Dan Singkhon Myanmar-Thailand Border – A Must Visit

In this video, we bring you back to Dan Singkhon Myanmar-Thailand Border, where I show you some beautiful furniture that was made from the trees out of the jungles of Myanmar. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf.

Intro music True Colors (Nolan Van Lith Remix)

Song – You and Me by Eldar Kedem – Present Moment

Dan Singkhon Orchid Central Market
ΰΈ›ΰΈ‚.1039 Khlong Wan, Mueang Prachuap Khiri Khan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77000


  1. Joe. My GF just told me if i get a car there, it has to be in a thai name. 2 questions. 1) can a car be financed and who would sign for purchase if i make the payments? Many thanks!!!

  2. Hey Joe and Gift. Hope you all are doing well! Looks like the dogs have told all the other dogs yall are the food people and they all come running for ya!!! Great to see!!

  3. Now thats some beautiful country….im sitting..or lying here recovering nicely from my latest major surgeries…by far the most painful…watching your vlogs help so much…thank you for sharing your story…much love Kathleen from the desert in California

  4. I like the look’s n style of the furniture , but it’s not comfortable for me . I understand these furnitures will last 100 years and my gf has these in her parent’s home in Phitsanulok , I need cushion furniture like Home Pro.

  5. Hello Joe & Gift. It is so wonderful that you take care of the dogs in the neighborhood. The furniture is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great vlog and camera work Joe. Have similar amazing furniture places here on the Burmese border in Tak. All the best mate.πŸ™πŸ‘

  7. Loved the furniture, Joe & Gift, we’ve been to that border market,
    But I do have a concern the timber maybe teak de-forestation and may even be illegal?
    Does Look great though, especially the simple modern plank style.

  8. hi..glad to hear both are you both ok,,some of that furniture was just amazing,i love the long tables with the bench type seats,and they would last more than my life time,,,thanks for the interesting video,,can i ask what type of gimbles you and gift use?,,im looking to get one,,

  9. Great video again Joe.
    Those puppies are getting bigger every time you film them!

    The furniture all looks beautiful, I could spend some serious money there.

    All the best to you and gift

  10. Wow the pups are so big already! I love the wooden furniture. Shipping outside Thailand is no so difficult. There are Freight Forwarders in Thailand who can ship it everywhere and help you with the customs formalities.

  11. Love the tables and chairs wow great video again Must take hours to do all the editing what you have to do thank you so much much appreciated for the great videos thanks joe gift. Just got my first gimbal for my camera what a swine to get them to balance still in results what matters

  12. Hi Joe I have to complaint you on the standard you are setting on your vlogs.Β 
    I dont comment often but I have being watching you for awhile I think I came across you with Graham or Gordon in Chang rai but you were in Italy than and talking about moving to Thailand.I congratulate you on the life you have made with Gift and hopefully when I move next year we will do half as well.Β 
    On a side note my wife and I were at the same place maybe 15 + years ago and I kept driving past that village and we ended up meeting the Burmese army who were not too happy with our incursion but turned us around with a waring. Thanks again Joe and Gift.

  13. Man, are those pups growing fast and they all look healthy and happy, especially when they are around you guys. Greta job Joe and Gift. I think you got to buy that piece of land so they all can live with you guys. The furniture is amazing and probably really compliments a Thai style home. Thanks Joe. That’s beautiful country out that way.!!!

  14. Hahahahaha they remember well the leader of the family all this dogs, yes lol πŸ˜‚ ?? Have good times friends and you do very good job as ewer !

  15. Hello Joe and Gift, interesting video and a really impressive furniture store.
    The advantage of teak is, that termites do not like this wood.

  16. I’ve been exactly at this place in 2016 during our Northern Thailand round trip by bus. It’s absolutely amazing that you still can get furniture like this. I wonder who is going to buy all this. You need a large house and a good filled bank account. Wow.

  17. Why is all the furniture so big and massive.? Are their houses that big? It’s beautiful wood but in my opinion takes up way too much space in a room.

  18. Hi Joe, Gift, The teak furniture is absolutely beautiful and amazingly cheap. I’m not sure how practical the chairs and benches would be but that natural look would enhance any home be it modern or traditional. It’s great to see that this is all within 30km.
    I loved this thanks

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