Chinese guy tries to KISS ME!

Sometimes being a foreigner in China can feel as if you’re an animal in a zoo, a mere curiosity for the locals to point at and take photos with…. Come find out about my most recent ridiculous experience!

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  1. I’ve heard you talk about “Tier #” Cities— you live in a “Tier 1” city, this is a “Tier 4 or 5” City— etc— Perhaps a video on what exactly is a “Tier #” city would be helpful! I’m not sure I fully understand this terminology.

  2. So annoying these people. And nothing to do, just walk away. Very frustrating. Thanks for the useful info. Very good to know. They seem to be so selfish and self centered.

  3. Drunks do dumb things in every country. In London, no one will stare at an exotic person but they will if you went to some small village in the West Country.

  4. Hey serpentza, can you make a video about why Chinese people are eating with their mouths almost open? I mean, it had happened to me in Europe to sit in a train (three times) near Chinese guys, or Chinese couple, and they were eating in the train, where was quite silent, with their mouths almost open and made a lot of noise. Is part of their culture? Or I just stumbled upon some Chinese persons which don’t care about manners when they eat near someone else. Thanks, cheers!

  5. he’s not a clown…. he is called psychiatric patient …… We Chinese won’t see this guy normal , but when we face them, we just ignore them , pay no attention to them

  6. I’ve never asked some foreigners for taking photos or getting wechat.
    My Canada friends went to China, I take him for traveling I think foreigner was same as our Chinese.
    They are only general people I don’t think they are different from us.
    I took my friend to Wuhan but nobody asked him for taking photos or something.
    I think this happens will appear in parts of China.
    By the way,Some Chinese girl behavior is a shame for us. They lose our face.

  7. It is probably like a chick with nice booty walking down the street in NYC , everyone look and everyone want a piece of that ass , or maybe like the only person with a vagina in a dickfest bar / club.

  8. Haha, well… You’re very fetching, but, you know what? What’s really great about you is that you clearly have respect for yourself and therefore you know how to respect other people. Even the face of adversity, you seem to always know how to STAY AWESOME.
    cheers from Mexico, mate 🍻

  9. Spotted a Gong Cha; love Gong Cha-delicious salted cream iced coffee. Appreciate how Winston considers how social situations will be for a woman and gives advice. Many male travelers will say something is safe when it’s only safe for men; they don’t think about how it would be for a woman.

  10. Thankfully this never happens when I go back to China (I’m a ABC American Born Chinese btw). No one knows, unless I start speaking and forget to speak Chinese… lol

  11. very good video. Reminds me of going to India for a 3wk holiday.Same thing happens and it does get tiresome. Try your best to stay calm, my white girlfriend snapped at one stage after constant harassment and told some guy where to go in no pleasant terms. Just be prepared as a foreigner in some asian countries.

  12. Very true and good and bad sides. When I was in Thailand by myself..very friendly and similar..but the men always offer rides on the back of motorbikes, generally just pat the seat due to language. Never get on as it is usual a drug scam. I never did, but didn’t learn until after I got back home. Common sense always prevails.

  13. I had an experience in China in my wife’s hometown of Dalian where some guy with his dad came up to me I thought they wanted to me to take a picture of them together but no he wanted a picture of me with them, he shook my hand afterwards.

  14. I’m black man with a British girlfriend, I’m definitely going to take my girl to visit China when possible just to spice things up a bit 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Very interesting video. As an Asian American living in US for decades, it’s fascinating for me to see a Westerner’s point of view in China. Your view points are honest and yet respectful to the natives.

  16. @serpentza
    You haven’t mentioned the drunken Chinese guys who insist on having drinking contests. Happened to me a lot.
    Best way I found is to let them do most of the drinking; however, eventually they catch you.
    Then I’d say wǒ shìgè piànzi–I’m a liar–which would usually make them laugh.
    Let me know if that ever works for you!!!

  17. The drunk guy said he really likes white people in Chinese at 0:23. So I won’t say just because you’re a foreigner that you get treated like that; it’s because you’re white.

  18. Smart of you to film the interaction. Not only did you get to make a video about it, you had evidence to clear you of any wrongdoing had the police shown up.

  19. To be honest if you hate China and the people so much then just leave . You sound a bit prudish / snobbish Winston. It is clear that you are in love with yourself ( despite trying to put on humble airs ) , and think yourself to be much superior than the people around you . I thought that you were a cool guy at the start but not so much . And by the way do you think that all the Chinese people that you ask to say ‘stay awesome’ like it or think it appropriate? However , they still do it for you and don’t whine about it . You whine so much man , worse than a whiny old lady . The drunk guy i can understand but you still made too much of it . Stay home if you can’t mingle with people or leave the place . I honestly don’t understand how you still have a beautiful wife like you do if you whine like that at home

  20. Years ago I was at West Lake in Hangzhou. A local got his friend to take a photo with me without asking like I was a statue in Madame Tussauds. I left in disgust.

  21. I think you are more worst than that drung guy,by runing out and and leve your wife/girlfriend,now public crying about some drunk dude trying kiss,and make catastrof out of that,stop being this victim mentality!

  22. hahaha but to be fair you looked like u were enjoying it at first, basically giving him the come on, then suddenly pissed off. I didnt see that coming either…was kindof abrupt…

    1. @serpentza oh no, I meant at first. I know you went back for her but man, I would have gotten my wife out of there first before storming out. I hope you won’t have any more negative experiences like that. I sympathize with you, dude.

  23. Thanks Winston, and Sasha. It’s like drunken people all around the Earth. It’s the often incredibly irritating ‘You’re my best friend.’ syndrome, which you find throughout the English-speaking world. No harm is intended, at least at first, and when the person sobers up, they probably don’t even remember it, and so the photos often get deleted.

  24. Now that Coronovirus is around you won’t run into this problem guaranteed!Good that there are some nice Chinese people around to!They get you tube in China?Lao lol

  25. I’m 36 years old from New England USA and I have traveled to 24 different countries in Europe and South America and consider myself “worldly” and “knowledgeable of other cultures” and I would never want to travel to China based on what I see in your videos.

  26. the guy tried to kiss looked like drunk, but in fact he is not drunk, he didn’t show sincere friendship to you. and he is kidding you, it is Contempt for you. it means he doesnt like you.
    I think he will never do something like that to his boss, or somebody he is afraid of

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