Cost of Living Philippines Cebu City

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Cost of Living Philippines Cebu City

Monthly cost of living here in Cebu City Philippines for the month of September 2020.

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  1. Good to see you again , Chris. Looks like your doing well. Good for you my friend.. I have tried every way I know to get a visa…yeah ,not happening. . Medical tourist , milatary SSRV , just a waist of time. But hopefully sometime in the future. . Stay well !!!

  2. Good video mate , enjoying our second day of 0 infections and 0 deaths finally starting to open in metro Melbourne .
    I know your #1 Sub will lose his load when he watches this video lol .
    Take Care πŸ‘

  3. Good to see you on Chris. We all were beginning to wonder if your internet would ever get up. We have Globe ( was pdlt) and trying to get them out to fix it is a fight. Luckily my sister-in-law was a teacher so she fights them everyday when down. Anyway hopefully see you live streaming soon. Even with the relaxed lockdown protocol I am still screwed as turn 72 tomorrow the 28th. Say hello to the family and stay healthy and safe.

  4. Thanks for posting this one. I like a budget video every now and then. I’m retiring next year and moving over there when they open the country up for foreigners. Good to know the theoretical budget in my head is still possible.

  5. Hi Chris, I hope that you and the family are all doing well. With this video you have just made low roller’s day; week or even his month. I am looking forward to your next live stream. Take care of yourself and the family plus stay safe and healthy. As always try to have fun.

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