Curious Combination (repost by Rusty Ferguson)

by Rusty Ferguson

I thought I’d try to write an article that would help the westerner prepare himself for the likely shock of what you will encounter once you’re here. I’m not sure I can fully prepare the first timer and I really  don’t think I want too.  Part of the fun was being ill prepared for what I discovered in thePhilippines. Now if you’re a veteran traveler and have visited other developing nations, you’ll likely be ahead of the first timer.

My First Moments In The Philippines

I was a first timer and the only word I could use was shocked.  Now this shock was not totally in a negative way.  For there was a lot of beauty and interest in what I saw.  Other than Canada, I had never been out of the country.  I was pretty much clueless when I thought of what the Philippines would be like.  Now I should say, I have not spent any significant time in Manila.  There are parts of Manila that appear to be as modern as anything in the US.  So far, I’ve been limited to Cebu and Leyte Province.  I look forward to exploring larger areas of this wonderful land.  Areas of Cebu are also as modern as the US.

If you’re like most of us, you’re a guy, probably middle aged or older.  Many expats have a pension but some come with very little more than the clothes on their back.  It is likely you’ve ignored the people you know here, and flew 12,000 miles to meet a girl.  I hope you have a backup plan as that usually does not go well.  If you have that special person that you’ll be with as much as you would be with a wife, she can help your transition a lot.

My first hint that things would be different is my arrival in Manila to catch my connecting flight to Cebu City.  It was hot!  There was no aircon.  If you say A/C here people generally will not know what you are talking about.  But you’ll see aircon painted onto many cabs and that is what the air conditioner is called here.  By the way, a fridge here is a ref.  They likely wont know what a fridge is.  But back to the airport.  Continue Reading Here...




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