Coronavirus – ENOUGH with the Disinformation!

This is a very important video, let’s stay calm and take a very clear-headed look at what’s really going on with the Wuhan Coronavirus…

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  1. I disagree. I think the world SHOULD hold China responsible for the shithole it caused. The virus originated from the disgusting eating habits of the Chinese that could have easily been prevented if these people were more civilized and had the most basic sense of hygiene.

  2. I agree with Winston, even before this video was made. Wuhan SARS or Wuhan flu are both good names for it. I tend to like SARS better, because flu is generally a specific term referring to the influenza family of viruses. Sure it has flu symptoms, but so does a bunch of other stuff, and this has SARS symptoms too, and is obviously also a SARS-type virus.

  3. to be fair, the only reason that viruses/bacterium have geological/political/racial names is because that is just what everybody called them. we already have a common name for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Coronavirus/novel coronavirus). Whenever someones calls it the Wuhan virus or the China virus it just comes off like they are trying to be racist on purpose instead of calling the virus its common name.

  4. My only issue with the naming argument is when has another location-named disease been prevented after its discovery? Nothing was done after to prevent Ebola from emerging besides developing medicine to treat it. Diseases aren’t named after locations as a way to educate prevention they’re just given names and sometimes the disease naming convention just thinks the location as the name is just enough .

  5. Also, thank you for bringing us all this information. We really appreciate what you are doing. You are basically our eyes and ears to the truth. 😊

  6. People don’t realize that if the American government had come out with dire warnings of doom and gloom the American public would have lost its collective mind.
    In a free society the leadership has to sift sell the emergency then ramp up the response, to maintain control.
    If Trump has gone full till lock down the riots in major cities would have been worse than the virus.
    Martial law enforcement in America would not have worked, America does not have the military man power to accomplish that.

  7. On the conspiracy tip. Do you think that the Wuhan lvl 4 bio research lab had something to do with this? Sources say Chinese scientists had been found stealing samples of research from different labs around the world. Also scientist from the Wuhan lab supposedly caught selling lab animals to wet markets. Also journals from Wuhan lab stating research about not only studying a bat virus (Wuhan lab specializes in zoonotic viruses) but boasting about how they successfully manipulated the virus to be transmitted to humans. Also China stating (after the outbreak) that they need better security protocols for the lab. I’d like to know your thoughts. There is more information about this virus being man made. A statement by CCP you showed saying the virus wasn’t “made” in China. Actually too much. Idk too many coincidences. The question is how many coincidences does it take for the mainstream to at least look into it? History has proven that government’s have sickened the population in one way or another. History repeats itself.

  8. CHina lied about their Covid 19 Numbers. Liars! After this is over, CHINA has to pay Reparations of War to affected countries! I hate the government of China!

  9. The second I heard you were a child growing up in Cape Town and the video revealed the colour of your skin I stopped listening.I guess stereotyping is a bad idea after all.

  10. I have tuned in and out of this channel over the years but….I’m going to take a guess you have no plans on going back to China….after speaking out like this, they would be waiting for you…

  11. But now every country, Especially the US can and will blame the economic downturn and damage caused by the stock buybacks on the Corona virus. Any CEO can get his/her company bailed out of the failing corporate policy and this gets put on the backs of the poor, at least in the U.S. The FED is now printing money for other countries, so the world gets a bailout on the backs of the middle and lower class of the U.S. citizens.

  12. The CCP said the virus originated from the wet market in WuHan, which is the original story they made. After realizing they can shift to other countries, they turn on the propaganda machine and say it is from America lol… and idk why american even try to say sth good for China.

  13. It’s actually kind of a shit argument that calling it Wuhan will ‘help us’. How? Are you worried that scientists will forget and that will be bad? The fact that YOU aren’t a racist moron doesn’t mean there aren’t ones who are, and will be racist to Chinese based on the name. Calling it ‘China Virus’ is pointless outside of keeping China honest, but there are far better ways of doing that. I don’t think it’s ‘racist’ to call it Wuhan Virus, but there’s also no point to it. At least not as you describe. It’s up to the world media and WHO to hold China responsible, not media and citizens by calling it something specific.

  14. I was in Liechtenstein in mid January…. the capital was full of Chinese tourists who were clambering over each other to buy face masks (as many as they could carry) in any store that sold them. It was that moment that told me there was something serious going down. Liechtenstein now has one of the highest infection rates per head of population in the world as do the surrounding nations (esp. Switzerland)

  15. That’s not true the wuhan virus affects young people even more as the U.S. releases more data. Just means that your chances of dying is equal compared with the elderly. Don’t laugh at people stockpiling supplies either because it’s actually smart if your planning to isolate yourself and limiting exposure.

    1. @Rob R What does Joe Rogan’s political preference have to do with anything? He seems to be quit capable having a discussion with pretty much anyone whether it’s a left or right leaning person. Btw Rogan isn’t a socialist. He doesn’t seem to be resolutely affiliated to any political stance.

  16. I used to be one of those folks who believed in the downplaying of the virus. Now I know the CCP cannot be trusted even when billions of lives are at stake. Monsters, all of them. The WHO too.

  17. The WHO was notified by Taiwan at the end of December that there was human to human transmission and they were IGNORED all because of China. The US needs to stop funding the WHO. China and the WHO must be held responsible! As well as the Trump administration for their slow reaction to the virus. Kushner is a fucking moron!

    1. they are filming in places not to crazy to not get local population even more scared … i dont know where you are from , but i guess you are dumb

  18. This is the most low-IQ argument I’ve ever heard. Corona and Covid isn’t enough? Only an idiot can’t associate the Corona virus with Wuhan and China. If the virus was originally named Wuhan, there wouldn’t be a problem, but the U.S. is trying to rename it for nefarious reasons. As far as hate goes, tell that to all the Asians in the west who are being harassed because of the virus.

    Lastly, do you really think that the U.S. intelligent community don’t know what’s going on in China? My family and I were warned to get food and water in early February by a doctor and a family friend who works for the CDC, way before the first case was reported in California. You can believe me or not, but blaming China because western leaders don’t want to panic their citizen is dishonest.

    1. @Richard Milnes *_”There is 1.4 billion people in China and they need to now the truth.”_*

      I agree with you on that sentiment, but you’re fight an uphill battle trying to convenience people in China. It’s like trying to convince the U.S. Bible Belt that the world does not revolve around them.

      *_”Also, inside China at the moment they are actually discriminating against foreigners and putting the blame on foreigners for coronavirus.”_*

      No accuses for hate and ignorant, but we have to do better than them in that we can’t peddle the same blind accusations. Even in an open and advance society like the U.S., people are blame Asians for the virus. It’s not an excuse, but rename the virus is stooping the level of the CCP.

    2. @Feon Jun You would be surprised. A lot of people don’t know where it has come from. I did a survey and a lot of people thought it was from the US. Also, inside China at the moment they are actually discriminating against foreigners and putting the blame on foreigners for coronavirus. There is 1.4 billion people in China and they need to know the truth.

    3. @Richard Milnes I think the rest of the world knows by now that it came from China. Even if one day it was proven that it have come Mars, the Corona virus will always be synonymous with Wuhan China. The logic behind the push for changing the name after it already has one is rather stupid.

    4. @Feon Jun I think it is more necessary to enforce in peoples minds where it came from as China is trying to deny it and put the blame on other countries such as Italy and the USA.

    5. @Richard Milnes I don’t care for the CCP. I think they are scum when it comes to human rights. That’s my answer to your question. My gripe is with the people retro-actively renaming the Corona virus, and the bloated explanation. Reasonably intelligent people know where it came from. I personally wouldn’t have a problem with whatever name it was given from the start, but pushing the Wuhan, China and Kung-flu after the world have already accepted it as Corona is nefarious to say the least.

  19. anyone remember the panic over the few vaping related deaths that were somehow used to drive restrictions against JUUL? they were all to do with some vaping fluid which was a cannabis extract, manufactured by a small outfit, using some vitamin e related solvent. Now, most solvents today are manufactured in…….China. Possible that the fluid actually was infected and it had nothing to do with vitamin E? I get that this just adds to the tinfoil hat universe, but it was never explained to anyone’s satisfaction.

  20. Let’s think about this logically. If the US wanted to create a virus to hurt China, why would they manufacture a virus that mostly affects elderly? With China’s upside down population pyramid, it would be in the CCP’s interest to create a virus that would harm the elderly and spare the young. Not that I think they did this.

  21. Foreign garbage like you just eats in China. Without China, you are nothing. Maybe you are now squatting in a white poverty slum in South Africa.

  22. Yes President Trump is called racist for calling at the Chinese Virus maybe it should be called a CCP virus because it’s their fault covering shit up

  23. I think America shield closes borders in January I think American citizens living in Asia should not have been allowed back into the country at least six months

  24. You. Should. Better go to ur own country… U complain like donald trump.. Every country has its own way of living u always. Compare china with west.. Lifestyle…

  25. You. Should. Better go to ur own country… U complain like donald trump.. Every country has its own way of living u always. Compare china with west.. Lifestyle…

  26. The Chinese people are generally very good people but the CCP is pure evil. I was born in Cuba in ’55 and I can tell you communism SUCKS

  27. More PC culture garbage trying to not blame the CCP were it came from. Agreed, not the peoples fault its the lying government of China.

  28. You need more education. The Spanish flu was originated in Kansas not Spain. Corvid 19 has many variants. The US has the earliest variant type a, China has type B. Type b is a mutant of type a. To name a virus or disease to a country is a racist thing and often named to the wrong country. Just simply not scientific. Oh racism is your upbringing and it is ok to you.

    1. Well he mentions that in the video that it didn’t start in Spain, that the Spanish flu only was named so because the most cases emerged in Spain

  29. The response of the U.S. Government wasn´t any different as the response of the german government – everything under control, wash your hands, not a big deal, we´re well prepared, etc. Where did they all get these information from?

  30. I wonder if the fact that the CCP is pushing back so hard is because they are guilty of starting it, and don’t want anyone to look into the origins of the virus.

  31. I’m not an expert but know a little bit about chemistry and everyone should have a dose of vitamin d every day and stand out in the sun for 20 minutes or more a day vitamin d fights viruses

  32. I will call it from where it came from because the CCP HID IT FOR 6 WEEKS AND HAS STARTED TO DESTROY TESTS AND ALL OTHER EVIDENCE.

  33. I used to defend your content against those that ran you down. Honestly Winston wtf . It’s become so true that you’re trying to make a living off anti china hysteria. Shame on You. Your so lucky to have such a beautiful wife and family. It sad to see what you have becomw so tired and hateful. It wouldn’t irritate so badly if you didn’t run from China and green screen scenes behind you. Same on you Winston .

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