The cost of living varies by the area you live in the Philippines, from cities like Manila, Cebu City, Iloilo City, Dumaguete, Davao, or provinces and small towns. Your lifestyle and living requirements and amenities also are a factor. Real estate, lots, houses and condos offer a lot of choices.


  1. Great video sir so would you say that it would be easy to live on 40 thousand a month with no rent no car and no kids some of these guys saying I would need 75 to 80 thousand a month is just ridiculous

  2. Rod,
    I went “higher” on every monthly expense you listed. Everything plus $100.00 USD for motorcycle lease + insurance ( another vlogger told me that’s what he pays per month) does NOT equal my rent payment alone! That is my answer to question you posed in your last video! ( In case it slipped your mind it was, “Why do you want to move to SE Asia?) Thanks for the video it was interesting! I call you to come pick me up at Mactan-Cebu!

  3. You’re doing exceptionally well to live your lifestyle on 40K, when I lived in Makati 13 years ago that was my monthly rent ! I guess it’s horses for courses. On my 3 monthly visits I spend too much but I’m just a tourist these days so is acceptable. Cheers Gerry

  4. my girlfriend that I love to death, live in Cagayan De Oro City, she say’s the cost-of-living there’s much less, then in large metropolitan city, with a lot of foreigners that stay there, I would like to know your opinion on this Thank you sir. I’m retired; I live on $ 2,000 USD Monthly Social security check,Again thank you for your time.

  5. 1:52 Air Conditioning – Again you want a window or split aircon to have a inverter motor . Said to consume up to 30 % less electricity . And of course the split aircon is so much more quieter . I’m sure the reason they are installed in the living room and other such rooms . And I suppose distributes the coolness better ? And it’s been said burglars gain access by removing the window aircon . Obviously not an issue with the split aircon . The reason they put protective cages over them on the outside .

  6. I think you do very well with your expenses. I would say I would struggle on that budget, basically I am not good at getting best price and would need assistant. I think I did not spend that much on food, but everything else you are spot on. Really enjoy your vlogs.

  7. Good break down again Rod…
    Still on GCQ here in CDO…
    Was going to go to modified but someone in eternal wisdom stopped it…….Bummer..
    Very little virus here…..Single digits so far…

    Take care mate..

  8. Rod I remember one of the First videos I watched of you. You we’re doing a cost from the store. I got a kick out of it because you were showing the items and throwing them on the bed. I commented to you that you had to pick them all back up again. And I got hooked from that day on. I love the monthly or whatever expenses report

  9. As usual Rod ! Thanks for getting a very good idea of your budget during confinement. You keep it simple and people like it . Well, I like it.

  10. Rod you seem to live a pretty good Lifestyle on that amount of money. Your videos pretty much show how a person can live on different amounts of money good job

  11. Good information on a very useful topic Rod, I think your budgeting is good considering you like to buy some better Western style foods sometimes , and lead a decent lifestyle. I’m sure many will spend more, and some less but this is a good benchmark for people to work from. Well done for always bringing good information in an entertaining way.

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