Cost of Living in The Philippines 2020

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Cost of Living in The Philippines 2020

Monthly cost of living here in Cebu City Philippines for the month of January 2020.

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  1. Best breakdown of the cost so far. Funny you mentioned some “changed coming” I assume you’re alluding to some cutbacks due to the markets, good luck convincing Pinays of this lol

  2. cris u got it made l just paid $3400.00 canadian dollars for a 950 Sq. ft furnished 1 bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto ontario canada and 200.00 dollars a week for groceries and $300.00 a month for parking. and 400.00 van payment and gas on top of that. plus utilities on my home and phone and tv and Internet on top plus $1000.00 for heat. from end of September to mid. to end of may. l’m trying to decide on moving to cebu my fiance has 3 children there and family members there she is philipino l’m in Canada and she is in Hong Kong working. thanks for the breakdown of costs. new to the channel ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜†

  3. Een bellgie man 13jaar in pallawan simpel leven aan see. Ex parra commando 72jaar oud 10000maal beter dan in bellgie โคโคโคโค de fillippijnen alleen pallawan is 10a20 percent dan de rest van de filippijnen zelf voor een simpel leven

  4. Good information mate. agree do the cooking yourself, not many good places too eat out anyway, so dinning in is the go,

  5. My cost of living went up when I moved up to near NCR. Previously on Northern Mindanao and before that near Cebu city.. Moved for the 24/7 electric and 24/7 internet. Don’t miss the 12+ years of blackouts and unreliable internet both on Cebu and Mindanao. Grocery went from 15k up to 20k. Rent doubled to 20k, but the house is far better quality in a modern private guarded subdivision. No more backyard fires. No littering. No street dogs. No bastard roosters. People have enforced rules to live by. Electric went down by almost a thousand per month using the same amount of electric. 5-7k electric, depends on how hot the month has been. Internet 2k. Water 500. I eat well too, t-bone steak every other day. Mostly just eat beef. Bodybuilding diet. Throw in chicken once or twice a week. My grocery also includes feeding my two german shepherds. One eats eggs and rice and the other sardines and rice. Wife doesn’t eat much and doesn’t even eat what she cooks me. She’ll eat any old shit like they do. And enjoy it. Just don’t eat it near me because it stinks.

  6. I live in PH past year and half. I am by myself, first year all my expenses per month were 80k to 90k peso. But few months back I bought a condo for cash, my expenses were cut almost in half. If you can afford it, that is the best thing to do.

  7. It’s like the US you can spend alot or be smart with spending. Our basics are around $1500 a month in US…no mortgage helps for sure.
    That tuition is nice…private in US is usually min $7k a year.

  8. Very helpful video. Take a vacation or time off and stay in the Phils. a year before you close up shop in your home country. It is so easy to visit a short time and fall in love with the thought of living in the Philippines, especially if you are single or recently married. Chris did it right, he was with his wife in the US for a while before moving to the Phils.

  9. Chris thanks again for the monthly update. I really appreciate it. But you are also saving a little more money now. Since berries Jordan has not been around. You have not had to purchase any more spray bottles of troll be gone. LOL

  10. Thanks Chris, I think the prices in Iligan City are higher, without all the convenience of Cebu. Iโ€™m seriously thinking of moving there.

  11. good costing report chris..for monthly costing in monthly pension is approx $2000 per month on Australian pension.
    great video..

  12. If you had health insurance that would be enough to live in your car in MI. Unfortunately it is illegal (and posted in every city) to live in your car. So…….yeah….there’s that.
    If/when your arrested for living in your car there’s the bill they would give you for incarceration, ..recovering your car…fines, court cost…etc. So yeah…better make some money to live here. How common is a $240 apartment there? Thanks

  13. What is the cost for a studio or 1 bedroom for a single guy like myself? If a 2 bedroom is $240 then Iโ€™m guessing $150 a month for a studio or 1 bedroom. Is that correct? Thatโ€™s very affordable!

  14. This is new to me
    I mean seeing you in a small screen ..maybe you can do streaming at home when it’s raining jsut for like less an an hour for like once in a blur moon ๐Ÿ˜œ…thanks for sharing your cost of living that included the pandesal and ice cream?๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. Chris… Great video.. thumbs up. So so many say 2k a month and I say to them whattt I live less than that in USA…great video

  16. Looking good Chris, hope all is well with you guys, wish i was there, currently summer here so its warm. Cost of living here in New Zealand is very high, including gas compared to the Phils. Cheers Chris,

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