China’s Dirty Laundry, why I don’t air it!

I have seen and recorded many terrible things during my time in China, but I have chosen not to show and share them, why?

Our plans are laid out in this ADVChina video:

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  1. Omg, I know this occurs everywhere vulnerables being abused and most of the vulnerables are not even known. For example how many people with learning difficulties in world like ADHD, autism, dyslexia. The managers in the normal work place always trying to abuse nice people who don’t know how to stand up for themselves. Just incase you didn’t know 10% of children 1 in 10 and at least 5 % of adults 1 in 20 have ADHD most undiagnosed. Autism 3-4%. who makes a stands for unknown people! Do little we can

  2. serpentza: i have something bad to say.
    me: go ahead tell me
    serpentza: sorry i can not say them
    me: why
    serpentza: i have a bunch of evidence and stories but i can not show it
    me: WTF MAN???!!!!!

  3. no moral high ground or racial preference? respecting other people? not seeing everything though colonial standards?

  4. i understand your dilemma, is it possible to highlight on the issue of organ trafficking and state security surveillance? those two factors scare me from venturing near or in Asia esp. china

  5. Its always your duty to do whats right, and expose evil where evil is done. You can always do it in good taste where you show the good and bad so its balanced.

  6. A million bucks says he would use that info if he got backed into a wall. You don’t keep a ACE up your sleeve if you aren’t willing to use it if you have too.

  7. Well ..I have to say ..white evil ancestors of yours ..robed China that made China cheap and poor for ages ..including my gramps that were sold to Asia by white human traffickers …lol..anyhow they survived …that’s why ..I’ve been leaving comments in BBC or CNN western hypocrites media educating them on opium war,act of war and colonizing etc ..lmao

    1. You don’t have to put it on your main channel or show your face when you do.
      If you see these things you have a duty to act.
      Shame on you Winston.

  8. Yes, there is crime everywhere, but in China, it the the government which is corrupt, totalitarian and has no accountability. The treatment of the Uighurs is a typical example.

  9. Sounds more like your sending a message, to prevent a “just in case” situation coming about, when your back in China. I don’t blaim you. Best of luck.

  10. You forgot to mention dog thieves. I’ve been interested in knowing more about China’s dog thieves ever since one of my students told me that she’s had 5 dogs stolen at different times over the years. Every time she bought a new dog, at some point it would get get stolen. Who are the people in every Chinese city who go looking for someone’s pet to steal? And what happens to these animals? Are they all simply trucked down to Guangxi and blow-torched to death for food?

    1. People eat dog all over China, not just guangxi, all the stolen dogs end up in restaurants and it is very common, did you watch my video about people eating dogs in China?

  11. @[4:00] Winston standing on an American beach ranting like a 1770’s patriot rebel, my kind of troublemaker. Indentured servitude was a big meme in the colonies.

  12. The one thing you said in this video that is absolutely true- Every place is different and to be fair, one has to know the characteristics of each place. I am not so sure that its helpful to call things “good” and “bad” as a generalization, however. Just tell it like it is, and the readeer can decide on his or her own.

  13. Winston used to say he did not want to be involved in politics, and I did not like that. I am happy to see that Winston is no longer afraid to talk about politics in China.

  14. I will post this every time I’m interrupted.
    Lulu lemon, I’m begging you! please cut your adds down. Your repetitive overkill of redundant obnoxious adds is killing me!!!

  15. Quite naive of you to think the Chinese won’t find out… I think you’ve lived the life of a semi-respected “dumb” foreigner, and you’re going to wear out your welcome, find yourself in a camp, never to be found again.

    Love your videos man, but seriously, you need to take your safety serious.

  16. Like i said, they life 99.9% will end in the hellfire.. The creature air,fire,water,clay does not accept their soul in this earth.. If u dont trust me you can ask them about their grave,…

    1. @serpentza : No, I saw it but you’ve been praising other countries that have the same problems. While you’re here I’d love to know why you pretend to be British in China and don’t say “because it’s easier”. In my opinion (tell me if I’m wrong) it’s because you’d get more respect than if you said you are SA. You always claim to hate the attention you got as a foreigner (good attention) but when that started to change to you seemed to be annoyed at that. You wear the cheap suit, pretend to be English to get respect not earned. That’s my opinion, tell me if I’m wrong. I don’t think you’re much different to the “loser” English teachers you talk about. You were one after all.

    1. @serpentza Okay. Thanks. That was kind of a different life for me, but I’m still interested. These days, I live in Cambodia. Thousands of people from China have moved here in the last couple of years, so I’m curious about the state of the society they have just come from. (It is beginning to affect this one.) You might want to explore Chinese Expat life in various countries. (Just an idea.)

  17. I think prostitution is alright. Tax it with brothels. Crack down on individuals with no “company sponsors”. I don’t see the moral issues with it, unless it’s forced upon them.

  18. You should expose your own country’s murder rate,racial injustice etc…….REMEMBER Pistorius blatantly shot dead his girlfriend and only got 13 year cause he is white.

    1. @serpentza l’m not dumb atll. ….you’re so eager to criticise other countries imperfections.
      I’ve lived overseas 3/4 of my life but never crossed my mind to bad talking it.
      So when are going to do a video about South Africa’s problems?

    2. Lol, my country’s murder rate etc are not hidden, it’s public knowledge that it’s a shit and dangerous country, you must be dumb if you think I would defend such a shit country, you’re also dumb if you think that because I come from a shit country I can’t comment about China

  19. You said you have prove about China’s negativity….well i have facts about your South Africa……YOUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN murdered my cousin……The best the police authority can say to his widow “sorry we don’t the resources to solve one of thousands of murder cases”

    If you want a good chance of getting away with murder……Live in South Africa…Fact.

  20. Save the evidence, I do know there is a huge shadow in the Chinese society that drives me crazy! I don’t want this continue, China has to be a democracy! You will be fully and widely admired in China once the dictatorship nonsense is down!

  21. Every country has dangerous slicky boys 👦, you should know this, but when you expose them you are stepping on the toes of very powerful ignorant people who make money 💰 off the misery of poor ignorant people. China 🇨🇳 is a communist country where communist generals and police 👮 men control criminal gangs and make money 💰

  22. Mr. Winston. Chinese people said ” Heart is like a mirror”. When you say Chinese People are so nice which means you are nice to Chinese people.

  23. So he pretty much just told China I have so much shit on you that it would make this place look like hell and said “I don’t plan on showing it FOR NOW”

  24. I have to admit that I thought China was pristine, that there was no crime of prostitution. I bought that being a communist country that people would be too afraid to do anything wrong. I guess in hat regard, China is more like the USA and all other free countries than I thought.

  25. That laundry wasn’t that dirty. We all know how women are not valued even by their own families in China. Nice to know you have the guts and compassion to bring this out. It needed to be known. The laundry is dirty even if you remain silent.

  26. At least you have tried. And no matter what you say, what you done, what you air. You can’ play against and move China government. Anyhow, everyone knows who the biggest gang in China or we should say the biggest gang in the world is nowadays.

  27. Thanks for the insight into China…… Thanks a million…… Uhm…. I only know of one man that goes to the beach with a suit…. James Bond…… So you should feel good.

  28. I dont see the point and ye I agree. But take stand and make a hard point or dont. I like your vids but when you act like a pussy and take a stand but too scared to really take a stand it just makes you look like a fence sitter

  29. Show what you tube will let you. cause china will will have to awns er some day for all the wrong they have done .show how the elite live and show the misery they put the poor people through . some day they will have to answer for all the wrong they foster in china and around the world.

  30. Having lived in different countries I can say that none of them have been perfect. Every country has corruption and crime. When I live in the USA my relatives and friends will tell me how dangerous and corrupted the countries were that I lived in. But I tell them the USA is just as corrupted and dangerous as those other countries. As a teenager living in Chicago I experienced having to run from gangs. I’ve known small town police departments that were corrupt from writing false traffic tickets. One small town had their stoplights go from green then to yellow for two seconds then to red so that the police could sit and write tickets for running red lights. Another small town police department would target foreign immigrants to stop then threaten to deport them if they were illegals unless they paid immediately $1000 in cash which they would have to call relatives to loan. I knew a county sheriff who would confiscate drugs then let his two daughters go and sell them to drug users. No matter what country I have lived in I have seen corruption and crime in all of them. But most people in this world are just trying to live their lives as best they can and are good people.

  31. Your videos are interesting but when I see the atmosphere makes me want to throw up 🤢!! Who ever moves to china must have a strong stomach to handle all the crap they give u 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  32. When you said if you want you can make ch image like hell, then you are already anti ch. Normal ppl will never think and speak like that except ppl who dislike China. No matter you like China or not, I agree this video shows many truth about China, but cut and paste is meaning less if you do not explain the reason behind this. Why are they being like this, how long n what they feel about their life. Without deep digging , you just on the surface. Anyway this video is still much better than those morons who only post good image about China.

  33. What yung fang wrote : trasnlated thru google translator :In fact, the Chinese government and law enforcement system are still relatively objective and regular. Extremely conservative and offensive speeches and behaviors are basically from the private sector and from people with low education, so do n’t worry about him and his family Was imprisoned. In fact, the causes of this extreme folk speech and behavior are also related to the West ’s smearing of China. The West only pays attention to and criticizes China ’s shortcomings and shortcomings, and ignores China ’s progress. The evaluation has caused Chinese folks to have a confrontational sentiment against the West, so extreme emotional speech and behavior can only appear. So you ca n’t just blame China, the West should also recognize your own fault, and reflect on whether you really view China objectively and fairly

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