Dating in the Philippines; Part 1 of 2

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  1. Funny thing is.. all my tropical shirts I got while still in the States. Here, it’s tough finding shirts in my size. I’m not ‘giant’ (only 180 pounds) but here none of the shirts fit me.. sizes are too small. ha!

  2. Yah, the bamboo behind me is the fence around my property. She’s the neighbor’s kid who comes over with her sister to get Tambis fruit from my tree. But they always ask permission first. Not like the hooligans who jump the fence when they think I’m not around. She’s a good kid.

  3. I agree with Dan Da Man’s comments below you are a funny dude bro. I bet you talk to yourself a lot especially being out there in the jungle alone. Nice to know I’ ll be ahead of the pack when it comes to dating island chicks. Cheers!

  4. ha! Me either.. I just say what’s on my mind. Plus I rarely edit anything out, even when I put my foot through an old porch on a Nipa hut while hiking and it caved in. haha! Just trying to keep it real. ha!

  5. Wait til you hear what I have to share in Part 2. Lots of good info there. And definitely will help you not only avoid the rookie mistakes made here, but make your ‘game’ as much fun as you want it to be. It should be online in a few hours.

  6. You say to wait at least 9 months to a year in this video. Would you make the same recommendation to a man of 71 that has met a Flippina over Yahoo Messenger ? I have chatted with her for maybe 7 months.

  7. Theï»ż amount of risk a person is willing to take is a personal choice for each individual. If a person is up in years or not in good health.. maybe they’re willing to take the risk. But all that aside.. marrying someone after only knowing them online is very, very risky. I’ve seen a good friend of mine lose his home, savings and half his pension to a young Filipina while in his late 60’s.. all because he jumped in with both feet and hoped for the best. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  8. yes i found it the same in bangkok ,i meet a girl from face book ,a nice thai lady ,but she wanted me to meet the family on the same day so i did so ,just being curious ,then she spent 5 days with me ,in a hotel we traveled around ,then when we said good bye she wanted money ,like a thousand dollars ,i said no but i sent her a small amount from australia ,yes its al about the money ,i agree .even in the philippines i see its the same ,money money money ,ha haar show me a good time i will give you money shore , but marriage forget it ,lol  

    1. I wouldn’t mind it when it’s about money if I have it as long as I’m in full control of the relationship… And I do like to make my lady feel secured and will do anything to make them feel happy including , not feeling stressed  about their financial futures and feel like a big shot at the same time..

  9. Here in America a 70 years old man being with an 18 years old woman is considered eww..!   Unless,  it’s  Demi Moore cougar! or  Anna Nichole Smith gold digger !  but I wouldn’t like being called a sick old fart either…But over there,..!  HENRY   you’re in demand…have fun pal   !

  10. So the bottom line is money and security. The ones who are not poor do not care who you are and they would be no different than our western women, the PRINCESSES, that is what I get from your discussion, am I correct ?

  11. It’s like that in mainland China. The girls are so amiable and polite and receptive to foreign guys.  I would get numbers and go out with women all the time. 

  12. Hallo, I find your videos very interesting and informative, I also plan to visit a Philippino guy this year, I met  him online a little over a year ago, and I cant wait to meet him, spend some time with him, and really get to know him, to see if we are right for each other, also to see the Philippines for myself, meet the people and soak up their culture. I also got to know that the gay culture there is also big. A bit of a premature comment, but I would love to retire their one day! Keep well….johan

  13. I agree with you about being with a person physically. I can not do the whole online dating thing. It just, to me, feels superficial. I’m young but I like to think of myself as old fashioned. 😀 I love your videos, they are very informational and very nice to watch. 😀

    1. @Goldie Vue i need a person i can see on a daily basis. for me, i might as well say jennifer lopez is my g/f if i never see her in person and only skype or watch her movies. 🙂 i like real hugs and affection, in person.

  14. I understand about the beautiful women in the Philippines I went online just see that dating Filipina women my goodness they are so beautiful I just can’t believe how beautiful they are when I go there I will have to be very careful as there are so many beautiful Filipina young women it’s unreal

  15. I talked with a Thai woman a long time ago and she told me that the biggest reason that we want a foreign guy is that he can give her a completely different life financially and in that way even her family. she sees it as a job. so I would not be so naive to believe that it’s just about love. be careful!

    1. +Jaeijaa if you were to ask just about any man, anywhere, why he’d rather marry a pretty woman over a homely one, he’d say something along the lines of, “i’m attracted to a pretty woman and that’s who i want to have as a wife.” does that mean he’s ONLY marrying her for her looks? no. same with women. of course they will prefer the man who can gie them a better life. nothing wrong with that. but it doesn’t mean it’s her only reason. you’re thinking is too binary. it’s not like can’t choose a wealthy man, but not love him at the same time. no different than a man who chooses a pretty woman, and then truly loves her. it’s not a case of having to choose one or the other.

  16. I’m 28 from Sweden and was in the Philippines for 8 days two months ago and I agree with everything he’s saying.
    Me and my friend walked into a nightclub and yes we were rockstars, more then rockstars. And NO we didn’t pay anyone the morning after.

    1. Finns det bra strÀnder dÀr mÄnga fina brudar Àr ocksÄ har lÀst det Àr svÄrt? och hur har Duterte pÄverkat Filipinerna Àr det tryggt och sÀkert dÀr?
      Jag funderar mellan Thailand och Filipinerna vill ha sol tjejer god mat party och fint vÀder med trevlig omgivning, som jag förstÄtt det Àr det mer tjejer i Thailand man fÄr oftast betala men bÀttre strÀnder ocksÄ och mer party.
      I Filipinerna kan dom bÀttre engelska vilket givetvis Àr bra tjejerna Àr lite finare och oftast billigare/gratis men dÄligt med strÀnder jag Àr vÀldigt kluven helt enkelt.
      Verkar ocksĂ„ som det Ă€r lĂ€ttare att trĂ€ffa “vanliga” tjejer dĂ€r ocksĂ„ vilket skulle vara ett stort plus aldrig köpt nĂ„gon förut.
      Jag antar vÀrmen Àr ungefÀr samma regnperiod likadant mat ungefÀr samma pris eftersom lÀnderna Àr sÄ pass nÀra varann.
      StÀmmer den bilden rÀtt bra el hur tyckte du det var?

  17. I know this video was made long ago, so I’m very late but I Just Came Upon Your podcast. I have to say I really love how descriptive you are in describing situations in the Philippines, what were likely to encounter, how the women look, Etc. I especially like that it seems we have similar aesthetic appreciation. I happen to be from Southern California, and I’m guessing you are as well. There’s a difference in how individuals from various States view physical beauty, architecture, safe neighborhoods, Etc. Someone from Biloxi Mississippi may see San Bernardino, California as a nice city. However, someone from Southern California, raised with that aesthetic awareness, knows it isn’t. We would find Carlsbad, or Dana Point to be nice. Therefore, when you say a city in the Philippines is nice, I put a lot more faith in your observation, than I would someone from Tulsa Oklahoma, or Detroit Michigan. LOL. Anyway, thank you for your videos, hope you’re doing well and hope to chat with you at some point.

  18. I wish I had watched this video before contacting some gals on I gave this really gorgeous girl my WhatsApp number after a brief chat on DIA, and she called me 6 times today, acting like I should be exclusive to someone I have never personally met. Because I was online on DIA, I got a text from her annoyed that I was looking at other women!!! It annoyed me to the point I cut my phone off, hid my profile on the DIA.

    In the past week since I have signed up, I have been getting something like 50-60 messages and likes per day, mostly women factory workers or back in the boonies. I had one even ask if I was into BDSM!! I plan to fly to PH in a couple of months, so I thought I would check out the talent. Think I will hit the stores and malls first, rather than to trust photos.

    On American dating websites, I have had women post sexy photos of themselves from, maybe 20 years ago, and then when you meet them in person you wonder why the date didn’t show, but sent her mom instead.

    I have noticed that many of the really attractive women seem to be masters of heavy makeup, where the before and after look like different women, which can be creepy in some cases.

  19. I recently had a vacation in the Philippines after having a couple of business meetings there. I hate to be That Guy, but I dated three Filipinas who I’d met on Facebook over the past couple of years. Stick-thin and truly lovely girls. Unbelievable. Two were teens and one was in her mid-30s. It would be impossible to have been treated better or more sincerely. Each quite different but really and truly likable. They didn’t ask for money although I paid for most of the places we stayed and ate and stuff. I found each of them extremely down to earth, funny, gorgeous, and absolutely adorable. Just, utterly wowwww

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