COVID-19 Vietnam Visa Extensions & RIPper Thailand Update

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  1. nice! i’m surprised they have all the chairs on the beach there. there is a part of me that wishes I cruised down there to hang out at the beach but easy delivery of everything via HappyFresh, GrabFood, FoodPanda up here in BKK is a nice plus. good to see you and Nat smiling. good on yah. Peace my friend. Ciao

  2. Hi JC, we made it back from Vietnam on March 11th. Korean airlines canceled our flight home so we flew home on JAL. Now back in the states our town just went on lock down last week so very few people are out. I’m staying in the house unless I have to buy food. Be safe and thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Only problem is in Vietnam the extensions are very costly. You would think the logical solution is some kind of Special Visa Waiver program not only in Vietnam but in all places effected so it does not encourage people movement. Well countries who are letting extortion happen they won’t make a good name for themselves

  4. I flew back to Hollywood California feb 10 to pay taxes and check real estate investments and decided to stay here in California during the covid -19 pandemic,I do have a large family in Vietnam and can enter Vietnam today if needed,might be quarantined, my wife and I figured just stay put for everyone safety and respect,hope everyone stays healthy and safe 🙏🏻👋

  5. It is spooky quiet here in Cha-am, isn’t it? We’re normally at the coffee bar @cha-am for a beer most nights these days… You and Nat should pop by some day if you want.

  6. Hi JC. I just returned back to Canada from Mae Hong Son a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t realize how serious covid is when I was there, but it spreads like a wild fire. Be careful and stay safe.

  7. Haha yeah exactly what I saw when I went out food shopping, Thai and Farang alike pulling down their masks to itch nose, eyes and mouth. This is exactly how the virus gets in if your hands are infected.

  8. You bare absolutely correct JC in that Vitamin C is vital and sunbathing is an excellent idea. Unfortunately here in Bangkok most condos have closed their pools (not that many Thai people use them ha ha) We were is Cha-am last month at Tony’s place on soi 2

  9. Great video as always. Stay safe JC and keep that beautiful wife of yours and the kids safe. I know you will. Keep the videos coming when you can cause we have lots of time to watch now!

  10. JC please stop giving medical advice, you are not qualified. Please listen to the medical experts. There is no evidence that vitamen D does anything to prevent or help fight the virus.

    1. Mike Funderburk Therefore, No Personal Responsibility? What about the number of doctors using HydroxyCholoroquine right now? Are they also irresponsible because Bl;ind Trials(which would take years to accomplish) as well. A big stretch to say that a person who took Fish Tank Cleaner and subsequently died as a result(self medicating without at least speaking with a doctor or even a pharmacist) is the responsibility of the President?

    2. @Mike Parker They acted inappropriately on Trump’s half-assed medical advice! If he had not suggesed taking a drug that hadn’t been cleared for such use then thes obviously scared people would not be DEAD or in the hospital. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. They heard it from the president so their plight is on his hands!

    3. @Mike Parker I’m sure your correcting of my misspelling is a comfort to the woman in the hospital who lost her husband after acting on the boneheaded misstatements by Trump! Her words not mine.

    4. Mike Funderburk Trump said “Hydroxy Chloroquine”. Also he said consult a doctor first and do not self medicate. HydroxyChloroquine is a controlled substance that can only be obtained through a prescription. Your comments are inaccurate.

  11. Việt Nam has been an awesome. I am happy with my move from Thailand.

    Yes… My 3 month visa ends soon. I need a visa extension.. Yes.. Expensive. There is gossip of those extensions being nearly free next week. We’ll see.

  12. Don’t worry it’s just a common flu. Unfortunately more die jobless or by suicide because it’s a made believe virus to give time to switch to digital dollar. Open your eyes people

    1. @cloudtoground no I have a chart of the most deadly diseases per day On top its tuberculosis at 3014 hep B is 2430 Pneumonia 2214 HIV 2110 malaria 2002 shigellosis 1644 rotavirus 1233 seasonal flu 1022 norovirus 548 whooping cough 448 typhoid 390 cholera 380 meningitis 330 measles 347 rabies 162 Cov19 120 the 16th place the common flu its much worse.

    2. It’s probably 5 -10 times worse than the seasonal flu but they’re making it out to be the great plague. If you’re over 65 it becomes much more lethal.

  13. I think they don’t want people to buy up all the masks because the healthcare community people will run out of them and they need them. That being said our family has some because when people cough or sneeze they spread the virus through aerosol. As people have mentioned this virus is spreading way too fast for people touching their face alone. So wear it if you’re around people because all it takes is one person sneezing on you to get it.

  14. If we can teach people to wash their hands correctly, then we can teach people to use masks correctly.

    I realize there is a shortage of masks in many places and we need the medical professionals to have access to them, but I really wish governments had chose a different approach than “you’re too ignorant to use masks correctly”.

  15. You said young people don’t need to worry as they will recover. Well a young lady of 21 years with no previous heath issues died here in the UK. I think we all should heed the warning that are being issued by the health experts.

  16. Michigan checking in and we are alive and kickin! We will get through this and when we are set free I want to make a Bee Line to Asia! TY for the uploads.

  17. Isolated here in Nevada. Any videos from Thailand is good. Helps reliieve the stress. I think Malaysia and Laos have waived extension fees. Not sure what Thailand will do.

  18. I share your concerns that total economic shutdown *might not* be the best option, but it’s too late now, anyway – and it’s pretty much a level-playing field in those terms globally (so nobody seems to have an advantage). Masks – to wear them or not if you’re not showing symptoms? – seems to be a contentious point and I read very contradictory opinions from all the experts (including the WHO). Academic, in many ways, since masks are hard to find in many places now (I have some disposable ones on order, but Amazon doesn’t have a clue when they’ll be here). All on lockdown here in the UK. What grim times. That beach sure looks nice.

  19. Thank you for updating your stated stance on wearing masks. Yes, while they may not be a 100% effective barrier it may prevent many 2-way exchange situations.

  20. Comox Valley BC Canada, in the middle of an outbreak zone, needless to say the ceramics studio is closed and we’re in lockdown! Stay Healthy folks! We’ll catch you on the flip side!

  21. When the Mall Security Guards check my temperature lately it has been a range of 32 C to 36 C, At 32 I should be dead. Currently A State of Emergency was declared by the PM. In essence one can out for shopping for food, medical services, essential work and banking. I did not think going to the beach was allowed? The Army Chief pleaded with the country “:Stay Home or suffer a mandatory Quarantine”. The Deputy Prime Minister hinted that a Quarantine might 24 hours. AKA, Stay Home unless you have essential business.

    1. If Alcohol is banned then the real Civil Unrest would be begin. A beer or two a day is a coping for many(this includes me as well). Stay at home is fine as long the electricity does not go out and the Internet is not shut down or streaming is throttled.

    2. Liquor stores are opened around here but not bars. I never knew liquor was essential. Yesterday I passed a liquor store I saw a long line of men standing maintaining a distance waiting to get inside to buy liquor. Liquor is heavily taxed here that’s about the only explanation why they are opened. Whereas drugs and food are not taxed where I live.

  22. Hi Kevin L.A Rob here.. well they just closed all Los Angeles beaches till April 19th there trying to keep people from congregating.. my brother and i just took a 5 mile walk around Marina Del Rey.. i am sure you know where that is… exercise and sun are going to go hand in hand to keep our bodies healthy.. so i am 100% with you on your decision to have your family out on the beach until the Thai Government closes them… stay well stay safe… but more important stay fit…

  23. I have seen Cha Am like this before, about 10-12 years ago that was normal in evening’s, and was the reason for why it become my favorite place in Thailand, coming down there after some weeks in Bangkok in July, and i could walk in the middle of street if i wanted, that is a huge contrast 🙂

  24. If you can smell food through the mask it is not biologically filtring enough to stop a virus entering. Plus, the seals around the edge need to be partial vacuum to ensure all is filtered. So far I agree with JC. If the mask is not tight as above or disturbed or dropped below the nose then not completely useless as it may help reduce outbound sneezing droplets – not stop but reduce. Therefore I agree with JC and the implied logic as outlined above.

  25. Your complying “because everyone wants you to comply” “It May be warranted or it may be overkill depending on what you believe about the virus and everything else” really JC ? “Young people don’t have to worry so much” ??? Really? Do you realize the death rate in Italy is currently over 10% ? So yeah young people need to worry… if they bring home the virus they may have a 10% chance of killing their parents or grandparents depending on where they live so yeah young people need to worry…
    A lot. What exactly do peoples beliefs have to do with anything regarding the Coronavirus??? Shouldn’t people be trying to understand the facts as best they can at this early stage? You seem to have a rather cavalier attitude about this. Very very disappointing to see your attitude JC

    1. BS. The death rate is nothing like 10% – those old Italians had existing conditions. They might have died while having China virus, but that doesn’t mean that is what killed them. Many more die from flu. Wake up.

  26. *everyone should be wearing a mask in public.
    That’s how to stop the spread.
    People are contagious before they know they have the virus, so just wear it.
    It’s a minor inconvenience, but if everyone is doing it, then lockdowns and travel bans aren’t necessary.
    I was going around for 5 days with a minor sore throat before I knew I had the virus, not wearing a mask, I hope I didn’t infect anyone.

  27. JC, no declarations by Thai Quarantine officials about daily exercise outside! Are we permitted to go out for 1-2 hours at the beach for cycling, Nordic walking, etc? Thanks

    1. Find beach or seashore where is not the main tourist point so no guards/officers to bother you. IF you can’t find that in your area, wearing mask and glove might be an excuse to do your activities.

  28. I live in Chiang Rai, regarding masks everyone has on dust masks it is very hard to find n95 masks. I was nurse in Florida if visitors went into a room with a patient with a respiratory infection they would be required to wear a mask. Very strange they are telling us now do not wear a mask. Everyone has a mask on in Chiang Rai even if the wrong kind except Western people. It gives us a very bad image.

  29. JC when can I return to Thailand to visit my Thai wife. Long story short Im not traveling through the US but Dubai direct coming from afghanistan Im american

    1. M. Asquino Presently only those with a Diplomatic Passport, Airline Crew or those with a Valid Work Permit for Thailand can enter. Just heard about a British National who wanted to enter to see the birth of his child but was denied. It is unknown when the Barrier to Enter Thailand will be lifted. The Prime Minister has declared a State of Emergency for the entire nation until April 30, 2020.

  30. Visited Cha Am just two weeks ago, and it was almost deserted even then. The place is different in the weekends, granted. Wore a mask during the last couple of days in Bangkok, and at crowded places. I realised how often I subconciously touch my nose, because a tickle from a hair or any other stupid reason. The virus is spread by hand. And for that the mask is good protection along with good hand-hygiene. Acting as if you got it is the best way to avoid getting it

  31. Mask do help. Your symptoms are directly related to the amount of virus you are initially exposed to. It called inoculation. Since 99% of the virus rides on moisture, a mask will stop all that. So, if you get it your symptoms will be much less if you get it off a door knob as opposed to someone coughing in your face. They are only telling people not to wear a mask because of mask shortages….

  32. Staying in my $50 a month apartment in San Diego watching the nearly empty trolleys roll by walking to Albertsons for food every 5 or so days.

  33. Do you think that tourism will take a bad hit due to the Pandemic? I was actually planning to visit Thailand (Bangkok 🙂 ) for 60 Days this winterseason, maybe January/February, but now I am not sure how this all will affect the situation in Thailand. You are my most trusted source on anything Thailand, could please be so kind share your thought on this? Highly appreciated!

    (I know it is not about retirement, but being just 35 years old, I can’t yet retire and a normal visa seems impossible to get for me, so I just want to visit the place a couple of months per year until the right time comes 🙂 )

  34. By the way, elderly don’t necessarily have to be a high risk group. But if there are underlying health problems, it can hit them pretty hard (sadly). This is the perfect time to kick those bad habits that are challenging your health, e.g. smoking, being very sedentary, having a poor diet, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking any other recreational drugs, etc. A fit and healthy 70 year old that eats a sound diet, is active throughout the day, and does somekind of resistance training, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t hang out at the bars with the pretty thai girls will be in much better position to battle the viral infection vs the obese inactive smoker, that drinks to many beers and cocktails at the bar every day.

    Watch out for yourselves 🙂

  35. Why Thailand don’t have the same on line extension tourist visas made possible is absolutely disgusting, the Bangkok, Jomtien and Phuket Immigration offices have been overrun with people no separation and can wait up to 8 hours in queues, it’s criminal imo.

  36. But you’re assuming everyone is on a short tourist visa. I’m on a 1 year that does not expire until January 2021 but I have to leave April 14th which is the 3 month mark.

    I can’t leave the country is locked down until the 15th so what do I do? I contacted company you listed but they don’t understand my situation.

  37. Hi JC and other members! This is Charlie from Hai Phong Vietnam.I also have a 1 year multiple entry visa until dec 2020.I got caught in the 90 day catch 22 situation of having to leave Vietnam on March 8th so I went to Taiwan for a week and came back to Vietnam on the 15th. The govt instituted a policy on I believe the 15th that everyone entering the country would be quarantined for 15 days.So I got back under the wire and was living here for 10 days when I was notified that I would be quarantined but because I had already been back for 10 days, I only had to be quarantined for 4 days! So I went to Viet tiep hospital in Hai Phong were I had a very nice private room with ac&a hot shower They set me up with an English speaking social worker and even prepared special meals for me they thought a westerner would like.I was at liberty to walk around the hospital as long as I wore a mask.When I left things were normal here but as of yesterday there is mandatory self quarantine and everything is closed except for markets, pharmacies, essential services.I did find a few take away restaurants but they might be closed by now This policy supposed to last for 15days.They Vietnamese have done a fantastic job so far in containing the virus but they found a new locus of infections at a large hospital in Hanoi.If this gets out then they will be in trouble because they are much poorer than Thailand, Taiwan, Korea.They just don’t have the health infrastructure to deal with it.They are resourceful and disciplined people but I fear for them .

  38. Hello,
    Hello JC.
    I have a problem in renewing my O A visa extension, at Immigration in Bkk because they don’t accept my insurance ( Regency for Expats ) they said it has to be from an insurance that has agreement with the Thai government, they gave me their web sites but I already pay for mine and I don’t need another one.
    Can you give your advice ?
    Thank you.

  39. Fear the Virus but please do not Panic.Unite to fight against the Virus.Stay at home use a Protection Mask.Do not listen to false Leaders.Trust your King.Trust your Government.

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