Crouching beggar, hidden dragon.

Unfortunately she wasted our last donation on food for her son.
Damn Saigon rat beggars.. They’ve fooled me for the last time.

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  1. Iโ€™m Vietnamese & living in Australia. Iโ€™m not surrounded by many Vietnamese people so itโ€™s great to hear my native tongue spoken so fluently. Awesome job brother.
    Just subbed too

    1. @Legends ohhhh, thank you. Thats one very annoying thing that Troy does. Maybe he doesnt like us watching his vids and prefers only vietnamese speakers.

    2. @Cardiff Giant no that’s all out of context. The subs are quite different from what is actually being said, she jus said he has to take care of his boy friend and visits but never gives money to help out because he’s too busy helping the bf.

  2. Very kind of you and the donors. If you need any information in regards to thyroid problems let me know I’ve been through both conditions

    1. @Ant B weight loss is just one of the problems I went through nausea unable to breathe sweating my throat felt like I was swallowing a golf ball not to mention my heart rate was dangerously high

    2. Yea, I am familiar with both two – how many westerners woudl kill for the Hyperthyroidism and the associated weight loss… Put it all straight back on when the condition was identified and treated…

  3. I love Vietnamese, so resilient. Look at how happy they are, smiling ear to ear even though they are by our standards bloody penniless. This young man really loves his mom. Touching video. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  4. Waisted money, for child who is still working with her, he just wanted to be normal kid and eat his favourite meal. Wtf you are talking she waisted money… These ~20 dollars donations cant buy them better living conditions for long anyways. Anyways you are doing hero’s job.

    1. The last thing on earth that anyone needs is to eat the same obesity-diabetes producing fast food that Americans are eating. Wherever that crap becomes popular – sickness and disease follows.

    2. @Perry Jones Eating fast food exclusively and all of the time isn’t good for your health. Eating it in moderation is not going to harm anyone’s health. Get off your soapbox.

  5. You can see the real connection between Mother and Son it really shines through! Well done young man a deserving cause and obviously genuine.

    1. @Bastion0711, they do has a place to stay. They sell tissue paper..etc (whatever in the motherโ€™s bag) from 8-9 pm until 2-3 am walking around that neighborhood area. She mentioned they first sell at the area where they are sitting first, then go to the backpacker area at around 11pm. The backpacker area is where there are a lots of foreigners and locals hand out, bars and restaurants.. they make about $4.3 to $8.5 dollar a night. Now that the Coronavirus issue, barely anyone on the streets and they hardly make any money. After Troy gave them money, She was so happy and said they now can go home early and give the son a bath. When Troy asked the kid what he would like to do with the money, he mentioned he would save some money to get himself a birth certificate. Troy mentioned to the mom that he will help her later on on that issue. I suspect he canโ€™t go to school due to no birth certificate. Hope Troy follow up on their story.

  6. Troy please make sure your wearing a mask. I see they all have them on but are not actually covering there mouths. Please protect yourself

  7. Really going off on a tangent in the subtitles this time, haha… damn. I sometimes don’t know what to believe! Always getting the thumbs up of course ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Just know that the subs can get out of context and is mainly for humor and entertaining purposes but never is it literally what they say and more often it’s good than bad lol.

  8. The young boy is so handsome๏ผ› should be in school. Wonder what they will spent their money on this time. Good one, Troy, you are kind, doing these vids. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    1. The kid said he will use the money to pay rent and get his birth certificate. Maybe that’s one of the reason he can’t go to school at age 11 or maybe can’t afford. It can be many reasons.

  9. The government should make school compulsory for the youngins so at least they can read and write. If you’re illiterate you’re guaranteed to live a life of poverty.

    1. @Vu Le Some do , like Cuba, Venezuela etc. but Im not talking about all free education, just for youngins primary age from 5-12. Enough to learn to read. Vietnam is poor but not dirt poor, economy is growing. GDP is around 230 billion. Wages for teachers is cheap in Vietnam.

  10. “Thank you so much.” He said that so well.

    So sad. A lot of missed opportunities with so many of these kids. You can tell some could have a bright future and help society with some decent education. Sadly, most have no shot. And here in the US, the high majority take it for granted. What a waste of money.

  11. I cannot imagine not being able to read and write. I wonder how many people there are in the world who cannot either through lack of funds or access to education.

    1. You gotta understand the whole world is a mess right now and for Troy to even be posting anything is amazing in itself. Before these recent times in these videos Troy would on be on a hiatus for quite sometime before even posting a new video.

  12. All that talk of fried chicken completely threw me even i missed the babe in the backround lol. As always the subtitles cracked me up just brilliant Troy stay safe Pal.

  13. I have no way of knowing, but this women seems to be one of the most honest people you guys have ever helped. What a great smile despite being in the situation she is in.

  14. Im honestly watching the background all the time.. and i can’t imagine how looks like to live in vietnam. Im asian living in PH..but this country vietnam is very different for me..

    1. Its all historical. Vietnam had a huge impact by the French colonialism and then transitioning back to Vietnamese principles after US failed. Philippines had Spanish colonialism into early independence and modernization into democracy due to the American influence (I don’t like to call America colonizing Philippines because colonialist act differently but if you go by the literal definition they did).

  15. They are already show signs of shadiness. โ€œBeggars canโ€™t afford to be choosy.โ€ So when you offer Pho, they suddenly say they prefer the closed restaurant instead, that should be a red flag. Youโ€™re wasting your time and other people money on beggars like these.

  16. Good job again. Hats off to your supporters too. A warm bowl of famous Vietnamese soup would have gone a long way for the starving family.

  17. Troy in the 70’s everyone was slim and healthy in the UK.Then USA gave us all their food crap full of SUGAR poisons.Next most people became fat(not me I don’t eat American foodcrap)Just buy local produce and avoid ALL processed food which is full of sugar.Yeah ALL even a chocolate bar or yoghurt.

  18. I know SG beggars seem sketchy but I know lot of people will leave their villages to go to SG for work (or beg) since there is so much more people and opportunity there. My paternal side is from Vung Liem and it’s literally nothing but rice paddy fields and chicken nests (haha!)…So yea…Anyways, If that other sponsor person miss this video and did not send you the money to help these folks, I will do it for them. Have a good day!

  19. This Video brought a smile to my face brings back old memories or my mother and I. Kid seems to really love his mum and understands his mom works hard for him.

  20. Not much point in trying to get that kid into school. You should try and find him a job where he will be looked after and learn a skill. It’s only a couple of year’s if his not helped to find the right path the wrong crowd will find him .

  21. She only eats his scraps and then declined to eat a meal with you? She’s very sweet but there is something odd about that. I think her being skinny helps her sell more items as people feel so sorry for her.

    1. There’s nothing odd about it. It’s during her working hours, she was concerned about loss of income. Her being skinny is due to the fact she makes sure her son is fed before she eats herself.

  22. “Unfortunately she wasted our last donation on food for her son. Damn Saigon rat beggars.. They’ve fooled me for the last time” LMAO. Don’t let them fool you a 3rd time. LOL She should’ve put that donation towards crack or moonshine, like them beggars in Brisbane.

  23. Most Americans does not understand the suffering an destitute that exist in Vietnam. It is such heart wrenching. Please support Troy. Thank you in advance.

  24. Troy great job when I took a look at these two I only wished I was there to help out more . You are doing a good thing keep up the good fight!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ

  25. He’s dying to to get out and play with his mates but stays close to his mother (ok all kids like fast foods in asia and the rest of the world )speaks volumes what type a guy he’s going to grow up as ..don’t let us down mate ..your mum is most important

  26. I really like Vietnamese people, this woman and her son have a special bond and i would love for some good to come their way, good job Troy

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