Coronavirus Update

Thanks for your continued support, everybody. These are difficult times and we will jump back on our feet stronger than ever. We’ve been thinking about how to get you guys more involved as members of the AB community and decided to open up the internal app we’ve been using at the headquarters to stay in touch. It’s called Mogao and we’ve been using it to share our own thoughts on social issues and discuss video topics. If you want to interact more directly with us and meet other members of the AB community, download the app here:


  1. Dear friend, THANK YOU for your great reporting and interviews. My husband and I appreciate your work very much. Yes, we are in lockdown everywhere. In our country the number of infections is increasing every day and we lack protective equipment for our nurses and doctors as well as for the general population. I’m deeply sorry to hear about the backslash on some individuals of the Asian population. In this world there are some people who are simply mean, without self control and let their own frustrations hurt others. Let me assure you they do this with everyone in their paths. Fortunately they are not the majority. We can ignore them, educate them or avoid them. Let’s put our attention on the brotherhood of mankind that is happening at this very moment, above countries, races and backgrounds throughout the worldwide net. Let’s focus on the ones who are decent and good and support each other. Take good care of yourself. You are doing a magnificent job. Greetings and love from CANADA🇨🇦

  2. I don’t think I have heard any racist stuff other than Donald Trump lately. He is a bloody monster and the Corona virus will hopefully be the end of his career. I hope everyone there is keeping well as we are hearing great things about how South Korea has dealt with COVID. You remain one of my favourite channels and I look forward to you getting back to normal.

  3. I myself am of mixed raced mainly Latino but I do get mistaken for Asain fairly often. I’m from The US Southern Cali and I’ve run into racism in my time but in these few weeks I’ve gotten many scared or dirty looks from strangers on the street. I’ve almost gotten into 2 altercations with people because of their ignorance towards everything that’s happening right now. Them thinking I’m of Asain decent is not at all insulting but what was insulting was the fact that they literally think that every single Asain has the virus…. The ignorance amazes me and disgusts me. People really do go into survival mode when something like happens I guess, but they’re lucky I didn’t want to catch anything from them or I would have punched them right in the throat….. :/

  4. You are amazing!! Keeping on paying your team their full salaries!!!!??? Believe one thing, I will watch every single video you put out and support your channel in any way! Bravo to you. And, btw, I am saddened & appalled at the amount of hate filled comments during the time with regards to this virus! It’s a shame we can’t ALL keep our eyes & brains where they need to be; keeping ourselves & our family’s safe! ❤️🙏🏼👍🏻

  5. Congrats on all of your guys’ resolutions and resolve!!! Can’t say that enough! I live in an area where it hasn’t hit yet(thank my lucky stars), but we have been put on quarantine to prevent the spread. I haven’t experienced anything other than having to view comments on our local news that there are those that want to essentially lynch the first person that was confirmed in our state(Utah, U.S.) I have seen people say that this particular person should be charged with manslaughter/ murder… I do not agree. I understand unknowing, having worked around Tuberculosis… Awareness, at that time, was still focused towards Asia and Europe. I am finding it hard to understand that the situation out here is as crazy as it is. You guys are proving that it can be “handled” with appropriate awareness that too many take for granted, and appropriate hygiene. Having children that are not in the ‘danger zone’, I tell them to just be alert and aware of what they are doing. The crazy thing is is all of the supplies get taken up out here, by those that aren’t in the worry ie. Not older, sickly, exposed, etc… I don’t… Good luck to all, best wishes, stay safe!

  6. I’m at home in Brazil and distant from my family and friends. I have noticed racism in our groups in Whatsapp and was devastated! I did not have the guts to fight my relatives and felt ashamed for not speaking up. But I will not be quiet no more! Count on me from Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil!

  7. I am not a part of Asian community but a i am standing besides you and every human being .. as a citizen…as a Doctor. It is a challenging time for humanity . Take care

  8. I would add that you should evaluate your situation and safety when choosing to confront racist behavior. Confronting it, when the perpetuator only has a perception of superiority, is different than when he has a numerical superiority in that moment. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

  9. I’m a Caucasian, 59 year old American woman who stands behind the Asian community and opposes racism. You have my respect, my prayers, and my hope for a kinder future for us all. Stay safe! ❤️

    1. Frederik Rasmussen Frederick I neither contract nor contradict myself. I encourage you to think about this from a perspective other than your own. The racism exists in your remark, not mine. Peace brother.

    2. @Savage Life Nutrition What she said contracts itself. She said she is opposing racism yet feels the need to say that she is caucasian, as if that made any difference. You are dumb for not understanding something so obvious. Perhaps you are blinded by left-wing bigotry.

  10. Great advise ….I corrected someone the other day ……I know plenty of Asians, some Americanized and other straight from the motherland. lets’s stay positive as a human race……cheers from El Salvador

  11. Fabulous channel. Watching from NZ. Great interview with Dr Kim, thank you. And thank you to him for giving you and us his time and expertise. You’re doing a great job. Awesome that you’ve paid your team. Keep up the good work. Loved living in Singapore. Go neighbours 🙂

  12. If Asian countries dont change their sick eating habbits, and cruelty to animals i dont want to have anything to do with them, Sorry but.. its their karma hitting the whole world right now !

  13. Always keeping videos from this fav channel. Thanks for sharing and spreading positive values. been always wanting to be part of this work

  14. I’m in the US. Nobody around me is complaining in racist terms about Asians. You might be getting misled on that one. As I see it, the real thing is a hatred of PC-talk in which you can’t even identify the origin of a disease without being called racist. . . so your real beef is with leaders of the Democratic Party in the US, which gains by pointing fingers and name calling people racist.

  15. I live in the UK and I find it shocking and disgusting that people make racists comments or simply use coronavirus as an excuse to insult, people. So I personally feel ashamed. But truthfully people who make these comments are not only direction it towards you guys, they would target anybody, because they are angry people… so pls pls pls ignore their comments, please know that there are also others who in fact follow you, are curious about your beautiful culture and would want to learn more. Stay safe and and block these comments, they are not for you. ♡♡♡

  16. Bro, could you confirm if Hesperidin (found on Citrus sp) can halt Corona virus spread on human body? there is a research from Indonesia, but I am not that certain.

  17. We are a community – a global community.
    Those that sow division and spread misinformation for the purposes of retarding us coming together during a time of crisis need to be called out, confronted and sidelined. Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths will always exist – no crisis will ever change that; if anything a crisis presents an opportunity for them to gain leverage by exploiting the fear that inevitably arises. It’s up to us to be vigilant of them at all times – especially now, when the gears of their demented brains are spinning into overdrive trying to capitalize on the confusion and paranoia.
    NOW is the time for unity.
    Thanks, Asian Boss, for paying your contributors their salaries during this time and for continuing to foster a spirit of togetherness when we need it most. We won’t forget.

  18. I’m ashamed to hear there are people who now respond with racism towards asians. As if not alle peoples, going through this ordeal. As professor Kim ended in your last interview. Humbleness should be our only attitude. Humbleness to learn from our mistakes and how to deal with this crisis, humbleness to support each other in it. Greeting and blessings from theNetherlands. Im looking forward to another interview with professor Kim..

  19. Thanks so much for all of your reporting, It helps everyone around the globe! It’s sad to see all of the racism going on right now especially. I am glad to say I’ve also seen a lot of support for each other and believe that is also important to note

  20. If we could somehow get the kids , teens, and the folks in their 20’s to understand…..seems like that age group isn’t giving a fk, specially here in the u.s….

  21. Am you’re new sub. Just want to let everyone know if you travel to Florida , need to check or call first. Because my neighbor drove there this pass weekend from TX to Florida and on the borderline they have a check point there . So my neighbor earn up drove back to TX they won’t let no one in to their city for now. Thank you for info Asian boss and stay healthy. This virus has no discrimination so no need to be racist.

    I will stand by to all colors and nation ..

    Wash hands and 6 feet apart. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  22. Thank for being a straight us.
    There will be bad reactions from people who don’t think for themselves and that listen to the wrong people. This has always been the case for eons. Think Italians in Europe didn’t feel it too. This is not the way to go and I agree.
    A certain political system is actually to blame. Let’s just hope that this gets very well publicised so that everyone knows who to blame. I also blame WHO and UN, so should everyone of us.

  23. Bro let me just say I love you and the whole team. Your videos are always insightful and worth while. You didn’t ask for donations because you know we are all financially struggling, and you are still going to pay your workers well which is the right thing to do. Your channel stops xenophobia through education and as someone who recently worked in an Asian restaurant, I completely support your message at the end. Honestly, I was feeling pretty down but knowing there are people like you out there just made my day. Thank you Asian Boss for everything, please keep up the good work!!! 😍❣️❣️


  25. Fighting!! And thank you so much for your videos.

    A message from France : government and media never talk about Asian countries (too far, language problem: french people ate not used to English language, self-center about french life, and media are controlled by government).

    French people who are used to international context, almost never follow french news.. and these kind of people are smart enough to know asian culture and not be racist.
    High Education make people not racist.

    About racism against Asian people: not really. Asian people are peaceful and follow the rules.
    We have more problem with poor people from North Africa, who live in France, due to different religion and way of life. These people don’t follow government rules : no lockdown, go out, meet a lot of people, don’t wear any masks…

    A Western guy from France.

  26. It would be interesting to elaborate on the racism. I haven’t heard or witnessed anything like that in the west. I have seen though a lot of backlash against CCP and WHO for covering up things.

  27. Thank you for your highly informative videos. I’ve listened to what you are saying and will act accordingly. Racism is a dumb knee jerk reaction. It needs to be eradicated just like Covid-19.

  28. Steve – It hurts to know that asian communities in the west are exposed to or being faced with racial behaviour. I for my part can fully condemn such act, but at the same time, in the Scandinavian Countries – and I’m from one of them – I’ve not heard of such incident at all. We are battling the Covid-19 more or less on the same Way as South Korea is (though Sweden has adopted a rather different approach). But we “Stay Alert – and Curious”

  29. You know what’s funny?
    In the midst of this pandemic, I was hearing a TON of racist remarks geared towards Asians….but it was entirely from other minority groups…which kinda shocked me…
    But regardless of that, I wish everyone the best and I hope you and your family’s stay safe. I’ve already lost someone in my immediate family…so please take this seriously.

    1. Kenny, the few write-ups that I’ve seen seemed to say the same thing, about other minorities doing the harassments. Im wondering if this is because these groups are finally able to pick on a group and treat them the way they’ve been treated.


  31. Silly that people are being racist against Asians for this virus… This could of literally happened anywhere. We should be coming together during this… You know as long as we are 6 feet apart.

  32. Here in the Netherlands we are in semi lockdown. We are the #3 country with most deaths (per 100.000 inhabitants), so yeah we are scared, but there is no panic yet. We have almost no tests, only 2400 icu’s max for 17 million people. We will be hit hard…. I’m so sad and every night when we go to bed I wonder ‘will we be sick tommorow’? My partner has apnea and my son has asthma so that’s an extra insecurity. I pray for everyone in the world.

  33. The Chinese Government’s reputation unfortunately is reflected on Asians. It was the same thing when 9/11 happened. The acts of Middle East fanatics reflected on this ethnic group. Unfortunately it’s the world we live in but because we live in this world doesn’t mean we have to be a part of it.

  34. I’m a first generation Haitian-American living in NYC! I stand by my asian brothers and sisters in solidarity and will not tolerate any kind of discrimination, violence or abuse against the Asian community.

    Great work on the channel and a huge SALUTE to you for taking care of your team no matter what! Its an investment into the future! Godspeed!!!

  35. As an Austrian, I have to admit that the racism you mentioned actually does happen in Europe. Thankfully, the number of racist comments is small, but it is still unnecessary and wrong. It doesn’t change or ease the situation with the virus at all.

  36. The racism about COVID-19 is just plain ignorance. This virus is happening EVERYWHERE, not just here or there. It’s a virus that has evolved and mutated to what is now known as COVID-19. ☣️☢️ If people are saying that it came from Asian people, that’s just goes to show their level of ignorance. 🤔😔 SMH It doesn’t matter if it came from here nor there, it could have started here and went over seas, it could have started in the UK and then spread to the rest of Europe. ⚕️It doesn’t matter, what matters is we are all human beings☯️☮️ and we will fight this until it’s gone. And instead of pointing fingers➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️ we should be helping eachother through this madness.🤗😁 Be kind and love eachother. ❤️❤️❤️💯😘😊

  37. Stay safe!!! Thank you for sharing information. I am not Asian but love people overall from all cultures. Bigotry should be an international crime!

  38. Racism is hugely exaggerated in the “media.” True, in every group or culture there are always a few ignorant people. The problem is much exaggerated by the media. The media in China and in the USA and around the world sensationalize each incident often in the US because some do not accept the election of 2016 of President Trump. President Trump is like a lightning rod and is treated unfairly by those same “woke” “news” outlets that disagree with his presidency. The other BIG VOICE has been China and they use the xenophobia / racism argument to cover up how badly they mishandled and lied to the World Health Organization (no people to people transmission) and then silenced brave Chinese doctors that tried to get the word out more than a month earlier. Now China wants to take geopolitical advantage and play “savior” of the world as they slander the US military and claim the US infected them. These tall propaganda tales go back to the Korean War and Mao’s inventing lies that the US military used germs in warfare to explain the huge death rate in the “People’s volunteer army” That was not germs but air power and then Chinese lies.

    1. For this reason I hope Trump wins again. I don’t agree with some things he’s done but I enjoy the complete meltdown these politicians and the media are having over him. Four more years, please.

  39. Dear Asian Boss,
    Your teamwork is precious.
    How can I donate a little money to financially support you ?
    Stay safe … and curious

  40. Stephen, can you guys please dub to English, Span. & other languages the WONDERFUL vid “You Need to Listen to This Leading COVID-19 Expert from S. Korea” (Prof. Kim Woo-joo)? It’d be much easier to get ppl to view it that way. Thanks fr Miami, USA!

  41. The people who any racism is directed towards can speak up for themselves. They don’t need me to do it for them. If I were Asian I don’t think I’d “call it out” either since it would just fall on deaf ears. Just need to keep it moving.

    The truth is that this terrible disease came from a wild animal that was handled and/or eaten. I’m surprised that I’ve heard nothing about animal rights activists against wet markets and the terrible conditions the poached and smuggled animals are kept in. It’s not racist to point out that these wet markets are largely in East and Southeast Asia and are breeding grounds for disease.

  42. I am sick of racists from all cultures. It’s 2020 why can’t people just see that we are just humans, nothing more nothing less. Thanks for the videos so far

  43. Dear Mr. Park, I came across your interview with Professor Woo, while searching for credible information on “Corona”. This was very good. Very informative.
    I appreciated the manner in which the information was presented – easy to understand with technical details.
    Finally, I want you to know how sad your comment on prejudice against Asian people made me. Please, and I know you do, understand not all people feel that way.
    I believe Korea is a stellar example of ‘front line’ health management in the face of this viral turmoil.
    Keep it up. Good job!

  44. Checking in from Southern California. Very glad you’re still paying everyone! I’m happy to report I have not witnessed or heard of any of this kind of racism in my community (Anaheim, Orange County, California), but I am aware that not all places are like this and that disgusts me. We are all in this together, Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate, neither should we.

  45. I’m sorry for anyone suffering from harassment during these trying times because of their race and condemn said behavior for any reason. However, there needs to be a very pointed and critical assessment of how the Chinese government handled the original outbreak of this virus as soon as time and resources would allow. If things were mishandled or mis represented it cannot go unaddressed. Again the GOVERNMENT should be held accountable, not the people.

  46. As a conservative US American, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could blame ANY ASIAN person for this virus. It is obvious that the Chinese Government did this to their own people and the world. The Chinese people are suffering and dying, too. And to lump all other Asians (Koreans, Japanese, etc) is SO STUPID. We are all in this together in order to survive. I really enjoy your channel and hard work. Stay safe and you and your group keep up the great work. Good to have a source of true FACTS, unlike our US FAKE news. I hope you read this and know that you are admired, appreciated, and loved by people in other countries. A 70 yr old southern guy from the US.

  47. After leaving a supportive comment, another individual has chosen to turn this into his personal soap box, and that without knowing why I chose to support the Asian community in the first place. Perhaps it’s time you cleaned house. As for me, I’ll take my support elsewhere, unsubscribing.

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