Condos for Sale in Angeles City Philippines

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  1. Waiting for the market to bottom out. Currently they are still asking 90% of pre CV19 prices. Currently they are way over priced and no one knows if AC will ever return to “normal”. I am waiting at this point in time.

  2. These are wonderful. Two questions…1. Can you present condos in Dumaguete? And 2. Will these prices rise after COVID? Thank you for sharing.

  3. They are in a hurry to sale now in case Angeles gone be a ghost town. Its easy to buy but hard to sale it can take years before you have sold your condo.

  4. i stayed in kandy, its the worse condo complex i have seen in SE asia. its falling apart all ready and doors/windows/aircons are cheap …. what are all those AC condos are worth if the bars with the girls never ever reopen…. drop by 80% my guess…. who wants to stay in this overprized dustball than…. nobody.

  5. I’ve got to think that CV19 is harming 99% of people financially and that it will take a few years for prices to bottom and stabilize… This is the time to research and get ready to buy; but only the best locations…

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