That’s awesome that you’re willing to do so much to help people here with their dentistry needs. I met a guy at the BI who runs an orphanage on the north end of Bohol with his wife. I’m not sure what women you’re referring to though. I see slender, young women by the dozens every half hour. I looked it up, the obesity rate in the PH is 4.3%, meanwhile it’s 33% in the USA. And I see hundreds of amazing women simply walking through the staff at the cosmetics store in the mall alone. 🙂

  14. you’re a pretty cool guy, seems like you have a genuine love of people and willing to help people get what they want or need without compromising yourself along the way, love the videos pal and hope I can buy you a beverage or lunch when I’m there some time within the next few years! 🙂

  15. Thanks, man. My view is, life is hard enough.. why make it harder? For ourselves or anyone else. Whatever any of us wants in life.. it’s here somewhere if we look for it. No need to screw anyone over to get it. Just be up front and ‘ask’. 🙂 Let me know when you get here and we’ll tip a few beers. You can email me directly through the ASK HENRY link at the main site; LifeBeyondTheSea(dot)com .

  16. Ed, “no beautiful pinays are working.” Really? That’s just not even close to what I’ve seen. I see beautiful women working at the grocery stores as cashiers, some very sexy female security guards, bank managers, hotel managers,.. there are beautiful ‘top-shelf’ working women all over the PH. I don’t know where you hung out or what you were looking for but, all the beautiful women are not leaving the country and the obesity rate is under 4%. It’s 34% in the US. Gotta disagree with you.

  17. Absolutely. I mean.. OMG, I have never ever gone into town and not seen some Filipina who didn’t take my breath away. Weekends it’s like a parade of beauties at the mall. In fact, I’m having lunch with a wonderful Filipina this afternoon I just met a few days ago. Geez, even in the jungle province I find beautiful women.

  18. There’s a good chance I’ll be in the US for Christmas this year. 🙁 But if for some reason plans get changed I’d be up to hanging out, show you around. Or any other time you’re out here. 🙂

  19. im not that confident in my abilities to date like that or talk to women that way….but i believe that may change though…i have been in a cycle of relationships in america….alot of work and prowess to figure out women…im not a disrespect any lady by any means so respect is not a problem…but conversation is different

  20. You are very nice and diplomatic, but Filipinas can be murderous. I lost a lot of money my first trip. And you say to be sure they don’t have a boyfriend, but they can and do LIE.

  21. Man!!!!!!! You hit the nail on the head! I’m a 42year old muscular fit black guy. I’ve never been out of the country until July 2013. I went to the Philippines and stayed 26days. Everything that you said in this video I assure you is correct 200%! I’m going back in March for 2 months and will get an A.C.R. card, an apartment and stay 6 months a year there and 6 months in the U.S. Thanks man…your great!

  22. I agree with everything you’ve said.  I met my Filipina wife in 1999, after we had written letters back and forth for a year.  This involved about 3 to 4 hundred pages of letters between us during the previous year.  I was afraid she just didn’t know how lacking in social skills I was.  When I finally met her, she was as beautiful as I thought, terribly intelligent. Able to speak  about five languages, and still thought she was lacking education. She is a good enough cook that she was employed by a Singapore member of parliament for eight years, with part of her duties being food preparation.  In this capacity she had met Bill Clinton.  I came to meet her in Singapore with my old shoes, my most comfortable shirt and the like.  But my shoes let loose in the soles, giving me “talking shoes,” and I lost two buttons on my shirt.  She accepted me as I was, and we got married a year later.  We expect this year, her two oldest kids will be allowed to come to settle in the USA.  I make it plain to all around, that this is my woman, and I am her man.

  23. Is it all about finacial securety? Dosent colour of skin, blue eyes, narrow nose, blond hair and height count like the philipinas always talk about. (Reminded me about Hitler). Is it all about money like i belived? They talk about how beautyful a mixed kid is. Are the ingridients in the mixture of no interest?

  24. Mr. i really appreciated your time to make this video and let the us know how is their culture…i like asian girls but it’s true it’s a totally different world 🙂

  25. Hey Mr.. I’m a filipina and I have watch 4 of your videos.. I don’t like the way you look and generalized Filipina Women. maybe most of the women that you have met is a hooker..Filipina is not a object, we are not toys.. We are not like a pizza that you can order as you mentioned on your videos.. I worked as a women activist in the Philippines and I have involve on some case about foreigners who didn’t treat well my kababayan..I also known that some of Filipina are scammers.. But most of what you says about filipina is wrong. I have travel around Philippines and live with my kababayan .You are encouraging foreign man to play with girl not to established a good relationship.. Just remember you also have a mother , we have different culture and tradition. If you have respect to your self , you will not a good filipina, not only a filipina a good woman.. FYI what you have said is not representing a filipina.. So better to be more careful and I’m catching the Attention of all foreigners who watch his video , if you want to Marry a Filipina, asked a Filipino not a foreigners because we know better out country than a foreigners.

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I’m a Filipina and out of many videos I’ve watched here with similar topics, yours have been very respectful and factual. I haven’t watched all of your content because come on, it dates back to 5 years ago lol. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’ve said something that is not true or a miss but I won’t fault you for that. All you are sharing is based on whom you interacted and places you’ve visited but I don’t think you are generalizing like this woman is accusing you. Some people would rather have their emotions rule over their critical thinking which results to asinine comments lol and then some people just lack some basic comprehension. Anyway when I talk to foreigners be it online or irl, I suggest they watch your videos and then clarify more when they have questions. Anyway, thank you for sharing your insights about the Philippines.

    2. @Chery Castillo chery.. you should look at the videos in the link here. i have lots of videos that show there are two sides (and types) of filipinas. there are ‘decent women’ and ‘not-so-decent’ women. that is a plain fact. another simple fact is that many, many filipinas prefer and ARE eager to meet a foreigner. another fact you just have to get used to. and another thing, just because i said that many filipinas are eager to date foreigners is not putting them down in any way. it seems like it’s you who is making the assumption they are bad women. and the fact is, some of them are. but if anyone has gone out of their way to encourage foreigners to treat filipinas with respect.. it is me. you simply are getting way too defensive to see it. need proof? here is the link to just a few of such videos;

  26. Sorry Mr.. But when you say something you should have a background survey. I’m not defensive I do understand you . when you say should do a survey first. Remember we have high population and you should give a percentage of what your saying. I also know what you are telling about two types of Filipina. But the way you talk to the videos you sound you generalized Filipina..probably you should stay more year like 3-5 years here in our country probably I will agree on what you are saying. Also have an exposure and integration on Filipinos different community and sector. So could give more ideas by your experience. Don’t take it personal the way I have watch your videos and also i don’t want to sound negative just be More careful on your advise. : )

    1. @Chery Castillo i speak in general because there are always exceptions. the overall trend and condition of the dating scene is as i described, even if it makes some people uncomfortable. i’ve now been in the PH almost 3 years and observed these things on several islands and it’s remained consistent.+

  27. Well probably you need more years to stay … and also if the idea is more of dating its different from a Manila girl to a town girl ..also most of them are underage so better be mor careful.. If their is tourism there is prostitution. Anyway gold luck!

  28. how can you really tell when a Filipina woman is trying to scam on you gold digger do they start asking you for money right away or do they charge you other stories is that the sign and can a good Filipino woman still want some money from you that’s what I don’t understand can you please let me know and I love your programs I know I’ve been sending you messages I want to get into your other new program that you have setting up. Let me know how to get into that one

  29. The question is: if for some reason you or I lose well-being understood as economic or material. …. the love of couple dies? If what is meant by security is equivalent to LOVE. that’s not love.

  30. Been looking at a few of your videos….ive met a nice lady on line and have been getting to know her since 2 years now….should be there in the philippines July August to make first physical contract xd….her name is Lyn by the way…xd……really enjoyed listening….thanks

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