Chinese React To The US Presidential Election | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. Saving these people, I can’t begin to guess the possibility. How many of them even know they could have better, and those ones who do I’m sure dare not say. We’ve all seen what happens to those that say anything outside their perameters.
    Those are the people that need saving, but there’s not enough time really to do so. And even if there were as soon as CCP noticed they just kill them immediately anyway. It’s a grim situation.

  2. I bet China would be happy to have Trump out of office. As for the Chinese people it’s a hard call their best interests. Economically for China it a different then economically for the Chinese.
    It’s a shame that they all don’t seem to know, maybe it’s they do and can’t say. Thinking about it that’s probably the case. These people aren’t allowed to have their own opinion they’re told what to think and given a story about why. They’ve no idea.

  3. 1:05 As a european that’s exactly how I felt, in my life I’ve never followed American politics as closely as I did the last 4 years because of how funny it was, idk if it was as funny for americans tho

  4. election hasn’t officially been called yet Asian Boss. The legacy media is lying about it. Votes are still being counted. Biden isn’t even close to be being president-elect. Get your facts straight please.

  5. When foreigners talking about US presidential election, most of their topics are related with trade, currency exchange, climate change etc… While in US, people over there are more concern about sides…

  6. Why many Chinese support Trump? Because Chinese economy is strong without America. Whereas Trump destroys America. A weak America is good for the expansion of a dictatorship like China. Taking over Hong Kong against international laws was just a further step of their expansion policy.

  7. I think they are un informed of the hostility of trump administration against china. He literally hate china. He call the virus kungflu. I think maybe because they are young and stupid. Or the Chinese media didnt portray trump as a bad guy. They all were talking about something personal like memes,visas. I mean this election could change their country forever. Try one in bejing they might be more politically mature than these guys.

  8. 1:07 This is the look one has when they realize that the government may admonish me if I tell the truth. Don’t worry USA, we will be there soon under Biden’s rule. Goodbye First Amendment.

  9. what these people dont get is how the chinese government encroaches upon other countries. border clashes with india and in the south china sea, incarceration of uyghurs, tibetans, pro-democracy hong kongers, taking foreigners hostage while blaming CoVid19 on america. then dictating what international organizations and even american institutions like disney, hollywood, the NBA must think. trump was correct to be aggressive towards the evil CCP and impose those sanctions

  10. I really don’t appreciate the Chinese criticizing American politics. Because as and American in China, if I say one negative thing about anything Chinese, it’s like I have suddenly personally insulted all of China…
    Most Chinese have no idea of the inner workings of the political landscape in America. It is too divergent from their own. They would need to study our history, our laws, our culture, to take any kind of measure of what is happening in America at the moment. And judging from your questions, you are also completely clueless regarding American politics also… You’re out of your depth here. This was a fail video for sure…. Very disappointed this time.

  11. Even Chinese know so much about America n it’s election and then there are Americans who are so prejudiced that they have absolutely no idea about what’s going on in the world beyond America…I think we should stop looking at America as if it were the epitome of everything…

  12. Whats so great about this channel is that it can give informations to those who have a one sided views about A certain country or people. I always get myself updated with the current issues about China and US and it’s usually biased. Especially when it talks about China. Those Journalists really like to heat things up.

  13. Yeah, Trump’s presidency would’ve been funny if he hadn’t awakened and emboldened the racist crazies. But I guess it’s just all a joke as long as it’s not happening in your country.

  14. Guess you have to be an American to realize the benefits of President Trump since he put America first. I like paying less in taxes and at the gas pump and I was brought to tears of joy when by sons judo teammate said his daddy’s coming home from Afghanistan.

  15. Trump showed us the supreme freedom of the United States, he as a president had the freedom to do anything and say anything he wants. I’m extremely JEALOUS of the amount of freedom that US citizens can have [DoGe]

  16. President Trump has not lost the election. And Biden has not won. There was widespread voter fraud in many states that is causing recounting. And our election is not decided until December 14 when the electorate cast the votes. Please do not be misled by media. Media does not certify elections.

  17. Lmao so that guy just wanted Trump to win so the other countries/states can just joke about America, probably because of how everyone wanted to be like America, and they probably feel better knowing we actually don’t have it as well as we used to without Trump

  18. “Chuan Jianguo” is only making fun of being a stupid behavior to destroy the US like a Chinese spy . cuz Jianguo is a very common name in middle age man like George .

  19. That is so nice how they are involved in our elections process. They know how important our relationship is between one another. And most of them were young people which was good!

  20. It would be interesting to do an interview on Asian countries to ask the people if they are aware of the racism that Asians who live outside of Asia face everyday. Living in Japan now I’ve realised that they are not aware or have any idea of how life for and Asian person is outside of Asia.

  21. These people did not understand America president elect policy. At current, the election is still under recount due to allegation lawsuits file by Trump team for fraudulent. Also, any state with result less than 1% . Automatic and entitle ro recount ballots.Therefor, no winner president announced as of yet. Until all states are certified and dated by Nov 25th. Winner president will be announced with transition into office on Dec 11th.

  22. Im no trump supporter but people seem to sleep on the fact that democrat have a lot pedos in it. People now days just wanna look “WOKE” rather than looking for the truth.

  23. My mom’s Chinese and told me she hoped Trump would win after I told her Biden won. I was in a daze because I just could not believe her and then I reminded her about the racist that spit at her when she was in her car at a stop light during the pandemic. Then she told me she was just messing with me.

  24. No joke, Chinese want the USA to go down in flames. Wow.
    Ditching Trump was a no brained, next up the US will ditch the 2nd amendment and maybe just maybe get a modern healthcare system.

    I don’t expect rando Chinese to understand what drives American politics but they’re miles off. Trump wasn’t even a politician, and Biden should have whipped him. The truth is, the kind of red state anxiety about religion/racism/guns are the real reason Trump got any votes, something a rando Chinese would have no clue about. Trump did exactly NOTHING in the last 4 years, other than beat Hilary.

    Also anyone who thinks Biden will improve the Chinese ability to sell products with stolen/illegal IP is delusional. That will continue, as will any anti-Chinese matters related to COVID19 which is still a thing. 🙁 Trump did not start COVID, the Chinese did, so any hopes that this outcome will ‘help’ China is delusional.

  25. Can you interview people’s attitudes on the U.S elections in Taiwan and Hong Kong? Because those people have very different attitudes compared to mainland Chinese. I’d like to know the reasons behind their views

  26. i wish American are watching this. Y’all, not only chinese ppl thinks Trump or Americe is a joke, but also other countries in the world. So wake up now and just accept Biden as your president, mybe that can save your fallen face after the dramatic four years with Trump.

  27. Here’s the biggest thing that Trump did: He did NOT BOMB or go to WAR with any country. He tried to have peace talks with N Korea. For the US: he created jobs, has the lowest deport rate among other ex-Presidents, cut taxes for the poor & the working class, supported the conservative values, implemented legal & fair implementation of immigration laws. Yes, he started the trade war with China, but no one can deny that he did it for the best interests of his people. He wanted to put America first, but which leader would not want to put their own country first? These are the things that the mainstream media would not cover, but in case anyone is wondering why Americans like Trump, that is the reason why. People are not stupid, it’s just that the media does not highlight those facts and so people from outside the US are misinformed.

  28. I didn’t know that the Chinese people were so in tune with what the USA was doing and that they really care. Little disappointed that they were not as concerned with the treatment of people and the systemic racism in our country which directly affects them. Since the president was calling Covid-19 the China virus and how this president perceived it and placed all the blame on them and none of the virus efforts or lack thereof on his administration’s and their inability to act in a professional and intelligent manner. Prayerfully relations will get better, but also that the USA will focus on what’s better economically for the USA and what can help China also without giving China access to limit us from making money there. As the China products do here. I am glad Trump is out of office, but a little disappointed in the Americans who voted for a president who is not only a narcisse, but who props up White Supremacist agenda and dont hold this people accountable and who think that be cause of there skin color they are supreme. And everyone who is not like them lack knowledge or thought. Not recognizing that there is priviledge based on the way this nation was born on the backs of black people. That their wealth comes from inequality of others and some Americans are definitely ok with this even in this age. Prayer is needed for us and this world. Definitely 💯🙏, with respect, politeness and a desire to learn and feel for others. A little grace and mercy goes a long way. 😊🤗💋❤

  29. 川建国 is supposed to be translated as “China-builder Trump”. By “Build-the-Country Trump” people may assume that the country is the United STATES.

  30. That dude hoped to see Trump win for his entertainment? Lol he’s got issues…

    Btw I’m Chinese and I was relieved to see Biden elected. Give Trump another 4 years he would probably quit UN and WTO and send the U.S. and the world deeper into chaos and division. The last time a populist maniac used “xx country first” and “make xx country great again” as his slogan and decoupled with everybody else, WWII happened. He also had a weird hairdo and probably was entertaining to watch too.

    Also I can say with some confidence that most of the people interviewed in this video had pretty good access to media in English and had spent sometime abroad. If you ask the same questions to people who only reads social media posts in Chinese you would’ve got some very different views. I found that to be an interesting yet slightly terrifying phenomenon that most of the “opinion” pieces on Chinese social media are third-hand, badly translated pieces of misinformation siding with Trump. It could be that they are agreeing with Trump or it could be that they are simply anti-U.S., surprisingly those could be the same thing here. Sometimes it could be a patriotic gesture (for Chinese) to support Trump as many believe having him in the White House weakens U.S. leadership in the world thus leaving a void for China to fill in – I don’t want to say this is delusional but to me that is at least not very sensible. Many are concerned that Biden government would resume a stronger tie with allies to further contain the development and spread of influence by China but I hope it is at least based on multilateral platforms on which a healthy check of balance can be achieved.

  31. Honestly as a non american for the most part I’m glad biden won and I hope he’ll make Americans happy but then again a huge source of my entertainment is gone. hOw SaD 😢

  32. *You all should film other countries citizens reactions to the Chinese presidential elections…. oh wait…. they don’t have that freedom.*
    *They dont have the freedom to choose a president or the freedom to react the way the wish.*

  33. Wonder what they’ll say when the truth comes out & they find out Biden cheated,
    and he’s NOT THE PRESIDENT, nor will he ever be.
    Hailing a criminal & his crime family as the “solution” to our, and every other country’s problems, is… … deranged thinking.
    Criminals do not make good presidents.
    Cheaters do not solve problems.
    They create MORE and WORSE problems for all concerned.
    And… Trump was trouncing the daylights out of Biden, UNTIL 4 am when everyone was supposed to be asleep and suddenly…. Millions of Biden votes miraculously appeared in SECONDS to his totals, and at the same INSTANT, Trump’s numbers dropped by Millions.
    This is not normal. It’s IMPOSSIBLE in fact.
    You can only -1- not get votes OR -2- get more votes.
    BUT you CANNOT LOSE VOTES in an election.
    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE & a hallmark of cheating.
    And it happened in ALL the battleground states. ALL OF THEM.
    It also happened in the 2016 election. And long before that, too.
    Democrats have had control of the voting process and vote counting for way too long.
    And this is a problem. They’ve built cheating into the voting system.
    You know what they say…
    “It doesnt matter who votes. It matters WHO COUNTS THE VOTES.”
    This is why no democrat fears losing their seats.
    And why democrats that the people want GONE, cant be gotten rid of by voting them out.
    As of now, all this STOPS.
    We will fix this corrupt system, and get the damn dems OUT of it, and KEEP THEM OUT.
    We’re DONE with letting corrupt Politicians decide WHO stays, WHO goes, and WHO will be President.
    We The People will decide, OR, we will tear the Govt apart, throw ALL their asses out, and start all over with CITIZENS running it.
    We’re not taking this crap anymore.

  34. Gonna miss the Superspreader Chai-naahh Virus God TikTokTrump. Now TikTokTrump is the Chai-naahh Virus God, he has to leave the presidental office. Got promoted.

  35. Gonna miss the Superspreader Chai-naahh Virus God TikTokTrump. Now TikTokTrump is the Chai-naahh Virus God, he has to leave the presidental office. Got promoted.

  36. I am not even going to listen to the full video – you were doing well until you said “..election results…” WRONG …Try again friend! The US has no results! Only popular vote which does not determine presidency “result” per our Constitution – we will not know “results” until December when the Electoral College votes, which is how Trump won his first election.

  37. Are you going to ask this same question: what the Chinese people in the Republic of China think? KNOW, the election has not yet been called. Voter fraud may be proved. We will see….

  38. Trump was a clown running a circus. That was the impression he really gave the world. Imagine asking people to inject disinfectant to fight corona virus? At least his PR people can take a break now for they must be tired of defending him.

  39. They sound like the lefties here. Where do they get their news? The left-leaning media has always smeared Trump so people who listen to that are misinformed.

  40. So the fist guy is f8cking idiot. He rather have chaos and the US look stupid and an unstable person at the wheel of country with thousands of nuclear weapons… Also he is completely horrible man but I guess if you are used to an authoritarian ruler then Trump is a cake walk.

  41. Prepare for warfare. We all mortal, but you guys have no logical thinking. This warfare is from CCP side, called unrestricted warfare, but will end of a hot war.

  42. To that dude that wanted more “black swan” events: Bro, this isn’t a TV show. It’s global politics! People lives are affected. Entire economies are affected. We don’t need drama for entertainment. Nations need to be stable for the sake of everyone in them AND around them–the people that just want to live in peace. If you want entertainment go watch a movie. I know a good one where this Chinese dude stops a tank with a white flag. He was a badass. See if you can find that one and watch it.

  43. 1 minute and 40 something seconds into the video and I can say that I ADORE Chinese people’s education and politeness, I’m not American so I respect both views, these people are so grateful omg no way I could discriminate Chinese people for this dumb pandemic they have my respect and love. 🥺🥺🥺❤

  44. Alot of indians like Chinese too had hope for the victory of trump, he may act a little immature however his decisions are firm, the Chinese economy was supposed to surpass the US this year or in 2021, but trump managed / maintained the economy and military well enough that it will take China 5 to 6 more years to pass the U.S. economy and 12 to 15 to be more capable that the US military

  45. Because Trump wouldn’t keep his big mouth shut, because he did horribly during the 1st presidential debate and refused to do the 2nd, he lost!

  46. lmao my relatives in India and Australia always joke about how it would be less entertaining without trump and I’m like I’ve had enough entertainment for four years

  47. There’s one thing everyone can agree on, with Trump gone, the late night talk show hosts would lose their biggest source of comedy. Trump is pure comedy gold. biden is old and goofy, but he’s nowhere near Trump.

  48. Daily PSA: China has internmentcamps for muslims, doesn’t care for the environment, tries to completely take over HongKong, censors their population and is undemocratic. They should be happy they only have to deal with trade tarrifs. Biden is going to spread his bumcheeks open for China though, so good for them i suppose.

  49. Why shouldn’t the USA restrict the Chinese from coming to the USA? Who do you think gave us the godamn Covid-19 disease!! Clean up your country first before criticizing others!!!!!!!!!

  50. They were all reasonable. but the green jacket guy is just an a**hole. First he says it’s for entertainment. so i was like, ok fine, let’s give him another chance, maybe he’ll have a better reason. NOPE. He wants to study in America, but wants America to suffer. so he’s just an a**hole. How he says it too, 渣男.

  51. The REAL reason why Chinese people want Trump to win is because they don’t like their government and the Trump administration is their way of getting back at the CCP. What Chinese people don’t understand is that the only reason why Trump is going after China’s government is because of his bad business deals in China. He is using is power and influence to get what he wants like he always has, just now on a federal level. Chinese people screwed themselves when they chose Mao Zedong over Chiang Kai Shek and now they’re paying for it. Politics are interesting.

  52. I have a load of friends who live abroad.. They were more interested in the Election than some of the people i live with here in the states. I couldn’t believe how much they were interested.

  53. Maskless guy is speaking the truth. Trump is actually helping China’s growth. Biden might bring normalcy but Trump is entertaining and brings China’s growth indirectly with his reckless behaviour.

  54. I want trump to win for entertainment. But i want biden to win for American lives and for world peace. So yeah no matter who wins it’s a win win for me😋

  55. Guy in the blue t-shirt is a dumbass. Decency, values, respect, and cooperation should not suffer because you want to rock the boat. Hint: even though it’s not your country or your election or your president (Trump), you still LOSE in the end. Biden will be tough on China with boundaries drawn but with diplomatic cooperation which Trump had no regard or idea of. Sorry if that won’t put on a show for you. Idiot.

  56. The American election is NOT OVER. The winner is determined by the electoral college on December 14th and due to voter fraud, it might be delayed further. I repeat…the winner has NOT been determined yet.

  57. “Assuming Joe Biden becomes the next president”… really need to choose your correspondent’s words better. I can’t even get mad at the guy who was disappointed Trump didn’t win, as everyone in China has the right to laugh at the US after the last four years.

  58. Nobody is going to mention that nobody has actually won yet? News outlets don’t get to declare the winner, they only get to declare the projected winner. Officially, each state will send electors to vote. Currently, there are many lawsuits regarding fraud in the system, let alone that the deadline for electors to be sent has not even come yet. There is no president-elect yet, only a speculative victor and a sitting president which may or may not be entering a 2nd term. Do not misrepresent our electoral process. Doing so necessarily makes you appear as an enemy of the people. It would behoove you to avoid that.

  59. Biden isn’t much different at all actually he belongs to the Clinton’s group I can’t realize why a man who has been accused to corruption thanks to his son could win.

  60. these Chinese people have interesting opinions and overall positive view of the u.s. I doubt you can say the same if you switch it around. I like the first guy who said trump winning would be more exciting

  61. Forget about american or usa they are not important anymore , nostradamous have prophecy about chinese century and i also known this from my spiritual guru which is very famous and he is chinese , 21 century not belong to western

  62. The first guy saying he wanted Trump to win so that he could be more entertained by the US news really shows how little he thinks about or cares for human life.
    I guess that’s why China is controlled by horrible people.

  63. I feel like… 3 of the people that were interviewed were international students. Not that their opinions shouldn’t be heard, but their opinion would have been influenced since they’ve been to America?? I know a lot of Chinese people who are pro-trump but in this interview it’s surprising that most of them seem to like Biden ( as a president) better

  64. Biden isn’t official yet, anyone who is currently saying so are liars and are wishful. There are numerous lawsuits out because voting fraud over millions occurred. It might not be enough to stop biden, the worse candidate ever. I truly hope Trump wins

  65. Interesting, I never would have thought that the Chinese would look up to the US for leadership, but I had rather thought they looked at the US as some competitor. Very unique perspective

  66. People here are well informed of what’s going on in U.S elections. Ask a regular American about China or it’s President they probably wouldn’t have a clue.

  67. President Biden will be easier to work with and actually has a plan. Trump never had a legitimate plan for anything and whenever he couldn’t solve a problem with quick gimmicks/ tricks, he gave up, three tantrums and ignores problems. As you can see, China found trump very funny, harmless and entertaining.

  68. Trump did win, and it’s the Lame stream media that’s just projecting Sleepy Joe. The investigating into the obvious voter-fraud will Prove that and the Supreme court will verify those are the facts. 0 States have announced their electoral votes yet. Peace ,

  69. 拜登现在还不是我们的总统! 以前我很喜欢你们节目的,发现你们报道越来越不真实👎👎👎 下一次报道中国🇨🇳跟北韩🇰🇵有啥区别!

  70. This is an example of the comedy of this presidency. If he doesn’t effect you in any shape or form then his stay will be just you getting free entertainment.

  71. Sometimes some people are just not intelligent enough to make comments, so they pretend to be clowns to release the tension and appear somehow to be less dumb.

  72. Every one gave good answers even the guy that liked drama – Americans love entertainment that’s what trump gave them but when a serious issue came up like COVID 19 trump incompetence was obvious… as a president he talked about his opponents personal lives

  73. To all the people asking why Asian Boss don’t do this or that… Here’s a suggestion – go start your own channel and be the journalist that you always wanted to be. Bunch of idiots if you want to find out about the uighur people and Xinjiang, look up the top expert on the subject Adrian Zenz. He has direct access to Xinjiang and is the only person who is qualified to speak on the subject. He is endorsed by the EU, USA and CCP. He is also the only westerner that is invited to observe the meetings of the politburo.

  74. This time I was actually hoping Donald Trump to win the presidential election because I just wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy the show (watch American Politics burn) getting unfolded for the next 4 years.

  75. It’s interesting that the main stream media has had a big influence on their views. They all think that Biden has won the election. I imagine there is a strain in foreign policy between the USA and China under the Trump administration and if Biden is POTUS the relations will shift dramatically.

  76. They are remarkably well-informed. I love this channel so much. It is such an amazing resource for international understanding. Trump was a complicated figure.

  77. 中國人以為用支付寶是進步的現象,其實是沒有選擇的自由,真的是井底蛙,被政府騙了還不知道。

  78. They dont realize china created covid virus in order to take down trump administration, and china funded and supported biden campaign, soon china will be top1 on economy and military and dominate globally well played by china.

  79. Maybe I missed it, but where does China get most of their news about the US? Forming an opinion from a news source is one thing, but living in it is another. Interesting video either way, thanks Asianboss!

  80. Trump won.
    99% Sure there was cheating by the democrats. How were 100% Biden voting blocks coming in at the last moment when he’s losing? No where ever gets 100%, even in hard blue states like California. And all these votes were in damn near 50/50 swing states. Extremely suspicious.

  81. The first guy is a disgusting sociopath… wanting a tyrant to win just for his own sick personal pleasure. His opinion is totally detached from the reality people face living under a Trump government, losing their healthcare, fearing for their safety, etc.

  82. Although an almost 8 million popular vote is by no means a substantial lead in a voting population of almost 170 million, the fact that it happened is still bonkers.

    A sizeable portion of the voting populace actually believed that Trump deserved to be in office. So a big thank you to sane heads coming out and voting that orange clown out of office.

  83. “No one from the Republicans Party stepped up to campaign for Trump” “Alot of people from the democratic party supported Biden”


    Are we watching two completely different things? Democrats had an entire slogan “Settle for Biden” and trump had rallies of over 30,000 people. Sometimes even 60,000.

  84. Media does not elect presidents. Hence Biden is not president, not president elect and will never be president. Trump has STOPPED ALL WARS. Why would you not support that is stupid.

  85. China and USA relations would not change too much because both Trump and Biden don’t like China too much but Trade will be better because Biden support trades .

  86. biden is chinas puppet. funny how after the 2016 elections people voted in person and when trump won the very next day the liberal media was like “the election was rigged by russia” and that went on for more than 2 years non stop everyday.. but when biden “won” via mail in voting which is clearly the less secure way of voting the media goes “theres absolutely noway the election couldve been rigged”

  87. Jesus Christ is coming soon to rapture his people repent and accept him as Lord and savior KJV John 3:16 1 John 1:8-10 John 10:27-30 John 5:22-24 John 1:1-14 John 8:54-58 1 John 5:7 Isaiah 53:5-12 Zechariah 12:8-11 Acts 16:30-31 Titus 3:5 Ephesians 2:8-9 Ephesians 4:30 Romans 10:9-13 Romans 6:14 Romans 6:23 Romans 3:23-24 Romans 5:6-11 Romans 4:5-8 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 1 Corinthians 15:22 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 2 Timothy 1:9 James 2:10 Mathew 5:17-19 Mathew 25:13 Titus 2:12-14 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17 1 Thessalonians 5:9 Acts 2:17 Joel 2:28 Amos 3:7 Luke 12:40 Luke 21:25-36 2 Peter 3:3-10 Revelation 3:10🙌🕊️🙏❤️🛐✝️

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