Confronted because I’m Chinese.

The avalanche of Youtube videos about China can have real life consequences for Chinese people.
Despite the lies about “we love the people, we don’t like the sea sea pea government”.
We all know that’s baloney.



  1. This is life bro..we have to face evrything..good or bad prepare anything ..end of the day all blood are red….fk positive and welcome evrything good or bad…chill

  2. Ur 100% right Troy! We Americans all but incinerated Vietnam but it’s other Asian’s & darker skinned humans who bear the burden of discrimination in Vietnam. Sad & pathetic.

  3. If I go to Vietnam I can finally cash in on my white privilege cuz I’m not getting any here in America. Come to think of it I can get my American privilege in Vietnam. win win.


  5. What about the Chinese going into Cambodia constructing them tarmac roads and them taking the quality timber and minerals in return, who’s the winner there?????

  6. We should feel free to vent our prejudices. If it’s not ‘allowed’ then it’s just going to sit there and simmer. One day, when you might be close to loosing your business, or the landlord has given you to the end of the month to pay up, and a passer by happens to film inside your store, you’ll let it all out, like the bitch you always were, but were keeping hidden.

  7. I was waiting for her reaction if you have spoken back in viet to her 🙁 would have made her look like a dummy and would have changed her mind about being rude to people before knowing what they are

  8. Mr. Troy, the world is in fact against the CCP, not the chinese people in general. Do u know the fact that the CCP has killed millions of their own people, it’s the most discriminated government in the world? You have been brainwashed by the CCP propaganda. I totally understand that because you are based out of Vietnam, so many sensorships there, only fake chinese communist party news there. LOL. do your research back home in Australi mate, don’t base your facts out from Vietnam.

  9. Don’t think too much about it, they were just assholes, every nation on this earth have rude assholes, unfortunately we have to cross paths with them occasionally. You were in a good state of mind this could have been a possitive video but they disrupted your day and destroyed your good mood. Don’t let anyone rob you of a good day. Next time this happens just say you’re Vietnamese charity worker trying to help less fortunate people. All your subscribers are on your side.

  10. Racism is created your not born racist it’s a product of the world we live in unfortunately events in history have made people act like that! First time I visited Singapore let’s call her Asian !! I don’t know her background some old dear looked me up and down give me a look that could kill and spat on the floor in front of me lol was I offended no I found it sad to be honest but there you go thankfully it’s a tiny minority the world over who act this way.

  11. Wow that lady was terrible Troy, you didn’t deserve that. She’s just another brainwashed person like so many millions across the world. Let it go and be the amazing person you are 🙏

  12. Would it not been easier to tell her that your not Chinese ??? And then tell her you make a nice YouTube vlog about how friendly the Vietnamese people are

  13. Yah that lady is crazy and very rude. You are going to run into them once in a while. Especially in seedy places like massage districts which are probably more than that.

  14. Troy you’re number one all these other people with complaints are very discerning don’t let them get to you – keep truckin bro

  15. discrimination ive dealt with it,it can make you mad and you trying to defend youself,state facts or try to make a racist understand but you never know what issues they have sadly we have to stay quiet,that fuker coud have had a weapon or called someone and some of us are not violent,so be careful my man

  16. I never thought therewud be racism in vietnam after what beautful country went through ,racism is a diseease troy me im english mymums english andmy dads familly came from portugzl but im english.whoes how cares how people look its the inside that counts,to dislike someone whose chinese due to the virus needs a COMPLETE TOTAL brain adjustment until they realise people are people just a different culture nothing more,keep up the good work fella

  17. No need to be upset man. All countries have their idiots. This happens all over the world. There’s always some race thats unwelcome somewhere. It’s part of human nature. Just gotta brush it off and keep going. Im white and Im not welcome in some neighbourhoods in my own country. I dont like it. But I understand it.

  18. Maybe they don’t treat white people like that because they are tourists therefore they consider them their clientele. Also you should consider the fact that you are and look young. Young people usually are not shown the same level or respect as older people are shown, in fact they are often treated rudely and disrespectfully if they are older than you. I know this from my own life experiences.

  19. They hate China, because of all the arrogant and annoying Chinese tourists. The US bombed the communist, in defense of the democratic S.Vietnamese. The older Vietnamese still have fond memories of America. If you had just spoken back in Vietnamese, you would have been fine.

  20. Greetings from Romania ! I love all of Asia, I like the way Asians are, if I weren’t Romanian I would like to be Asian :))) probably in another life I was Asian :)) (Korean). I will write the order in which I like Asian countries: South Korea I like their culture, landscapes, their history, traditional clothes I like almost everything (the country where I find myself the most), Thailand a country with very beautiful beaches and landscapes (the most peaceful people), Vitnam a beautiful country that in the future I am sure will be even more beautiful thanks to very hardworking people (people seem serious, fair and I understand that they are very loyal), Philippines a country with beautiful landscapes, this country has potential but is not invested (people seem friendly and very happy even if they have a difficult situation), I will call Taiwan the country, the people of Taiwan deserve respect for what they managed to build (people are serious, fair and hardworking ) Japan a country with a magnificent culture (people seem colder but compensate by their perfection in everything they do), China is a country with a fascinating culture and when you say China then you say everything :))) a great country with the most people and it is normal to find everything you want, culture, beautiful landscapes, history, everything (people seem jumpy to help, hardworking but a little aggressive), Cambodia a country with a bloody history and this can still be seen Cambodia (I want the people of Cambodia to be happier). I apologize if I’m wrong with something, I just wrote what I felt from the videos on YouTube, I apologize if I offended any Asian people or if someone is upset.

  21. She is mad because there is no business thanks to outbreak from Wuhan. And you are going around with camera – you are not white, so must be Chinese tourist. You should have talked to her in Vietnamese. I don’t blame her, people have no food, are committing suicide all over world because of the outbreak.

  22. If you are talking about “Chinese” than you are suggesting 1.3 billion people. Not every Chinese tourist is bad and not every Chinese tourist is good. In your perspective you may have gotten only positive experiences, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good tourists. My experience with Chinese tourists in Saigon was very positve , they were open for a conversation and polite. My experience in Hanoi rather was quite unpleasant. That’s where I met the “bad” Chinese tourist where this person felt entitled to skip the line and talk negative about Vietnamese people.
    What I am hinting at is:
    It’s all about the perspective from which you’re looking at the situation and you can’t say that the people of an entire country are “good” or “bad”.
    Anyways, Thanks for the new content! : ) it’s good to see that Vietnam is also taking the Toyota virus a bit more seriously.

  23. Fair play to you for calling them out and not backing off. In these stressful and straining times peoples true colours come to the surface and vent frustration at one person blaming them for the faults of others. Sometimes the lack of education can make people very ignorant.

  24. That was nasty and intimidating: that lady looks more Chinese than you. 😁 Even Asians are prejudiced against their own ethnicity, so how can we then blame the Caucasians?Corona Virus has no prejudice, the virus attack all kinds all over the world, lol! The prejudice comes from man, the carrier.Living here in Melbourne, I have encountered prejudice, but really it is their problem and not ours.Such encounters are traumatic to the psyche, but just be strong; and sweep the dirt from your path of life.

  25. Really? America is the worst nation and communist China is “A OK”…really. Really should stick to the charity work and stop the senseless rambling dude. Thumbs down on this video

  26. Yh it don’t make sense going by what you are saying they discriminate against there own race which is probably ingrained in them from somewhere. they shouldn’t discriminate against anyone don’t feel to bad they just need to be more educated

  27. America is Vietnam’s new colonial overlord. First they divided Vietnam, destroyed Vietnam, and even when we managed to get free, they sieged warfare us with embargoes until we were so isolated and so poor, only they could free us. And now we are at their service. Talk about a debt trap… America has done everything the Vietnamese fear the Chinese would do.

  28. troy, my vietnamese brother. you are missing the point of why vietnamese hates chinese. first its because the vietcong government just leased a vietnam island to the chinese for 99years, formosa. and everything else you are missing out on

  29. As an Viet-American and been traveling back and forth between US and Vietnam, I think you need to be clear on the war,during any war.. many bombs were used.. that’s war( it’s against the communist viet cong ) I don’t know if you ever been in the USA, but it’s the World Leader in pretty much everything for a reason. I’m setting up a charity for abandon vietnam kids ,I buy you a beer if I’m running into you in Vietnam.

  30. Troy, welcome to Black Americans Citizens experience. You have just been discriminate against your skin color. Look at the bright side of this situation. You didn’t get attack physically, they didn’t call the police and they didn’t kill you. So, enjoy your freedom while it last.

  31. She just wanted her privacy bro. If somebody says go you should just go. Especially if you are filming. Give people their privacy if they ask. Simple

  32. Troy, hatred will take away peoples soul, they are like zombie, don’t let those shit bother you sir, just be glad that you are not one of them,
    peace and love your shows.

  33. Troy, there was a side called South Vietnam that did not want to be invaded by the North or the Chinese. Sometimes your views are skewed and just narrowly-minded and one-sided against anything U.S. Then all this white hate stuff. You’re the Chinese-Vietnamese version of the White Nazi supremist. It’s just racially polarizing. Just why are you in Vietnam if you don’t like how Vietnamese live?
    People are always going to be defensive with cameras filming them. Not all people are OK with it.
    Social distancing has been taught folks to respect each other’s “space” so to speak, which i think is a good thing. Some people can be very overbearing and cameras can be too. Not saying you, but perhaps they have had plenty of foreign Youtube Vloggers “invade” their space and their homes/storefronts.
    Your view and perspective in this World is not the only perspective, nor is it the right view all of the time.
    The Chinese are not all peaceful. Ask those that have disappeared in the middle of the night. Ask those Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
    I also find it VERY hypocritical to rant and ask for PayPal donations. I respect those MOST who donate their own hardearned money.
    Youtube has contributed to the “FundMe” entitlement era, when the good old work ethic and save and give what you can on your own is more Genuine.
    IF you’re not happy with Vietnamese way of life, then why are you still there? If the Vietnamese want the material American life, let them be. They’ve been so lacking for so long. They compare their lives with yours, and frankly, don’t want to continue to the be the recipient of some Chinese Australian’s charitable acts. They want independence and equality.

  34. There ya go. Hypocritical. Talking about prejudice and Chinese people in Vietnam and then you start hating on Americans.
    I still love ya Troy boy, what you are doing on the ground for the poor over there is inspiring. Just love everybody regardless of where they are from or what they look like. you can block me if you want. I’ll still love ya and watch.

  35. The Corona virus did come from China. Her shop probably closed for weeks due to the virus and had no money coming in. She’s frustrated. I think she would be pissed at anyone filming at this point and tell them off.
    There are a legit reasonS that Vietnamese are cautious of the Chinese. Look what’s they’re doing in the East Sea aka SCS.
    Look at Japan and South Korea. What happened to their countries when they opened up to the West. Look HK and Taiwan. Even Chinese people distrust Chinese. Countries that opened up to China for the Silk Road now cannot repay debt for construction projects to the Chinese government. People are not dumb and being prejudicial for no apparent reason.
    Vietnamese people are generally gracious and kind but they don’t forget history.
    If Chinese tourists are gracious as others they wouldn’t be hated around the world, not just by Vietnamese

  36. Maybe if the Chinese didn’t claimed all the islands and water in the South China Sea then Vietnam might like them better? Just saying….

  37. I just want to point out that Germans don’t hate themselves. In fact, we are really aware of what we are today and what we were back than, as we feel responsible for not repeating history again, which should be something to be proud of. Also, we are proud of many things like our social and healthcare system or how our country works better than other countries on many levels. Yes, there’s a dark age, we won’t forget, but maybe that’s what helps us to grow as people.

  38. Exact sitution happened with me when I visited lol but i spoke back just to see their shocked reaction . I’m very paled skinned so people always think im mixed sadly its true the white people are treated like royalty because i was with my white friend who always got the locals attention within our group we were basically ignored most of the time and spoken rudely to except him.

  39. ^dude trust your guts, you can meat evil shit or an drugged up idiot anywhere. just move on .., also if you are caucasian you can still get randomly harrased or worse, just because anyones school crush ended up with a caucasion guy, which you have never met.

  40. Is it possible you filmed in an alley where people had business they did not want too public?
    The first man on the left might have give you a hint?
    The lady could have had a customer even if that was not legal, she turned away and did not want you to film her face.
    And finally this could have been a nicer story if you had spoken Vietnamese . . .

  41. Asians don’t love white people or americans …. .maybe Asians are very intelligent, hardworking ,and decent people who appreciate thing such as… ( But not limited to) …freedom of thought, free Enterprise and a whole bunch of other things promoted by anglo—saxon derived governments .

  42. You’re correct about the Vietnam war. But who is exploiting vietnam now? China is evil as fuck dude. I don’t know why you feel obliged to defend them.

  43. Troy…we appreciate you doing good for some Vietnamese people. Maybe that woman was angry at something and you were there at the worse time so she just picked you to throw her frustration at.🤔

  44. You can tell who wears the pants the you go now aggressive lady, I would just let it go you will run 🏃‍♀️ into these unsavory people you are doing a great 👍 job🙏😎

  45. China is much more free than USA. In China, you are free to sleep on dirt floor, free to starve to death, free to go to camp if you worship an unapproved god, free to disappear if you protest or sell books about yellow teddy bears. You are free to copy other peoples’ ideas and make money from it. You are free to poop in the streets. Anybody heard of a little place called Rome ? They, too, enjoyed street poop, for a short while, at least. Breathe in deep, Bejing ! That’s the smell of success.

  46. thank you 4 taking me 2 a place i would not have been able 2 see, if you did not

  47. Well, because some Vietnamese think white guys travel to Vietnam must have a lot of money. If I have money to burn, Vietnam or Southeast Asia are the least place for me to live or to travel!

  48. i wouldn’t read much into it. Sure it was clear she showed her discrimination against Chinese which is not good. But i think the aggregation was probably more about not being able to open shop.

  49. I think any time you talk about a country you have to separate the government and the citizens. I hate the CCP. I hate our Government in America. I also hate big business in America . Government will always be corrupt. Big corporations and the pharmaceutical companies will always be corrupt. Anywhere you find big money you will find big corruption. The citizens are a different story. Good and bad everywhere. If a white guy like myself (I’m irish) walked down a street in Houston ,where I’m from , in the 3rd ward i would get robbed, beat, or shot dead in a heart beat. It’s a black community in a poor neighborhood. I know this for a fact because it happened to me years ago. You will find prejudice, racism, and hate wherever you go in this world. You will also find beautiful and kind people everywhere. Even in the 3rd ward. Notice how one person on that street treated you bad and you make it sound like everyone on that street hates Chinese. These are very stressful times. Especially for small businesses owners. The governments shut down the economy for months and did nothing for these small businesses. But they gave out billions, in America, to the mega businesses. Bad times bring out the true character of a person. A lot of people will crack before it gets better. If it does get better. A lot of people are committing suicide. A lot of people are taking unemployment and making more than when they were working. Where’s the incentive to work now? Help wanted signs everywhere in America. But all you have to say is I’m scared of getting the virus and you get unemployment. You don’t even have to fill out any job applications now to get unemployment. Anyway, I think the American government and others with big money are fueling a race war with these riots. It’s an election year and we have seen this before. BLM?
    I think a lot of these rioters are being paid and several cops have been caught destroying property disguised as protesters. There is so much going on in this world and the average citizen knows very little as to what is going on behind the scenes. I know as an individual I rarely witness a racial incident in my daily activities. But the media pushes racism down my throat. People have to learn to think for themselves and do their own research. I love everyone. But there’s not to many people I want to hang out with. Peace!

  50. I agree alot . I am asian from sweden and i stay here in d7 for several months. And people really love usa 🤮 here. And when my white friend from sweden visit me in early march people in bui vien was always more polite to him.

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