Condos For Sale in Pattaya Thailand below 1M THB

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  1. Why are you pandering to the lowest end of the buyers market ?.im looking for a 2 bedroom 2 bath on or close to the beach.70 to 100 sqm upto 12 million Thai baht I’m in quarantine in Bangkok untill the 7 next month when I get out my Thai wife and I are going to Pattaya to look for a condo to buy.if you could make a vid with the criteria I wrote about that would be helpful.thanks in advance. Cheers

  2. not everyone has followed all your videos in the past so you need to repeat about your the the Thai ownership in the Thai company name. Also the lease you get for 99 years or whatever. Do you need to get a land lease for condos. Can I sell or give to my family. With condo the yearly hoa fee. you need to repeat that information on each one of your videos so new people understand what’s going on

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