Coming Home to Southern Leyte Province

After running errands from Tacloban to Manila, I return home to Southern Leyte after a week on the road.


  1. You have a beautiful family! That’s very sweet of you bringing “pasalubong” (expensive pasalubong) to your wife. Well deserve… i believe, she’s a great wife and mother. My husband is a Caucasian too but won’t , never ever buy any pasalubong lol.

  2. Hey Tim I’ve been subscribed from the beginning and I just want to say well done on the weight loss, you are looking fighting fit! I’ve noticed that subscriber count creeping up and along with the good health of your beautiful family it looks like there is an upward spiral in your life which is great to see, you deserve it! God bless, from Scotland

  3. Tim, You are blessed to have a loving wife and a child. I never was bless that way. so you are truly a blessed and good man. If I ever make it back to Philippines would like to see that place. I never left Luzon before.

  4. Chrissy and Tim, Dale is so beautiful, he,s so adorably cute, and he,s growing fast bless him.Chrissy u get more beautiful every day….. Love Light and Eternal Happiness 💕

  5. Tim you are a genius always get your wife a gift, you and Chrissie will be happy. I got my wife a gift card from Sephora and she smiled from ear to ear. Take Chrissie to a Sephora and she will love you and be so happy, trust me on this.

  6. Tim, keep up the good videos. I hope your comment section does not get disabled by YouTube because you know have a young child in your videos. Many many many vloggers have their comments disabled because they show their children. It’s going to be a tough decision either no baby or no comments and the future.

  7. Little babies looking excellent I really like that you got her gifts I personally don’t see the point of getting her makeup she’s absolutely stunning all natural. You’re living the dream that a lot of Us wish we could live. Best wishes and long Health to all of you

  8. hey man! im from Tacloban and also residing as of now. if i see you somewhere i will surely tap your shoulder. 🙂 longtime subscriber here. enjoy mate!

  9. Glad your home to your lovely family safe. Bearing gifts to boot, Christen must be tickled with all your goodies. Glad you balked at the Ford dealership and solved your predicament before over paying for their great service. Hang in there T.

  10. Oh man your lil guy is a cutie, really makes me miss my lil guy. Soon i will be back to Leyte with my family. I havent held my boy since october. Lil jimjim is 15 months now

  11. Just stumbled across this video so I don’t know your background. America male living in the Phillpines. What is your income? Are you on a visa? And taxes? Interested to find out why and how so many western men especially just leaves their western homeland for 3rd world living. I lived in Mauritius for 5 years as a teenager but I lived in a resort and it was short term. Couldn’t wait to get back to Australia

  12. I dont understand to give presents of make up to ur wife, do you want she looks atractive to other men? I suppose NO. Do you need she looks hotter for you with make up? Also she doesnt seems like that presents, I bet she doesnt understand it and she rather otrer type of presents like home staff to cook etc. Shes a traditional woman, not a occidental wife (lucky you).

  13. I know I sound like a broken record but baby dale is so cute I can barely take it! Also Chrissy is so pretty she doesnt need makeup but maybe take her to the cosmetics counter next time your in Cebu and have them suggest colours for her eyes.

  14. Hey Buddy, Just wanted to say that I’ve noticed a real lay off from the red horse and drinking…
    Good for you Tim. You are looking alot more upbeat and sound alot more witty. Props.

  15. Tim what car part you need for a ford I am in Thailand and they make a lot of the parts and storage on a lot of ford parts. I can check here for you the cost and its a closer shipping point than the USA.

  16. Looking great Tim. That’s the first thing I noticed when he filmed the mirror. Welcome to my city of Tacloban. Baby dale has grown up so fast so lovely gorgeous, Yeah, why you don’t bring Chrissy and baby dale with you? Just asking 😍💖👍👌😇😎

  17. Good for you my friend. Growing up I never even considered marrying someone from abroad. But as I gotten older (38) I’m starting realize that traditional wife worthy traits are diminishing with western women, this has made me open to reevaluate my stance.

  18. Tim you have a lovely family. Chrissy is a doll. I am talking to a lady in Masbate city, we are talking about getting married. I love her, and it took a lot, to make her see that we would be better in US, at the moment

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