Cost of Living in Philippines Monthly Expenses 2019

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Cost of Living in Philippines Monthly Expenses 2019

Monthly cost of living here in Cebu City for the month of October 2019.

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  1. since I’ve been here in the philippines the most important thing I learned is manage your money otherwise you gonna be up a crap creek without a paddle.

  2. good video chris very informative it’s nice to hear of somebody who spends more than me . my family of 4, I think we come in at 35,000-40,000 a month. our vehicle is paid for and maybe 1000 per month for fuel . most meals are at home an occasional pizza or jollibee and mcdonald.

  3. Here a fact about the locals living in the Philippines:

    Monthly Salary – Government Public Official – Year 2020

    Teacher – P22,316 entry level ($446)**

    Nurse – P22,316 entry level ($446)

    Chemist –

    Engineer – P26,529 entry level ($530)

    Dentist –

    Rural Health Physician (Doctor) – P56,610 ($1,132)
    Proposed salary for Doctors – bill held in senate

    City Mayor – P196,206 ($3,924)

    Senator – P295,191 ($5,903)

    President – P399,739 ($7,994)

    ** Assume $1 = P50

    *** Minimum wage in Manila area = P537/day
    ($10.74/day and if you live in the provinces,
    it’s less expensive..

  4. Your monthly budget videos are what originally brought me to your channel a few years ago. Budget, grocery shopping prices (S&R), hotel reviews in your area provide great content. thanks for that!

  5. Just to give your viewers another cost breakdown from someone living nearby to you.
    I live in Lapu-Lapu and support myself and three others (including one tuition for college here). We mostly eat in and buy at the market. We spend about $100 in electric running AC. We don’t own a car or bike and just use Jeepies and the occasional taxi.
    We eat out about twice a month at a nice restaurant. We go to the mall and do sensible shopping about once a month. I have coffee at Starbucks three times a week (my splurge). We have Internet that runs about $35 a month. Our rent for a two bedroom new house is $290. I pay for Phil Health for myself and two others and that runs me $30 a month and I have $15k set aside for medical emergencies. We set aside $75 a month for future travel / vacations. All said my monthly budget runs between $1300-1500. We don’t lack anything and are comfortable but we don’t partake in all the spending opportunities that are out there. An attitude of “less is more” is important to not over spend.

  6. Thank you Chris for this. What is included with $240 rent? Are there any building amenities? Do you know other cheaper options if one needs a 1 bedroom apartment only?

  7. Good job Chris, that’s some cheap living. Anyone who is thinking about living here, you need to be paying into an emergency fund every month and do not touch it because one emergency could wipe you out.

  8. What’s up, Chris! I do not get to catch your live shows due to our time differences right now. With the job I am in, I have had to significantly reduce my YT viewing time. Glad to see you are doing well.

  9. dude get off the cam….you bring nothing but distraction to what you are trying to convey, waving around your arms and acting like a narcissistic idiot….just nauseating to watch…show the sites and sounds of the Philippines instead of your scary mug…and why show that run down location in the video throughout??? your earlier vids where much better but still not worth watching in my view

  10. Long time since I have been over to your channel.
    You do some of the best budget video out there.
    I’m sure its a big help for people looking at the Expat life here. Take care.

  11. Cris, you are right! I sent 650 usd a month over there for my family with 7 members including the budget of my 3 boys(nephews) tutiion fee wo are in highschool… But they also have monthly income there which is 200 USD… So the actual monthly cost for my family in Cebu Capitol Site range to 850 – 900 USD…

  12. Chris our food costs (w/ toiletries & laundry detergent) is at $130.00 per week, living in New Mexico, U.S.A. This is a shopping cost for 2 adults. No steaks nor lobsters in this shopping list. We cook & eat about 95% at home. The grocery costs in Cebu City is about the same as here in the U.S. My older brother, who visits once a year in Cebu City, says that the costs of living is escalating in Cebu City. You’ve verified what he said. Great post!

  13. thankyou Chris for your monthly cost on cebu..always enjoy your videos.your videos really help the new people coming to live in cebu..thankyou..

  14. Hi Chris, thanks for the expense update! Never thought of this before but when you mentioned escorting the unicorn to and from school every day, I wondered if that is a common thing for a girl her age? Is there a security issuse, or is it because you’re just a big softie?

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