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  1. To date, our AB community only existed in YT comments. We believe this community has the potential to become the most positive and action-driven online community in the world. That’s why we created our own community app for you to download:
    App Store (iPhone):
    Play Store (Android):
    If you always wanted to interact more directly with our team, get access to all the behind-the-scenes stuff, and trade insights on current events and social issues with other intellectually curious individuals, we invite you to become a proper member of our community.

    We want to thank all our overseas members for expressing their honest thoughts in this video. Obviously, their views and opinions do not reflect those of the general populations of their countries, but we appreciate their willingness to step up and share viewpoints that might not reflect the popular opinion. That’s what Asian Boss is all about. We understand how some Filipinos may disagree with the expressed views on how the Filipino government is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we want to give you the opportunity to speak for yourself. We are looking for two candidates from the Philippines with opposing views to jump on a video chat with us and debate each other in a civilized and professional manner. Write to us at and tell us what your qualifications are and why you want to come on our videos. We will record the video chat together for our global viewers. We invite all commenters here to apply. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. I feel sad while reading that Philippine correspondence mislead the information. I’m from indoporlen and he’s telling the reality in here exactly what we feel. Hope we all stay safe and healthy.

    2. @aligaga tala
      I hate debates. I just want a fun conversation-like interview about current events.
      But I’m busy so maybe others can do it. 😊

    3. @aligaga tala Barking at the wrong tree, Spreading LOVE is way different from spreading fake information. Lecture that PH correspondent about quality information.

    4. @Noe Rdm quality & not quantity!!! spread LOVE & God will do the rest. Behavior is a Mirror in which Everyone displays his own Image (J.W. von Geothe)

    5. @ASIANBOSS i guess there is no need for a debate, its your post, your correspondent, do your own fact checking if what she said is true or not. what she just mentioned on the video was not her opinion. She illustrated what she think is happening. She generalize the whole thing. All she mentioned were negative fragments of the whole situation.

      ASIAN Boss, you should be the one to correct what you had posted.
      I dont think there is need for a debate coz if you read the comments here, with so many people reacting against her views, you will already know that woman is lying and she is just sensationalizing it with tears to please you.
      Especially if she is being paid by you guys, A Soap Opera kind of thing!

  2. The one from PH is not competent to represent PH at all. Asian Boss how did you choose her? So disappointing…. Clearly she’s not updated.

  3. I think the filipina lady is bias. Filipino people know what I am pointing. Specifically when she discuss about how powerful is the President right now.

  4. It’s funny to see that you asian boss from Philippines is out of knowledge on what’s happening in Philippines right now. such a shame.

  5. I demand to fire your Filipina correspondent. She’s so corrupt and undisciplined, making excuses that she can’t even help. I’m not rich but I did my part in helping others. You cant go to places but u can transfer money(thru western union, Palawan Express, MLhuiller) if u have since u can still buy groceries in PH.

  6. Funny how this Filipina girl was seen on live telling and sharing to the world black propaganda infos… Magkano ba girl???🤑🤑🤑🤟🤟🤟😂😂😂

  7. To Miss Philippines, I feel sad to our government they are doing their best working their butt very hard to help our fellow countrymen It shows that you don’t understand what our President has said during his speech… I think you need to see a doctor and have an ear check-up. and one more thing Miss Philippines you need to read more and check if those are real facts and not just chismiss..

  8. Thank you for Asian Boss effort helping us to be aware of the situation in many countries and places around Asia under the COVID 19 pandemic. The message from this edition is very important (perhaps we should forward it to others as soon as possible). Very much hope that governments, administrations and authorities can take note of that seriously.

  9. Clearly can see there’s no member from china since they trynna cover anything thats happening there, I mean the way they treating foreigners n kicking out black people into the streets hope Asian Boss can cover this topic at some point!!!!! Stay safe people!!!

  10. Hi I’m filipino and I can say that the Philippine representative didn’t really know the situation in PH. She only tell the effect not the cause, and why a riot occur and arresting them is for the sake of other Filipino’s obeying the enhance community quarantine. The riot was also done because some stupid officials that do not follow the protocols and doing dirty politics amidst the pandemic. President Duterte did his very best to control the pandemic but if we don’t follow it. It will become meaningless. Also the quarantine pass that was given is also to protect you and your family from the virus and to implement social distancing. The government issued a pass because they know that filipino’s are not discipline and they know there are a lot of people breaking the rules. We use the pass so that we can buy essential stuff like groceries, medicine and etc, and I think one person can do it unless you are disabled. For PH representative. I only have one thing to say. Wag kang tanga te.. Nakakaloka ka.

    Magresearch at panuorin mo muna lahat ng balita para nmn magkalaman naman utak mo te.

    1. @Ali what????? Haisst! Are u crazy??? The president said two times warning and if the disobedient people fight against the policemen it’s time for them to protect themselves too! Got it???? You’re too literal! You didnt get what the president mean in his message! You’re too biased and one sided one! Be more ocmprehensive in understanding the speech of the president!

    2. Juz Ellen Duerte is known internationally as a thug. He literally said “shoot them dead” to anyone who defies his order. Duerte needs to resign ASAP.

  11. Wow. I will stop using the word “lockdown” after seeing this video. In the USA it just depends on where you are, but generally similar to what the charming young lady in Tokyo describes. I’m from NYC but in FL at the moment with complete freedom but there’s nowhere to go apart from grocery store or pharmacy. Beaches closed. Bars closed. Everything else is closed. I heard from friends back in NY, things are open but each store makes their own rules, i.e — only 10 allowed in at one time, others say not allowed in without a face mask (impossible to find you make your own out of an old t-shirt of something) — fewer subway lines running, so that means each car is more crowded than the next one…..

  12. Oh mY God… PH rep is stupid af!!! 😥😥 Asian Boss please she is not stating facts. The government is doing its best about this pandemic. Power?? Strong? What do you expect? A lot of people are not listening to the phrase, STaY at home. Shoot them dead?? Seriously? The president did not say that they will shoot people. It is for the leftist and the rebels who will try to harm the frontliners . Again? Violators.. Philippine is currently number 1 in South east asia of covid cases. Why??? Because people wont stay at home..

    Please asian boss and to your subcribers, what she said is not what is happening at all… 😥

  13. Interesting to see Asian countries facing similar problems as the US, except Asians have been much smarter about wearing masks. Hopefully, there will not be shortages in any country after this, as I am not for forced global vaccination.

  14. I really love the Japan girl. What she is saying is so true, we need to support each other! And although this is a sad situation we can make it a positive one!!!!! And the Indonesian guy is spot on too! Influencers need to spread the message to stay home!

  15. Trump said any American can get a test and it would be free after calling it a hoax.

    But USA has a testing crisis/shortage.

    Playing the blame game to deflect how the entire country is still unprepared and overwhelmed.

    What a joke.

  16. bobo mo naman ate. ang dami mong pedeng sabihin na positibo pero mas pinili mo pa talagang sirain ang pilipinas. katanga. puro fake news ang sinabi mo.

  17. you know what that woman from the phils is just stupid. In the Phils, nothing got shot yet. The story about her friend is just obviously fabricated. If you have a friend from another town and you really wanted to help, then do some search how to contact their barangay to have them pay a visit to that person. She’s talking like there are no more solutions when it is just lingering there waiting to be pulled. Obviously, she just wanted to go out and spread the virus. She wanted this lockdown to be lifted while the virus is there. The fact that she still have internet connection means she still have some sort of freedom and entertainment while on lockdown. The government did not take that out from the people. So please stop spreading lies, you leftist.

  18. Your correspondent from the Philippines should be replaced with someone more eloquent, research-based, unbiased, apolitical, and well-informed. She’s clearly not fit for the role. ☹️

    P. S. The situation here in the Philippines is not as bad as she’s trying to project. Tsk. Our government is not perfect, the DOH and FDA are not that sharp either, but I must say that the IATF, LGUs, and other agencies are doing their job in as much as they can.

    1. She defends herself by saying that is her personal opinion and feelings based on her experience.
      Clearly, something is off since if you transcribe her statements, she is generalizing in her desctiption of what is happening.

  19. When the pandemic started and it hadn’t hit my country yet, I bought masks for less than $1
    For a piece and a less than $5 for a box
    When there were only 8 people with the disease within my country(Nigeria) it became over $50
    And I still don’t know who bought them all cause such few people wear them
    The only thing I have that can make me feel a little safe is the smiley mask I bought online last November

    1. That’s expensive! Are those surgical masks or N95?

      In the Philippines, surgical masks for a box of 50 pcs costs $1 before, but now it’s $10 per box. Some sell it for $20 to $30 too.

      For n95 masks, it costs $2 each before, but now it’s $4 and most are fake.

  20. I was so moved. My heart breaks to hear those who were born or struck into poverty are undergoing so much more strife, it is unjust and so so sad. I’m going to share this to as many people as possible and encourage more to listen to these testimonials. Thank you for proving this information!

  21. Maybe your philippine team member is not updated coz govt will start mass testing starting april 14. And there are emergency quarantine facilities set up already to receive possible covid19 patients as well as positive covid19 people. Your philippine correspondent is probably having paranoia attacks, the situation is not as scary as it seems. Anyone can go out so long as the person carry a quarantine pass. There is a curfew though. Police dont arrest anyone who is outside. They only arrest in extreme cases. Definitely there is no shoot to kill order from the police . As of april 10, there is not one person shot by police for violating quarantine rules. Anyone caught roaming around after curfew are gathered in one corner and lectured about the dangers of covid19 and then they are sent home. She is just describing all the negatives without mentioning a lot of wonderful things happening. Like major corporations, tycoons have donated millions of dollars in relief efforts. Liquor plants have been converted to produce medical grade alcohol to support the frontliners. Vegetable farmers giving away their products to people for free. Local and national govt providing relief items to poor people as well as people who rely on daily wages. Also national govt has provided emergency cash to people who needs them the most. Then there are ordinary folks giving reliefs and packed lunches to homeless people. People making PPE, masks and face shields for frontline workers. Churches and schools have converted their places as temporary shelters. Hotels have offered their facilities as temp shelter for frontline workers for free. And since public transpo were suspended, some people offer free rides. And so on and so forth. The girl from the philippines is kinda biased

    1. Some commenter said she still continue to do those things on asian boss app, so it’s not just paranoia. She’s definitely biased anti-Duterte. Reporters must remain neutral when reporting.

  22. the Filipino girl is those people like to post oustduterte on Twitter.. exaggerating infos.. oh i forgot asianboss has been doing these destabilizing duterte admin..

  23. My sympathies towards the PH reporter. I hope she has some good emotional support where she lives. Horrible things happen, and it’s okay to complain. But let’s not forget to take time to control get our emotions back into control as well, so that we’re better able to help our fellow citizen!

  24. In Indonesia, Jakarta is the first city to enact large scale social distancing (PSBB = Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar) and soon to be followed by Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi, all those are led under their highly millenial governor Mr Ridwan Kamil, and as far as i know, public transportation are now mostly have mininmal amount of passengers in it, they limited it until 6 PM, and in Jakarta, in business districts like South Jakarta are now very much empty, like maybe only several cars in 1km stretch of road, also the sky here is beautiful now, we can see Mt Salak from center of Jakarta, if you know how Jakarta sky and air quality was like before this pandemic you’ll be amazed at how clean it is now.
    The government has been instructing everyone to wear masks when they go out, however instead of regular surgical mask, they told us to use cloth mask at least, as they said it blocks like 70% of particles, surgical masks are reserved for medical personnel and the people who directly handles the pandemic, they also have been converting Wisma Atlet (Athlete’s Guesthouse) that used to house ASEAN Games 2018 athletes into improvised quarantine and treatment center, the complex is comprised of several towers and is quite large.
    I can say the people here can be polar opposites, most are obedient and stayed home if they can as has been instructed by the government, many are helping others less fortunate, that includes many social media personalities here who started their own crowdfunding to help others, some celebrities and businesses even handing out free food and logistics to people on the street, while on the opposite side, many people are even seen hanging out in public, gathering for wedding, denying the bodies of deceased nurses, moving the graves of deceased covid 19 patient, so on and so forth.

    It’s very difficult handling the situation here due to the people that’s largely demanding freedom in doing things and bureaucracy that’s making situation more complex, but we’re still standing now, i hope we can all get through this!

  25. The Indian government has capped surgical masks price with 3 layers to 30-40 cents. I haven’t seen a single mask that costs 14 dollars yet.

    1. @Your Supreme Leader i don’t think so because same rules apply to the whole country. And even on e-commerce sites, N95 masks are no more than 5-7 dollars.

  26. Greetings to everyone at Asian Boss! I’m a Filipino. It may seem that the Filipino Representative’s sources are slightly limited and slightly outdated, it’s not entirely wrong; what she said is true and is still relevant today. Just because something bad happened in the past, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening right now. The reason why some commenters are discrediting her is because some Filipinos have become so complacent with how corrupt our government is, that they have tendencies to attack their fellow Filipinos personally who are doing things for the betterment of our country. It’s not like our president isn’t doing anything, it’s just that he isn’t doing enough, given that he already has been granted of special powers. Even if we’re a 3rd world country, we have billions of Filipino money from tax payers that should be used for the pandemic response. However, some government officials are too slow and incompetent to save those who need help because they are withholding our national budget. The gap between the privileged and the poor here is so bad, in addition of how uninformed we are, that Filipinos are fighting each other. Our crass acts of degrading anyone who doesn’t have the same views as us is so distressing that it even caught your attention in the comment section. And I deeply apologize for that. I believe that the things the Filipino Representative have said are the things that she believes should be given focus and attention to; it was on the top of her head. It shouldn’t be one’s top priority of telling what good our government has done because it should be a given. With every good our government makes, it is outweighed by how bad our government is in responding to this pandemic. If she did managed to mention the good and the bad, then she would’ve taken too much time from the video and wouldn’t have been able to inform the other nationals about the alarming things that are happening, or lacking thereof, here in the Philippines. I’m sure the other nationals weren’t able to also explicitly say what their country is experiencing, just like our Filipino Representative, they’re only humans. I don’t blame her for being emotionally overwhelmed, because our government and countrymen are just so frustrating and exhausting to live with. I am aware that what I am saying and what she have said do not reflect those of the general population of the Philippines; I try not to be biased because I am a literate and empathetic person, but I agree with everything that she said. I do hope that you won’t do anything bad to the Filipino Representative in response to the backlash that have been received from our fellow Filipinos; you may be her only source of financial assistance during this pandemic.

  27. This lady who talked about Philippines is spreading false information! ! She didnt know the deep situation in the Philippines! Crazy! She should know more and research how it happens and how did it start! Everything she says is false! Omg!!!!! Plz dont believe this lady! I think she is paid to tell the false information! The government in the Phililpines is doing their job to protect the people from covid but there are just hard headed and just go out and even fought againt the policemen. Now there are many frontliners infected bcoz of the those people who are hardheaded! This lady talking about Philippines must know her own country first! Dont spread false information!

  28. I have to wonder about all these comments about PH, whether these commenters have the easy middle to upper class life that they could be blind to worried that others may face. Anyway not that I am saying this girls comment is valid or not but just saying that most of the comments sound like what most decently well off people tend to say. But any those media companies that just took that short excerpt should really be ashamed of themselves.

  29. Ms.Asian Boss Phil. representative, you were asked what’s the latest update from the government? You were not asked how Mr. President is powerful.

  30. that ph representative is so bobo. PLEASE STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS! the government are doing their best for the ppl. I hope asian boss hire a new one.

  31. I just don’t understand why asian boss included the very biased opinions of the woman from the Philippines. Downvote. She does not fit the role at all.

  32. In Nepal, we’ve had 12 cases for the virus till date and we’ve been in lockdown for nearly a month. All the shops are closed except for groceries and pharmacies and we can’t go out unless it’s really needed to do so. Public transportation is also shut down. The government has ordered not to collect rents. People are donating and working to feed the homeless and street animals. Masks, sanitizers and handwash were scarce even before the lockdown. Overall, the situation is not that life threatening.

  33. Hey ASIAN BOSS the correspondent from Philippines she didn’t say the truth, the situation in the Philippines is better now.
    1. the government is doing everything for Filipino safety,
    2.they opened the philippine arena and other big stadiums for those who are positive for covid 19
    3.mass teating will begin next week, we expect the number of positive cases increase next week.
    4. you will be arrested if you don’t t wear a mask
    5. The local made testing kit will be used next week.
    And many more, the reporter from Philippines is obviously not favor of what the government is doing for Philippines.

  34. China should be held accountable for hiding and underplaying the informations from the initial outbreak in Wuhan. Most countries were blindsided and weren’t prepared at all for this. Too many people are suffering as the result

  35. Stay safe Hiroko, Kei, and the rest of the asian boss team! I miss Hirokos videos and her superior journalism. Can’t wait to see her back on the field again.

  36. Eunisia, see if you can create a FB page. Someone on other end of country might have resources and might want to help someone in your part. Use social network. Just a thought.

  37. India needs to do lockdown due to huge population we are 134 crores in terms of population in news reports there is an estimation if India doesn’t did lockdown for 21 days then we would have more than 8 lakh cases but due to lockdown it’s just 10000 cases it will be alot less if our few tablighi jamaat gathering won’t happened it would be just 4000 cases please everyone follow lockdown 🙏

  38. White people experience racism everyday from almost every other group. We aren’t whining. So what? Someone called u a g00k… GET OVER IT. You’re acting like Asians are being drug out and killed on the streets

  39. The correspondent from the Philippines is wrong in her statements. Her view point of the situation is very small to say the least. The Philippine government is doing it’s best to at least lessen the contamination rate here.

    I think the Philippine correspondent is misinformed and only think of herself and those around her. She needs to look outside of the box and see the bigger picture or at least talk to those who are in authority and ask them what the Philippine government is doing. That’s what a proper journalist will do.

    A proper journalist will look for ways to get correct information and doesn’t completely rely on the news from the TV or social media.

    To the Asian Boss founder, please get another correspondent here in the Philippines. There’s more reliable persons here than that crying woman.

  40. This is still terrifying for so many. I’ve been lucky and I just want to send positivity to the crew and others who are panicking. I know that’s not much but I hope they have their means of getting physical and mental help.

  41. To the Philippine commentator, my parents living in the philippines right now buy bags of rice and sardines to donate to their barangay because they deliver food door to door. My parents try to refuse the door to door donations when they come to our house because we are from the US, we don’t need the donation. But they give it to us anyway, so we just donate our rations to our neighbors.

  42. I am a Filipino, your representative here pictures our as if we are in martial law, Our Government put Luzon in enhanced community Quarantine, Its not how its looks, so bad she gave information hafl baked. I really dont know why she makes it look like as if the country is in chaos. The police and military are friendly, The riot she mentioned is an orchetrated riot, they were arrested because of Socila distancing.
    And it is not true that if you want to help and send relief you will not be allowed. It made me angry,

  43. The police and miliraty will not shot people like what shes been saying. Filipinos is know to world as country that smile through adversity. And she just put her country in bad image to the world. Its not a fair journalism.

  44. I just subcribed to your channel a while ago because you handled the interview with the South Korean Doctor well, very informative, the first and the second, i mean both interviews can bring good impoact to understand what we are going through right now.
    But the video conversation about the philippines it is not the real score here,. If you go here, the govt is so lenient, I never heard of a news here that military and the police shoot people.
    She should be cautious in what she is saying, because I always believe that YOUR WORD IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

    there are lot s of private citizen, including me, who gives help to the frontlinres and to those who need, with didn’t encounter problems with the checkpoints, if your intention is for the good of your countrymen, who will stop you?
    Stop the Drama, and the fake news, you are not helping the world to fight this pandemic in infusing panic to a lot of filipinos in other countries right now.

  45. I’m very disappointed on how the PH correspondent told the situation here in our country. Asian Boss, how can you choose someone who are incompetent as her.

  46. Yeah racist’m >->) you hear that PH? As a Chinese I’m really pissed for Filipino children ;-;) and maybe some grownups. Just because I’m Chinese doesn’t mean I can’t speak in your language, (just talking about how Filipinos treat Chinese ;-; not part of the conversation)

  47. Over here in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, we are on the 3rd stage of lockdown until the 31st of April. We are a bit lucky here because our gov managed to handle things quite well. In fact Malaysia is one of the well managed countries regarding this pandemic.

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