Current Events in Philippine Province – Tim K

I discuss the status of current events for my family here in Leyte and around the world. This week I went from fear to acceptance….


  1. Atta Boy Tim Stand Strong Show Tin Tin and all there what you are made of . Nothing better to go go fishing. Better yet go spear fishing . Everything anyone needs to survive in on the land around us . If you need Gas I will break wind in Jars Seal them tight and mail them too you . Just remember when you open the bottles hold you’re breath the smell will even knock a big boy like you to the ground. My friend stay strong stay safe and make a little girl to pass time . poor Tin Tin . Smile Tin I still Love you .

  2. I know the quarantine is tough bro, but just hang in there. At least your safe. And if you really wanna fill up the car just have Chrissy buy a gas can and fill it every time she goes out. It may take a few trips lol. But piece of mind is priceless 👍

  3. #ThisBabyBoomerGrannyWantsToLive. Glad to see you looking better. Everyone is scared if they aren’t brain dead and lying. American is screwed and life as I know it (I’m 69 yrs old) is no more. Be encouraged & strong for your family. What will be will be. Take control of what you can and don’t let go. ♥️

  4. Good to hear your doing well. From southern California you are probably better there like you said. People are crazy right now. This is getting whipped up more then it should. It will all settle down soon.

  5. Thanks for the update Tim, good to see you were able to get some funds.

    One day at a time bud health first economy will work itself out over time..
    Stop listening to Fox unless you want a bunch of BS

    Keep doing what your doing and keep the videos coming…good to see you smiling

    Take care and stay safe

  6. Hey Tim, I am taking this time to not drink giving my body time to heal. If by some chace i do get this Virus my body will be better able to deal with it..

  7. Good hearing from you bro! We’re not on a lock down. We’re on a semi strict stay at home. Which is a good idea. It will definitely help in slowing down the virus.
    I’m working two more days, then will stay home two weeks.
    I love to fish but they have closed lakes until April 8. But we can walk around our neighborhoods, keeping the safe distance rule.
    They haven’t restricted travel yet but I have a pass in case they do.
    Baking my own bread :).
    People still being crazy at the stores, creating more shortages. Over frigging toilet paper!
    Time to go bake something.

  8. Here in the USA we now lead the world in coronavirus cases. I would have to say Trump is to blame for the high rise in cases because in 2018 he cut funding to the CDC by 16% and fired the best people there and replaced them with his buddies that financially supported his presidential run for office. He isn’t draining the swamp he is the swamp, what a sad day to find out we are the worst country in this virus pandemic and now he is saying he wants all Americans to gather together on Easter Sunday and go to Church. I don’t know but I don’t think he even goes to Church. Pray for a quick recovery

  9. In my opinion, the economic aspect is being lived by ALL countries so the downfall will be collective. This should make the recession short lived and temporary. I don’t see it the same as localized slumps/recessions seen the past. Not the even the same as the Great Depression. That is why I feel rather optimistic that things will be much better globally by year-end and I do not fear the extreme long-term pressures imposed to the next generation as you mention in the video. Perhaps I’m wrong but I fell,it,different this time.

  10. As a soon to be 60 year old man (this November) I know for a fact that my boomer generation failed all of you who came after us. (for the most part anyway) Granted there were few of us who were raised but the greatest generation that actually listened to our fathers and mothers advise. ( I know I listened ) My father who fought on Okinawa was wounded in Korea and also (during the end of his career) fought in Vietnam. The one thing he told me that always stuck with me was this, and this is a direct quote from him “Don’t depend on the government to give you anything” I took those words to heart and I have saved and worked every day sense I turned 16 yrs old and I will continue to work and save for another 7 years not because I can draw my full social security then but because that way I will not have to depend on “my government” for anything, not money, not health care, NOT A DAMN THING! It is too bad those born from 1944 until about 1952 ware such braindead dunces. I am not even going to provide a excuse for them, all I can say is if you work hard and save your money you can still achieve the American dream. Nothing that is good comes easy and most things that come easy are not always good. Take care of yourself and your family and hopefully one day I will come to Leyte to meet you, and also go to Leyte because of my hobby, you see I go to all the old WW-2 Pacific Island battle places and visit the historic battle grounds and the cemeteries of our fallen soldiers. It is always a powerful experience for me. Maybe you can show me around the places where all the history happened on your wonderful Island.

  11. I think april 12 th aus gov looking at opening shops again if alls well. I manage to get a Surfin this morning at snapper rocks and it was clean 2 to 3 foot about 50 guys out and girls everyone giving each other space

  12. I believe there is more to this than just a virus. Think about climate change and food production collapse around the world. What better way to institute a shutdown of trade than to create a world wide catastrophe to cover the fact that there just isn’t enough food to export without affecting each country’s own population. China right now can’t even produce enough pork and their poultry is not doing well at all. The United States had its worst grain harvest last year and my be on track for the same this year. Canada was in an even more dire situation than the U.S..
    The future of world wide food production doesn’t look to well.
    Petulance in north Africa and the middle east is just devastating right now. This Corona virus came at an opportune time for world governments to distract us from what really looms in the very near future. God bless and do what you can to prepare.

  13. You look much better in this video. Thanks for the update. My trip on April could be jeopardized. This is crazy – living in an alternative reality! Even Cuomo thinks it could be a mistake on a total lock down.

  14. Ron Paul defines the problem pretty well in his latest videos. And the massive deaths is way more likely to come from the economical effects of this hysteria. The way this has been handled globally is a COMPLETE disaster. All over a flu…
    Stay safe, you and your family.

  15. Tim at least one thing is good . Look at cases per million in the country chart . USA is 36th while phillipines is near 107. At least you should be done with this virus before us in US . We also lockdown but not as strict . btw I am in Seattle area . We are looking at April 24th maybe to be better. Anyway thanks for your vlog and hope your food challenge can get better. Sincerely, Evan

  16. The bad news is that pandemics usually come in three waves. This is only the first wave. The Chinese are expecting the second wave within the next four weeks. Many in China who had the virus before are now getting it again.

  17. hello friends and haters ? just ignore the second part
    65k Followers and a bunch of traffic is enough to show who’s the boss
    haters are everywhere even if somebody collects money for a cancer foundation …
    you do exactly that what the bloodsuckers want …

    stay healthy

  18. the moon thing was only good for 3 or 4 dudes. didn’t benefit me. unless I missed something. glad to see you sober and man up again. stay safe.

  19. Same thing in Ohio. I have a letter I take with me so I can work. At least we can go shopping when we can in the day. Some cities are starting curfews. My lady is African, and she’s not big into a lot of German foods that I like. Mmmmm german sausage with sauerkraut.

  20. Looking well Tim, it is good to have a beer or three sometimes, bottles that is brother not cases🍻 get your hands on some propolis to boost your immune system.

  21. Tim make a video you cooking for Kristen i think it’s very exciting to watch love you my friend god bless all I’m Pelepeno watching from Australia

  22. Hi first time subscriber to ur vlog channel I saw something that says that harold channel also see ur vlogs so let’s keep watching here . So far so good n scary news n pure reality of what’s going on on 2020 lord save us n protect us . Amen

  23. We feel safer here too we are in Aklan. And we are in lock down to until April 15 It is what it is. They are doing what they can to keep the country safe and I am glad of that. I am not saying it doesn’t suck though. But we can do it be positive

  24. Tim. I am following in your footsteps. I have been living in Cebu City with my girlfriend. We have left the city and staying at her family house in the province near Toledo. They are very strict here about the rules too. Same no more red horse and check points on the road and only necessary travel. Being one of only 2 white Americans in the toledo area and having had the doh called on me once for being American, I go to the check point everyday day to have my temp checked. I doit for the town people I know I don’t Cary the virus and have not been sick. I self quarentenned before it was required just out of respect for the people here as I had a 2 hour lay over in South Korea on my way here. It is also very stressful on me as American I have never felt this kind of rules before. They have basically shut the town down here too. Because I got here before there was any issue in the USA or here I don’t have a health card so I no longer go out on my scooter. I hope once all incoming flights and sea travel have stopped for a while they will loosen the restrictions and let us go back to living the good life that I got a small taste of before this virus put the world into panic mode. Stay strong Tim we will get threw this.

  25. Thanks for always being a straight shooter Tim, I respect you for that and always good to see your take on current situations. Best of luck on not going stir crazy man, I am in Oregon and we are basically on stay home orders.

  26. Thanks my friend for the update I agree to your statement that being in the province May be the best option at this time on condition that no local resident imports the virus to your province from the city so I would say stay safe with minimal interaction with others as per the situation in Israel as well like other countries is quite bad myself I’m working in a hospital in the operating division so we are making 12 hours shifts barely going out only for provisions

  27. i am a baby boomer, i will be ok until i die. just an average worker but saved good amounts. now i travel as & when i want ( lol except for coronus). all age groups have their wasters & savers, really no generalisations are good

  28. My future wife is from tay yay rizal near manila. She has 2 people with virus there. She’s on lock down too. I can’t wait till it’s over so I can maker to philappines. Keep head up brother .

  29. I was surprised to hear things are the same over there. In the USA most businesses are the very small ones. If this goes beyond Easter most will be permanently closed and for sale. Unemployment is very temporary and there will be a scramble to find work if too many go out of business. It is shocking that cars, planes and tech gadgets are no longer being built here. Some of this is because many parts come from China and have a two month delay now. You are correct. This has turned into one huge pile of economic crap. The USA may be a 3rd world country very soon. Some would say with a 23 trillion deficit we already were before all this occurred. Keep up the interesting videos.

  30. hey tim we are in total lockdown here in nz geez only day 2 and already have cabinfever… we all in this together … kia kaha “stay strong”

  31. I envy all of you. The beach is just across your house. You could swim in that clear blue water anytime. We’ll continue to pray that this pandemic is over soon.

  32. We need to stay healthy to keep the economy going when CoVid is over. We have our children to take care of. Staying home, I think is still the best. I’ll be watching your live vlogg on Sunday. You’re in the best place right now. Being at home in Maryland for a month sucks.

  33. I have been on the lock down for about 6 days cant go anywhere outside the barangy where the jollibee and mc donalds roam plus the latte shops but it’s better to be safe than sorry I talked to a person that said he stood in line for 2 hours to get food so hang in there love your wife and child find peace in them

  34. there was a person with the cv cured in Arizona they tried antibiotics those did not work so they gave him the malaria stuff and after 4 days he was up walking around and getting ready to leave the hospital. when I was in combat i had to take a malaria pill everyday i had no side effects and everybody in my company had to take it and nobody got sick. I took this pill for a year.

  35. The Cuban Missile Crisis which I lived thru at age 13 was a real FEAR to everyone in the U.S…… …….and it literally could have ended all mankind and not just Russians & Americans………….Bomb shelters and “Duck & Cover” under your school desk was embeded into most kids my age……………… say there is no silver lining in this (no black or white in ur words)…………….the silver lining is that one needs to be GRATEFUL and learn to take nothing for granted……..none of us know if today is our last day………….one .AAA saying is “One Day at a Time” and it does not just apply to no drinks today, but appreciate each day and be GRATEFUL

  36. Really I’m so glad to see you today because I’ve been worried about you since your last video you look good today batter than last video

  37. Thank God both of you are well and in good health hear things in the United States are pretty bad congratulations on your new child and I send my prayers to you and the family

  38. What’s up Tim. Hope you and the family continues to stay healthy. Like you I’m concerned about the economy versus the overall health of everyone. Is the cure worse than the disease is the question? End of the day, money can be replaced but your life can’t. I agree with you the we are going into a massive amount of debt but if it saves lives, it’s the right thing to do. Stay safe bro. Duces from Cali ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  39. Lol as far as I know the BARANGGAY gives some rice and racion like basic canned foods and noodles.. Just ask them about the supplies the national government already sign the calamity fund

  40. You’ll be alright big man. You can always get a job dancing at a male strip club. Ha ha . Just messing with you, everything will work out for us. But got to give thumbs for our medical personal who are facing this virus face to face.

  41. Its getting hard here in north carolina too.monday start of lockout here.stay home u cant go anywhere unless ur essential employee.grocyries mostly gone.ur still in the better place so enjoy the beach…

  42. Good job Tim! Looks like you turned the corner. I was really worried about you a few days ago. Seemed like you were losing it. Doing much better, concise, coherent, and uplifting. Gr was at commentary. Way to get ahold of yourself, thank the Lord! Take care and hang in there! Dave H.

  43. You are not understanding the Dangers of this virus ,stay at home,followed the rules.
    We here in Ireland were on top of it real fast.
    The whole of Ireland has to stay home,only going out to the supermarket,or chemist
    You are sitting it out in a magnificent place.

  44. Recognized you from the CB videos I been watching . I will check in on your vids . This is the way I see how the rest of the world is doing compared to here in So. Cal… love the Phillipino culture being from Cali. ✌️

  45. Good point, the baby boomers just protected there asses at the cost of the future generations. They have been doing it for decades too. I hope hyperinflation does not take us down.

  46. Watch Peak Prosperity option A and option B way of dealing with the virus either way the economy is toast option A at least you have some population intact to rebuild the economy, quiet interesting the Macchievelian decisions that have to be made in captials around the world, my prediction they will go with money as usual and the virus will spread and destroy them anyway, chasing money instead of taking immediate measures is why this virus now has the planet on its knees, the worst is yet to come!

  47. nice to see your getting your shit together
    yes its tough on all of us over the world and its going to get a lot worse i hope chrissy and her mother beat your butt good
    leaving her alone off to bangkok like a single man i hope she is being a real bruha to you and looking at the video i think she at mums
    teach you how lucky you are so leave the beer alone one single cold beer at night fine all filipina drink
    best get some flowers buddy and creep and crawl back to her stop try to be mr harold your married show some respect to the little lady ok bud

  48. Hang in there budy. You need a entertainment system for playing games. Gaming is on the rise in America because of the xx virus lol. I’m from Washington state by the way

  49. Canned spaghetti sauce is disgusting man a can of crushed tomatoes and spices can do way better.
    Google is an amazing thing.
    Kristyn should get her license #1

  50. Might as well stay there Tim work in the rice fields because if there’s an economic collapse here the peso will be worth more then the dollar

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