Corona Virus’s effect on Walking Street Pattaya – Hey it’s Thailand Bob!

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Pattaya’s Walking Street is without any Chinese Tour Groups for the first time in years. Let’s go take a look at how that affects the cities main tourist attraction.


    1. @Martijn Cornelissen we have to be careful Stalin would have loved this time stay. Ta at home while we take all your rights away and report it neighbors and family. Bak in the USSR..haha..

  1. Thinking of canceling your holiday to Thailand? Understandable. But think on this: Thailand is the first country outside China to report corona, yet there are as of mid March, only 70 cases, nearly all Chinese tourists, and 1 death among them. Most affected cases have gone home to China. Overcrowded beaches and other places are no longer overcrowded. Other than the fact that most Thais wear face masks when they go out, life continue mostly unchanged. Don’t be so afraid to live your life that you don’t live it.

  2. You can’t live like a rock star in Pattaya on 2,000 a month it takes 4,000 a month to rock…I would never listen to someone who passes up so many good go go bars only to buy his beer at 7-11….: :0)

  3. Hey man, you know you wanted to use this as an excuse to head to sin city haha. Chinese dont have any economic impact on the bars, just tours etc. I’ve been in pattaya 2 weeks and as any other man will testify, coronavirus is firmly the LAST thing on my mind here.

    Soi 6 next report :))))

  4. Man I love your videos , you crack me up. I’ll probably never go there. Can’t afford it but you look like you’re having a killer time in all your videos.

    1. @James Kerwin I’ve seen the results, Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu, or “the temple of Buddha’s footprints,” built into a parched hillside 90km from bangkok where about 200 HIV-infected adults live and about 10,000 have died. This would be a good place for you to make a video report.

  5. Corona Virus has affected walking street. Its better to be safe. But thanks for filming. Some establishment does not want camera or take videos maybe because some people use the video on a bad light. I like your video as well as you explain things. From the Philippines viewing your video… hoping to visit Walking street if time permits. I agree with you for us tourist… no chinese tourist is a good thing as it will drive the prices down… the demand will not that much… however on the pockets of the working girls or working men at walking streets. It really hurts the pocket… Tourist is the lifeblood of Pattaya… tourist bring in money… more jobs more consumption on beer, food, entertainment… however with more tourist includinging the chinese it increase the prices of goods and services.

  6. In the Philippines, it has a lockdown policy. No Filipino Tourist will come to Thailand or to any other country… because of Corona Virus. No flights available to thailand. Now is not the best time to go to Thailand…. because Immigration Authorities in the Philippines will not allow citizens to go on a tour because of the virus.

  7. Wow, you are whiny. Ok, so you don’t own walking street, you are a guest of Thailand and have no rights there. The old guy you filmed, I’ve met him, he doesn’t make a lot of money, and if he’s has no degree, what $ you see could be all he gets… To yah in general be more respectful. I know you wouldn’t say that to thai police if they ask you not to record,csp why have attitude ? Thai people do not exist as props in your “meh” video. Pick a location or subject, film that.

  8. Lmao!! True though!! You are the 3rd exact opinion on why it’s a good time to come. It makes sense, low fares, no airport traffic, non crowded plane, maybe good discounts, cheap beer (7-11, fuck family mart), more elbow room, and of course… CHINESE!!!😂😂

  9. How hard is it to pronounce the name of the place, Pattaya. Everytime he says Pat-ya, you understand why so many European think Americans are stupid.

  10. Okay bro…I have to say that this was the most enjoyable video of an area like this that I have seen that i can relate to. Thanks! Michael Kane

  11. That’s the one thing I dislike about Pattaya was the boards of Chinese tourists and the rude behaviour. Good for Thailand banning them 👍🏽

  12. My coworker she said if you drive a motorcycle in Thailand somethings happy lucky to be alive, otherwise she said your body parts all over places

  13. I loved this video so much, your presenting is spot on, easy to watch and fun, love it man! I mentioned it in my video, everyone with Thailand love needs to watch your vids haha

  14. A+ on this video! Entertaining as all heck and made me forget the misery of what’s going on by putting my nose smack in the middle of it. Hats off to you dude!

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  16. April 1st 2020: Thailand reported 104 new coronavirus cases, bringing its total to 1,875 cases, a spokesman for the government’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration said on Thursday.

  17. Very entertaining keep it up. There are far to many walk around videos with no commentary where guys dry to catch girls in the corner of the shot. This guy has the makings of a YouTube star!

    1. @CB Media Got it. Never been to Thailand so I appreciate you following cultural norms. Respect on that. Hope to check out the “Land of Smiles” one day. Keep posting.

  18. Its the extortionate prices which are killing tourism….even old pedo’s are saying no to being ripped off…sort your shit out or fold…its coming soon people !!!

  19. Lmao at your “tips” about having a drivers license. You dont even need one to rent or drive. All the rentals ask is a copy of your passport, and if police stop you you just give them 1000baht or even less and they go right on their way xD Thailand is the epitomy of a corrupt country where money rules everything 😂

  20. I wonder what it’s like now 9 April 2020. The city’s in Australia are DEAD quiet. Most stores are closed. It’s like The Walking Dead or something.

  21. Youve been there since Jan lol I was wondering how the beer virus arent you worrried its crazy to be there with a mask like whats the point lol Please bro why don’t you guys show more of the chicks even if you are prettier wouldn’t post views

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