Chinese React To Potential TikTok Ban In The US | STREET DEBATE

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  1. It took our team over 6 hours to interview random people in the streets of Shanghai and did our best to capture how the locals feel about this issue. We want to thank all our interviewees for sharing their thoughts in front of the camera and ask you to be respectful in your comment whether you agree with their views or not. For more information on the latest current events from Asia, download our community app MOGAO and interact with other culturally-curious and socially-aware people from all over the world:
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  2. Simple man apple company js jealous. Trump is worried because apple company gives money to USA more then USA people. Politicians are bringing apps in political too. Lets see what happens next.

  3. Just surprised that how much does chinese audience are concerned with US. India has already banned few apps and no one didn’t even mention it. Chinese media usually push india related issues to a corner of their news section which people might ignore very often. According to China, world is running only because of CHINA and US.

  4. For people confused on why Chinese would defend lack of American social media, it makes a lot of sense. The same reason why the U.S. would spy on people who knew how to speak Russian in the 1950s. Both U.S. AND China will lock out what they think is a threat to their ideology on their economies. It’s not unique to socialist economies.

  5. The potential WeChat ban is way more serious than banning TikTok… Chinese Americans or Chinese immigrants would have their main source of communication with friends and family in China cut off. It would be like if the government suddenly decided to ban Facebook or Instagram. The “alternatives” to WeChat: Line, Kakao Talk, and Whatsapp, are blocked by the firewall. Banning WeChat is a disturbance to the lives of millions of people. Not just for those who reside in the US, but for elderly grandparents and friends in China as well. It’s not ok for the US government ban TikTok based on false assumptions. But it is truly unfair to ban WeChat as well.

  6. We’re also forgetting WeChat which is a chinese company that many people around the world use to communicate at work. Why is America allowed to have mass companies collect data around the world, but revise doesn’t apply?

  7. It’s funny to me how the guy with the bucket hat said “is this really democracy?” or something, considering he’s a Chinese citizen where democracy is a mere label and never really applied.

  8. Wow! A Chinese person saying Americans are demanding and arrogant…does he know the reputation of Chinese tourists in foreign nations…and in China? As an American, I will not totally disagree with his opinion but it’s truly (old American saying) “the pot calling the kettle black”

  9. This is interesting…coming from people in China that according to many mainland Chinese people, they don’t have much, if any, privacy. Look at what China is doing in Hong Kong.

  10. i was in china for 3 months business-tour and the main thing is that u can’t travel anywhere if u don’t have google translator 😂😂😂😂

  11. Everyone is saying that the interviewees are being hypocritical because China has “banned” a lot of US apps like Google, Facebook etc but in reality they decided to withdraw out of the China market because they did not want to comply with China’s regulations, while tiktok on the other hand complies with the US regulations so it’s not really fair to compare the two

  12. I think the guy at 5:44 summed it up really well, there are stricter guidelines for data security in for example the EU than in China, but with the US ban, the Trump administration was probably just looking to for one reason or another to strike against China again

  13. Im amazed about 2 things, the chinese loyalist trying to counter argue anyones critizism about china and about how brainwashed the people in this videos are.

  14. Asian boss, can you please do an interview in India about India banning Chinese apps and how they feel about the situation between India and China?

  15. It’s sad to see how the Chinese people are so manipulated by the government that they don’t have any idea what’s going on outside their country.

  16. As a Chinese language user, I personally disagree with many arguments presented by the interviewees on over-protecting TikTok. Personally speaking, The parent company specifically separated TikTok and DouYin in order to cope with laws in the US. With a market this big, it is to their advantages they use a foreign server and do not send data back to China. Because data analysts and employees who found out otherwise would most likely publicly condemn the company.

    However, to the US, apart from using various Chinese/US companies as pawns in the trade war, it can be a legitimate concern that the company can share data with its parent company and back to China. In the perspective of the US gov, they should be the sole entity collecting user information through the CIA and NSA, in order to protect the country in lawful and unlawful ways (Snowden) as it wished. So TikTok can impose a risk here.

    The same goes to China, which requested Google to take down content harming “national security”. So the 2 countries are really on the same playing field. Well, the different thing is Google left on its own will, to protect its user data. Microsoft, who still wants a slice of the Chinese market made Bing censor content as well, but it’s not doing good either way anywhere as a search engine.

    However, straight up banning TikTok without evidence that its indeed sending data back to China is not fair according to local custom and law. Let’s see how to lawsuit goes.

  17. Its a peculiar state of affairs. CCP want to access all information of Chinese businesses as a matter of national security. Which, in turn breaches the national security of others – but yes. America and others are the bad guy – not communism.

  18. This is what happens when nationalism meets protectionism between two countries. And this is just the beginning of the major rivalry of the 21st century. In my opinion, if you want to call yourself “the land of the free”, you can’t censor anything. Trump knows that courts won’t allow him to ban TikTok, thats why this is purely a narrative to amplify his interests. The Chinese being interviewed in this video cannot even articulate their own free opinion because the brainwash and censorship begins from young age in China and there are no critical voices about the CCP in the public.

  19. You know, you will notice the difference if you’re not blind, China doesn’t force FB to sell its business to Chinese company, and Chinese govt doesn’t say that it wants to make some money from the deal.

  20. One thing that strikes me is how many of these Chinese citizens aren’t even wearing masks? Like, has the corona threat been eliminated in China?

  21. China banned Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat and etc.
    The world freaks out because USA ban one Chinese plattform talk about mainstream media hypocricy!

    Off course left media just want go bash Trump no matter what with out thinking why he ban Tiktok!

  22. I mean all SM collect data on users who use them. I think its reasonable to want to ban it or at least take hold of it from China, but they also need to be looking at the data laws that have been broken by SM sites like FB! They’ve been one of the worst offenders.

    EDIT: 9:10 — WTH?! What kind of conclusion is that?!

  23. TikTok is not “just an entertainment app”. Not only does it collect FAR FAR more data that it could ever possibly have any legitimate use for, including data from other apps on a device and clipboard text (like passwords copied from a password manager to a site/app), but it also has the privileges to download and execute any other code it wants. All of that data is also stored in china, where the gov has complete and total authority to instantaneously seize all of it without any justification or permission, therefore any data harvested by the app is immediately the property of the chinese govt. This function of the app is so valuable, that it’s why the web version of the site completely blocks all account changes. You are permitted to create an account on web, but you cannot change ANY aspect of it, not even the account name, you can’t even delete it, nor can you comment… you are restricted to likes and follows only. It is all designed to get people to put it on their phone, where they can reach further and deeper into your data than they ever could as a simple website. Compare Twitter/YouTube, where all functionality is available on both, and Insta/Snap are only different because most of the functionality is built into realtime camera effects that cannot be done on a computer (because of the electronic distance between the camera unit and the CPU, even on laptops).

    The mechanics of the app are bad enough, but the media portion functions as a propaganda arm, where they are free to ban or boost whatever messages they like to a US or worldwide audience, to further the growth of power and authority of china, it’s govt controlled corporations, it’s political allies, etc… shaping elections and markets across the world by controlling what the youth perceive as reality. With the level of penetration they have on young audiences, they could EASILY spark civil unrest if not full on war, and that’s exactly what they have been doing.

    Do some research into what kinds of messages are stated publicly by foreign affairs officials from china and what messages are popular on tiktok, contrasted with what messages are popular on weibo and the chinese-exclusive side of tiktok and government policies in china concerning racial and religious minorities. They aggressively spread values that they don’t even allow in china, even usually promoting the exact opposite throughout all areas of their society.

  24. Can’t believe the white shirt guy said that it is ok to collect users data. But then again they’re chinese, don’t think they know better…

  25. 6:47 “Douyin is only collecting about personal preferences, like wether the user likes to exercise, dance, sing, go sightseeing, go traveling, and so on”.

  26. China has so much to offer the world as a culture. As a political system they also have some innovative systems to manage their people , however their political system with its technological and business integration is questionable in terms of social values. I have load of respect for the Chinese people. I wish they were able to access alternative information more easily from outside their country, then they may expand they view of how China is viewed internationally and why. Nevertheless great things are destined to come from China in the very near future. After listening to the comments further I’m impressed with the balanced views held by these interviewees.

  27. Only the gentleman at 2:49 gets it. I got the impression that the rest of the people interviewed don’t care at all about their own privacy, assume that American citizens should also give all their private and tracking data to the CCP, and also think that living behind the great firewall of china and having to sneak around using a VPN is “normal” and somehow acceptable. 😒

  28. 2:00 “But because the users are different, the content could be different.”

    Indeed. For example, on Douyin, you can’t find anything about 1989 Tian’anmen Square protests.
    The Chinese governement made massive censorship on everything. Chinese people must rise up against there governement.

    USA are far from perfection, but at least they don’t try to erase Historical Fact.

  29. There is a saying in Germany. “Only the dumbest calves choose their own butcher” …. the western democratic nations playing the role of the calves.
    I am German. As most people in this world I hate Donald Trump as a person. He is disgusting, incompetent, a liar and loud moth. But he is actually the only one that challenges China. I don’t know if he does it only for himself or for the country. But he does it. That’s why I kind of hope that he will win the upcoming election. I fear that everything will be back to normal if the Democrats win. We will continue crawling deeper and deeper into China’s ass ignoring the side effects just for a few Dollars.

  30. 💜💙Funny how Trump is having a fit over Tiktok, supposedly because it’s a “national threat”, but non of this talk started until his rally was sabotaged and he got butt hurt. Or if we’re talking about invading privacy and selling information then Tiktok has nothing on Facebook. He abuses his power. He makes me embarrassed to be an American. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  31. A short list of a few hundred companies and websites banned in mainland China by their government due to political restrictions can be found on wikipedia. Including wikipedia and most human rights organizations sites.

    People say that Chinese people don’t use TikTok. They use the Chinese version. But it’s the same app in the same company with a different name.

    Trump is well right to start giving the Chinese government a taste of their own medicine…

    I doubt the Chinese people will be completely honest if not lead to say certain things given the recent introduction of the The Social Credit System (Chinese: 社会信用体系; pinyin: shèhuì xìnyòng tǐxì)

  32. They ban each other apps; I dislike bans in general, and don’t approve of app bans by the US, but china bans apps too. So.. I don’t know, it’s hard to sympathize.

  33. Guys u cant belive whenever i comment against china my cooment is deleted and when i not comment against china it remains omg asian boss is bribed and sold out . I think they needs a massive reporting . Plz tell me i am wrong

  34. First allow American apps freely in China then talk about what America is doing totally wrong
    If you live in glass house then you have no right to pelting stone on other house

  35. I feel worried for the future just looking at the comments. The Western propaganda machine has been so successful in its demonisation of China that people cannot judge the situation for themselves anymore. Public opinion is really controlled by the Western oligarchs. If they deem you as the enemy, you can be sure that public opinion will shift against you the next day through their powerful media groups and propaganda think tanks. People are so anti-China these days that if America were to wage a war against China, the public would go along with it just like it did with Iraq. Remember the WMD lies? What happened was that millions were killed and displaced over lies created by the Western propaganda machine. The same is now happening with China right before our eyes but we humans never learn our lessons. This time though will be many times more devastating because China is way more powerful than Iraq and has nuclear weapons(although it has way less nuclear warheads compared to the US). I see WW3 coming round the corner. People in East Asia will take the brunt of the damage again in this upcoming American invasion of China and I truly wish we still have a functioning planet at least after this.

  36. It’s business
    Due to trade deficit
    China is only exporting their goods n apps but not importing.
    Which in a way is wrong
    Goods we can understand may be due to tariffs but apps n other software???
    Now say eg YouTube,
    Their is so much of info that the whole world shares but china isin it’s own world n map

    If security breach isn’t their than u tiktok is not used in china???
    Y they all have diff app than rest the world.

  37. demanding and arrogant?….look at the mirror pls…both countries are prideful.. it’s all about their own interest…others are just a steppingstone…people…this is earth btw 1 single planet…wish these leaders think a lot more openly

  38. At 16:00
    The guys replied that they trust the government
    I mean if they said the opposite ,the video would have been taken down right after being uploaded
    Sometimes i wonder how does it feel to live in a country where you can’t say anything against government even if it positive criticism

  39. Does their opinion even matter ? they are mostly brainwashed cos they probably not told about the security concerns and all other things happening in China like censorship

  40. Why do you people take up non-sense topics like “Are Indians good at Math?” But then when a topic like this is discussed where India, where Tik-Tok was very popular, HAS in fact banned the use of Tik-Tok, you people dont seem to cover it?

  41. No, Tiktok should not be owned by an American company! If they want to ban it in the US, they can go ahead. The rest of the world will still carry on and use it, not everything revolves around the US.

  42. The difference between china and US or any other democratic country is that the company can sue the government and probably come back after getting banned, This happened in 2019 in India when the court lifted ban on tik tok. But if the app gets caught reading peoples clipboard without consent or allowing children to access mature content without any strong policies and guidelines on the platform. Then bye bye tik tok.

  43. Ask them why their government China banned American owned companies like Instagram YouTube twitter Reddit google maps just a few the list is thousands of thousands of companies banned in China you stop our American companies in China making money we stop your Chinese companies from
    Making money it’s only fair

  44. When that chatty Chinese fellow tells us they use Douyin instead of TikTok but use TikTok with VPN… errrrr… why cannot they use TikTok if it’s Chinese, too… S H A D Y .

  45. Chinese people talking about Democracy is one of the biggest joke ever.
    China has banned Google, FB, Twitter and whatnot, at that time, User Privacy and Data is very dear to the Chinese but when we do that, it’s against moral ethics??

  46. Differences:

    US ban take effect worldwide. US banned Huawei worldwide, and they banned every country for doing business with certain countries. (Imperialism)
    China has its own laws, and Google didnt want to comply with them, so it left China (its not banned).
    Every US company can operate in China if they follow Chinese laws (apple, Microsoft, etc), if they don’t, they are banned only in China (the rest of the world can still enjoy the apps).

    Similarities: tiktok, facebook, google, etc steal your data since thats how they make money.

  47. Dont get whats the fuss is about China has been doing this to American App all the time. Both countries aren’t free they are both hypocrites like US used to criticise China for banning US Apps or making i not able to use

  48. I prefer Douyin than tiktok. So I installed only Douyin ,I don’t use tiktok . There’s so many beautiful Douyin songs and traditional filters & effects .

  49. In India its already banned..
    US is still planning even mostly in China they themselves don’t prefer tiktok and they use Duoyin. And Really according to my perspective it is threatening to social security and I have seen that(they edit contents from YouTube and miss use it). I tried once but, and I found it totally time wasting. If China can ban so many apps then why they are getting angry if other country is banning their app.

  50. The United States is not the only country banning TikTok. India outright just banned it. Because China’s Great fire Wall, the general population doesn’t have a world view of what’s actually happening. Everything is about China withheld information and aggressively expanding its own interests during pandemic which is caused by China. India banned China because Chinese soldiers killed Indian solders due to border dispute. China’s illegal expansion to South China Sea angers Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. China’s aggression against Hong Kong and Taiwan. And belt and road initiatives. China has been stealing intellectual properties from the west for decades. That’s the reason why the west is barring Huawei, Tencent and Tiktoc. It is laughable that people in this video saying the small timer does not deserve privacy. Just remember, this is the Cold War between government. As you said tragically, Chinese small timer has no say to this because the peasants of China are solely leave your fate to Chinese government, that’s why the person has no choice but to say you trust the government. When Chinese government fails, you will sing another tune.

  51. Right of people Funny coming from china, and the so called democracy doesn’t mean people can do whatever they want, if it harms the country then they gov. Should take whatever they can

  52. The first two dudes are obviously morons, lets not talk about them.
    4:48 “Chinese marketing accounts that have a huge following think that the US isnt very HUMANE on this”.

    Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities mistreated and forced into labour camps in China: LOL

  53. Quarantine is a great time to be productive, to study, and to re-evaluate life decision but most of the people are wasting their time in Tiktok. I can’t wait for them to cringe seeing their videos a couple years from now. Glad downloading it never cross my mind.

  54. The guy from 8:34 – “some people can tell right from wrong when they see information from abroad”… In other words “some people will trust the Chinese government is not lying to them, even when external sources say otherwise.” Sorry, but that’s a really scary thing, and why I am thankful I live in the West, despite its flaws.

  55. What’s the point of interviewing Chinese people if they can’t even speak out what they really feel? It’s pointless. If they say anything truly controversial they’ll be shut down by the government, the interviewing process is too one-sided in this case.

  56. Chinese social media is heavily influenced by gov. techies that have a bunch of tools at their disposal to shape public opinion strictly following the CCP’s official narrative. Same with Big Tech in the US, heavily influenced by Liberal and Democratic leaning figures

  57. Of course Chinese people can’t talk bad about their government. Wouldn’t they lose social points?
    Why can’t USA ban Tik Tok when China banned Google, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, etc.

  58. I don’t think banning tiktok makes sense either but a citizen of one of the most censored countries in the world saying banning tiktok is taking away people’s rights is irrational to me.

  59. How many western apps and sites have CCP banned in China? These people should focus more on cleaning up the mess they’ve caused around the world, because we haven’t forgotten.

  60. I love how the US claim to be ‘free’ and ‘Democratic’ and then ban their citizens from using certain apps, that doesn’t seem very free or democratic to me.🤔💁‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  61. We all know how they raisedcthe tariff for aussi products by 90 percent and then they say we should not ban tik tok which apparently steals data and is complied to share the information with the xi the pooh

  62. Trump is using the Chinese model…he’s a businessman afterall and the upcoming election woke up the politician in him. He even even got us Indians to do his bidding.

  63. So a Chinese app that the Chinese still need a VPN to use, but free to almost all other countries in the world,,, I don’t know about other people but that feels very sketchy to me

  64. 3:22 This dude lmaooo I’m deadd, China literally controls their people’s internet as if they were their overbearing prideful parent. Their dictator legit gets rid of ANY meme that remotely slanders him, INSTANTLY. America ain’t no democracy (it’s a republic), but it’s clear to anyone with half a lick of brain that America is in a FAR better place than China. At least in America, people would balk at the government being so controlling. China, it’s accepted so much to the point where it’s normal and they can’t even see it.

  65. these folks have such a good opinion on their government oh my god… yall literally got a totalitarian leader skskksj good grief. Bet nobody know about the muslim concentration camps… speaking of- did they do an interview about that yet in China?
    if they ever do, I feel like China finna ban Asian Boss hahah

  66. China has its own global soft power this is how they snoop & tik tok is part of it’s soft global power to run espionage campaign.

    Why member’s of CCP are part bird of director meeting of byte dance.

    Bejeing have full access to tik tok user data

  67. I like how all the people that talk about how bad America is for blocking TikTok won’t be able to see the video they are in, because their government blocked it for them.

  68. TikTok is from China? I didn’t know because most Chinese celebs uses Douyin/Doujin, an app similar to TikTok just as how they made Weibo, Baidu, etc… I’m not a TikTok user and based from those viral TikTok videos, you can find other app to those stuff, not a huge loss.

  69. all these fake chinese accounts that are run by the ccp trying to spread false information. typical tactic used when they are found to be in the wrong and want to hide their true intentions.

  70. understand this, they all grew up watching, eating, living and breathing CCP’s propaganda. It’s like they were fed only onions all their lives and you ask them what does an apple taste like… and some will never ceased eating onions even living abroad for decades. And of course many would defend how onions are great because, lets face it, that’s the only thing they know.

  71. Making this point as objectively as I can, China banning American social media takes away lots of freedoms, but they’re also heavily criticized for it. So if the US, a country that emphasizes freedom, does the SAME thing wouldn’t that be incredibly hypocritical??

  72. I think you should have also asked about the potential WeChat ban in the US…WeChat is central to daily life in China and banning it in the US would be a much bigger deal than banning TikTok

  73. Read those comments and just saw how ignorant a lot of people are… China banned those American apps because those apps are sending out anti-China message, which is just not tolerated by the Chinese government. (I know some people would be like that’s a “violation of human rights”, but you can’t expect every country to just be like the US. I disagree with the fact that Democracy is the only right answer) lamo when those who have never lived to China think they know China better than anyone.

  74. Some of these comments really show how little Americans realize their government has a hold over them as well.
    I definitely don’t agree with everyone in this video, but I can still say some had very good points. Extreme nationalism as seen in both China and America will tend to distort views significantly

  75. How can so many chinese people be brainwashed?
    China has no justification to complain. Facebook, google, Whatsapp are all blocked in China. Why is facebook blocked in China as it is just a social media platform? there’s no legit reason. THUS, its totally acceptable for USA to block all chinese apps and social media platforms.
    If China doesnt like that, then why do they do the same thing? The chinese goverment are hypocrite

    You know what the ironic part is, 3:26 – this guy is questioning if the USA is democratic? but its so ironic that even this actual interview in China is 100% illegal. if you are not a part of state media in China, you are technically not allowed to conduct any interviews on the street. This is regardless of the topic or content. You need to have a special permit to conduct any interviews, even if its just for youtube. So this idiot at 3:26 is questioning democracy but even in his own country he can’t even be a part of this public interview!

  76. Business man? He has filed more bankruptcy claims and gone belly up than any business man I know. His money is from his Klansman father nothing he did

  77. I see a lot of comments center around the white shirt guy’s comment on social class. 8:50.
    Just want to point out, the translation is off. 层次 here does not mean social class, it means level of thinking.
    The guy basically saying “Some people can tell right from wrong when they see info from abroad and realise whose interests it serves. Some people can’t, due to lack of in depth critical thinking or education”. He does not imply social class.

  78. When Chinese people talking about Democracy, I really feel like whether I should laugh or feel bad for them. When China can take an action in term of using national security but if other countries does the same then it’s make them angry. Ridiculous.

  79. Let’s be clear it is NOT the USA its Trump that’s against an app where people freely talk about what a lousy president and despicable “human being” he is. So all by hisself Trump is at fault not the people. He doesn’t represent POC, women, LGBTQ+ or anyone with a functioning brain and kind spirit with a loving heart.

  80. I like the two young men reaction when they were asked about if it matter to them if the Chinese government collects data about them; they answered: –I trust the Chinese government, and the other youth went on to say: –me too, I trust them too.

  81. Tbh I’m sick of seeing girls and guys being weird ass on tiktok and my friends and cousins sending me their funny and stupid activity video like wth this app is so weird like a loophole I’m glad after the ban they won’t send me those

  82. Meanwhile Chinese absolutely love VPN, they are so desperate to access to the outside world but yet agree with every little single thing that Xi says.

  83. It is inherently different between US banning Tiktok and China banning Facebook, Google… China has specific regulations how foreign companies should run in China. It is the US companies’s choice to leave China. As I remembered, before 2009 Facebook can still be used in China, then there was a terror attack and the organizers were communiting on Facebook, Chinese government wants to collect the information from those specific people but Facebook refused and claimed it “violate the human rights”, therefore it got banned. So it is actually literally the National security issues from Chinese site. But US government didn’t give Tiktok any choice. It will either be sold or banned, it is purely a robbery.

  84. Oo seriously people were saying they had a trust in their government 😅 even a lot people from outside of their country were not having any trust in their government after the corona virus outbreak

  85. Umm,, I wasn’t satisfied with their opinions, they sounded biased towards their govt.,, and it seems like they don’t know bout other countries or have any idea what’s going on in the whole world..

  86. I wouldn’t want my citizens data in hands of the CCP, but to suggest general privacy concerns is ludicrous. I’ve had several advertisements over websites/youtube based on private fb chats or phone calls.

  87. Who cares what sheep think about a commie spy app?
    Ask the sheep what they think about the great firewall, if you dare. Ask them about the ccp banning google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc

  88. Data collection of people is 100% a potential threat. All these social apps collect large amounts of data on geo-positioning, social patterns, and much more. Information is the greatest weapon. An app like tik tok could be essentially a trojan horse to influence, gather data, and do much more.

  89. LOL, I thought China’s been stigmatized as illiberal, dictatorial country over decades, now Trump supporter say “if you treat me like than I should treat you as same”, do you mean both country are the same? Is “Demoracy beacon” also a dictatorial country without laws and freedom of speech?
    Typical Double Standard, with so many uneducated conservative retard supporting Trump, no wonder a clown could be President. SHAME

  90. I dont hate chinese people they are nice people but their govt trying to capture disputed land forcefully thats why india china relations are worse now, tik tok is sharing data with chinese govt thats why india banned tik tok and other chinese apps.

  91. I could rename TKTK for short. Why this tricky question focus in America only? Dont forget in INDIA and INDONESIA they both already banned TKTK and so UK is processing to ban, too whoohoo! I dont trust china government, becuz I’ve been hack stolen and cheat orders from there in few years ago. Now Im no longer supports anything or buying at all, zero. What about Chinese Spy in US, huh? same thing!

  92. INDIA banned tiktock not only due to its problematic policies but also as a indirect protest. They gave us corona , destroyed our 6 months , tried to invade us , manipulated other countries to do the same eg Nepal, Bhutan. No way tiktok be unbanned again

  93. The views of the Chinese people on data privacy is really disturbing. Every person deserves the privacy of their data. Nobody is “unimportant” and every piece of data collected can have huge implications than just advertising. I don’t support the ban 100% but keeping CCP’s concerning data collection and surveillance laws in mind, steps like these were long overdue.

  94. 1:09 So according to this guy, If an app is just for entertainment, it can never be a national threat.

    Well that’s the most illogical thing I’ve heard in recent days. Idiots like these are the reason why HongKong and Taiwan wants freedom from china

  95. Facebook is banned in China, along with many other global social media providers. The Chinese government controls internet content and restricts, deletes, or bans content it deems is not in the interest of the state. That’s more weird right?

  96. Were living in different times, i dont trust the ccp. The us has to do what it takes to keep America safe. I like Chinese people, i just don’t trust the ccp

  97. Some of these Chinese people that you are interviewing have their brains damaged by the CCP; they have no clue how insidious and cancerous the CCP and Xi JinPig are. Only if they knew, but then again, these Chinese can never accept the truth because they have been lied to by the CCP since they were children.

  98. Well the problem is that Tiktok can accept any from of regulation, investigation, and even monitoring, their servers are in the US, same as Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple in China, so these three US big companies or any other US companies have no problem operating in China if they comply with the Chinese law.
    But Gxxgle, and Facebook, they both refused to put Chinese users’ data in China, only Facebook was banned. Gxxgle was never banned by the Chinese government. Their services were limited, Facebook was banned around 2012, Gxxgle chose to leave China around 2010.

    The problem with Gxxgle and Facebook is that they often have a lot of porn and anti-China news on the search result. Those porn results are easy to solve, but those anti-China results are directly related to the US government. They are mostly come from media such as Epoch Media Group or NTDTV.

    NTDTV was established by a group called FA LUNGONG. Their leader LI HONGZHI is a scuum. There are videos on YouTube about his speech, he said ” If people practice my Qigong, they don’t need to see doctors, their cancer can be cured”. If anyone wants, I can provide the links, but you need to know Chinese. This group was labelled as heresy around 1998 after some patients die because of this group, but their leader LI HONGZHI, is protected by the US government, and in order for him to survive, he and his group have to spread anti-China news, this group is well funded by the US government, and “uncensored China” channel is also part of NTDTV. I think their budgets is listed in national defense budgets for NGOs. People can probably download this list directly from a US .gov websites.

  99. Most these interviewees are like an abusive ex who gaslight their partner by saying, “if you’re a good person, you shouldn’t hit back when I hit you.”

  100. I think if the US government can give out a full correct report about the real scientific evidence, then it is persuasive.m Not always thoughts or i think that blah blah blah

  101. Your government’s agenda is different than common citizen’s thinking.. so don’t fool people.. glad that India has already banned about 150 Chinese apps

  102. “i want to question their so called democracy. Is it really a democracy?”
    As an American, I’m constantly questioning our “democracy” it feels like we’re on the verge of a dictatorship and I’m very scared. Voting season is coming up and I can’t trust that my vote will count and that the results won’t be tampered with.
    I think tiktok is sketchy but I use it.

  103. “Can distinguish right from wrong”, “letting people who can distinguish the information access the information from abroad”. I’m disappointed by the level of one-dimensional statements coming out of my fellow youths over there. Who’s to decide, on a spectrum of matters, what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to begin with? Only their government? And who’ll audit their government and ensure they don’t abuse that power? (Rhetorical questions.) And are they really saying that because someone comes from a different socio-economic background, they don’t deserve the same access to information as others? Holy crap.

    The other day, a Chinese friend of mine told me that many in the younger generation, who have never experienced the hardship others did under the ‘previous’ regime, readily buys into the central govt ideals a lot more. I guess she was dead on the money.

  104. I honestly feel bad for these brainwashed people. They are taught fear and conformity in their country from an early age because if you speak out, you disappear.

  105. I have a lot of followers on TikTok but I’m not against the ban China is shady as heck when it comes to America I don’t trust them at all I’m okay with banning it plus why would TikTok be owned by the Chinese but have no Chinese people really using the app that’s strange

  106. So the Chinese Government blocking Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media apps in most China is fine but when the US, India and other country blocking Tik Tok is wrong??

  107. 3:15 – It was not just his personal opinion. TikTok on ios has been found to read data from the keyboard’s clipboard. As far as I know no other app does this sort of thing.

  108. Of course the US is not really democratic : it uses a proxy version of democracy using electorates (where the standard of choosing electors is non-uniform and may be subject to abuse) but then China is even less democratic.

  109. Dunno why but it looks so scripted! No Chinese is informed about outside world, even the most educated shop keepers dont know anything about their neighboring countries! Plus tiktok should definitely be banned now, I mean did you even see what they said, they dont use TikTok themselves, which gives off a clear cut signal that this app is a malware

  110. Is that guy serious about them taking people’s rights away? They can’t use half of the most popular apps, websites that the rest of the world take for granted.

  111. China banned Youtube, Google, facebook in China several years back, now US bans tiktok over of security concerns, China cries foul and racist. LOL funny how these CCP commie clowns desperately try to manipulate the narrative. “China good…. and the greatest…. while the rest of the world is bad and inferior.”

  112. Any successful chinese company that has an influence on the public will be deemed a spy for the chinese government. If I was the chinese companies, it is utterly pointless in trying to justify yourself that they are not. And that alone is incredibly disappointing because they are bringing race towards business. It only makes bilateral relationships worse and when you got these small things stacked up, it creates a bigger problem and only makes the world a more dangerous place.

  113. i didn’t know tiktok was owned by a Chinese company. I take it though that teenagers using tiktok to troll the current administration didn’t make the news there. it’s funny how only after that did tiktok become a “threat”. I don’t think this administration understands the internet, you ban a platform and people will just move to a new platform.

  114. Commenting on this issue without biases can be hard, but at least I can say that the subtitle for this video is much better than some of Asian Boss’ previous Chinese videos. I would say that they were pretty accurate at portraying the messages and tones of the interviewees. If you understand Chinese, some of their earlier subtitles were just too cringy to read…

  115. If this tiktok app was made in USA, they’ll embrace it, in this case it’s made in China, BAN it. How stupid aye, they want to ban it so they can make their own version of tiktok and profit from it.

  116. Dk about the accusation regarding the govt stealing the users’ info through…cz almost every app does require some info of the users
    And China now is not having a positive image so….
    But ” they are kicking each other” was the best😆😆
    And don’t question democracy about other countries when you country doesn’t have one…that is weird😅

  117. Wait…. So China is able to block American applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But Chinese people are confused why America blocked TikTok?

    How does this make any sense?

  118. China ban: not allowed to do busines in China because of unwilling to abide by local legislation. (That’s what happened to Facebook and Google)

    US ban: Not allowed to do business in US + pressuring other countries to the same + prohibiting all companies (non-US companies included) from doing business with it. All because of a vague ‘potential national security threat’ , even if the company is following local legislation.

  119. Soooo all the technologies from all these global companies that the china government has copied/stolen their intellectual property from and make knock off copies undermining the originators market shares are fine? Also you can feel a heavy government influence in these kids responses, the one older guy that has global friends sees this for what it is and didn’t want to comment too deeply on it cause he knows how his government is and these games that governments play with each others. When the rich wage war it’s the poor that die.

    All the other apps and services that are banned in china but its terrible when one apps from there get banned in india and the us? This hypocrisies…. all these governments are corrupt, but at least in the us they have the constitution and the reason why the government in the us wont push its citizen too far is because they have the right to bare arms and protect them selves from tyrannical government.

  120. And what are their opinions on Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Insta, Twitter, YouTube etc ban ?
    Puppets pls also speak on this. Or living in CCP bubble ?😂😂
    I used to believe Chinese youths are smart open minded. Man I was kicked to reality. What censorship can do is the example.

  121. The Chinese government has never banned American app. At first, Google was asked to abide by Chinese laws, and Google agreed, but this angered American anti-China politicians, who criticized Google for kneeling to the RMB, and Google finally chose to withdraw from the Chinese market under great pressure from American politicians. in fact, it is tantamount to American politicians driving American apps out of the Chinese market, not the Chinese government.

  122. “Tiktok is just an entertainment app. , Can’t be threat to national security. We
    We require VPN to use it here” 😂😂🤣 waah re mere bhole padosi.🙏👏

  123. i dont want tiktok to be banned but honestly it should because of the privacy. Whenever i use tiktok my phone always say that it is using my microphone even though i’m not recording any videos which is concerning.

  124. They’re obviously controlled by their government. China’s leadership is slowly becoming a threat to other countries. With everything thats happening within their country, the concentration camp, tibet humanitarian crisis, hongkong freedom, war threats against other countries, them taking over philippine seas 🙄🙄🙄 now the apps and the hackings, china can do the most inhumane thing yall should know that by now and yall should be mad at them

  125. These answers are incredibly interesting to me because most of them are defending the CCP instead of defending the rights of Americans to have access to TikTok. They don’t seem to care at all about the semantics of privacy or freedom to use the internet, they actually defend their own government’s censorship but criticize America for hypocrisy.

  126. China banned Facebook and Google because they refused to follow Chinese law. it’s common sense that you should follow the law of the land you’re doing business in, and on that note, Google exited the market on their own accord.
    Now name me a US law the tiktok broke that warrants the termination of their rightful business?
    BTW 9:20 the guy did NOT say social hierarchy in the sense of social class. he said 层次 ceng ci. which is more like a person’s capabilities, put in the context of his sentence, it means the capabilities to discern real and fake news. Asian boss translation made him sound like a class snob, which he obviously didn’t mean.

  127. if US chose to friend China instead of batting an eyelash whenever they see something they dont approve of, they shouldnt be having this kind of paranoia. China’s growth are a real deal and i know why US need to worry. Russia already lost its teeth, feet and legs after its Cold War defeat

  128. The joke tells itself. These interviews were for a site totally banned in China.
    It makes me sick hearing their fervent passion twds CCP. Men, my government is just so so but at least I can talk freely and discuss their actions. They talking about how the US is ignorant for baning TT is just ridiculous. How about their own censorship of basically anything where Chinese politics can be discussed without their great wall baning? 🙄 And no, I’m not American

  129. Hearing the two guys talk so casually about how the “lower social classes” shouldn’t have access to free information… what the hell? At least in the US you can stand up to the government without being accused of state subversion. Even using the phrase “欲加之罪,何患无词”, irony is dead 😂

  130. 3:02… What the hell😤 And buddy.. Whole world welcomes Trump’s move on Tiktok.. Maybe you two are the only people who isn’t considered here and offcouse you are not democrats…
    Looks like they don’t see what CCP is doing all way.. They can really condemn others😯😯

  131. One thing I can see, they all are roming free without mask and social distancing, and me haven’t been outside of home since march first week, that’s why this interview making me more sick and hostile towards china. I had huge respect for these hardworking people, but not any more!

  132. It’s funny all these ppl think Chinese are just sheep to their government and can’t think on their own. Ever heard of Snowden and nsa? Guess who are the biggest spy in this world and the creator? Also trump is probably the most childish president in the u.s history.

  133. Ask the brainwashed if they are brainwashed and all you get its the brainwashed defending the brainwasher.. point in case. Show your average Chinese a picture of the delai lama and ask them if they like or hate the guy, invariable they will say they hate him then inquire why? They cant give an answer.

  134. I’m confused to why they are angry. Its not as if their life is affected by the ban of an app frlm another country. Feels weird.

    (Edit : To all the Chinese that replied, why are you so worked up about this app anyways? What do you get from all this Tiktok controversy? Honest question. Be civil below please, we’re only in the internet )

  135. *Before you judge anyone either in the video or the comment section, just wait for a while, breathe and try to put yourself in their shoes and then see their perspective*.

    *It might do wonders for you*

  136. Seeing brainwashed American commenters who cannot understand a different perspective is sad… this is why there is no peace. Maybe for a second consider that your opinion is after all, just an opinion.

  137. Seeing brainwashed American commenters who cannot understand a different perspective is sad… this is why there is no peace. Maybe for a second consider that your opinion is after all, just an opinion.

  138. “America you’ve become what you swore to destroy” Jk i don’t think america swore to destroy totalitarism they use it themselves. I think thw trump administration banned tik tok because think about it , his administration is in a fragile state. He needs to try look like hes accomplished somethinh when he hasnt

  139. No point asking Chinese citizens what they think. Aren’t they under NAZI rule? Now we get to see what Nazi Germany would have been like with Nuclear Weapons. The Chinese version.

  140. There’s a difference,the us companies doesnt give its government full access to all the information atleast not like the Chinese companies that basically have to give everything,

  141. It’s seems like they have duplicate apps for all popular apps , they don’t even use tik tok , their government really want to isolated Chinese people from rest of the world

  142. Some of these people are unreasonable. How is it ok for China to ban apps and not the U.S. Some people are saying things as if they are a top head at tik tok. You never know what type of data an app is inquiring. In the end despite laws, and political reasons. If China’s government has the power to ask tik tok for information aquired about U.S. citizens, no matter how trivial that info is to to them, it’s still a securuty risk. However I’m glad they spoke up I was curious as to Chinese citizens POV.

  143. Bucket hat guy — “Well when you ban tiktok its like you are taking away the people’s rights. So I want to question their so-called democracy” – said by a person living in, and supporting CCP China….

  144. US wants to ban TikTok, people in China are angry?
    China banned Google, FB, Youtube, IG, and etc, no one cares?
    Oh nvm, most of them don’t even know these exist

  145. Anyways just ban the app. Even though trump might be making false accusations or whatever. Hate TikTok ads anyways. Would be an eyesore if I’ll have to see them again.

  146. TikTok users had hurt Trump’s fragile infantile ego with the Tulsa Rally incident. So he declared TikTok National Security Threat. There is nothing else to it.

  147. From the experience living in the US and China both for more than 10 years, I can share my thoughts to some of you, and maybe it will be a new refreshing idea that you have not thought of.

    “Westerners claim that CCP brainwashed their entire nation” – this is false. The reason is: unlike in the US where politics is a great deal to most people, it is not the case in China; most citizens cannot participate in politics, and therefore their choices do not matter. As a result, most people are rather apolitical. “Propaganda”, as claimed by your western netizens, mostly displayed of military power, news about research advancement, invention, etc. Such “Propaganda” does in fact highlight the positives in order to emphasize the good of the country. I can recall seeing such news quite often on TV and newspaper.

    Since China is a quite “closed country”, meaning information does not go in and come out very well, the only source that the average westerns (especially US citizens) learn about China is through western media, which always shape China negatively and incorrectly. To understand the truth, I suggest you use google translator and attempt to search the topic on Baidu, the Chinese search engine equivalent to Google. Only this way you can get the stories from both sides. However, people are not willing to do that, and they would rather just listen to the western media because that is what’s convenient. Without truly interacting with the people, the culture, the society, a person cannot truly understand both sides. This goes true to some Chinese as well. Their confirmation bias causes them to trust in Chinese media that highlights the negative pictures about the US. This is only human nature, and the language barrier and the firewall only make it worse.

    The best suggestion I can give you is to search in google translator the English term and use Baidu to search it using the produced Chinese, then translate back. However, you feel free to not do this and remain “brainwashed” by the western media. Such an irony, but the point is not to determine which side is brainwashed, the goal is to demonstrate the ability to think freely.

    In the end, it is like west Germany and east Germany. There were both good and bad regarding the two political systems. For example, Peter Schneider in his book “Der Mauerspringer” suggests that contrary to popular beliefs that “east Germany was bad” and “west Germany was good”, there are good and bad in both places. For example, there was more a community feeling in east Germany and everyone knew each other in their neighborhood, while there was a sense of fakeness in the west, and there was always distance and coldness between one and another. Now back to the US and China, there are advantages and disadvantages. It was true that surveillance cameras were a lot pervasive in China than in the US, even when I lived there in Beijing (2000-2011), yet think about the upside: crime rate is abysmally low. I felt comfortable going to 7/11 at 1am and have a nice conversation with a stranger on the street in Beijing, and there is absolutely no way I am doing that in Chicago.

    Have fun discussing!

  148. If you want a real a Chinese person opinion, you have to interview a Chinese person not living China and whose entire family is living in the west, the people in these video knows, that if they don’t say what the CCP tells them to say, they will get in trouble, thrown in jail or have their social credit points remove, none of their’re opinions are genuine.

  149. i really don’t think they should be questioning us either. especially the one that said he was angry, china has banned tons of apps. america is not at fault in this, but of course media’s in both america and china will be very biased and of course side with the country they are from.

  150. They ban YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But they lecture others on this and that, totally oblivious of Tiktok’s own censorship of China issues. The guys from the beginning even say some people from lower classes cannot think for themselves.. that’s why.. sure, champ.

  151. Two Chinese boys: we trust the Chinese government
    *Same Chinese Boys: it’s good that people of lower class and education can’t use a vpn because twitter and facebook would only confuse them*

  152. Most people will choose comply, and twist their minds voluntarily, in order to have a “good” social image, and better life opportunity. No one wants to be an angry person and face rebounds from all aspects of their life.
    I’m Chinese, I know deep of their psychology.

  153. It is wrong for Trump to ban Chinese apps, just like it is wrong for China to ban US apps. Politicians do bad things for their own good, and this has nothing to do with the people. Stop criticising those who are interviewed, seriously, every patriotic citizen would stand out when his/her country is being targeted.

  154. It’s just my personal opinion,Well because he wants to make anti China sentiment just for his upcoming elections and wants to earn a profit by forcing to sell tiktok to an American company .it’s pretty much clear when he started the trade war and all the western media’s headline was about china, anyway love to my asian brother(china) from NE india

  155. It is foreign Internet companies who are unwilling to accept the censorship of the Chinese government and withdraw from China, not the government directly banning them. (Although it still sounds unreasonable, it is at least governing the country by law) Who else would dare to steal customer privacy in a country with PRISM?

  156. Asian Boss, since you guys are focusing on societal/political issues in Asian countries, why don’t you guys interview people on the street on how they feel and think about the cruelty some of the Uyghur people are facing from the Chinese government?

  157. I have a question for u ‘Asian boss’ did u show them how other country people think about CCP if don’t then please do not show their view becoz all are the CCP views and we already know what CCP is saying

  158. Is there any reason why Asian Boss didnt inguire amongst American’s. When you know the Chinese can’t voice an opinion against the CCP?

    Instead you support Chinese WuMao’s.

  159. people have reverse engineered the TikTok and found it collects a lot of superfluous user data, no? although i don’t know if a ban is the right thing to do, the app seems hella sketchy and i would never use it

    also, the thing about the Tulsa rally due to TikTok trolling is hilarious, but i think its a semi-joke/scapegoat for TikTok users to use, and its not the real reason for the ban

  160. You know what I’ve noticed?
    Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!
    China bans Google, Facebook and Youtube in their own country and nobody panics… because it’s all “part of the plan”.
    But when USA bans one chinese app, well then everybody losses their minds!

  161. Sell tik tok to the United States or else it will be ban. China banned free world apps like Facebook and the rest so why are they complaining about this one single ban 😈😂

  162. The boy in black hat: I want to question their so called democracy
    Me: same duh I wanna question your democracy too🙂
    (I am not from US)(NOT EVEN A TRUMP FAN)

  163. Most of the people interviewed don’t seem to acknowledge or maybe understand the downsides of a foreign government collecting personal data on citizens of a rival country.

  164. Tell that to the girl who got banned for her freedom of speech regarding her support for Taiwan. It’s the silencing and gathering of dissenters. Think about that.

  165. Look at the irony of this situation, they can’t access porn legally, no Google services, nothing is allowed until it get a pass from their tyrannical government
    And they are telling us how they feel when their app is banned

  166. 15:50 id say my countries govt is more trustworthy than most and id NEVER fully trust the government. If i lived in the US, Russia or China itd be 10000× worse. Idk how these guys can put trust in the Chinese govt

  167. There are so much evidence about CCP and cyber data theft. Jeez….just an accusation and personal opinion that leads to banning tiktok? Unbelievable…

  168. This video is cringy.
    I like how they say the chinese companies abroad follow the law and regulations well do you even know the laws and regulations to be able to say that they follow them.
    10:33 the small guy seems so cocky.

  169. I think Trump is doing a great job while banning Tiktok in US. Those people who are apposing they don’t love their country. They have to think about there country national security. Tiktok is a trash.

  170. The reason TikTok is an issue is that the data it collects is accessible by the government of a fascist country that might wage war on the US. If Microsoft acquires TikTok, all the data will have to stay on US soil and not be accessible by the CCP and Xinnie-the-Pooh.

  171. ban tiktok because its destroying peoples brain cells.. its making people dumb. making talentless attention whores famous… adults acting like a 12 year old.. its annoying

  172. I find it kind of ignorant that that guy is saying banning Tiktok is taking away someone’s rights and using that to criticize a democratic country. It’s very propagandistic to use democracy as a weapon against a democratic country. It’s even more disingenuous to bring up rights when real human rights violations are being imposed on the Muslim population in China. Shaving peoples heads and forcing them into concentration camps seems a little more brutal than telling people they can’t use an app.

  173. We all know the reason why tiktok is being banned and it isnt national security. Its cuz of that BTS debacle. Wechat got included just to not make it obvious even though WeChat has had 0 issue the whole time it operated in the us.

  174. I thought I would not agree with anything anyone said but the guy in blue and black shirt said it perfectly. I like TikTok a lot but isn’t google banned in China why should there site be any different. Also I don’t know what it is but I feel put off by China now. Everything the Chinese government does puts me off so I don’t trust anything associated with them.

  175. The US is complaining about China banning apps for national security reasons, but suddenly when they wanna do it it’s totally fine? Seems like hypocrisy

  176. Since China has done bio war on World I think ban of tic tok is not enough there should be some more measures so that CCP should not do any thing that tretents world in future

  177. “I trust the Chinese government.” Lol, of course the tool in the fishing hat and his buddy are going to shill for the CCP and disparage the U.S. TikTok is a spyware app that data mines your phone as soon as you install it, this has been proven. This is also true for all the China-made Android TV boxes that supposedly lets you stream free, pirated content. Infects your entire network as soon as you connect it to the Internet.

  178. Just be glad you can have this debate and discussion on a free speech platform. The Great Firewall of China has 2 sides. So not only it suppresses Western voices to the Chinese, but also suppresses Chinese voices to the West. Open criticisms are the best tests for Truth. So use that VPN of yours and debate to your hearts content. We can only help to correct eachother in the end.

  179. They will believe whatever narrative their government feeds them, because if they dont, they will disappear from the face of Earth. This makes me question the point of all the education in their country, because they dont even have an option of finding out the facts and forming an opinion. This is the complete opposite of US who their government touts as suppressive. It is so ironic that ppl who whose every move is controlled and monitored by their government criticize the US government.

  180. To those who say:”China banned a bunch of apps, so it’s fair for the US to do so.” That’s different. China is like “obey my law, I need to take control of the content, I need censorship, and I want access to all the local data, you can stay if you agree” Google and FB don’t like that, thus no longer have a Chinese version, and their international website got blocked, but Google do have office in China and they have business there, so they aren’t really banned, and there is possibility that Google search engine and other services may return in the future. However for Tiktok, it tried everything to not get banned, meeting every requirements, like literally kneel down to the US government and still end up like this. Sell it to us or get banned is just dirty on another level.

  181. Having a democracy doesn’t prevent you from taking security measures. Of course there has to be a balance between the freedom of your citizens and overall security considerations, but given the rumor that Tik Tok accesses your clipboard every thirty seconds, all Chinese companies being beholden to their government, and the CCP not seeming to be very accountable on the international stage currently, and of course China’s well-deserved reputation for IP theft, I would support a Tik Tok ban here in Europe. Yet the EU council will never do that because they are spineless, unlike Trump.

  182. The thing is, on homogenuous nations like for example China, Japan and Korea, the people in power have the will and feel the need to make a good country for their people because in the end, they are one, the same dna and etc so they want their country to do good, especially in a monarchy like Japan or a one party government like China where they priorize long term results that really aim the prosperity of a nation.
    On diverse countries like in US, Brasil and now some of Europe, their authorities may have no will of doing good to the nation because the one in power dont see himself in that society so he will only do things so his politician career will be fine and make short term decisions that make his party look good for the next election but in the long term will not have good results for his nation.
    This is why I think homogenuous societies and/or monarchy do better.

  183. China use apps to collects informations about citizens around the world for IA to use against countries and people. Against people to control and manipulate them, like deep state N.W.O. is using mass mk ultra for majority of humankind, planetary lockdown and covid experience is great examples.

  184. What if the tables were turned. Let’s say an American app had some suspicious ware within the program. Would China want to look into it and be cautious? Trump doesn’t have anything against the Chinese people. Suspicion is on the program.

  185. I want to say it again! Google, YouTube and facebook are unwilling to abide by Chinese laws and withdraw from the Chinese market by themselves! However, tiktok is willing to abide by the laws of the United States, and is willing to disclose the code for inspection by the United States, but it is still banned, which is quite different!

  186. 8:47 this guy is just flat out saying poor people can’t think for themselves so they should have rich people think for them and not have the right to information that is not censored first…

  187. Ah.. I get sort of frustrated seeing what they are saying. Freedom in USA doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. There are still rules. The reason TikTok and other social network tech companies will get banned is because they are not following the US laws. The personal data collected by the company does not stay (or at least high risk not to stay) within the company. That is the problem. They are/can be shared with the Chinese government. It is also not a conspiracy theory. Chinese also know that Wechat is being screened by the government. How can they say TikTok and follow US rules? Of course, most of the TIkTok or other social media users won’t be affected but there are people being affected and that is against US laws.

  188. Ok, Mogao is not working but I have to say this…. Asian Boss always fair handed, but really? The country that keeps their citizens from Google? Facebook? You let them blather on in their ignorance??? So disappointed in Asian Boss , why did you not explain to them the Americans concern about a company that has to answer to the CCP? Let me know

  189. Trump is a clown and he’s using the Tiktok issue to divert attention from something else. I’m a white guy in the U.S. and don’t use Tiktok but if he bans WeChat, I’m going to really be pissed. I doubt that any of this will actually happen. It’s probably just idle threats.

  190. The tik tok users who made trump look bad at his Mt Rushmore independence day celebration /campaign rally are to blame for embarrassing the trumpster and crushing those poor tender delicate flowerlike feelings he wears on his sleeve for all the world to see

  191. I dont understand why anyone is really bothered one way or another over an app being banned. Seems like it should be the least of almost any humans worries.

  192. Here’s an aspect of big data and user data collection they didnt think of. They say they’re okay with it if its for market research but that market research is what brings the tech companies revenue. There’s been kind’ve a movement to make our data ours so we can either opt out or get paid a percentage. A good follow up question for them would’ve been what if you could generate money with your information, would you still give it away freely?

  193. Not an easy interview to conduct in China. Asian boss reporters will definitely be tailed by chinese plainclothes police, maybe even interviewing them without knowing. We all know how the CCP operates.

  194. 13:15 “Nowadays, it doesn’t matter even if you think it’s important. In this data era, there’s no privacy. Especially for unimportant people like us. We don’t have the right to privacy. All of your information is open and transparent.”

    Wow, just wow. The upbeat manner in which she says it is jarring as well. China’s brainwashing is a complete success.

  195. 8:42 I’ve never heard something as stupid as what this guy said. He’s literally defending China’a ban by saying only rich/educated people can access the content with VPNs and poor ignorant people shouldn’t access to information about the rest of the world. Like wtf what kind of freedom is that, it reminds me to North Korea. They probably don’t want Chinese people to see how the people in the rest of the world live, and how life without censorship, dictatorships and surveillance actually is. And Americans will also be able to use VPNs lmao. Both governments are literally doing the same thing. You can’t complain or be angry bc a country banned a Chinese app when your own government literally bans everything that’s not from China.

  196. Notice how a lot of Chinese talk like how you would expect North Koreans to talk. Completely ready to blame the west for everything bad and never dare question their own government, at least not openly

  197. CCP banning Facebook, YouTube and other international social media platforms and create their own copycat, it’s CCP. While condemning CCP for its many unethical policies and yet USA and Trump administration are mimicking similar strategies to suppress a growing power. To me, USA is no better or even worst than the CCP because they’re hypocrites. Just my two cents.

  198. Wow! China talking about democracy and rights of an individual. The irony! They are not allowed global social media sites by their government for “security reasons”. Don’t think they understand the meaning of rights.

  199. 11:31 agree with that lady I am also confuse with Trump idea as President even for businessman his idea at best like dream who need many people works like slave driver.

  200. It’s a shame these interviews can’t be trusted. Remove from them the consequences associated with speaking honestly then let’s try this again.

  201. The guy talking about only allowing those of a higher social class to access certain information baffled me. We are messy as hell in the US don’t get me wrong. But here, ignorance is a CHOICE.
    EDIT: I’ve seen that the term “social class” was not the proper translation so I take back my initial statement. However, people of any level of thinking should be allowed to access what they please. That justification is just crazy to me.