Dating A Married Filipina in the Philippines – What You Need To Know

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  1. Yes,after all the paperwork done and She just move away with another amigo ,it’s some thing popular in Philippines,we are the,westerners teach them how to do ,so as you say ,just keep away from already married ones,the pure true

  2. When you find this out, run away! (hope you have not fallen in love already?) There are 2 sides to every story…yes, you feel sorry she was ‘abandoned’, but there was a reason he left…WHY?

  3. I also heard a parter is legally able to kill a cheating spouse in a fit of rage if they are caught in the act in the Philippines? I heard this on Philipina Pea’s channel.

  4. You can go to Jail in Philippines for dating a Married woman, unless you pay Husband off and the Church to Annul Marriage, it will cost you $ Plus her Mom is hiding her kids from you. I went there with friends in 2008, and the sister of my friends wife would not leave me alone she was married with 2 kids, her husband was in Saudi working with a girlfriend, I did not eat from that spoiled apple

  5. Reekay,
    This is a common topic in the Philippines, even in the short time I was there. I think the term you were talking about for annulment is “Psychological incapacity”. I also think it is hard to prove this. I have been led to believe that the longer a woman was married, the harder it is to do any of this. I have met several sweet and kind (mabait) ‘once married’ Filipinas. It’s sad, really.

  6. Agree…is a bad idea.I have been told by a few Filpinas if the “Report of Marriage” has not been filed then the “marriage “will not show on a CENOMAR, a late report can be done up to 1 year and in some circumstances up to five. Live life with less not more complications.

  7. At least 80% of the Philippines population would be in jail if adultery was taken that seriously. In reality, most Filipino husbands are too broke to even consider hiring an attorney to file a case against their wife. They might consider it if their wife is involved with a foreigner and he sees an opportunity to extort some cash.

  8. We have corrupt judges acting out extorting all that walk into a domestic court…Its all about the size of the envelope. The envelope takes care of all these problems and go right to the other spouse and pay the other spouse to sign divorce papers. This is superfast and pennies compared to hiring a Phillipine Shyster that will milk the hell out of you.

  9. At 9:13 “You could have the divorce annulled because it’s a divorce that never should have happened”…I think maybe you mean the marriage annulled because it is a marriage that never should have happened, diba?

  10. Henry, how about if your girlfriend is married with a child, but the husband abandons her for 7 years without paying any kind of support. Is there a statute of limitations on that. And what would happen if you live together for years without knowing she is married, then the husband shows up.

  11. If they were for family they would consider how to redistribute wealth and reduce abject poverty, which is destroying the family as well as sex outside of marriage. Note that more than 60% of all births in philippines is outside of wedlock and most are single mothers. What they are perversely trying to uphold is the Doctrine of Catholicism (not the actual teaching of the bible but derived from, in their opinions) which in reality so little people adhere to. Effectively the church still dominants in the shadows the politics of Philippines as Deturte himself points that out. They are in reality confused with the State of their Actual lives and their suppose religious morality, to support this ask filipinos if they support No Divorce policy as a whole. They do not.

  12. B berry berry careful, Fhil Pea did a piece referring to this. You can actually go to jail in the Phil if you sleep with a married woman. Expect the best but assume the worst and watch urself

  13. Reekay, thank you for your thoughts and research about this. You might save a lot of Ex-Pats trouble, time and heart ache. I have a Pinay and she is living with me almost 3 months now, now I understand why she does not talk about us to family members. I made her watch your video, because is involves the both of us. God bless, keep up the good work sir.

  14. Just don’t date someone married, too much drama. There are plenty of single people out there. She didn’t tell to you she is married in the first place, but you are now inlove? Doesn’t that break the trust in the first place?

  15. I have seen some new profiles on this Dating site Christian Filipina under marriage status as separated. I really can’t believe it would be on there .look for yourself

  16. This might be harsh, but there are 2 solutions here. The first is that the Phillipines steps up to the plate and solves the problem, allow divorce. The second is filipinas make better choices in partners. I know expats who want to play white knight with open wallets. Don’t do it! Once that wallet is opened it will never be closed. Wise up!

  17. At one time couples were converting to Islam to get divorce in Phil. I had that conversation with somebody who did this several years ago. Under Philippines law there is “Personal Muslim Law” in Philippines that allows divorce just by a declaration to court.

  18. I have been in the Philippines for a few years. I would say 99% of the filipinas with foreigners living in the Philippines are separated filipinas. The couples that don’t involve a separated filipina just pack up and leave the Philippines. They then go to the foreigners home country to live. There are a few other problems with the separated filipina. If you are arrested for adultery it carries a 6 – 8 year prison sentence. The real problem is

    the separated filipina’s husband can legally shoot you dead when he feels like it. So, you can see hooking up with separated filipina could be fatal.

  19. Mine is married and says has been separated 30 years from their partner and has now decided to tell me that their partner is now married to another person


    So what happens in this scenario?

  20. Just as an added piece of info that I heard from a legal source,,,

    If a foreigner marries in the Philippines and both parties go to the country of the foreigner,, filipina becomes a citizen of that country and gets a divorce,,,,

    As far as the Philippines is concerned they are still married..

  21. I paid for a Cenomar for my girl but I also paid 150 extra pesos for a “Red Ribbon” which supposedly comes from the US Embassy and would allow us to marry if we decide to? Could you check into the Red Ribbon for the Cemomar? I am currently in the US but have visited several times before this pandemic.

  22. I have a question sir a little of topic but for some one who does not want to get health insurance in the Philippines what would be a realistic amount to self insure I was told 200 hundred thousand dollars would be more than enough your thoughts

  23. Great video. When I was looking I always asked. I got lucky I guess because they were honest about it. I found and met a woman and now we can not be together. And the Philippines government is not going to open until 2022 for Americans. Just a screwed up mess.

  24. My girl is married but her husband is married to her and 2 other women without annulling the other 2 women it even shows up on his PSA that he is married to 3 women we have been trying to get her marriage annulled 2years and 1000 dollars still dealing with this

  25. I have a friend that wanted to get married after a two year long relationship. He never knew she was married. And her mother was taking care of a child that he thought was her sisters … Last to know and first to cry !!!

  26. An annulment costs 4000$ to 5000$. Most can not afford to pay the amount. Here in Japan, there are many Filipinas waiting for their annulment. You are going a little deep in your explanation, that is why attorneys are needed. Not to mention, there is a bill being debated there to make it easier. But it will not pass, this legal work is a money maker for attorneys there. Bottom line, if she is still married, stay away unless you are willing to pay.

  27. Aloha big fan now for over a year now.i love how you break down all the different situations. Your voice of reason. Most difentally helps me deal with life in a positive way. Thank you sir.keep rolling good stuff.

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