Cleaning A Very Dirty Aircon

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  1. What’s an air con?
    Just have an electric wall fan that needs cleaning, if you are passing sometime Brian!! Lol.

    Recall a few years ago, you came down, with a nasty chest infection, when you cleaned an air-con indoors( photographic memory situation!! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚)
    Glad you took it out and did it outside! Had help this time of course!
    Personally, find air con too cold, even when turned down.
    Must be acclimatised now ??!
    Only have the 16 inch wall fan on the lowest setting these days at night, with the windows wide open( fitted insect screen tho!) !

  2. I haven’t seen an air conditioner that dirty for a very long time. You didn’t clean the air filters regularly. I clean my air conditioner after every summer.

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