Criminal Defamation in the Philippines – A Law You Should Know

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  1. You mean if I visit another country I have to follow their laws not the laws of my country? Who could be retarded enough not to know that and still function as an adult?

  2. A good way of handling this slandering and namecalling, anyone that accusing someone of something ”criminal” should be able to back it up with specific law, I can’t see that those guys can.

  3. Hello Relay, I was on me we contacted to you and your community page. Now with my new oneplus phone I can’t enter anymore.
    Can you help in one way or another? Thanks in advance.
    Greetings and God bless you and Vie from Ferdie from Holland

  4. I watched the first 25 minutes, an interesting concise overview of the differences in the law on this topic. We are products of our culture, tradition and religious indoctrination and life experience. For example, family law has become a huge practice area in the West and a major reason many men are now avoiding marriage. Yet there are those who expect every man to bend a knee and sacrifice themselves irrespective of the divorce statistics.

  5. Wait a quick second sir, did I understand you correctly? did some idiot Disturbed your mother about nonsense? That has crossed over the line of any kind of civil decency. You need to put a stop to this kind of harassment immediately. Forgive me, I do know you’re taking care of business. It just caught me by surprise of what degree thoughtless people will go to.

  6. Always keep your opinions to yourself and always remember to respect the people because remember you are a guest in the Philippines and itโ€™s not a right to be there itโ€™s a privilege

  7. With any luck, your trolls will understand what you’re saying and stop the nonsense. For me, the trolls just prove what kind of strange and/or dangerous people there are in this world. I have tried listening to a couple of them. They are antisocial Psychopaths that are in need of intensive therapy. Good luck to you in the future endeavors, Sir Enrique.

  8. Yes I just started to see on some of these sites the things that they have said and text like calling you some kind of amphibian or reptile Chanel as I am somewhat new as a viewer . This stuff should not go on and is disturbing as you are talking about it

  9. I did not like the 10 year old comment. You are living your life. Enjoy it. Too bad there is not a filter for people like him. (Sorry if that was a woman and I assumed it was a guy)

  10. What if I say something bad about a person on Facebook while Iโ€™m in the USA and then fly to the Philippines and that person tries to use what I said on Facebook while I was in the USA against me in the Philippines?

  11. Yeah a lot of jealous ppl. I can imagine with you having 60 k subscribers. Lol. I can even say for myself I found a lot of people who I thought were my friends, were mad at me for visiting the philippines…they are jealous because they are in an unhappy marriage and saw pictures of me having a great time.

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