Coffee with Toffgun Pilot in a Vietnam War Airplane – Bangkok Thailand

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My friend Toffy aka Toffgun Pilot aka barrel roll chick invited me to a coffee shop that is inside of a decommissioned Vietnam War Airplane. Of course, I said yes.

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  1. Toffy is nice thai girl when i was young my mom alway told me to make friend with a lots of girl because almost thai girls they are helpfull and kind they will alway look after their friend very well Toffy is nice, kind ,strong ,cool and very rich i am thai you can trust me on this

  2. Thur mi poot, thur khun palia, mia… lol You seemed a lottle (sic lottle is a little but really a lot) happier in this video Chad! Yeah and where is the Chad merchandise ??? I need a new Tee. Peace out bro, have a blast and enjoy the shit out of it!

  3. Wow, cool place. Will go there next time in Bkk for sure. My son would love it.

    In Stockholm they have a old plane next to the airport that i used as a hotel. There are one room in each engine

  4. I really enjoyed this video. I enjoy all your videos. But I sense something special about this video! Chad, are we talking crush, dude???!!!

  5. I got a joke you can use it on the lady’s or the ladybois;) what do you call a fake noodle?an impasta:) this should go over well in Asia

  6. That was very cool. And she is very nice.well done both I love planes but just can’t fly at the moment lol. Please can we just open up again and just live with the virus like we do with all the other virus in our life..thanks Chad. Jason and pat, Sydney Australia

  7. She’s nice . Typical Thailand , nothing to stop anyone walking into a rotating propeller . We used to to have a DC3 restaurant in Perth Western Australia in the 1970s but sadly gone now 🙂

  8. Actually you should be leaving masks for the hospitals that really need them. At this stage 2 metres is plenty for no transmission of saliva. Toffee is one nice thai girls. Kun suay mak mak.

  9. I totally need to visit this coffee shop. Drove past it last time I was there not thinking it was anything other than another random plane or plane section..

  10. I woke up on a bus while travelling back to bangkok..and i see this airplane with propellers running on the junction..and got confused wheather its a dream or real.

  11. Very Cool. I have not had coffee there, yet. It will definitely be a stop on a road trip after……anyway. be safe. Thanks for another great one Chad. And of course thanks to Toffy for her wonderful ambassadorship for aviation in Thailand. 🛩🛩👍👍

  12. Now You talking bro. Before following You long time and now I want steel your life. Or may be just some day chat a little and take some beer. Since 1984 visited Thailand. Love You videos.

  13. I’ve been dating American women for 32 years and I’ve never met a female here that is as feminine, sweet and lovely as Toffy. I must move to Thailand. Feminism has killed femininity in America.

  14. Is that your new girlfriend? I seen you sharing her tea. I’m so jealous. She is so beautiful, I’d swim all the way to Thailand to share her tea.

  15. Awesome content! I like the educational parts. Please keep it coming. Travel content with you and Toffy would be amazing. We get your perspective and her’s as a Thai.

  16. now you got a loyal following, just need to add a teelak into your videos…..then after a while….get all the shots of her walking at the pool…….and then upgrade her with some massive titties. Seems to work for a few people I know of…
    The girls sems very thai proud, I like it.

  17. That is an amazing coffee shop. What I noticed right away was the propellers…in USA they probably would not allow them on, or spinning, because someone would for sure sue because it hit their head. hahaha

  18. I can’t believe that’s your first taste of a Thai Iced Tea, aka Milk Tea. It is my favorite drink in the entire world, so far, not that I’ve been to Thailand yet! I was lucky to grow up with my brother living in San Francisco and grew up trying all sorts of food and drinks. It’s funny, I literally was just talking to my friend, who is in Thailand, about the Thai Iced Tea and what it’s called there. He says he thinks it’s called “Cha Yen” aka Milk Tea. Mmmmmm, so good! I hope to try one in Thailand someday!
    I love your videos!

  19. So interesting, the restoration of the inside of the hull and cockpit looked so good it made it feel like a young boy’s clubhouse mixed with a museum piece. I’d buy a lot of coffee before i’d fully appreciated it that’s for sure. Talk about a passion project! Thanks for sharing it with us, i’d never have known!

  20. Vancouver Island Leo here once again just catching up on your last few vids , great content as usuall , what an awsome idea for a vid good stuff definatly , i’ve been in Pattaya for the last 5 days & headed back to BKK tomorrow & am now 100% going to go there for a coffee within the next few days thx Chad keep em coming ☕

  21. My Grandfather flew 35 missions in the tailgunner position on B – 17 Flying Fortress in WW2 stationed in Foggia Italy at Amendola Air Force Base , he got me a large scale model of the B-17 for X Mas when i was 10 yrs old & i’ve loved planes ever since fighter planes , Cargo planes doesn’t matter , soooo this place is right up my alley , going for coffee in next few days cheers 🇹🇭

  22. Interesting to see my old flight deck, but the seats are quit different. I must find this coffee shop just for old times sake. The C-123 ” Provider ” was a major workhorse during the Viet Nam War by several air forces.

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