Chinese Secret Police Trap my friend in China

He was warned about COVID-19 before Christmas 2019 by a doctor friend, State Security got involved!

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  1. If the virus was common knowledge in the medical community in China before Christmas 2019, then it had been spreading for some time in Wuhan and elsewhere. With at least a 2 week incubation period before symptoms show up, the infection most likely began in November in China.

  2. If I squint, I easily see this person’s entire face and if I knew him, simply squinting I would be able to identify him.

    Is face recognition a joke to you?

  3. He says his friend shared with him the information to pass on to other people, then he says he didn’t because he didn’t want his contacts to get in trouble?
    Sounds a bit made up.

  4. So it’s true that Chinese knew about the virus back to December 2019, and the CCP tried, hard, to hide it with all their capacities. Vile the CCP.
    This also makes me realize why CCP tries to collect everybody’s personal private information in the world. Apparently those information may have some value to the CCP someday and come back to bite us.

  5. Don’t they know his identity though? like I imagine they didn’t interrogate _too many_ foreigners from the US with Chinese wives who have been warned about the virus by a doctor. The results could be sifted through.

  6. Winston I am glad I started following you 18 months ago or whenever I started as its been good to be on top of the corona information. Thanks for laughs Winston. i have told many South Africans about you in Australia 😉

  7. This very revealing. This guy has just told us that the CCP can hack all your details even if you are a foreigner living in a Western country. This how they recruit useful fools and compromise foreign influencers. We need to wise up to the fact that the CCP is cyber-hacking online data and databanks within our own countries.

  8. He gave way too much personal info in this interview-the province where he lives, length of time in the country, that he’d been investigated and why.

  9. I left Manila on morning of December 23rd, had a 7 hour layover in Taipei, then made it back to the US. Three weeks later I had a flu that was so bad I couldnt get rid of it for weeks, hardly could get out of bed. Was staying at my sisters house when she got sick and had similar symptoms. At that time, we hadnt even heard of COVID-19. Makes me wonder more and more what I had as additional information and timelines come out.

  10. So by anonymizing the face and voice of western guy living in Guangzhou thinks the CCP can’t figure him out? After outlining the context and personal details of his interrogation ? Either he is foolishly naive or dum as nails. He is not only putting himself at risk but his wife’s extended family and friends. I question his story. If the interrogators wanted doctor name they wouldn’t politely ask you but remove a finger at a time.

    It’s all fun and games until family and friends are harassed or dissappear. Shame on Winston all in the name “truth”, views and subscribers. Winston what happens when your wife’s extended family and friends are targeted and there lives are threatened? Hopefully this reality doesn’t transpire.

  11. To let you know. This method of visual and audio distortion can be mostly broken. Clearly it takes skill and patience but can be done. Sound is quite easy. You should use variable modulation with variable cycle with variable scope. Clearly the details of the story narrows it down. As for internet, I’d run a fiber line down the street myself.

  12. A pity. That pixelation will not protect your friend. Due to the algorithms calculating the color of each pixelated block, it can be unpixelated(thanks to the movement, for a still, it would be fine). Similar to a single row of LED lights can show as a text on your retina as you move your head … (POV)

  13. Winston could you tell us more about USAMRIID and the CDC closure of it I m South African Lived a little longer there than you and I appreciate what you re revealing to us but is America innocent ?

  14. This is really some scary sh*t. And still we have leftists, Democraps, and business elites, singing the praises of this evil regime. Oh, if we only had an honest media here in the USA to tell the people what is really going on in China.


  16. Boycott china. Asians settled in the West must be returned to their home countries forthwith.
    I don’t buy the ‘chinese are victims, the ccp are the evil ones’ line any longer.
    Their deeply held values are incompatible with ours.

  17. happy to hear this interview ….remember you said that you hear that there was a claim that Dec. # was the first time about the virus …I can not find that video …WHY ?

  18. Maybe I was not paying attention but I missed where he was “trapped” in China – has he actually tried to leave and been refused exit (which I know is a tactic they use)?

  19. Im in jail,







    Surfing the internet

    Shitting at the morning

    Playing video games

    *actually I want to insert laugh emoji,but it doesnt exist in this ketboard

  20. China lied about the virus’ existence, lied about the virus extent, lied about the number of infections, lied about the number of deaths
    it caused AND lied about the virus being transmissible among humans. But that’s just what Chinese communists do. What’s
    SERIOUS is that knowing all this, China then allowed millions of its infected
    people to travel ALL OVER THE WORLD for Chinese New Year. That is CRIMINAL and it must be compensated.
    The UN has a responsibility to correct these murderous acts if it wants to stay
    in existence.

  21. The pursuit of the truth is never straight forward but more like a scavenger hunt. Those that want to find it/share it will make mistakes and get lost at times or find misleading info. Most important thing is to have the courage and moral character to share that truth no matter how you view it and even more important is to have courage to openly correct ones self and inform those when you have got a part of that hunt wrong. Your entire team of friends and family that hunt together have shown you have all these ideas in your character! People all over the world trust and supports your groups hunt! Stay Awesome and safe!

  22. Amazing interview, I am so glad your channel exists. Truly and from the bottom of my soul, thank you for the work you do! It’s so important!

  23. Support the pursuit of the truth, support the people, and subvert any establishment or government that tries to break that support down!! Stay safe and get home with your family friend of Winston! We appreciate you sharing your experience.

  24. Asians of ethnic backgrounds citizens continue to be abused and harrased by White Oppressors due to prejudice.

    The West Excersising It’s Oppressive Colonial Powers. Evil Western Colonialism Oppression Still Exists And We All Still Suffer.

    They’ve been destroying countries forever. Dividing Nations.

    White Far Right Groups are evolving and are hard at work.

    Malcolm X – *How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself and Your People and your Culture*

    UNITE Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia UNITE and take a stand to Western Colonial Oppression.


    Help Me Fight this Global Oppression. 

    Far Right Nazi’s are evolving and are hard at work.

    *I’m only small but we will grow*

    *The West Responsible for Colonialism genocide and cultural cleansing upon Asia Africa North Americas South America and Australia*

  25. Planned?? Suppressing on purpose? The Chinese are already trying to buy up distressed assets – in Australia and other Countries they are being blocked

  26. Unfortunately the pixelation of his image can be reversed by AI software with enough samples. Consider doing a much rougher/double pixelation slower frame rate to obscure his identity.

  27. I wonder what kind of people still admiring CCP ??? Are they human ? Do they have human sense ? Do they have soul ? World should isolate CCP and 50 cents armies for good!

  28. I appreciate this interview very much, but I wonder about the safety of the interviewee. His face was blurred and his voice distorted because he is concerned about his security, but we KNOW the CCP watches these, and we KNOW they have an extremely detailed history of his entire interaction past. They will absolutely be able to figure out who he is based on the timeline and details he offered. Your friend needs to GTFO, bounce, AMSCRAY.

  29. If only i subsrcibed to you,Serpentza 2 months ago!! I’ve been seeing/viewing your videos for like a year! I would took early action and stocked up as i’m a carer….i’m not that well myself too.I still have my brother and his nasty,un hygienic girlfriend who visits us,she coughs/sneezes in her hands and spreads it round the house ffs!! The other half times she don’t even cover her mouth….and she just don’t give a f*ck,neither does he.

  30. Clear evidence of the shocking extent of the evil of the Chinese regime . China is the greatest threat to the world since Adolph Hitler and the NAZIS . BOYCOTT CHINA ! Reject EVIL .

  31. Thank you for bringing this to light. Mainstream media outlets are so dedicated to destroy trump and help China to spread Chinese propaganda

  32. Winston,
    This prior comprehensive personal knowledge should NOT surprise you.
    There was a GIANT data breach of OPM a few years ago. That gave them Everything! on just about Every American! By using ANY Chinese tech currently, you have simply given them updated info.

  33. Why even include the video btw? I mean if you scale down the size you can work out some facial features. That along with his accent and all of the information he gave, even saying that the chinese government already know exactly who he is, etc they could use that to probably locate him?

    Unless this isn’t his video at all, but if it is idk why you’d even risk that

  34. Hey friend. Take extra care. Get out if and when you can. Thank you for sharing your story. Crapola C P must be brought into line. The whole human race needs to stand together. I’m sure you’re using a vpn and taking extra precautions. Take more. 😳 Stay well and safe and get the hell out. ❤️

  35. 18:57 *Are you fucking kidding me, Winston?* You are supposed to be tech savvy. You just said yourself that they have access to all the logs and history. How can you then claim him deleting his doctor friend from all his social media (and stating this in the interview) was “a step in the right direction” to protect his identity?? It is the opposite! He created an identifying pattern. All they had to do is request the logs and check for that deletion pattern. (Please don’t tell me you are so naive/uninformed that you think if you delete your Facebook account, it is gone.)

    As for the guy’s actions, he presented it as the high risk it is for his doctor friend to tip him off about Covid, so I would very much assume he did not give any indication of that on Chinese social media but told him in person. So there was no point in deleting uncritical communications between the two on his end. – What they derived from checking his phone was probably just the signaling of intention of not wanting to get involved.

    But there is more puzling stuff. If he got investigated for making so many calls abroad and they ask him about what they were about and to whom… wouldn’t they already know that, too, with their often-mentioned meticulous gathering of communication data? They control the China side of the network, no? Or are VPNs operating in China actually shielded from CCP eyes? That would be the implication, and that he made calls via VPN.

    Something doesn’t add up there. They would absolutely know by now who his doctor friend is. At best they wanted to see whether they can get a confirmation from him. But then why show him pictures and none shows the guy? A white lie from him? Mind games by them?
    I mean, if he didn’t talk to anyone about the information given by his friend, then why did the investigation about his plenty of overseas communications lead to inquiries about the doctor informant?

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