Email: City Suites Ramos Tower is managed by Crown Regency Hotels. Most of the condo units are privately owned and some rent them out. My friend has 2 units for rent here and also 2 condos in Thailand.


    1. The 1st studio should be available in July for 18,500 pesos/month Carlos. The one bedroom on the 30th floor is asking 34,000/month with a lease and is available now.

  1. Did he say 18’500 per year? .. is that us$ or $1500 usd per Month? .. If so i’d say it’s 50% higher than it should be as the area is no the best & quite noisy & the condo is Very Basic so Keep on looking – hehe ..

    1. I think there are several Michael. Solinea next to Ayala mall should be and I think also crossing the street to the mall offers graded slope to the sidewalk and also a ramp up to the mall. I will have to put that on my list of things to check in the future.

  2. I’ve stayed there a few times as well,your videos bring back memories of great holidays. It’s a safe area and there’s a 7/11 a few hundred metres away in Ramos Street, also a place called Mr Liempo that does great Chicken and rice. Sea view is great if you get the right apartment. Make sure you check your apartment if you’re renting and let reception know of any problems or you might find yourself charged for causing them, I read on Tripadvisor of someone being charged for a broken blind and a damaged door that was already done when they rented. Don’t know if I had the same apartment but one of my rentals there had exactly the same problems but my partner had someone up to take a look so we wouldn’t get accused of the damage,the blind was actually a quick fix once we took a look. I’ve stayed there 4 times now,the last time the place was looking a bit shabby and starting to look neglected,which is a shame as it’s a great location,the Circle is a 20 minute stroll and I walked to Ayala from there once, Some great eating places in the area as well. Balconies are great in the evenings,watched a fantastic thunder and lightning show from there once.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Dave. Having a good property manager is essential to keep the units in good shape. I do love the view and it is pretty convenient to many areas and malls.

  3. Rod,
    18,500 PHP = Approx. $370.00 Good price given KILLER view , nicer CR – as long as you don’t mind doing everything while seated on your bed. and in case you change your mind you’re on the 18th floor -approx. 2-3 seconds to the ground. How much was the one bedroom 44 Sq. M? Seemed like a decent/reasonably safe neighborhood ( No university would build dorms in a “crime hot spot”.

    1. 18,500 pesos/month for the studio includes condo fees but not electric or water Daniel. Asking 35,000 pesos/month for the 1 bedroom. Location and view are quite good.

    2. @n L Oh okay, is that the rule out there in the Philippines? When the landlord quotes a year lease total -it automatically converts to a foreign currency – in this case U.S. dollars – good to know the custom of apartment renting there. Thanks
      ( If you would pay $75,000.00 PHP per month for a 22 Sq. M apartment you’re an idiot)

    1. Some days and evenings are quite nice Ken but there are some more oppressive days. Generally, it is less hot and humid than many SE states in the USA and places like Houston, TX. You can go up in elevation to get cooler temps, places like Valencia in the mountains above Dumaguete are becoming more popular.

  4. I like em. But many need a weekly monthly for our first visits. I’ve seen a number of $10-15 + a day. I was looking around the Alaya Mall area. Have you done any vids on these or wkly/monthly?
    (By the way US DJIA was down biggest ever, 2000 points, dn 7.5% to 23,800. PI market was dn 6.75% too 600. Down from 900).

    1. There are tons of cheap hotels, pension houses, and hostels in town M S. Many landlords do want 2 months deposit and a months rent to move in.
      I have watched many markets come and go, rise too high and correct with various world events and economics so this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  5. The 1-room apartment is really nice, and it offers enough sqm for a long term renter (the common small “studios” are only good for short term like AirBnB).

    But, don’t underrate the additional expenses for electric + water + cable + internet (wifi) + maybe daily public transportation.

    These expenses together with the rent = at least US$ 900 per month! Imho that’s much for 1 room.

    1. @Amazing Philippines Hello Rod. Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate. – But obviously we’ve a misunderstanding. Same like you, I’ve calculated additional 10k Php for the expenses. But I was talking about a long term rent, and therefore about the more spacious and nicer 1-room condo (the one for 35k Php per month) … +10k Php … = 45k Php … = over the thumb 900 US$ … if I’m right.

    2. My electric usually runs around 3000 per month but double that for some. Water is minimal here usually less than 300 pesos/month. You should be able to get a combined cable/internet plan for about 3000/month so add about 10,000 pesos or $200 to the 18,500 ($370 USD) and you are at $570.

  6. What is the fanciest condo building in Cebu? (Park Point Residences) What condo building do you think represents the best value in the 50,000 peso a month and up price range?

    1. Good question John. City Lights up on the hill near Marco Polo gets some good reviews but I haven’t been there yet. Park Point is nice and convenient to Ayala Mall.

  7. I clicked this video to briefly escape my current existence and wallow for a moment in somewhere exotic and foreign, and the first thing you tell me is about an authentic Spanish restaurant you want to try. I live in rural Spain. I mean RURAL Spain. Every 6 months or so, I get it into my head I want a Burger King meal. Yesterday was that day. I left my house in the morning and I returned at 5pm. I didn’t dawdle. I got there, ate, returned home. That was a 6-hour round-trip just to taste ANYTHING that WASN’T authentic Spanish food 🥘 🍔

    1. TJ Thunder,
      I’m sure the Burger King Corp appreciates your patronage – they’re rapidly heading for bankruptcy here in the U.S. I can empathize with your desire to escape your current environment. I ( Like Rod did in the past – Rod is the guy who makes “Amazing Philippines” videos) also live in the metro Phoenix area. I’m 100% disabled veteran and I’m currently going to local community college. I just turned 51 y/o and I feel dead inside. I haven’t left the state of Arizona in the nine years since I moved here. It’s funny how people tend to think the grass is greener somewhere other than their current location. I’m at the point that If I don’t live in the Philippines for at least a year -I’d feel like a major loser. Thanks for reading my rant.

    2. LOL. I understand your cravings TJ. I one drove 2 hours up into the mountains from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona to see rain. We live in such a great time that we can travel to get what we want most of the time.

    3. TJ Thunder I don’t like studios. It’s ok if there is only one . But there are 2 people and one is not felling well a studio is not good. At least not for me.

  8. I didn’t hear a price.  Also seems he put this together on the cheep.  Nothing matches, like the one gray door on the overhead cabinets in the bedroom, kitchen stuff, why is couch and chair covered with cloth, hiding something?  Not a very good review.

  9. I thought I heard a 2 yr agreement for the studio unless I heard it wrong? Two yrs is too long. I rented a house for six months and I’ve continued living here after the lease expired. I get much more space than a tiny condo unit here. I’m interested in considering condo life here for the right price inclusive of condo fees. Even though a condo is a smaller space I need escape from the noise of barking dogs.

    1. I found out about a program where I paid a “deposit” of 5000 pesos and didn’t have to sign a contract so it is month to month…but will I ever get the deposit back? I never understood the terms but I think it will be returned at some time. I put it in my gf name also as they said that would speed up the process. The deposit is supposed to make sure I never get a bad credit listing from them.

  10. I like the studio. The price is right and it’s about the same size as the motel suite I stayed in for a year in Charlotte, NC a few years ago. I have to say, though, waking on the wrong side of the bed in this one could give me a heart attack. Do you think your could get much of a discount by paying a year in advance (for any of the units you’ve shown)?

    Currently I rent out a brand new studio apartment ~220 sq ft for $650/month including all utilities except for internet and TV. So the price here seems reasonable. What is building security like?

    1. The view is important to me also and I have lived in small spaces because of the view a few times. I will ask about the discount for 1 year in advance. The studio is rented until July I think Anthony.

    2. Actually, it has a full kitchen, four burner stove, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. There is a butcher block counter top that was made from the old flooring. It does have bathroom with a very nice shower. It also has a washer/dryer combo unit. It has a Murphy bed that when up becomes a couch. You can take an tour on my vlog, Anthony Keller.

  11. 35k for the 1 bedroom? I think you can find a large loft at Ultima Residences for that price. Overall, decent places though…solid view.

  12. Rod, the food at that Spanish restaurant is fantastic. We stayed in an Airbnb rental in City Suites—-a very good location—-great laundry service downstairs ———–unfortunately the condo was not well maintained and the landlord, a Korean guy with a few properties around Cebu city, was not receptive to any quick fixing

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Clyde. I stopped by the Spanish resto near closing time and looked at their menu and will visit there soon.
      Landlords make or break a good experience with maintenance issues unfortunately. I have heard from many landlords that they will no longer rent to Koreans so there is still some discrimination here.

  13. Did not see a parachute in the video, I lived there in 1984 when 13 hotels burned down, one night i heard a newsflash on the radio about a fire close to me, I went out to see a charred body slumped over the balcony it was burnt to a crisp. and be careful walking down the notorious colon St, twice I caught pickpockets with their hand in my pocket, in recent years there has been expats stabbed to death in this street, also handgrenades thrown in movie theatres and bars where there is expats. I have always lived on the ground floor since. You can google all this to find out.

    1. 1984 is ancient history Tom and I and many Filipinos find the city to be very safe these days. Seach Pearl Harbor attacked by Japanese and maybe you will decide not to visit there.

    2. You must be talking about Davao City. Davao City was rocked by terrorist attacks in recent years. Cebu has never been rocked by any violent attacks in public places. Google terrorist attacks in Davao.

  14. WOW, now I like both of them, very nice! But it’s more than I would want to spend. If it was $300 a month for the studio, I would probably jump on it. The one bedroom was up higher and I like that being high up.

  15. Great informative videos. So many good English speaking vloggers in Cebu. Wish there were as many or just a few in Davao City. There may be but I haven’t found any as of yet.

    1. Thanks Rod! $350 is high for Cebu but low compared to los angeles. How is the COV-19 situation in Cebu? I watched new it is spreading in Luzon. Take care and be safe

  16. Great video… Could you share how much roughly that 1 bedroom would sell for today? I understand this is a rental. But curious of market value… thanks

  17. I liked the 1 bedroom and 35000 is a fair price if the pool is included… Your videos are very helpful and your genuine honesty is appreciated. Some of the expats like to sugar coat everything … I am looking forward to visiting Cebu again in the near future and spending my retirement with my girlfriend there.

  18. Hello! Can you tell me if your friend rents for a couple days at a time and how much? I am planning to be there for at least three, maybe four, days in October. Asking because I love views like that and always try to stay in the highest floor I can to enjoy them.

    1. He is only interested in 1 year or at least 6 months leases. He has other units that an agent leases out on airbnb but I don’t have any of the details about that yet.

  19. Rod,

    Did you put all of your personal belongings in a storage unit before you left? Do you have a vehicle in storage? I’ve repeatedly heard, “Have something to go back to.” How much is something? Enough furniture to furnish a 1 bedroom apartment and a vehicle? That would seem like minimal items to repatriate if needed. Perhaps that could be the subject of a future video, “What to bring and what to have at the ready to go back to.” While I contemplate this ( at least 1 year) excursion the more adamant I become that I’m going to do it and at the same time I suffer logistical migraines.

    1. I have a little bit in storage Daniel but if I leave the Philippines it would probably be to another SE Asian country or Central or South America instead of the USA. I hope to travel and experience other cultures for as long as I am able.

  20. I know him also, stay in the same building. I love the view and central location, just kinda wish there was a gym and swimming pool on site. The building owners Fuente Triangle raised the monthly parking space prices a lot in late 2018, the spot for my scooter jumped from p1175/month to p3000/month, and car spaces went up to p6000/month.

    1. These tall building held up very well during the earthquake about 7.2 in 2013 but we don’t get many here David. Cebu seems to be pretty well protected from typhoons also.

    2. Cebu is not a quake prone area. The last tremor that hit Cebu was in 2013 but that centered on Bohol island where the fault was located. Cebu has a local fault but it’s so small experts say won’t do much destruction if ever it would move. The Bohol quake in 2013 sent an Intensity 6 to Cebu City but only the belfry of centuries-old church and the roof of the 50-year fish market collapsed. No other structures, high-rise buildings or commercial/residential homes, in Cebu City sustained serious damaged or collapsed. The casualties were from the collapse of the fish market when the quake struck during the busy hours. A stampede in Sport stadium also caused 5 deaths.

    1. @Amazing Philippines Yea they have some advantages like usually a gym/pool/sauna/hot tub but also if you rent in a good subdivision you will get access to tennis courts a big pool a nice club house so both have advantages I just like the options that a large house can give you over a small condo.

    1. Murphy style beds are available Frank. There are a couple of “business” type condos that offer them and they can fold up with a desk or comforter/sofa popping out the other side. I will try to find out more details about the companies.

    1. The normal terms for rentals in the Philippines is 1st months rent and 2 months deposit before moving in, so the equivalent of 3 months. Some landlords have different requirements.

  21. Thanks for posting Rod. When I woke up this morning it is very cold and snowing in Montana. Looking at videos from Cebu cheers me up. It is our last winter we plan to spend in Montana for a while. Nanie and I celebrated our 10th anniversary earlier this month. She will qualify for social security in a few years and I do now so we plan on moving to our house in province near Cebu. One thing I like about Cebu is the several hospitals available. The Doctors Hospital and Our Mother of Perpetual Succor, and the large Chinese one are the three I am familiar with. Us old guys sometimes need good medical care close by. In Montana we are 210 miles away from and specialists and that is a long way in an emergency. Recently a friend of mine was visting in Cebu and his wife became very ill with kidney failure. She was taken care of for four days with multiple specialists and lab tests at the Chinese hospital. The total bill was only about $600! They were very happy with the care.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Mark and good luck with your plans. It is good that you have been planning out several years and Cebu City does have several advantages.

    1. Buildings in Cebu City area stood up well to the last big 7.2 earthquake in 2013 Melvin. My observation of earthquake damage in the Philippines is that it is often buildings 2-3 stories high that weren’t properly built.

  22. I can’t understand how you think a city view as being a great view?? I used to live in Phuket 4 metres from the beach! That’s a great view!! Now in Boracay but it’s a 10 minute walk to the beach but i overlook forests from my apartment, that just looks like a concrete nightmare, in my opinion! On the plus side, the apartment looks nice!! I’m Paying PHP 21K for a 2 bedroom apartment here! my Stdio bungalow in Phuket was about PHP 10k a month!!

    1. @Amazing Philippines Yeah to each their own as they say, its not quite a forest just lots of wildlife woodland for about a 1km, i guess i’m just not a city person, all the best!

    2. Thanks Malcolm. We all have our own preferences on views and some would prefer living in a forest but it would make me claustrophobic I think. I will put up a video of his Thai property soon.

  23. Thx for the video.
    I would say the owner of these units is asking way too much for both.
    Do not fall for these kind of prices, they are way better deals to be found everywhere in Cebu.
    Those prices can actually be seen as what you should not be paying for this kind of accomodation there (that you’ll find in abundance).

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