Country Living In Thailand – House, Pool and Land $90,500. Kui Buri, Prachuap Thailand.

In this video I show you a house with 2 acres of land, pool and house in the country for $90,500 USD. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf.

If you are interested in this house, following is the contact info: Jai Dongsaensuk PH: Country code (66) 094 813 2945


  1. God someone loved the teal green color🤪 2 toilets next to each other I’ve seeen it all now🤪 has lots of potential great video, good to see you handling the drone well🤣👍

  2. Nice to see ” AIR FORCE ACTIVE ” LOL . Thank you for the video . Hope to see you for dinner , going to Hua Hin in November . Stay safe .

  3. A bit expensive given the location and status of condition…wait a year and it’ll be 30% less if the US is any indication of global rates.

  4. I think for the amount of work regarding the house you might be better off to tear down and rebuild fairly inexpensively. Pretty area

  5. Always love the drone footage, it’s a beautiful area and not a bad price for everything you get, that used to be my dream but now I just want a small villa with very little to take care of and can leave for months at a time without worrying about upkeep. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Gift and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  6. Sad to see time and gain how foreigners invest money here and after they are gone or sent off everything is just sold and the wife returns to where she came from. Thanks for the video Joe. Stay Safe and Blessed!

  7. Love your stuff. After watching your videos and some other guys on here I finally started my own channel to document my life living in Thailand 🙂 Keep it up!

  8. Hello foreigner joe. From what I see the price should be about $40,000 – $50,000 USD Land in the province comes cheap. He will be lucky to get the 40-$50,000. I wish the guy good luck. He will need it.

  9. The following info was obtained from
    Foreigners Buying Land

    Thailand Property
    Though Thai Property Laws prohibit a foreigner from owning land in Thailand, there are other alternatives to owning land in Thailand.

    Using a Company

    A foreigner may own a land in Thailand in a name of Thai company (at least 51% of shares are Thai and 49% are foreign). This can be done as a Thai Limited Company or a registered Thai Partnership. The most common form of company registered in Thailand is the Thai Limited Company. If a company is going to support a work permit application, a two million baht capital is required for each work permit.

    Board of Investment (BOI)

    A foreigner, who invests in a minimum of at least one million Baht in Thailand for no minimum prescribed period of time, is entitled to buy up to 20 Rai of land for residential purposes for employees. However only 10 Rai for executives and directors of the Company. However, it must be noted that although it may be permissible to own up to 10 or 20 Rai, this depends on how large or small your company is and the activities involved, which will then be ultimately up to the discretion of the Board of Investment. This land brought also has to be located in the same area where the Company is located. The Board of Investment may also grant privileges to the applying company permission to own land if it will be used for an activity promoted by Board of Investment, however this must not exceed 5 rai and must be owned by a foreign company and also deal with the activity requested of. Please also bear in mind that permission from the Ministry of Interior must be obtained before any such grant.

    Buying Thai real estate under a leasehold interest is a very popular and preferred way for foreigners to acquire property in Thailand.

    Why is it the favored alternative?
    It is simple and straightforward.
    Foreigners can obtain full interest on a lease in Thailand throughout the specified lease term.
    This is preferred over purchasing through a limited company where you have several shareholders who may have interests that are different from yours.
    You can transfer the leasehold interest or even sell it the same as you would for any other freehold title conveyance in Thailand.
    The maximum lease term is 30 years.
    An option to renew will not be automatic and an additional 30 year periods will depend on careful drafting and discretion of the Registrar at the Land Office.

    Option 3: Marrying a Thai

    A foreigner can buy land in Thailand if he is married to a Thai however there are limitations as follows:

    As the non-Thai spouse, you need to state that you have no rights over the land; effectively waiving your rights to claim the property.
    The property, though purchased by you, cannot be in your name but will have to be in the Thai spouse.
    The married couple may be asked to sign declarations at the Land Department stating that the funds used are the separate property of the Thai spouse.
    Problems may still arise during a divorce case. Proving that the land is marital property will be difficult.
    There are basic guidelines that the law provides in the management of matrimonial assets and in this case, a skilfully drafted prenuptial agreement may help to minimize your risks as the non-Thai spouse.

  10. Nice location for someone who likes to have room to roam… but as things stand now with the Corona V., which is predicted to be with us for a little while, it would be hard to find an expatriate to be willing to spend all that money in a country which changes rules every year for them to stay in Thailand…

  11. You Have me wanting a Drone — Your a bad Influence 555 !!! Ill send you my line ID as soon as I get a chance ! say HI to Gift…. Everything is good with us ! Randy + Boom

  12. Wow Joe sounds like to me your speaking German lol..I was very impressed.I understood everything.Great vid as always.You and your better half stay safe

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