Comforting an ignored grandmother.

Co Thu is sad and alone at the hospital after a fall. We dropped by to give her some hope for the trials ahead.
10 million donation, thanks to all supporters past and present.

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  1. Bless her heart, so sad. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do Troy!!! No words to express our gratitude. Keep rocking bro!!!

  2. These are technically mini soap opera’s. When I was little my mom always watched them and I couldn’t figure out why. I was wondering if her family showed up. Usually family sticks around, at least in Asia.

  3. Troy God bless u. Ur d Ray of hope for d less privileged ppl. Even though u have to travel for so many hours ur sacrrificed for d old lady shws how big cmpasionate heart u hav🤗🤗,,,ur good deeds will not go invain, today is Sunday here in India (Northeast)n bcz of d lockdwnn d church is suspended but watching ur video made ma day,it was such a blessing🤗

  4. I don’t laugh out loud very often but Jesus….”it’s huge, as Trump would say”, with his little girl hands, almost pissed myself, cheers Troy

  5. The way I have been acting recently, towards people is totally opposite of what I see here in this lovely video. There is such humanity and giving and love and compassion in this video. I wish I were in a position to give to people like that, Troy, and one day I will be in that position to give to people like that. I want to be. This is such a lovely video Troy to see you travel so far, just to make somebody’s nightmarish hellscape of a life a little more bearable. I can’t imagine her pain and anguish at her fall and her life. May God continue to bless her and may God continue to bless you, Troy!!!!!!! I am so touched. We have it so damn good in the West that when you see things like this, these people suffering so much, it makes you want to lend a hand. My thinking is that when I get the means to, I want to help in much the same way and or differently other people. I suppose, I can start doing that today and be more friendly towards people. It’s hard for me because I have problems and it’s hard for me to open up to people because I am afraid. I am very afraid. This damn corona virus doesn’t help me be unafraid, either. I love you Troy sleep well under the planets in the heavens ;(

  6. Helping someone who truly needs it is always super cool in my book.
    Thanks to you and your financial backers for helping those in need.

  7. Not to say that she’s not now but you can clearly see, what probably feels like only years ago to her that she was a truly beautiful woman in her youth. To the younger generation, years pass like months after a certain age, enjoy your youth while you have the opportunity to do so, cheers

  8. I totally agree with u troy the north people are more grateful then the south. My family is all from saigon but i was fortunate to marry con gai bac and i can totally see where ur coming from. I dislike how trai bac treat woman with there tradition but northern people are more genuine.

  9. My instincts is telling me: Turn off the camera and just hold her! Give her a shoulder to cry on, she needs it. But that´s me in my culture so i´m not saying that you are doing something wrong here. She seems to feel very lonely.

    1. @PicturePerfectPlanet Well i never say that, do i? My comment is just my REACTION on the film which should be obvious if you read my comment i little bit more careful.

  10. What a sweet hearted grandmother. You know she does everything to support her family to this day and is ignored sadly by the changing time and cultures.

  11. Troy God bless you tenxsfold for what you just did..I admire you deeply and I’m sending great big hugs and prayers for you and your lady friend in the hospital!!! I cringed when I saw her knee!!! I have a severe knee and it’s absolutely insane shit pain iv Never felt in my life and I don’t understand why they haven’t drained her knee n how the hell is she even able to walk on the poor thing!!!! My heart hurts for her and can you PLEASE keep us informed of how she is doing and if she ever gets to come home? I will be praying for her everyday !!!

  12. 4:15 *Grandmother* says _”I don’t have anything at all with which to repay you!”_

    Grandmother we say to you! *”You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.* Thank you very much. You made us live today! “

    1. It’s crazy how someone you’ve never known can touch your life. Growing up my Grandmother often said, Don’t leave this World without giving something back. At the time I was to young to really understand, but as a Grandfather now I get it. Your comment brought her back to me.

  13. Wow, that’s just awesome Troy. I’ve traveled from Hanoi to Saigon before and let me tell you guys, it’s a long long way. And for Troy to do such a round trip like that, that is just incredible. Much respect brother!!

  14. brah, you went to hanoi by train in the middle of corona virus? take care bro, doesnt seem like people are taking this serious

  15. No one drained her knee after she fell, or gave her some ice for her cheek ? The Viets need to hire some Filipino American health care workers !!!!!! I’m sure it’s all about the money in the end. Hope they can help her now that she has some green stuff.

  16. It is so admirable of you, Troy, to travel all the way to help this grandma. Her knee looks bad, like there is a huge haematoma, and her right cheek seems swollen and bruised. Hope she gets better soon. Poor old soul.

  17. This is the kind of charity people of the world can get behind. Not the large scale ones where the money trickles down through many hands. This is straight to the source and making a difference. Keep up the great work! Small donation sent yesterday!

  18. 4:50 thats orthopnea from uncompensated CHF, thats why she has to sit up to breath, needs dialysis take more fluids off, better diuresis. she needs sodium restriction diet.

  19. This video really got to me… I’m not getting into that, but it triggered me on an emotional level… Great job Troy!

  20. Brother Troy , continue do what toy do . In my view you did the right thing to give money helping her out . Bro, everytime you make video like this makes me tearing up man like cutting onion 😥😥😥😥👍👍👍🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Its hard to keep a straight face with all the good youre doing over there in vietnam for people. You are chicken soup for the soul.

  22. After watching the video with Bot, I was jaded. But after watching this video I’m reminded there are plenty of worthy people needing help. Sorry but Bot grandmother comes across as a scammer when she speaks for her granddaughter in the interaction.

  23. Hello Troy, i really don’t understand what the reason you help this lady? Vietnam not same with the other country, the hospital never let you admitted inpatient if you don’t have any money to pay upfront.

  24. Taking the train from Saigon to Hanoi (and back) really shows how dedicated you are.
    This might not be your most “sexy”vid on the subject, but I like it the most.Look for my thumb as #375.

  25. It’s sad to see these young girls riding their bicycles with their friends, laughing and having fun, get old and end up in the hospital with health problems. All alone. When we are young we have so many friends. Then life happens and we go our separate ways. And then late in life when we need our friends the most, they aren’t there. And her family is not there either. Sometimes family are the worst friends. You show up and make this angel happy again. Let’s herself feel human again. Knowing someone cares about you and is thinking about you during a difficult time is everything.And the financial help gives her hope to get better.
    Amazing job Troy! I hope to have the privilege of meeting you someday!

  26. After the disillusioned video of BOT this was really uplifting. This lady was so gratefull and happy. And honeslty, i dont think it was even about just the money. I think it was just the fact that you visited her in her hour of need alone that made her so gratefull. If you ever donate to BOT again, make sure grandmama stays out of it. She has revealed herself as a snake in my opinion. This lady is a 100% more deserving and a 100% more genuine. You are a fantastic human being Troy. If i ever get into a comfortable financial situation i’ll be the first send some spoils your way since i know it’s in good hands and there’s no 50 middlemen all taking a cut.

  27. While you’re up North, Troy, you should visit the Ben Thanh girls in Thanh Hoa. We haven’t seen Nga nor Linh in years, mate. Good job on what you’re doing.

  28. I hope no one in that hospital watches these videos and finds out she has that much money on her. Your heart is as big as all outdoors, Troy.

  29. Troy, I hope you take good care of your health to carry on doing this amazing work for years to come. It can be physically and emotionally demanding but we are behind you and supporting all your efforts and pray you will overcome all adversities in your journey. Thank you for showing kindness and love to our fellow man/woman. It’s HUUUUUUGE:)

  30. Well done Troy! Thanks for reaching out to her. She seems very lonely and in need. I’m impressed that even in her dire need, she didn’t try to call you. Thank you to all the Patreon Donors! Blessings to you and Troy for your good work.

  31. You and your viewers are doing a lot of good and I hope you will someday be rewarded for your kindness but often times it is not an easy job.

  32. Wow this is heart breaking I really hope she gets better the elderly have so much that the younger generation can learn by, such a shame she is there alone

  33. So now your tender side finally comes out…it is so sweet of you to go all that way to visit her. Poor, poor lady. I am sure your visit meant as much to her as the money. Thank you Troy! And see, you made that whole video without putting anyone down! Keep it up, please!!

  34. I totally sympathise with this lady. I have kidney problems myself. I know how painful it is and how alone you feel. I’ve watched you fir long enough now to be seriously thinking of making a donation. Now I must think how much and whether to donate to someone in particular or leave it to you to decide.

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