Crisis & Opportunity

Crisis & Opportunity


  1. Pete, listen, you need to focus on Youtube seriously. I know you are doing that, but to grow your channel, you need videos with your personality/face in the videos. Be yourself, and crack a few jokes. I am 100% sure the subs will come. your screenshot videos are not getting you any subs, sorry to say. You are amazing on youtube, and I can see you getting big, but you need to keep the focus on your facetime videos/vlogs. Not just the crazy about drama, but also normal life.. Whatever you want.. I promise you will succeed! Good luck.

  2. Covid is not dangerous like they tell you. The illness is real but the danger from it is completely false.. Don’t believe the number especially from the United States where I am. We are learning the truth here. Hospitals would add other deaths to the covid death count because American hospitals were paid up to 17000 dollars for every covid death. So they would take people who died from other things and say it was covid. It was all a test of tyranny for America. The elite want to take America down. Donald Trump is standing in there way. Thus country lobes Trump don’t believe our liberal biased media.
    Just some food for thought

  3. hi peter. I hope you can persevere and make it through. I was getting concerned when your content was crazy dramatic. best of luck

  4. Peter , don’t make plans with out her . Anything worth having is Worth fighting for.
    You will not find a REAL woman better than her.

  5. My wife and I are thinking about buying a place the the Malolos bulacan area. We live in the US and thinking about retirement in a few years so starting to look. I was wondering if you do a video on buying a home and financing it. Have mortgage in US and how easy is it to get a mortgage in Philippines

  6. Hey mate, quick question for you, I know as a foreigner you can’t own land in Philippines, but can you purchase a property including the land in your child’s name if you have a child with a filipina? as I have a ex-partner and a child in Philippines that I help support, but planning to retire soon, a year or two and was thinking I could purchase a property in my child’s name.

  7. Peter have you heard about the U.S. navy coming back to subic bay? I am in the U.S. and saw on the military news that the U.S. navy is moving back to subic bay and they are estimating it will bring 30,000 new jobs to the area. Also if so, Americans will be buying houses too. So it will be a good time to be in property sales. Can you do a video on the topic. Long time subscriber and sorry to hear about you and the Misses

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