Chinese React To Viral Wuhan Pool Party Video And China’s Handling Of COVID-19 | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. It’s the same in italy, we’re mostly mask free but you have to wear it in transportations and public places where safe distancing can’t be guaranteed

  2. It’s quite amazing to see Wuhan and Shanghai has recovered from the pandemic. How did they do it? To think Wuhan and China were the epicenter if this pandemic and is now showing coming back to normalcy, they owe the world to tell how they did it for free.

  3. China is lying like always don’t believe so quickly people they’re hiding the real truth just like they tried hiding the existence of the Uighur camps

  4. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
    Chinese people- COVID-19 cases numbers in China are not fake.
    Biggest joke for world 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. China has a system where they have 100% control over its people and hence can effectively deal with a pandemic. That’s not true with other countries, especially the ones who are democratic. In Democracies government cannot have too much power over the people or they will be voted out in the next elections. But we can’t deny the fact that this pandemic is because of illegal wet markets in China. China will never fear them because they know if a pandemic arises they can control it much better than the world. But the rest of the world is fu*ked.

  6. The situation in Shanghai and Bangkok is more or less similar. It’s funny to hear the interviewee said the US government is hiding things for public while the believing in the info from the China government. This is so sarcastic but I kind of agree with it. It’s Mr. Trump’s era in which he himself can say anything. Our politicians are suck too then we learn to protect ourselves by cooperating on this social distancing and personal hygiene by wearing masks and sanitize everything around us. Freaking disinfection behaviour we have now! 😅

  7. That’s some blind following, unless they don’t realize Asian Boss isn’t state media and just telling them what could not get them in trouble lmao

  8. Clearly not telling the truth and I’m pretty sure the people your asking know if they were to tell the truth they would be taken to a camp.. Asian boss YOU FXCKIN KNOW THIS

  9. No matter what you think, there has to be some truth about how they have managed covid-19. If the situation was really that bad and widespread as those of us on the outside still claim, then it could not be hidden and would be all over social media long enough for western outlets to pick up on it.

  10. After they have caused inconvenience to the world, they’re able to party. They’re celebrating their successful bioweapon in destroying the world and many countries’ economies esp the U.S. That’s how desperate China is.

  11. China must have spread Corona antidote in this region, since they’re the makers of the Corona disease, they must’ve had the antidotes since the start or must’ve prepared it in the middle of the pandemic. Coz I refuse to believe that Corona can be wiped off in such a populated region where people come and go from one place to the other

  12. I am kind of disappointed in China’s public response to the virus; they could have proven themselves to be the more reasonable and dignified country had they simply acknowledged from the beginning that the virus came from China; instead, they just imitated Trump and tried to blame it on, for example, American servicemembers who were visiting Wuhan. Now, resentment is growing towards China because, among other reasons, this basic acknowledgment that the virus originated in China should be a no-brainer.

  13. wow! Let’s say that other countries can’t understand your hard work , your sacrifices for pandemic but. Wtf even concerts, Birthdays, school,work, summer are cancelled and we accept it. Then now this ppl will say that we didn’t understand. ??!?wooow!!!

  14. I want to know what happened to the Wuhan officials who covered up the virus in the first place? Also what happened to the officials who arrested the doctor that warned everyone and the wuhan officials said it was fake.

  15. Chinese people are not dumb. If there is virus spreading in the community, people WILL wear masks even if gov tells them not too. When people are out and about and don’t even wear masks, or they crowd in a pool party, you know there is no threat of covid. Go check the hospital, they are not crowded. Go check the streets, people are not dying. Chinese people and the government worked hard to contain the virus early on. Yes people in Wuhan were mostly staying at home and give up their freedom for 8 weeks. But in return now people are freely go about with their lives. People outside always think Chinese are brainwashed and it’s a third world country. That is exactly the opposite of the reality. People really need to open their eyes and see the reality. Was the pandemic control methods draconian and freedom limiting? Yes. But we gave up freedom for 2 months and now we have freedom back.


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  17. I wish India would also put in very strict restrictions and monitoring like these atleast for a month or two so that cases can be kept in check!…. india is slowly easing restrictions now… movie theatres and malls are set to open by october 15th but we’re the second highest in the world rn in cases!! Really scary situation.

  18. they might doesnt understand why people are protesting when they asked to wear mask.
    Many countries are poor, and they doesnt even have a budget to buy a mask, especially when the mask price are skyrocketing, they even doesnt have a budget to buy a food, why they should buy a mask? they cannot afford it.

  19. The situation is terrifying in The 1st quarter in China and the western world was taunting us. Kinda proud when we entered the 2nd quarter, and I taunted them back in some cases when I received hate comments. BTW, early of the outbreak, there was a mask shortage in market, I was really concerned, so I have like 500 masks now , is it some kind of PTSD ?😂…

  20. 立场先行的采访,采访者不是想通过采访来知道数据是真的还是假的,而是想通过采访来证明数据是假的,恶心👎

  21. “They don’t know how we cooperated in early stages”. Bish that’s why we’re angry. Your government was hiding everything and it was spread all around the world. We don’t wanna hear you praising your shitty govt.

  22. I watched a video in which a top contagious disease expert in China reminded people in China that battling the virus isn’t a competition. Just because they’ve successfully contained it doesn’ t mean they get to gloat at countries that haven’t. This is disrespectful to those lives lost. I like what he said and totally agree. At least I don’t see any interviewees show any disrespect. Good for them.

  23. Let the people do what they want. This covid is just a lie and always have been. Only weak humans care about some Covid. If you are scared, why do you exist ?

  24. China has recovered from the virus. I am jealous to be honest. I miss the old days back in the university. I can’t go back to school simply just because the Canadians think covid 19 is a joke, a politic lie. It would only make it worse.

  25. Could you also ask Chinese people on their opinions about how a lot of countries are blaming China for the spread(not just US), also Uighyurs, territorial disputes,debt crisis that China is putting a lot of countries into and also the propoganda that Chinese embassies were trying to spread to discredit the origin of coronavirus. Where do the Chinese people think virus originated from.
    I’m just curious what ordinary Chinese think of these matters,I don’t mean to offend. News from China is so difficult to find other than State news media

  26. It is chaos here in the U.S. now. They are rushing the vaccine but things are really bad. Even after the vaccine, a lot of damage has already been done.

  27. Despite early concerns and warnings, Chinese officials downplayed the potential risk of the disease, withheld information from the public, failed to take precautions, and delayed notifying global health partners. In fact, doctors who raised alarm were even arrested for sharing information and reprimanded for spreading “rumors” and “lies.” Meanwhile, information referencing SARS was then censored online and on social media within the country.
    While the World Health Organization (WHO) China Country Office was finally alerted on December 31 about pneumonia cases with unknown causes detected in Wuhan City, Taiwan officials also notified the WHO that same day raising concern that Chinese health workers were reportedly getting sick. Taiwan’s information, which pointed to suspected spread between people, was not shared with other countries. The very next day, gene sequencing companies and labs, studying and discovering the similarities of the virus to SARS, were then told by an official at the Hubei Provincial Health Commission to stop testing samples and destroy existing ones.
    The WHO didn’t publish anything about the virus until January 5, and at that point, it was stated: “Based on the preliminary information from the Chinese investigation team, no evidence of significant human-to-human transmission and no health care worker infections have been reported.”
    After hearing about the mysterious outbreak, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control immediately volunteered to send a team to help investigate, but China declined the assistance. And for several more days in January, the Chinese population was kept in the dark.
    On January 9, it was finally confirmed to the public that there was a new coronavirus outbreak, but the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission falsely insisted that person-to-person spread was unlikely. Rather than take precautions at that point, Chinese authorities continued to allow large public gatherings and widescale domestic and international travel, which included millions of people coming in and out of the country. And specifically into Wuhan City for Lunar New Year celebrations. One of the gatherings in Wuhan City included more than 40,000 families sharing 14,000 dishes.
    By January 20, cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in four other nearby countries. Two days later, the WHO China office admitted to earlier evidence of human spread.
    Unfortunately, by the time China acknowledged the risks and called for a mass quarantine in the new coronavirus epicenter of Wuhan City, it was already too late to prevent it from spreading globally.
    And on January 24, the first U.S. case, a recent American traveler to Wuhan City, was confirmed. Just five days later, President Trump formed the Coronavirus Task Force.
    And on January 31, he suspended U.S. entry of visitors from China and mandated quarantines for those allowed to enter who may have been exposed to this coronavirus. While the president was unfairly criticized for this move at the time, imagine how much worse the alternative might have been if he had not “overreacted” early on.

  28. 3:13 Mask not covering nose? TRIGGERED! Then again, he doesn’t _have_ to wear a mask, so there’s nothing wrong. BUT STILL!

    Edit: 8:21 He realizes.

  29. All the pee in the pool or the smell of chlorine along with people’s sweat.. nu-uh no way I would go there even if Covid 19 wasn’t there.

  30. In india,our government established a full lockdown for all 1.35 billion people at first it was working to reduce the covid cases but after government issued a second month of lockdown most migrant workers or daily labours coun’t stay in cities so they moved to the rural areas or to their homes that’s why india is recording more daily cases then any other country.literally our government forgot about the migrant labours and their families.😱😠

  31. chinese government controlled situation very well, i’m following government guidelines but people around me playing dumb and i think in few days india will surpass america in covid-19 cases.

  32. Even tho you don’t like CCP, you still have to admit Chinese govt has done an incredible job. Obviously, public health policies are performed horribly bad in the western world. East is gonna win again

  33. Thank you for this “gift”, dear China, and the loss of an entire year of my life. Also, i couldn’t meet my gf for almost a year now.
    When the dust settles, I will remember.

  34. Not quite as many people as there were at Sturgis apparently, lol… I didn’t go though since that would have been asinine. Covid19 killed my dad.

  35. why china can do that?
    coz they went horrible hardcore mode lockdown..
    that most country wont able to do, citezen wont willingly obey..

    in the end those country just keep crying and blaming china..

    poor mentality..

  36. China created the virus & they are also gonna sell the vaccine to us. It’s pretty obvious that their government was plotting something behind the scene this entire time. Other countries were having a hard time, struggling with their economy & practicing new norms meanwhile in China they were having a pool party? 👏🏻

  37. 大多数中国人都在过自己的生活,不再对西方的恶意感到惊讶。Most Chinese are getting on with their own lives and are no longer surprised by western malice.

  38. Thank you Asian Boss. This is a perspective I had been wanting to see. I really enjoyed every answer the interviewees gave and what that one woman said really stuck with me.

    “I haven’t lived in their environment, so I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand us.”

  39. For those who are critical of the Chinese being able to return to a more “normal” life than the rest of the world, I can understand the feeling of wanting to blame the Chinese government for it (assuming it is solely their fault though I feel this will end up being another 9/11 where the truth will always be buried). But I also feel we in the West are also under the influence of heavy propaganda from our own governments to always believe the anti-China/Russia/Iran etc. narratives. At the end of the day I think we should worry more about cleaning up the issues in our own backyards rather than worrying about whether the Chinese people are being brainwashed.

    Their pool parties have no effect on our lives outside of China so who cares? All I see is that there is a lot of internal fighting in our Western societies because everyone is free to exercise their opinions which stalls our overall progress. Of course I prefer to be free but as unfair as Communism sounds, I like to think of it as how a boss of a company would make the ultimate decision whether their employees like it or not, it may not please everyone but the decision is made for the greater good of everyone and they have to live and die by their decision. Imagine a company where everyone is protesting and complaining, they’d eventually get overtaken by their more agile competitors and that to me is what is happening between US and China. Whilst the US is having an internal battle between each other, China is able to execute their long term plan without internal interruptions and its gotten them to where they are now.

  40. Oh so tell me. They just knew exactly what needed to be done to prevent the virus from spreading? Wearing mask is a Japanese thing. South Koreans wear them but not as frequently as Japan. China has been doing coronavirus research since Both Sars and covid are from horseshoe bats that can only be found in China. From 2003 to 2020, you think they haven’t been injecting their citizens with some form of coronavirus vaccine?
    Chinese ppl didn’t even start to care about wearing masks until there was lockdown in Wuhan. 2 days later the virus entered USA. and it entered EU before that. And somehow Chinese cities were spared? OR nobody wanted to go to hospitals.
    See Chinese would rather self-medicate than getting tested by authorities coz they are afraid of what would happen to them as well. But Americans, Europeans, and rest of Asia are not. On twitter, you can see many Liberals who run straight to the hospitals asking for tests which clearly was running low and used for only high risk (elderly at that point, not even young folks with autoimmune disease, and those who had travel history). But no, these folks won’t self-isolate at home like what their gov and science officials tell them. Guess who did self-isolate, Chinese. So we don’t know how many Chinese had the disease but were asymptomatic. And Don’t get me started with how they record cause of death. They rather count COD as some autoimmune disease than the virus. Next cremate the body and never be seen again.

  41. Western will never make sense of China if western persist in treating it as if it is, or should be, a product of its own civilization. Western present attitude towards China is a function of arrogance and ignorance. And it threatens to leave them puzzled , confused and alienated.

  42. It’s funny how the Chinese government tries so hard and fails to get their society to where they want it to be. All the people featured in this video appear to have been influenced by Western society.

  43. I think it’s still insensitive to hold parties while the rest of us are still suffering. Looks like their answers were restricted as well and careful, no sorry for us?

  44. Talking like rona didn’t come out of your country.. like it’s no longer important. Brainwashing is scary. Like Americans thinking they live in the best country of the world.

  45. Some of y’all in the comments are hella ignorant. I don’t believe in the Chin gov; however, just by looking at the people w/o masks on can prove how much of the cases have gone down.

  46. The person who invented the Chinese language could have given a salute if he had seen it in person. I do not understand how this language was invented.

  47. What would’ve happened if Covid-19 killed half the population in every overpopulated nation like China and India? How many people would there be left in their respective nations and the whole world altogether? What effect would it cause with fewer people that are left?

  48. Asian Boss view counts are getting so low recently. Usually I can see their videos easily in my homepage I think somehow the videos are going out from everyone’s recommendation.

  49. I heard often that some places could use the pandemic as a tool to introduce more surveillance of their citizens that will stay afterwards. Are there examples of this that you can see?

  50. from what i saw on media, china was so serious about this virus. they’re so strict about the lockdown. that girl who was back from Japan for a trip, said that when you self quarantine the doctor set up an alarm in front of your door to make sure you aren’t going anywhere. i think that’s so scary but also a good policy. that’s why china won this battle. i think all countries should make a strict policy about quarantine too. so that, we can won this battle too like china did

  51. Thier government to restriction steps earl an immediately to prevent the spread and the citizens cooperated that’s why the pandemic is under control… US pandemic is still ongoing because or Government Officials politicize wearing a mask and refused to admit it was here for months during the beginning… that’s the reason we now have over 200,000 dead… 😞😞😞😞😞

  52. Thanks for providing honest perspectives. I think the world needs to see the voices of Chinese people right now because everything about their country and COVID19 is heavily and negatively politicized. Whenever Asian Boss does interviews from Shanghai or Beijing commenters immediately respond that these people are lying, brainwashed, or threatened by their government, just because they are hearing a perspective they aren’t used to. I started watching this channel after visiting Japan, and my favorite thing about Asian Boss is how it stretches my reality and forces me to consider different cultural perspectives, and to see people different cultures as totally normal, human and interesting in their own right. Maybe we should suspend our judgement and be willing to learn and listen more.

  53. 国内疫情到底怎么样中国人都知道。现在信息那么公开的时代,要是哪里还真的有疫情,还能瞒得住?地方政府要是敢瞒,分分钟被上面免职。

  54. if they want to have a pool party and celebrate their victory over covid, more power to them. they suffered immensely for months so let them have some fun.

  55. So funny how Chinese are enjoying pool party when the rest of the world is struggling. Damn if they has done the proper step in Feb. This year would have been different

  56. Yeah… let’s make three things very clear before watching this interview:
    #1 – The official version of the Chinese Government is “We don’t have the virus anymore. We won!”
    #2 – In China, if you act/speak/think againts the Government’s version, you and your family are f*cked
    #3 – The people shown in this interview doesn’t want to get f*cked by the Government

  57. That’s need to sympathy to other country who is still struggling. Anyway, the virus was emerged from China, please pay some respect to other country.

  58. You might have problem with the Chinese governance and it’s policy but please spare the citizens .they are equally victim of the virus . They have suffered as much as we did .any virus can appear from anywhere around the world .it’s part of life as long as death is part of life ,we cannot blame the whole citizens forever .the only thing that now it’s wider spread is because we have easy transport Everyday people travel from one country to another like from one room to another ,diseases ,viruses were present since the existence of humans. With more industries ,with more population,with more pollution it’s obvious that new disease will be born everyday . .

  59. Going to a big park is a great way to show typical China …. SMH

    And if people are really so comfortable— i hope they are not being duped. The way these people are talking, they seem like propagandists themselves.

  60. Wuhan is 8 hours and 37 minutes away from Shanghai…. during its peak, Shanghai only had 33 cases and travel from Wuhan to other Chinese cities was banned but not travel abroad at that time… this is such propaganda.. anyone who publicly speaks out against China’s handling of the coronavirus disappears..that has happened

  61. Very interesting opinions not to mention on the reasons why alot of US citizens are so defiant on masks. Alot of countries might not agree with their politics/policies but they are right that it takes citizens to comply to make a difference on issues like these. Just wear a mask (if you can)….

  62. China govt not enforcing masks? It’s either they got a vaccine and haven’t just announced it yet (also implying they may have made the virus, they seem quite confident in containing it)


    this is a propaganda to make it seem like they doing good.

    Either way it looks bad for China.

  63. Do we know if the kids at the pool party were rapid tested before entering the party? I say once the rapid tests are ready here in the US we throw a party—safely.

  64. Unpopular opinion:

    I personally think the pandemic has reached its end in China, though I do think ZERO cases seemed a bit too good to be true and I’m not excluding the probability that the government might had covered cases.

    My reasoning consists of three points:

    1/ If the virus still has a LARGE presence in China, the government will not be able to cover it up, since it would have been all over social media. Despite their control over social media, a big outbreak cannot be hidden from the public eye. I remembered at the start of the pandemic, there was a case in my neighborhood and the whole place was in lockdown with workers disinfecting the whole area.

    2/ More importantly, I don’t see obvious reasons why they might cover up new cases. They have nothing to gain (besides a very SHORT increase in economic activity) and everything to lose if unreported new cases were discovered.

    3/ I remembered a few months ago when just around 10 new cases that appeared in Beijing, people were immediately alerted and were warned to stay indoors.
    Recently, a new case was reported in Southwest China(I forgot which city) and a whole city was locked down.
    It would not make much sense if they report these cases and deliberately ignore other cases.

    Of course, I could be wrong, and I’m open to hearing your opinions 🙂
    btw: I do think pool parties are super risky even at this point

  65. When the person in a polaroid hoodie said, “The fact that they can do this kind of event shows that this pandemic is not serious anymore in China” I would have to agree with him, just because everywhere in China, including Wuhan are almost completely recovered

  66. I feel like this video is a big flex on the fact they’re walking dogs in the park and having pool parties with Chinese Diplo. And I’m over here in the states wearing a mask in stall #2 of the bathroom at my local Chili’s .🌶

  67. The Chinese people are ones who suffered the most from the virus. It’s nice to see that the number of cases has gone down, but I think they should still be cautious anyway. It’s so strange, yet gently alluring to see people living normal lives again, while everywhere else is still in a chaotic state. I’m almost a little jealous, while here in America it’s the same as always. I just wish the best for all sides in this situation. Let’s take down coronavirus together. 😊

  68. I’m Japanese. In Japan almost people are wearing mask. Because social pressure is really strict. Even one should be same. That’s very stressful. 😱

  69. Regardless of what the government is saying, you can’t assume it’s safe. These are all numbers of *reported* cases and not necessarily 100% accurate in terms of people infected, infected and then better, etc. Even if the trend is going downward, it can go up. Just to be safe, people should continue to take precautions for at least a few more months; at least through the fall and winter seasons.

    In the US, they have rules set about wearing masks in public places like shopping malls, grocery store, restaurants, etc. However, I still see people without masks or wearing the mask but not covering their nose. The problem is that it’s pretty much like a suggestion in the US and not a more strict law. If it was a crime and one that was federally mandated with punishment including fines, then I think more people in the US would take the mask wearing thing more seriously. What’s exacerbating the situation is our president, President Donald Trump. He’s really someone that I would consider to be qualified for the position of POTUS. Also, given his history of multiple-million/billion dollar failed businesses, he really has no say in how to run a country or a business. I think he cheated his way into become the POTUS with the intention to delay and give himself more time to figure out who to put into positions of power so when he leaves his POTUS status, he can someone cheat his way out of jail time or having to pay the massive amount of money that he needs to be pay; stuff like taxes.

  70. The young Chinese men seemed quiet sharp for normal citizens. Especially the one with glasses which seemed quite moderate. The lady was clearly just an unknowledgeable nationalist riding fully on the government wave.

  71. China made the virus so of course they have a cure for it.. some country even they have 0 case for months suddenly 1 or 2 positive will appear bt why it didnt happen in china??

  72. Look who is having party when other countries are suffering. Don’t forget that karma will hit you for what you have done. God is seeing all of this.

  73. The CCP is probably censoring what’s really happening…do they even know that a large part of China is in massive floods? that the Gorges dam broke?

  74. China is serious about battling the virus. They won. And when people are contaminated with the virus, they put the whole area in a lockdown.

  75. The hat guy explain it well, about how we as a foreigner can’t criticize how a country handling Covid-19 measurements. Maybe the government or maybe the people itself got different interests during this pandemic and it’s okay. You gotta admit social mobilization is the key to contain any contagious diseases, and China doing it well, even at the cost of civil liberties.

  76. Instead of having pool parties China needs to help the world’s struggle with Covid. When the world still has high anxiety and tension with Covid and you’re smiling and partying it makes the world very suspicious since it came from Wuhan.

  77. I think we can all agree of how restrictive and controlling China is with their citizens, but you have to admit the people of China are not idiots either. They value their health and the health of others and like the girl said “I don’t know why they protest over something small like wearing a mask”. Unfortunately a good portion of Americans are ignorant and try to politicize the issue of wearing masks. I get people don’t want to feel like they’re being forced to wear a mask by the government, but in a middle of a pandemic where there is no vaccine and people continue to die each day, one would think they people would just use their common sense. That’s almost nonexistent in the US among many people through, unfortunately.

  78. The strange thing is that even doctors wearing ppe Kit’s whole day, are getting infected by just one mistake in USA and other countries but in China even president are doing Street round’s just wearing mask.
    They definitely got antidote.

  79. I’m happy for the Chinese people. Good on you for fighting the virus. Where I stay has many covid cases but we will all have to fight it together! Also spread love and positivity during these negative times :)!!

  80. The publicity of such a videoclip wouldn’t go viral without official approval. The CPP is unaware of or downplaying the rising “global grudge” against China. While complacent Chinese are partying, tens of million people around the world are still suffering and dying. I find it insensitive. Payback time is inevitable, if not imminent.

  81. Let’s not mention China let’s their citizens travel through Chinese New Years biggest event in the world probably moving wise.
    But somehow Is Trump fault lol. You should ask harder questions then again if you do you will never be ABLE TO STEP INTO CHINA AGAIN.

  82. How to avoid Covid 19:

    Yell: Who touches my body is gae

    Congratulations, you just eliminated Covid from the face of the… What the hell am I saying

  83. do not jealous you guys
    you will be safer right now, If your gov do the same things which China’s gov did in the beginning
    but all your gov did in the beginning just arrogance and stupid blaming

  84. So weird to see an interview at this time where most people are not wearing masks. It’s like they’re living in an alternate reality.

  85. There’s just a sense of distrust I get stemming from what we’ve seen the country do in the past. However, who am I to judge — I do hope the government has tightened up the codes and laws to prevent another coronavirus from catalyzing. And to think life in America could be close to what it is like in this video if people just wear masks and if we (collectively) spent the last 6 months of quarantining actually taking it more seriously.

  86. Wow china is the most populated country in America and Even They have eliminated the virus in their country. I feel like America is a Joke to other countries now. We’re the only country with anti-maskers and Karens.

  87. You’re entitled your own opinions, but not your own facts. Wishful thinking is not equivalent to facts. Opinions are not the same as facts.

    We don’t have a vaccine yet, all it takes is ONE person to cause an outbreak of a lax and inattentive public.

    Wearing a mask, distancing, and hand washing are the ONLY tools we have which work.

  88. The Coronavirus death rate for 80 years olds is 14.8%. Patients ages 70 to 79 years have a death rate of 8% and those ages 60 to 69 have a death rate of 3.6%. (Younger age groups have lower death rates; 1.3% for those 50 to 59; 0.4% for the age group 40 to 49; and just 0.2% for people ages 10 to 39.)

  89. Hi Asian Boss, can you please interview Indonesian kids or college students about how they deal with their education things since all schools, campuses, institutes, etc in Indonesia are being closed due to COVID-19?

  90. Please do a video with members of Japanese🇯🇵 and Arabic communities in Brazil🇧🇷
    Brazil have the biggest population of Arabic and Japanese descendants outside their countries,and it will be very interesting if you do a video with them😁

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