1. It’s more fun in the Philippines! 😀
    Driving at night without major headlights is really dangerous. We really try to avoid driving at night.

  2. But not many accidents happen. Why? because the right of way is not a big thing. If the other driver took your right of way, Filipinos don’t go gung-ho over such trivial thing. In the west, the guy who was offended would tailgate you or blow his horns and give the middle finger. Major difference too is the honking of horn is a courtesy thing, informing you that either he is passing or just so you would know that you should be aware that he is there, possibly posing a danger whereas in the west, honking is aggressive.

    Driving in the west is equally stressful with the constant change of speed limits, police cars with speed cameras, and crazy rage drivers.

    Every afternoon on my way to work, I always witness rear benders. It drives me nuts that on a very well regulated roads where speed cameras abound, and speed limit set at 60 kph in a 40 kilometers stretch of road, there is always someone hitting the back of someone. Despite penalties against mobile phones, many drivers still use their mobile phones.

  3. LOL Tell me about it, its the same over on Cebu up in the province where our home is. Thats why i seldom went out in the car at night. Flashing lights are not used, coz they will not be there the next day. Theft is rampant. I saw that VHire coming at you at speed, Brian, before we purchased our vehicle , as an ex Highway cop in another life, i was very reluctant to ride in a VHire
    because of the crazy driving. Almost like they had a very tight schedule to keep, OR, the driver was competing with other VHire
    drivers , how quick he can do the trip to Cebu City. Like who is the fastest driver. LOL. Bob. I could write a book about it.

  4. Brian❤️…I Do Not see any signs of speed limits?
    Is There A Speed Limit In The Philippines or Do you just drive whatever and have to be a defense full driver to Survive roads?

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