Daily Life In Thailand “For Now”

This video is about our daily life in Thailand for now. We recently moved from Bangkok to Prachuap Khiri Khan. Our Intent is to travel throughout Thailand bringing you along on try journey as we discover hidden gems, while using Prachuap as our hub. Unfortunately, those plans are on hold for now, giving the current situation in the world.
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Link to How I met my Thai Girlfriend https://youtu.be/pXKAO6irWRg
Link to Why I decided to move to Thailand https://youtu.be/C8Lf6HQin_E


  1. Good to see you both settling in well.  Hope the inevitable silent treatment that followed the shopping bust up did not last too long.
    As the breadwinner in the household I now do the household shop alone, to prevent the house getting cluttered up with the said needless crap – I just get plenty of beer instead LOL

  2. THE FRESHMAKERS หนุ่มฝรั่งกับสาวอีสาน says:

    Hi Joe i like very much your channel. You have inspired us to start too on YouTube The FRESHMAKERS. I just came back from Bkk I married there on the 17.2.2020. Hope your are well and hope we can meet one day in person. Kindly Nico

    #thefreshmakers Please subscribe our channel Thanks


    1. There is a mall in Hua Hin about 1 hour 20 minutes north of us. Our town has everything we need, Home Pro, Makro, Tesco Lotus, and many small shops just to name a few. Stay safe! All the best!

  3. Did I hear your age right, better to start a channel on endless youth tips lol. Got dam, we look the same age and you got 10 years on me bud, share your secrets unless it involves giving up beer, then I’m out :-), cheers

    1. I’m 59 my friend. I exercise, eat good most of the time. Lol 😂 don’t smoke and I drink occasionally. I just try to see the bright side of everything and I try not to stress. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. Will do! Thank you 🙏 my friend. Check out Thai Gift Gift on Youtube , she just posted a video with the cute puppies. Stay safe! All the best!

  4. OMG – I’m not alone. Shopping with my wife(Vietnamese) is exactly the same. “where you gonna put that” “you just haven’t been shopping for a while” “just want to buy SOMETHING for the house/kitchen/etc”. so funny.

  5. The virus won’t be gone in a month. But it seems you are doing better than we do. (Sweden) 1-2% of our population will probably die. Hope the “experts” are wrong. Anyway got some catching up to I missed a lot of your videos.

  6. Hi Joe, hi Gift from here in not so Sunny Scotland. Great to see the map Jonny gave when we had breakfast in Huahin. Your footage was amazing I felt I was “outside for the first time in 3 weeks. It was heart warming to see you both care for those puppies. Great vlog, I will be dining with you both in Pratchuap kirikan before the end of the year if I have to paddle there!
    Thanks and take care ❤ D.

  7. Hay uncle Joe toliet paper and Bleach is hard to find help your niece and buy for me and send it 😩😩😩😩😞

  8. Glad to see your chanel growing and doing well. You are one of my favorite Thailand voggers. Its still new and fresh for you and it shows in your videos.

  9. When you asked Gif, “Where are you going to put that?”, I wish she wasn’t wearing a mask so we could have seen her entire expression, although her eyes said a lot. 🤣
    You guys are awesome.
    Thanks Joe. Stay safe and healthy.

  10. Hi Guys, so glad I stumbled across your channel, like the way you fed your mates dogs and watered the garden, that won me straight away. 🙂 You come across quite relaxed which is a change from others. Hopefully I can make it back over when the current world situation is better as I enjoy Thailand so much. Anyways, all the best from downunder and stay safe and healthy.

  11. You are a very kind man Joe, you cared about the plumber, other people’s pets & puppies, Gift (microwave) and it’s an honour to know a decent person like you

  12. Joe – Maybe you can do a little dance at the end of your videos like Gift?  A dance off and a poll to see who is better at dancing? 555555

    1. if I dance, all the water 💦 in our neighborhood would stop working and my neighbors will be very upset. Lol 😂. Stay safe! All the best!

  13. Hello Joe and Gib! I’m an American expat living in the Kingdom for 27 years now! I came after my father was murdered by a crack cocaine addict in the SF bay area! I would seriously suggest that you start working on your Thai everyday. It makes all the difference in the world to be able to communicate with the locals!!! And they LOVE being able to speak with a foreigner. When I first came here in Jan. of 1990, an old timer told me that “you have to learn to listen…..like you’ve never listened before”….and he was absolutely correct! I’m quite fluent in conversational Thai now….after beating my head against a wall for several years, but I do not read or write Thai. Don’t give up! Get a small pocket sized booklet (like a little address book but with out any wording….just blank lines) and carry it with you all the time, along with a pen or pencil. I used my English to write down the Thai sounds (there are many sounds that we don’t have in English) and I would write it down in both languages. I put phrases (the fastest and easiest way to learn a language- I”ve learned 3 of them) in the front of the booklet and single words in the back of the book! You’ll forget the stuff as fast as you write it in there…..but you’ll often remember that “I think I wrote it down”…..go back and check…and find it. After doing that 15 to 20 times for each word…..it will sink in!!! Good Luck, and if you need any other help you can contact me. I’m a 71 YO single widowed father of 3 half Thai kids, 17, 19 and 28 and I live up in the Buriram Provence! Cheers, Rollee

    1. Thank you 🙏 much for sharing your story and your knowledge, advice and offer of assistance, greatly appreciated. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. @Motorcycle Camping Where I live all the cottages are filled up. I’ll see if I can find some vacant places that are similar. Stay safe! All the best!

  14. Hello “Farang” Joe, as an Ex military officer, have you visited the Thai military base or camp while in Thailand and whats your appraisal?

    1. Hi my friend. I am ex enlisted my friend, after the military I worked as a federal employee for an agency within the Department of Defense. I worked in a top level leadership position as a GS-14, which is equivalent to a Colonel in the US armed forces. I did visit Wing 5, Thai Air Base here in Prachuap Khiri Khan and I was very impressed. I plan on visiting more military bases here if I get an opportunity. Stay safe! All the best!

  15. I just found your channel and I love the content. I wish I was in Thailand and not the U.S. at this moment. Been there four times in my life and would love to go back. So envious of you, keep up the great work!!!

  16. Hi Joe and Gift.  Nice video today. Its good to see you are both safe and taking care of yourselves. Its a different world for the time being. Good to see you both taking care of friends pets, the dogs seemed happy to see you and Gift. Im supposed to be there now to see my daughter and girlfriend, but had to cancel the flight, hoping for July to be there for our daughters 4th birthday, but that seems hit and miss. Keep up the great videos and stay happy and healthy.  Mike in canada, sadly, hehe

    1. Thank you 🙏 my friend. You, your GF and family are in my prayers. I hope things improve so that you can all be together again. Stay safe! All the best!

  17. Hi Joe, watched many blogs and really enjoyable and helpful, can I ask please, I’m 52 and looking to retire once the coronavirus has died down, could you recommend a nice quiet place in Chiang Mai, thank you and good luck to yourself and Gift. Jimmy

    1. Hi Jimmy, Thank you 🙏 I have been to CM once, so I’m not too familiar with that area my friend. I would recommend you come here and stay in a hotel for about a week while looking around, I’m sure you will be able to find something nice that fits your needs. Stay safe! All the best!

  18. Hi Joe and Gift. Just a couple of lines to say hello and that I’m really enjoying the blogs. I’m hoping to maybe retire in a few years and spend more time in Thailand so it’s great to get all this information first hand. All the best.

    1. That’s amazing my friend. My Gift loves to shop for inexpensive junk but don’t tell her I said that. Lol 😂. Stay safe! All the best!

  19. I love the cameo appearance by Arnold working out . Women NEED to buy stuff , Joe . You will simply have to rent a separate place for all the stuff .

  20. That was a great one Joe – I really enjoyed it. Beautiful aerial footage – very clever. It’s great to see around where you are there – I’m going nuts cooped up here. 🙂 All the best anyway.

    1. I am on a retirement visa my friend. You can live in Thailand if you are older than 50 and are able to apply for a retirement visa in Thailand. This visa is also known as the Thai “O-A” visa in Thailand. Note that you need to be at least 50 years old, meet the financial requirements and also the medical requirements for this visa. We have listed the process below but that visa rules do change so check with an immigration attorney first.

      When you apply for the retirement visa at the Thai embassy in your home country this visa is valid for 90 days once you enter Thailand. There are not many requirements for when you apply for this visa at the embassy. The following documents are needed when you extend this visa in Thailand for 1 year. Most provide the documents to an immigration lawyer in Thailand as the process can become complicated if you have a DUI or the documentation is incorrect. Check with a lawyer first to ensure that everything works and that you do not need to leave the country again to restart the process. The following is needed for your extension:

      – Copy of your passport;
      – Copy of your Thai bank account showing 800,000THB in it;or
      – Copy of your Thai bank account showing an income of 65,000THB per month;
      – Copy of a criminal clearance from your home country;
      – Copy of a medical certificate.
      I copied this from a website that talks about the retirement visa process. You can also come to Thailand and try to apply for a 90 O visa and than basically the same process as above. When I got my O Visa, I was not required to have a criminal background check or a medical certificate however, my experience may not be the same as yours. Stay safe! All the best!

  21. Hey man it’s too good..
    I would like to visit your place for few days.. it’s peaceful life.. I will write my script of my new film there.. cheers

  22. Joe because of you and your girlfriend I have decided along with my girlfriend to come out to your area for a month this fall of the Corona situation allows it. What area are you located in? We would love to grab dinner with you both. Thank you. You can email me at leecole1111@gmail.com with advice if you don’t mind. Once again your channel is Awsome and so well done.

    1. Thank you my friend. We live in Prachuap Khiri Khan my friend. You can find rooms here for about 400-500 baht a night while looking around. Gift and I kook forward to meeting you both. You can email me at joegreenwtf@gmail.com. Stay safe! All the best!

  23. Your Girlfriend looks A LOT like my Thai mother inlaw. Pretty. Lookout if they are similar. She has a temper and can get a little cold. Also loves her whisky!😂 Also, how are you keeping in such good shape? What supplements do you use with your workout?

    1. Lol 😂 Gift doesn’t drink, smoke, or have a temper my friend, I’m lucky to have found her. I don’t use any supplements, unless beer 🍺 is considered a supplement. Lol 😂. I’ve been working out for a good 30 years now. Stay safe! All the best!

  24. Ur cottage looks to be in a nice location. Seems to b smallish town but with a large Tesco. Certainly seems u need some kind of wheels to get around as travel couple three km to grocery store. Different perspectives on living in Thailand as an expat. 👍👍👍

  25. I came across your channel by accident but find myself very much enjoying it from my home in Vietnam and have just subscribed. I like your style of video and narration. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have been living in Vietnam full time since 1995. I met a Vietnamese woman in New York in 1976 and we got married in 1977. Came to Vietnam first time in 1988 by way of Bangkok where we stayed at the brand new Landmark Hotel. I was immediately captivated by Thailand and then Vietnam. Still married now 43 years. My wife and I both love this part of the world including Thailand where we have been many many times.

    1. Thank you 🙏 so much for the sub my friend, greatly appreciated. Also, congratulations on 43 years of marriage, very commendable. Stay safe! All the best!

  26. Hi Joe & Gift . I have just subscribed too your channel which i find very informative. As i am a frequent traveller too Thailand from Melbourne Australia I can relate too many of the situations that you are encountering and i also have a girlfriend whose family live in rural phitsanulok and it humbles me greatly too see her family always happy and generous with so little .And your Italian sauce looked pretty good too…Reguards from Aussie Joe.

  27. Joe/Gift, greetings from Fang. Enjoyed watching you taking care of the puppies. Also enjoyed watching Gift getting irritated with you at Tesco which shows that your in a normal relationship. Unlike western women mine gets upset but is over whatever is bothering her with a little space. My western wife would get upset over the most trivial of things and it would be a three day nightmare. Can’t say that I miss that.

  28. hey joe, did you find a bed for cookie online? jst watched the video, i can post her one. the adress is 49 kaylookseua, 770000 pkk if i remember correctly? and say hi to the old lady doing the gardening, she is awesome!

  29. Hello Joe and Gift . Mark here from Cape Town South Africa. I am watching your Vlogs and i am on the one of 24 January 2019 where you and Gift are in Pattaya. With our lockdown we having its affording me the chance to watch most of you Vlogs. Joe you are one very humble person and your heart is as pure as gold. Your attitude is amazing and i am glad that I was suggested your Vlog by you tube. Keep on doing what you doing along with Gift. I was in Bangkok and Pattaya a couple of years ago and the bug to be there just never lets you go…. Thank you and looking forward to you next instalments and hoping that you stay safe ,stay happy and stay tuned.. 🙂

  30. Greetings from Australia Joe and Gift. You both have hearts of gold looking after the puppies and dogs like that. Lets hope the puppies all get adopted. 😊

  31. Great video – love the dogs – also love your gym set-up. Unfortunately, I was a bit slow on the uptake and am currently lifting bricks! Take care.

  32. You speak i n calmness I have been watching ur video off late and its good. I saw you when you changed your 100 dollars to baht and you checked to an hotel you moved again to condo hotel with your friend and now here prachuap. Is prachuap outside Bangkok

  33. Since the time we have nowhere to go, we can have quality time with family and the people you love:) We live in Bangkok city. Stay safe.

  34. Hello Joe and Gift! The video is great! The aerial video is grat! We miss our home at prachuap. I am so thankful for your friendship. Nice dog cooki is at your home now. 3 years ago, when we rent that house cookie was close to us too.
    Thank you so much. It is good to see that our dogs are doing well. They are at our home and they are save. 1000 Thanks for feeding our 4 Dogs (Cola, Steg, Ann and Deng). Also thanks you take care for the 7 puppys next to your home. Thank you feed now, cause I am in Germany now. I am happy about the close video of my darling spotty. I hope all puppies will find a good home. Thank you for take care!

  35. Hi i am a TV channel holder and i found your video channel very intresting and amazing. Is it possible if i use your video under credit and i will post it with commercial use on my TV channel named ‘AsiaTVN’ on Roku and Amazon fire tv. If you allow, please reply back as soon as possible and give me the video attribution e.g.thumbnail image , tags and any links… Thank you Regards, AsiaTVN

  36. มหากาพย์ งานสร้างยิ่งใหญ่ says:

    ที่ไหนครับ ระยองหรือชลบุรีครับ

    1. @มหากาพย์ งานสร้างยิ่งใหญ่ Thank you my friend. Stay safe! All the best!

    2. มหากาพย์ งานสร้างยิ่งใหญ่ says:

      @Foreigner Joe โอ้ ประจวบคีรีขันธ์ you house is beutiful & inviting. ^_^

  37. I was trying to figure out what bikes would fit the terrain of rural Thailand and be fun for Gift and yourself: 2 Royal Enfield Himalayans. I think they have a factory in Thailand. If it’s good for domestic Indian roads and quite actually be ridden to the Himalayas, it’s this bike! And it’s budget friendly too. Now all you’ll need is a trailer for the SUV 😁

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