Cook your own OKONOMIYAKI [Japanese pancake] restaurant review

Cook your own OKONOMIYAKI [Japanese pancake] restaurant review
#okonomiyaki #japanesefood

When visiting Japan, one great thing to do is to visit an Okonomiyaki restaurant. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style pancake usually filled with cabbage and your choice of other ingredients. It is a very delicious dish and gives that “comfort food” feeling. Here you can cook for yourself and learn how Japanese food really is.
In this video, I cook up some okonomiyaki and yakisoba.

Restaurant location:
Matsuri Bayashi
〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito City, Asakusa, 1 Chome−8−4 金山ビル 1F
〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草1丁目8−4 金山ビル 1F
Google map:


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  1. When coming to Japan, visiting places like this can be an amazing experience. Have you ever tried an Okonomiyaki restaurant before? Would you try if you came? Leave a comment below and thanks for watching.

  2. Sometimes I watch these videos and it feels like Deja Vu. Was this video posted before? (Patreon perhaps?) Anyhow, I used to love to go to Korean BBQ. One time I invited my friend to go and he was like, “Why in the world am I going to go to a Restaurant and pay to cook my own food?” His logic is actually really sound in my opinion. The food looked really great (Mayonnaise not withstanding). Thanks for the video.

    1. OMS? lol It’s my 1st Food Sessions video lol Cooking for yourself is fun bro.It’s about the experience and not the service you are paying for lol

  3. Didn’t think I would like , what with mayo and what not! But had a really nice one in Kyoto. There it was made for you and left for you to finish and it was delicious !

  4. That looks delicious!! I would so, be putting on more okonomiyaki sauce. ☺️ There’s a place in Little Tokyo, LA, like this. I’m so tempted to try it, one day. Thanks for sharing brother!!

    1. You know when you get hooked on something and make too much of it i was even taking it to work for staff lunch that’s what happened to me

  5. You got big appetite ! Drew, I am surprised the restaurant is still open for business in Tokyo ? I thought entire city of Tokyo is “Lock Down” oh..well.. Enjoy while you can ! The beer that you are drinking is 6pack of Corona beer (Mexican beer) ? One way to kill Corona….drink up and bottoms up! Kill virus!🍻😄😷

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