Cost of living in the Philippines, SE Asia countries, and nations of the world can be a challenge to find. Expats, tourists, and businesses consider cost of living in making important travel and retirement decisions. Numbeo is one website that compiles cost of living data on many cities and nations of the world.


  1. Rod, the balance of trade for the Philippines is causing the peso to strengthen considerably due to lack of imports.
    This will cause transfer of money to the peso from other countries to be unfavorable if you live in the Philippines.
    49.45 today. It’s getting stronger. That’s NOT good.
    In fact, it’s the strongest currency in SE Asia for the foreseeable future.
    20000 peso for an apartment is not cheap.
    The Thai baht is very very strong as well. That’s not good either.
    I do not believe that those rental rates are sustainable for the immediate future.
    Give it 3/4 more months. I do not believe the tourists trade will begin in the next year, for either country.
    Travel will not be first. Food will.

  2. Rod. Good info. I will say that I will never return to Vietnam. Was there in 1969 and wound up leaving without my left kneecap. Was told that all is different now but I just cannot bring myself to do it. May visit one or more countries around here in the future, but as of now we are more staying close to home. Stay safe and healthy.

  3. This is phenomenal information, particularly when you’re on a limited income. Incredibly useful for budgeting and planning. *FANTASTIC* Thanks very much!!!
    Oh yeah… I signed-up for Google Fi (from your video). You should consider adding a link to your video. You can get $20 (US) for *each* person that uses your link.

  4. To retire in many places like malaysia vietnam you need a monthly income of 2,350 per month. Philippines is by far the easiest for visa. I lived in cali columbia cost more than here. I lived on panama cost almost ad much as the us. So its easier here for sure.

  5. All these country are making it more difficult to make a visa run. Most every ninety days. I found that money wise here is the best!! Plus english.

  6. All dependant on whether you want to live in the style you are accustomed to in the West or whether you want to live like the locals. Do you want a taxi or do you jump in a tricycle or a Jeepney ? Do you want eat Western food or local food. Whatever your choice they always say it’s more fun in the Philippines 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  7. As always great information and we thank you. Nice to see a twist on the cost of living. As you mentioned in the beginning the data was regular people entering it on that site. I would imagine just like here some bloggers really low ball it.

  8. Hey Rod you put the picture of you wearing a dress in my mindset omg lol. It will take me weeks to get it out ty. Good volg very general but hay it helps give people a round about full picture.

  9. As a economist by training be careful as cost data over the last few months is very atypical because of global lockdown of manufacturing and retail; also many goods have been subject to panic buying and others like tourism are not available at all. Look at long-term trends not recent stuff and ignore inflation and exchange data altogether right now.

  10. For this video to have had any meaning for most people, the host would’ve had to interpret the statistics, e.g. WHAT DO THESE STATISTICS MEAN? NOT ONE example was given. Not one interpretation was give. E.G. this means rents are 5 times higher in downtown Buenos Aires than Hanoi. This guy was way out of his depth

  11. Great Video. While my work is in the Philippines I think the quality of life (economy, healthcare, environment) is so much better for a Westerner in Vietnam and Thailand. I have spent time in all three countries. Advantage to the Philippines is the people and English is more widely spoken. Again, very helpful video.

  12. Interesting site and information Rod. It was also interesting that the cost of living in the three countries that you searched was very similar. What would be a consideration, therefore would be the standard of living variations for the same monthly outlay, ie, can you find a much better standard of living in one country, than another. Then it would be necessary, to factor in other considerations, like language barriers etc. All good food for thought, so thanks for sharing, and take care.

  13. Good comparison vlog. Thanks. The NV gov just re-closed bars due to virus spreading. Not sure when we’ll be able to travel the way the cases are exploding in the US. Stay well!

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