China’s Golden Age is OVER!

I have seen the best of China’s upliftment, but it’s coming to an end…

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    1. A person born into freedom will have a difficult time adapting to a totalitarian Communist police state, which is what China is. Chinese immigrate all over the West and often don’t bother learning the local language, yet they are able to find success and prosper. No restrictions of any kind are put on where they can live, the schools their children may attend and even the type of work they may perform. They can say whatever they like and have full access to the Internet. If you think the Communist Chinese system is superior to the West, there is no hope for you.

  1. Whenever a leader and or government feels their power slipping they will always resort back to the old ways propaganda , it’s always the west fault and only I can save you.

  2. What is sad the Democrats here in America and in Europe are begging for this kind of government these millennial generation Z immature Unknowledgeable children are asking to be enslaved absolutely incredible and then we see Hong Kong how brave they are.

  3. After watching your video I had some time to think and it appears to me what is happening now in China is very much what started and did happen in Germany in the mid-1930s where foreigners were treated with contempt as if they had some kind of virus that they needed to be rejected and thus openly discriminated against based on nothing other than you’re not them. it’s always the same old tricks same old ways same old devil

  4. How are you still alive?
    They let you say what you want and it really surprises me that you can be derogatory at all about their reality.
    They are afraid you’ll see their delusions. Maybe they really want to hurt you.
    Materialistic society, immoral behavior.
    Did you see the new Matt Damon Chinese movie? I recommend it, it’s interesting.

  5. The whole world is dying in spirit.
    The only wars left to fight are spiritual.
    Avoiding mass extinction at all costs.
    If we make one mistake we are all dead.

  6. no Chinese people make videos talk about your hometown is shit, but you always say shit happens in China, There’s a huge amount of shit happen in anywhere and anytime. Does the whole China mess up with you? PS. why are you still living in the Earth? move to the Mars, find your own species

  7. I begin to have doubt about what you say. I think most of your words are assertions and they are not proven. Pay attention to what you say. You are a public figure now.

    1. @serpentza well, the only thing you say that is a lie is your view on communismsocialism and even Mao, your prejudice comes through, and its obvious you are absolutely clueless on those topics.
      Considering China has as much in common with Socialism as Nazi Germany (the word socialist in party name). I mean people have almost none social protection, they have private companies, olygarchy, patriarchy and don’t get me started on racism… Its absolutely ridiculous. Socialism and Marxism is all about International equality between all races, genders and nationalities, and even DEMOCRACY!

  8. What else happened in USA during same time in USA was sold out from under us &..Opiod /Fentynyl – crisis etc..etc.. Thnx Obama !! Now China has Social Credit Score implemented by cameras everywhere Via facial recognition software! Shit has to change!

  9. I am so Happy ‼️‼️‼️ God is Great that China golden age is finished ‼️‼️ so as CCP will be finished as well ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❤️‼️

  10. They just built the Best Airport in the world ‼️‼️Buy Sadly No one want to visit China ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Xi Zinping is A Moron and Idiot ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  11. Why foreigners go to other country and talkshit,,, china is build for chinese and your not chinese so dont complain and get tf out on thier country,,, white man! 😂😂

  12. Thanks for this. I think it shows how ephemeral all the material stuff is. Those millionaires and billionaires with their luxury cars, what’s it all for if you have to sit in traffic for hours and can’t say what you want to say? The upliftment you’re talking about is presumably both material and in freedoms enjoyed. I was only in China once, in 2012, and it was very enjoyable. People were friendly, the food was great and I felt no restrictions on my freedom beyond the common sense “don’ts” that apply in any civilized country. I got to see Beijing, Shanghai, a few other cities and major tourist sites, and to see the Summer Palace , Tiananmen square and the Forbidden City. I had a personal translator, which made it easy! Like you, I enjoyed the extemporaneous dancing and exercising in the park. I doubt if I’ll be able to go again, and I won’t want to unless things turn around. I hope you’ll be able to get in and out at will, but things have only gotten worse since you have made this video. What a shame and a waste. I hope things do turn around….

  13. You want to be in the civilisation, where the singularity will most likely occur. Will it be China? I don’t think so, breakthroughs usually come from the West where they are open to people joining them and open to free thinking. I think the singularity will happen in the West, most likely USA and this technology will not be shared with China unlike all the technology of the last century has been.

  14. serpentza, I am here to let you know and other Chinese related YouTuber’s that the Chinese trolls are trolling your comments and still watching you. Just say I work for the US Government of sorts, I’m giving you a heads up.

  15. You’re absolutely correct about being a foreigner and trying to check into a hotel in China. If you are not Chinese you are not welcome in certain hotels. I know, because this happened to me in Beijing 2010.

  16. U aint seen nothin’ yet. Any school teacher worth his salt would know China thinks in terms if decades. U were only scratching the service in what U did in Guangdong. The One Child Policy was scrapped long time ago. Whatever it may be, it’s better than your Apartheid land. LOL

  17. Civilized, decent, open, free, fair, trusting, and moral countries are just waiting to be swallowed whole and spat out by China’s paranoid, aggressive opportunists. ‘

  18. I agree. China is done. They had thousands of thesis and prediction for China’s collapse in the past 30 years. This year, it has to happen. Wait. Next Years. That’s right next year.

  19. I traveled throughout mostly northeaster China in 1996. It was very interesting and I treasure those times. Mostly bicycles and cars on the streets at that time. The highlight of my adventure was the Chinese Folk Cultural Village. It was like a human zoo of mostly or all Chinese minorities. Back then frontier capitalism was at the beginning stages. I almost participated in it and was very close to doing business there. I stayed in several Chinese universities, which provided a very unique perspective that others rarely see. I actually miss that China compared to the one now.

  20. “…..Like a parent talking to a little child…” Sheesh! Now who does that sound like here in the good old USA? (Radical left-wing Democrats and their propaganda)

  21. You have to feel for the average Chinese citizen. Communism has the same sad predictable end every time. The CCP will do literally anything to stay in power regardless of the harm it does to the people it claims to represent.

  22. In addition living in China as changed I first lived in China in 1989 in quite a large city called Wuhan then the were so many foreigns every hotel you could see then in the shopping centers they where everywhere today you don’t see any I can spent days going about the city center’s and not see one so you have to embrace Chinese culture or leave it’s nice sometimes to met your fellow country men just for a quick chat.

  23. I feel like China always comes so close to actually making progress towards a free, more open society but it never quite gets there. Before the Tianmen square incident, the CCP was actually relaxing its authoritarian power and even considering giving Tibet a little more say/autonomy. But it all got reversed. Now we are seeing the same thing China is beginning to be a bit more open, then Winnie the Pooh shows up and reverses what little progress was made. The CCP is just institutionally broken – it cannot save itself, the people in the CCP are being controlled by the corrupt system rather than the other way round. Regardless, the Chinese people will continue to suffer.

  24. What’s wrong about sounding like Donald Trump all the time? Sounds like not only the communist Chinese have you brainwashed, but the Californians, too!

  25. the propaganda posters are art, you fucking tool.

    it’s intended purpose is to inspire strength. wtf is your damage?

    you failed at marketing yourself and becoming rich so you nitpick every aspect of china with terrible analysis.

    can’t believe you’re still at it.

    this is why i don’t talk to white expats living here.

    most of you are chauvinists.

  26. If Singapore is on that list of yours and C-Milk’s, be sure to let me know. I’d be fascinated by the comparisons between here and mainland China for you both

  27. Wrong- for the corrupt elite, China’s golden age is just starting. But that goes for countries everywhere. We’ll see a new era with an old slogan reduxed:”The sheeple have no bread? Let them eat cake.”

  28. It never had a golden age – just $100 trillion of stolen US industry. Bank robbers are lifted up too. Oh and iPhone was invented by Americans in America. Wonder how Chinese sleep at night knowing their newfound wealth is all based on theft.

  29. Communism is like that. It’s treating adult people like stupid, small children. Communism like a mother have to take care of them. it’s obviously ridiculous.

  30. If you ever go to Mexico don’t venture into unknown roads in a motorcycle. The drug cartels will kidnap you and maybe hurt you. I’m a Mexican

  31. the sad thing is that by 2020 China has ruined all of Asia with overwhelming numbers of Chinese tourists.. I’m so glad I traveled in the 90’s it will never be as good..

  32. Extensive insights about Chinese culture with sarcasm and bit of humour ..rather is research based street smart reporting which I don’t find quite critical of China …well maybe it may not be appealing to many hard core Chinese people who have strands of communist ideologies still clashing with western idealism … Of course will be seen as encroachment on their culture …and it is obvious many countries won’t like this ..but whatever you have been doing is appreciated … Walking on thin line..but I feel whole lot of stuff being reported will be not digested by Chinese .. Got to take care. Regards.

  33. India woah welcome …you won’t find any one threatening or family poking assured that is never gonna happen here …even if you are vociferous and critical as the way you balance the reporting. Welcome to India.

    1. I keep hearing horror stories from india, rapes in busses, murder on the countryside, india has a long way to go if you ask me, same with China though.

  34. If you do wanna come to Brazil I have A LOT to explain to you ahahah how fucked up things are around here.. but it have its positives also and it seems to be going in the right direction now at least

  35. The Chinese culture is selfish, insensitive, I think the world should treat the Chinese the way the Chinese treat the world …… then and only then they might see how unproductive and selfish they are.

  36. So who is shining now? Finland and Sweden??? You have so many white people seeking refuge in China. And it takes a few white boys whining in social media to inspire the Chinese government to dispose thousands of White ESL teachers to nations like Thailand and Vietnam.

  37. I came to the same conclusion back in 2004 in the very early days where we had an office in both Shanghai and Beijing, i saw that though money will be abundant, the CCP will not allow many rights. Taiwan is the place to be if you still like Chinese culture but with the freedoms of the west!

  38. I totally agree with you brother you need a little bit of a break from China and expand your horizon elsewhere you’re good at what you do keep it up God bless

  39. China’s golden era is over?
    Now after the CCP virus outbreak, the game has changed and is now on China’s side.

    China is the only country that will stand still post Corona world and it will dominate the world as a super power.

    There will be no demand for learning English language. China’s language will be in extreme demand.

    People would dream to migrate to China instead of The USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

  40. Winston when u guys decide to come over Brazil I will be able to give u guys tips where to go what do…. I’m from Belo Horizonte. Minas Gerais State… Midlands …. use to live in England and watching all your videos… amazing.


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